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Latest sleepygirl News

Trans Escort Oral Sex Tips

September 9th, 2020

There are many, many amazing reasons to visit a trans escort, and so many things she can tantalise and tease with! One of the great things trans escorts are good at, its oral sex. If you want someone to that really knows how to suck your cock just right, then it will be a trans escort!

Amazing Oral Sex

Trans escorts, are sexy, sassy, and come with an extra package of delight, it follows that because they have and use a penis, they really know what feels go and are able to give the best head you have ever had. Whether you want to call it oral sex, blow jobs, sucking off or fellatio, it really all comes down to how your trans escorts makes you and your penis feel, and how long you can hang on for!

Sexy lips around your cock are just one of the great reasons to let your trans escort suck you off, but what if they had some tips and techniques you had never even though of? Here are some of the best oral sex technique tips from the sexy mouths of some of the best trans escorts.

  • Believe in what you are doing and love doing it. Its quite simple if you love giving oral sex than it will be so much better. Don’t think of it as the starter think of it a beautiful horny, sexy thing in its own right!
  • Don’t focus on the orgasm, getting nice and hard, steamy and horny is what a good blowjob is all about, it is not only the end climax that good head is good for!
  • Don’t overthink or overcomplicate it, there are lots of great techniques out there but they all don’t work on everyone so do what works, it is not a competition to see how many excellent techniques you can try out!
  • It is described as sucking off for a reason – start slow and simple and see what works
  • Deep throating is great, but practice is needed to make this work, the great news is that trans escorts love to take your cock deep into their throat!
  • Different positions and angles can really make a difference so don’t be shy, try different things as unless you try you will never know.
  • Tongues are fantastic! Be naughty, be experimental with the tongue as it can do so much and create so many different sensations. Licking at different speeds, exploring and rolling are great starting pointers for getting that tongue going!
  • Take your time, it is not a rush, and it certainly should not be a race to the orgasmic end, great oral sex should be savoured and enjoyed for as log as possible (or at least until you can’t take it anymore and explode)
  • Eye contact is wonderful – closing your eyes takes away from the experience and also plays a vital role in communicating pleasure so gaze deep and long!

Trans Escorts are truly skilled at giving great head and you will not be disappointed by your experience with one of these amazing women.

How to Tell Your Trans Escort What You Want

August 23rd, 2020

Great communication is always the start of a beautiful relationship and it is not different when it comes to telling your trans escort what you want. While trans escorts are experts in making you feel amazing, you still may have to give them a bit of guidance about what it is that gets you off.

Trans Escorts Are Skilled in Sex

They have multiple techniques and a huge amount of innovative sensual, sexual ideas to make you feel amazing, they will want to know which ones to try on you first and so communication is key! Sometimes if can be a little intimidating to tell your trans escort what you are looking for, especially if you are meeting them for the first time and you are already nervous. It can be hard to articulate properly when you are horny and excited to meet a trans escort, someone who you may have been dreaming about for a long time.

Be Specific It’s Not a Date

While the experience and especially the sex can feel a little like a date, hiring a trans escort is actually much mor about you than any date would ever be. There is no need for you to reciprocate your trans escorts needs and no need to please her. She is there completely and absolutely to make you happy so make sure you are specific about what it is you are looking for otherwise you might be missing out on the best sex of your entire life.

Perhaps if you are worried about asking for what you want you can arrange this in advance, this is especially important if you need any special equipment for a fun kink, or you want your trans escort to wear something specific, you will have to ask in advance for what you want otherwise they may miss it. In advance of your experience text your escort what you are looking for and then they can make sure they hit certain items when you spend time together.

Don’t be Nervous

It is absolutely natural to feel a little embarrassed or nervous when meeting your trans escort for the first time, or even if you have seen the same escort a few times before. The thrill and nerves of meeting makes many men weak at the knees and so it is easy to forget to ask for what you really want. Don’t regret your time together by forgetting to ask for something because you are nervous. You can always tell them you are nervous and then they can help you ask for what it is you really want.

Communication is Key

Your trans escort is there to make you feel amazing, and the more you can ask for what you like, the more likely it will be that you get your every trans desire fulfilled. Whatever you want, whether it is a relaxed introduction to great sex with a trans escort, or whether you really want a kink developed to the max, by finding a way to ask for what you want you will be sexually fulfilled like never before.

How Great Trans Sex Helps Your Health

August 15th, 2020

There is one big conversation around great sex that is often missed, and that it is, it it not just about having an orgasm or indulging in a fantasy it is also about recognising how much great satisfying sex can boost your overall health and wellbeing.

Trans Sex Positivity

Often sex, especially kink led sex is seen as a negative, something slightly dirty or naughty or something to be ashamed of and certainly something to keep to yourself, but not enough is said about how great sex with a gorgeous trans escort can make very positive impacts on your life and overall wellbeing along with your sexual satisfaction.

Lusting after and dreaming of great trans sex and then finally having that need fulfilled by one of the amazing trans escorts on is one of the most amazing feelings you will ever have. This not only gives you extreme sexual satisfaction but also has a great boost for your mental health as you enjoy something you have long wanted, and it is no longer taboo.

Great Sex is Good for You

In addition to satisfying your sexual needs and boosting your mental wellbeing any type of great sex is also good for your general health. We would recommend spending more time with your favourite trans escort to achieve this more sex, better sex goal, but whatever sex you are having here are some of the best reasons that sex is good for your health:

  • Lower Your Prostate Cancer Risk

Surprisingly, men who ejaculate more (21 ejaculations per month!) have a reported 50% less risk of prostate cancer compared to those men who are only ejaculating 4-7 times in the same month. So, a good reason to get your numbers up!!

  • Sleep Better After Great Sex

A sleep scientist (yes this is a job) conducted a sex survey in relation to sleep and found that 64% of the people in the study slept much better after having an orgasm close to bedtime. From a biological point of view the endorphins that come after your cum actually can act as a mild sedative to help you sleep. So have sex often and just before bed and you will have a great nights sleep!

  • Reducing Cardiovascular Diseases

Getting your heart pumping for any reason is good for it and getting your heart (and other things) pumping at the sight of your favourite trans escort is easy to do and is good for your heart! Having great sex at least twice a week helps you reduce your risk or cardiovascular problems compared to men who only had sex once a month. Again, having more sex is so much better for you – and this is probably health advice we are all happy to follow!

  • Stress Reduction

Releasing tension, and the regular release of mood enhancing orgasmic hormones into the body after great regular sex has been seen to make a huge difference to the amount of stress, we all carry.

Great Trans sex is a benefit for you sexual, sensual, kinky and most amazing of all your overall health benefits so we can’t recommend it enough!


Sexy Foot Fetish Options with a Trans Escort

August 9th, 2020

Everyone has different fetishes, and many people have more than one, and one of the most popular is the very common foot fetish! If you have a foot fetish then you are not alone, this seductive fetish takes on many forms for many different people and involves signs, sound and smell with variations to make even the most experienced foot fetishist shudder in anticipation.

Foot Fetish & Trans Escort

Trans Escorts know about foot fetishes and they are experts in meeting the demands even of the most particular foot fetishist and take real delight in bringing you to climax using this exciting and very normal fetish. Trans Escorts commonly have larger feet than the normal female, sexier shaped long legs and love to wear high heels, making them the best way to fulfil a foot fetish anywhere.

What is a Foot Fetish?

Also known as podophillia is a sexual interest or attraction to all thing’s feet and/or footwear. More common in men than women this common sexual fetish is quite simple and easy to fulfil if you get the right person to indulge your kink! It is a great fetish to explore with a trans escort as it needs very little equipment or special treatment as simply looking, touching, smelling, sucking and being touched by a beautiful trans woman’s feet is all you need for a fulfilling sexual encounter!

We know that for some men with a foot fetish, the feet can be more exiting and arousing that any other part of the body and that is why the trans escorts at are experts at showing and teasing with their feet to make sure you have the most intense and sensual foot experience ever.

Foot Worship with a Trans Escort

If your most wished for sexual desire is to worship the feet of a beautiful trans escort then you are in luck. Trans escorts are one of the best experienced in which to enjoy a foot fetish. She will make you worship at her feet and beg for what you want, she can play with your cock and your balls with her feet and instruct you to lick, suck and kiss her feet and toes. If you would like her to wear specific foot wear, for example high heels in a specific colour, sexy boots or stinky trainers then just let her know in advance so she can prepare and give you’re the foot fetish experience you have been dreaming of! You just have to ask in advance and she will dominate you and make you do all the naughty things you have ever dreamed of.

If you foot fetish includes other items, for example a specific item of dress, a uniform, socks, tights or stockings then all you have to do is ask and your favourite trans escort will be happy to accommodate your every foot related wish and desire. Find the best trans escorts at and message the ones who like foot fetishes as much as you do for the best foot worship experience of your life!

Do You Want to Deepthroat a Trans Escort?

July 23rd, 2020

Fantasising about having sex with a trans woman comes in many forms, and for straight men there is something very tantalising about a sexy woman with lovely long hair, long legs, soft lips, beautiful full breasts and a nice hard cock as a surprise package just waiting to show you a good time. If you have ever fantasised about deepthroating a trans escort, then booking some time with one is a good place to start.

Deep Throating & Trans Escorts

Trans Escorts are actual experts in deep throating and so will be able to guide and instruct you if you want to explore how it feels to have a nice hard cock deep in your throat. As they have a penis themselves, they know exactly how it feels so can instruct you on the best way to take their penis deep, deep down. You can of course have your favourite trans escort show you on your penis first, or after for a fun experience!

Technique for Deep Throat

Good technique for deep throating, like everything else, takes time and practice so the more you do it the better you get. As with anything worth doing, learning techniques and applying them in practice is the best way to master this sexy form of foreplay. Here are some basic tips to get you started:

Managing the Gag Reflex

Everyone has a different sensitivity when it comes to a gag reflex, some of this is natural and some of it is because it has been practiced over time. If you find you have a very acute gag reflex, don’t despair, with time, experience, practice and training you can reduce this sensation and take that cock down even further. If you are sensitive then practicing with innocent things throughout the day is a good way to train away this reflex. When brushing your teeth take the brush as far to the back of your tongue as you can and try and increase this a fraction everyday until you get used to the sensation.

Great Positioning Helps

Understanding that there are a few quick cheats that help with deep throating is an advantage and positioning is one of those tricks. When you are starting with deep throating try having your favourite trans escort lie on her back with her erect cock out so you can be in control of how far, fast and deep the cock goes in and try a little more every time. Once you are a little more experienced and can take it, try lying back with your head off the bed and your trans escort over you penis over mouth so you can let gravity help that cock slip down as far as it can.

Breathing is Important

An obvious one, but an important one to mention, you must remember to breathe and make breathing part of your technique. If her cock is nice and large when you take it all the way down there will be no way to breathe so you have to find a way to move it up and out or a way to breathe out of the side of your mouth, or through your nose. All penises are different so remembering to build this in is an important way to not get putt off or panicky when you first start.

Body Sensations to Try with a Trans Escort

July 15th, 2020

There is something truly wonderful about being touched by a trans escort and that touch can come in many forms all over the body. Sensation, sensuality and sexuality are all connected, and a great trans escort will be able to bring these senses and sensations together to give you a surprising and exciting experience.

Trans Escorts are Amazing

Not only are trans escorts beautiful, skilled in sensual arts and have a wonderful combination of nice hard cock and soft round breasts, this combined with amazing different sensations that make you shiver with anticipation make for a wonderful sexual experience. Here are some of the best ways a trans escort can stimulate your body in different ways:

Feather Light Stimulation – A feather being drawn all over the body may sound quite tame, but when it happens to you, you will be amazed how that light touch can send you wild and leave you begging for more from your hot trans escort.

Tickling can be fun – So this may not be for everyone, but a soft and sensual tickling can heighten the senses and feel amazing without the need to break out in laughter.

Cold or Frozen – Temperature changes can have an amazing effect on the body and experimenting with cold items on different parts of the body is a great idea. Teasing with ice cubes, while you are tied down or having cold showers to cool your off and calm you down to prolong the excitement of the experience is a fun, if chilly, thing to do.

The Warm Touch – As the opposite to cold, warmth can also bring your body pleasure, think of a nice warm bath before you get going to relax your whole body or warm massage oils being rubbed all over by the hands of a sexy trans escort – simply lovely!

Spanking or Impact Play – This is a fetish and a sensation all on its own, getting lightly spanked or harder if that is your thing is a way to take sensation to the next level, bring the pain pleasure sensation into your next sexual adventure with a trans escort.

Simple Kissing – A sensation that is often overlooked but is delicious all on its own. Kissing from a trans escort is a sexual experience all on its own, and whether the kissing happens on your mouth, all over your body or just on your cock it is an experience not to be missed.

Electric Sensations – There are so many electric sex toys available now, from vibrators to electro stim these sex toys can add an extra dimension to the sensations available on your body and one you should explore with the toys that you have.

Hot Wax on Skin – A little preparation is required if you want to feel the hot wax dripping and then hardening on your skin. There is something quite subversive and exciting about this with little pain for the excitement. Trust in your trans escort to deliver the right amount of wax to make you beg for more.


Have You Introduced Your Trans Escort to Your Home Dungeon?

July 7th, 2020

Trans Escorts like it kinky and if you have a space at home with all your toys, whether it is a black styled dungeon or a pink palace with glittery sex toys, you might want to invite them in to play with you!

Dungeons & Trans Escorts

It’s dungeon time! Maybe you have moved to a bigger house and you have a spare room to donate to your sexual pleasure. Maybe you have moved out of home for the first time and you want to indulge your innermost sexual desires in your very own home. Or maybe someone has moved out and now you have the space that you have secretly been craving. It is the perfect chance to set up your very own home dungeon and remember it does not have to be a whole room. A bedroom can easily become a dungeon with a few accessories kept in a box under the bed and only unleashed when you are feeling really kinky. Once you have set up your dungeon room then it is time to book your favourite trans escort from

Your Dungeon Your Way!

There’s no one size fits all, you can create your perfect dungeon however you like according to the space you have. It’s your personal area where you can indulge your innermost, naughty, sexual desires. And once you have this sorted out, it’s time to think about what you need to put in your home dungeon.

Your options are sex toys and/or specialised BDSM furniture (more about that later) created especially for sexual pleasure. Other smaller, accoutrements that you could pick include a selection of fetish underwear. If you have a wardrobe down there, you could fill it with any type of clothing that turns you on, you would even have some outfits you want your trans escort to wear.

These are some sex toys that you might want to experiment with:

Ceiling Sling – A permanent sling attached to the ceiling. Not for the faint-hearted, this thing needs proper fixings and it is kind of a commitment – but a fun one nevertheless and something you could call a real investment.

Kinky Cage – If the space can stretch to it, then a cage is a great idea. Specially designed human cages are perfect for locking up your naughty pup who needs to be trained, or it can also be used for your slave when you feel like a bit of a break.

Fuck Bench – An adjustable fuck bench. This item does not need a lot of explanation – but it is suitable for a lot of things. These are leather, padded tables all set up for sex play. Fisting, spanking, paddling or bondage, this piece of BDSM furniture has it all sorted for you. Handily, they come in a range of sizes and prices so you can get exactly what you want.

Spanking Time – A spanking horse. One partner lies face and chest down, bottom high in the air and arms and legs are strapped down so he cannot move – and you can do what you want.

Bondage Table – By far the best piece of BDSM kit is a bondage table. This moves on from the fuck bench because it accommodates virtually every desire that you could wish for. It is a one stop shop piece of BDSM furniture, perfect for all kinds of naughtiness. Maybe your submissive needs training or if not, then you can carry out electro play, nipple play, be blindfolded and teased or tie your sub up for a little bit of CBT (cock and ball torture).

Tickled by a Trans Escort

June 25th, 2020

Sexy Tickling can range from mild to wild and enjoying this with a sexy trans escort is, for those who have a tickling fetish, simply the most fun you can have. Tickling is a bit like marmite and if you hate it, it’s difficult to understand why anyone would like it. But for those who love it, tickling is a perfect way to break the tension, start a fun play fight that for those with a tickling fetish can lead to some serious arousal!

Tickling Sex Fetish with your Trans Escort

Tickling comes in many different forms, from the soft and sensual tease to the side-splitting completely losing control laughter attack. However, or wherever you like to be tickled, a tickling session with your trans escort might be the perfect way to spend an evening. If you are a man with a love of being tickled and are not sure how to broach the subject with a partner, or even a casual sex date then spending time with a trans escort who can indulge your sexual tickling fetish to your upmost satisfaction has to be the best evening ever.

Sexy Tickling is Amazing

You will find that even if you have never met your trans escort before, after the tickling has begun you will quickly develop a bond. Tickling is ideal for breaking down barriers and creating intimacy, something which we could all do with having a little more of in our lives. Tickling and hugging clubs are popping up all over the world as more and more people realise that when it comes down to it, they long to be touched.

Planning a tickling session with a trans escort is becoming an increasingly popular activity. Sometimes it can be difficult to say to a loved one or friend, “Just tickle me for a while, will you?” But if it is what you need then an escort is the perfect solution, because they’d love to fulfil your desire, no matter what it might entail and let’s face it, tickling someone is never a chore.

Get the Most out of Your Tickling Date

The best way to get the most out of your tickling fun with your trans escort is through communication. Be honest and open about what you want, what you expect and what your limits are. So, think about what you really want from the experience. Do you want to be tickled and to tickle your trans escort? Do you want it to be playful or sensual, with props such as feathers or even ice cubes? Ask if your trans escort has an experience with tickling fetishes.

Experience isn’t a necessity, but if they have, they might have some tantalising ideas that you haven’t thought of but would like to try. Keep an open mind but know what your limits are and communicate this freely. The best way to find a trans escort to fulfil your tickling fetish fantasy is to visit the biggest UK trans escort directory & search for your perfect match at

Trans Escorts Leading the Way (With Sexy Collars)

June 12th, 2020

Do you like to see a collar round your favourite trans escort’s neck, or do you prefer to have her lead you around like the naughty boy you are? If you like to play Subs/Doms then you will know how much a collar can inject a little fun and extra play into your steamy sex life. Bondage collars, or submissive collars as they are sometimes known, are a vivid and sexy symbol of control and submission in the bedroom (or other rooms!).

Trans Escorts Love Sub/Dom Play

Loved by subs to indicate their submissive nature and enjoyed by doms as a tool to make their partner do their bidding, collars have been a sexy plaything for hundreds of years. If you are asking for some sub role play time with your trans escort and want to include a collar then make sure to bring your own or check to see if they have one you can borrow. BDSM role play without a collar is just not as much fun!

Collars are Functional and Sexy Sex Toys

As far as sex toys go, bondage collars are very kinky, often available in blacks and reds with chunky, solid fixtures and fittings, and thick leather collars look amazing on any one especially if that’s the only thing they are wearing! Bondage collars are also very practical toys, with many uses, they can be worn simply for the look, or used as a restraint or have a lead attached. Many submissive collars also have an interesting assortment of things that can be attached including cock rings and nipple clamps so are a very versatile and practical sex toy.

Trans Escorts and Bondage collars

Your favourite Trans Escort wants to fulfil your every fantasy and if that includes playtime with a bondage collar then let them know in advance what you are looking for so they make sure you have the best sex imaginable. Your imagination really is the limit to what you can use your bondage collar for, many men love to be led around by a lead, or simply love to be restrained by a collar while having fantastic sex. Pretending to be an animal is also a common fetish that uses BDSM collars coupled with all manner of fun outfits and animal accessories. Leather and latex fetishes are also common when playing with a bondage collar.

Different Bondage Collars Available

There are a huge range of BDSM collars available and what you choose depends entirely on what you want to us the collar for and your personal design preferences. For some people the chunky thickness and smell of real leather is the only way to go and these leather BDSM collars look amazing but often come with a heftier price tag. There are more affordable faux leather collars on the market which do the same job, especially if you just want to try it out before indulging in a sexier but more expensive option.

A good bondage collar should fit firmly but not be too tight, with anything attached able to have a quick release mechanism for safety and comfort. Great sex can definitely be enhanced by the use of a bondage collar and the skill of a sexy trans escort who can bring your sex fantasy to life!

Why We Love Trans Escort Cam!

June 5th, 2020

We love trans escorts and if it is impossible for them to visit us in person at the moment then we think Trans Camming is absolutely the next best thing! It is the best way for you to get up close and personal with your favourite sexy trans girl. Here are a few top tips on why we love this medium so much and how you can get the most of your time with your sexy shemale.

We love to have a good time and so do all of the sexy trans escorts that use our site. Getting your favourite escort online for a show is a perfect night in – can you think of a better way to have fun at home by yourself? No? Neither can we!

If you have never been online with your favourite trans escort before don’t worry they can take a little getting used to but once you have used them once you will know they really hit the spot! Don’t be worried about asking questions to find out exactly how it will work.

Here are our Top 3 Tips for camming with your trans escort:

Top Tip 1

Don’t be Embarrassed

The trans girls are real genuine women who want to please you so take the time to read their profiles and find out what they are like and then if you want something specific just ask – our hot girls with big cocks are friendly and professional and they will have heard lots of requests and will tell you what they can and can’t do for you in a very straightforward way. Just ask!

Whatever your fantasy is, don’t be shy Just ask!

Top Tip 2

Choose your Favourite

Take a look through the profiles of all the trans women who are on our trans camming site to see who you like the best and then have a read through their profile to see if they have the same interests as you – if you love a trans woman then this is the place for you.

Top Tip 3

Compliments are Delightful

If you are having a private chat and you have a great time, then let them know at the end of you time. is a great Trans Cam, Video and Chat site the high-quality video to makes it easy to chat and video chat with your favourite trans escorts.

Trans Escorts are the most exotic and exciting experience any man can have, all the wonder of a woman with a nice hard cock to play with as an added extra. You can ask the trans girls if they do web shows, camming, or sexting while they are not able to meet at the moment, and who knows this may become your go to fantasy of the future!

A Trans Escort Massage for Stress Relief is Amazing

May 22nd, 2020

Trans Escorts are multi skilled stress relievers, whether you need a hard and fast sex session to release some tension or would prefer a sensual massage, these beautiful women will be ready to meet you again as soon as they are able to and by that time you are going to want to have a  massage.

Here are some great reasons why Massage is such a stress reliever and why you should consider getting one from a gorgeous Trans Escort:

Why Massage?

Deep tissues, hot stone, Swedish… the list of types of massages are 100 strong and more.  Many of us who have experienced a massage will know how delightful they can be.  Did you know that massage therapy has a ton of benefits including improving mood, reducing pain and targeting stress levels? Many people will tell us to reduce stress we need to avoid tense environments, work less hours and slow the pace down.  But in the fast-paced modern life we lead this is not always possible.  Thankfully there is a very powerful way to combat stress.

Trans Escort Massage

Massages by a strong handed sensual trans escort are the best because on top of having all your worries washed about by her soft supple hands she can also pound you from behind once she has you nice and relaxed for the best orgasm of you life.

We explore the benefits in more detail:

  1. Stress affects all areas of the body – We normally associate stress in our mind. But did you know it effects every aspect of our body. When your body is tight and full of tensions, we naturally tighten our muscles leading to pain and stiffness.  Also leading to fatigue, headaches, problems sleeping and stomach issues.  A relaxing massage can do your body a big favour.
  2. Lifts your mood – During periods of high stress depression and anxiety normally follows. It can be very hard to focus on relaxing and sleeping. It can be hard to focus and carry out day to day life without a form of irritability.  Remove the stress with a massage.
  3. Reach your goals – The majority of people don’t meet their goals such as New Year’s Resolutions due to stress in their life. Daily stress we inhibit can make it hard for us to control our behaviour and linked to over-eating, social withdrawal, rise in drug use and tobacco. It is also a big reason why people slack on exercise.  When we are stressed goals are forgotten about.

Many of the systems of stress have been included: overeating, drug use, irritability, working excessive hours, not sleeping, stomach upset, fatigue, headaches and depression.  But there are many studies to suggest a massage can relax your muscles, increase endorphins, lower your blood pressure and improve your mood.

Find your favourite Trans Escort and ask her to make you feel amazing with a massage or any other way you choose, she is where to please you!

Tips on being dominated by a Trans Escort over Webcam!

May 11th, 2020 has the most amazing trans escorts anywhere but did you know they can also have a great time with you over webcam?

Having a beautiful, long legged, hot & horny trans escort dominate you over webcam is just about as good as it gets so here are a few tips on how to get the most from your time with these hot muscle girls:

  1. Get the best Tech You Can

These sexy women are amazing and beautiful so make sure you can see them properly to get the most out of your experience. Ensure that the technology you are using lets you have the best experience. To ensure you can see every inch of these beautiful bodies, a top an HD webcam will let you see every detail, you also need to ensure you can hear every instruction your trans escort gives to keep her happy!

  1. Ask for what you like

Before your show starts make sure the trans escort who is online with you knows what you like and what you are expecting so they can ensure that you get it and you don’t have to mention half way through the show what you are looking for. If you want to see your favourite trans escort in hot heels or tight clothes let them know. If you want to watch them play with toys or do a striptease – just ask!

  1. Chat in advance

Sometimes knowing what to say, and asking for what you really like is more difficult that you think, so try sending a message with your preferences in advance of your show. The hot trans escorts appreciate knowing what you like, so schedule a private show and send them a message before so that as soon as the show starts you are getting exactly what you want.

  1. Set the Scene

To have the best experience of being dominated by sexy trans escort of your choice ensure you are ready at your end. Find somewhere comfortable to sit and make sure you won’t be disturbed. Many of the sexy trans escorts listed on have uploaded pictures or videos of themselves so spend some time before your show watching their videos before you have her all to yourself.

The sexy trans escort love to be able to dominate you over webcam, make sure you can hear their instructions to the letter otherwise you will be in trouble! If you want your sexy trans escort to be dressed like a dominatrix tell her in advance so she can better prepare herself for making you concede to her every instruction.

Trans Escorts like giving instructions and expect them to be followed – to have the best webcam trans sex of your life find the best escorts on, relax and enjoy being told what to do.

Best Cam Outfits for a Trans Escort

May 4th, 2020

Camming with a trans escort is an amazing experience especially when they get dressed up to your specifications. You do not have to be touched by a Trans Escort to enjoy the full pleasure of climaxing with one.

Trans Escorts are just as beautiful, just as horny and just as amazing on a webcam as they are in real life, you can even get a close up shot of their nice hard cocks and soft supple breasts if you ask them very, very nicely. These beautiful women love to dress up for you and so with that in mind here are some great outfits that great on a web cam, even though of course all your will want her to do is take it off!

Cam Outfits for Trans Escorts

Whether you are looking for sexy role play or just a horny striptease let your favourite trans escort know what you would like her to wear and she can show you in great detail over the cam what she looks like in your dream fantasy outfit.

Sexy School Uniform – The sexy schoolgirl uniform has become one of the most popular choices and there are many trans escorts out there would love to perform in a stunning schoolgirl outfit. Be the teacher and tell her what to do or have her play schoolgirl in your trans fantasy. Cheerleader uniforms can also well in these fantasy cam sessions.

Sexy Nurse – If you are looking for a completely different approach you could opt for the sexy nurse outfit. There is nobody you would rather have look after you than a sexy nurse wearing one of the most seductive outfits of all time. She can scold you and get you to expose yourself to medical exams – so much fun!

Policewoman Outfit – However nurse outfits aren’t the only “emergency” outfits as you could have a dominant policewoman control you as you wish. She will even turn up with handcuffs and a scary looking truncheon! She is there to be obeyed, even over cams!

Sexy Secretary – The sexy secretary role play will have our escorts become very playful and they look even kinkier when they wear those large round glasses. The opportunities are limitless and jumping into someone else’s shoes for a short while can help improve your fantasy life and allow you to relax. Relieve your stress and let one of our escorts dress up for you!

SuperWoman – With her long legs a trans escorts looks simply stunning dressed as superwoman, or she can be Supergirl or any other fantasy female figure. With increased strength, special powers and her own secret weapon, there is so much fun to be had with a trans escort as a superhero.

You Own Kink –  The wonderful thing about a cam show with a trans escort as opposed to just watching porn is that the show can be customised to your needs and wants, the trans escort can get dressed up in anything you choose, whatever your particular kink is she can accommodate it.

Have fun and remember to let your trans escort know just how much you are enjoying it, she will want to hear you moaning in pleasure.

Camming Tips for Sex with Your Trans Escort

April 21st, 2020

WebCams have opened up the world so you can have an intimate one on one experience with the best trans escorts in the UK. Sexy, horny and waiting to hear from you these beautiful women look incredible on webcam and if you can’t meet in person then this is the next best thing if you are horny for a shemale! Find the sexiest trans escorts on and contact the one you like to see what she can offer via webcam.

Trans Escorts & Camming

Know how to use your tech – Most of the things you need to get the most out of your camming experience with your favourite trans escort is easy to use but it is worth giving it a quick check to see ensure it will work smoothly when you need it to.

Make sure that you have a functioning webcam. Most laptops come with webcams, but you must remember that the positioning of these can be somewhat limiting, so it’s always better to think these things through before jumping straight into the fun stuff. If you want to be a little more playful with your own displays of pleasure, then webcams which you can strategically place won’t break the bank. Have a play around with lighting and location; you want to make a first good impression, so take care regarding what can be seen behind you onscreen.

Money Talk: Let’s talk about finances; make sure you have a secure connection, and that your choice of payment is accepted and stored for easy use. Your webcam trans girl will be highly professional, and just like meeting anyone for the first time, you want to make a good first impression, so making sure that you are set to go, with no technical difficulties, is the perfect start for your webcam sex experience.

Don’t be shy, ask for what you want – make sure you ask for what you want; there is no need to be shy, your webcam trans girl will have heard and seen it all before. Just like meeting anyone, communication is the key to great web cam sex. Be polite, show your appreciation to your webcam trans girl when she does something you like. Compliment her on her actions and on her appearance. Looking so good doesn’t come naturally, and your cam girl will work very hard to make sure she looks so sexy and stunning, that her webcam sessions are the very best for you both.

Trans Escorts will make you feel amazing – If you are not sure what you want, then setting up a scenario might work out best for the both of you; why not play the role of director for your webcam girl? Keep talking about what you want to see, if it’s good then let her know! Keeping things authentic helps to keep the flow going. Maybe you’d like to experience role-play with your webcam girl, or why not share your fantasies? Remember fantasies are not real, and never have to be, so be open to them, and embrace them!

I’m Dreaming of a Trans Escort

April 14th, 2020

We know how difficult it is when you are so horny for a trans escort, but social distancing is a problem. So, we thought we would take a look at some of the reason we really love trans escorts and why we are spending our time in lockdown dreaming about them.

Remember if you want to catch up with your favourite trans escorts during lockdown they will be offering cam services and naughty phone chats if you are unable to meet due to social distancing, talk to the trans escort to find out the services she is able to offer you.

Trans Escorts are Incredible

We love trans escorts, we love to see them, meet them, watch them and of course mostly have sex with them – here are some reasons why we in lockdown we choose to dream of trans escorts!

Stunning Trans Escorts – These girls look stunning, they are immaculate. Normally they stand over six ft tall, can walk in killer heels, have long hair, great perfume, pretty dresses and sexy lingerie. Choosing to spend time with one of these girls is a fun and sexy experience.

Kinky Trans Escorts are the Norm – Transgender escorts tend to love the kink and the fetish scenes. If you are looking for ways to explore your sexuality or maybe even subject to an amount of curiosity, then a trans escort is a superb way to explore safely and discreetly. To dominate or be dominated by a pretty girl is any man’s fantasy so take a look at the hot trans girls on and pick your favourite.

Party Time with a Trans Escort – Trans escorts know how to party! These girls know all the places a city has to offer, whether you are after somewhere sophisticated or a full-on shindig, trans escorts can show you the best places to let your hair down. But the party never needs to end, why not transfer it to a hotel room for the rest of evening with maybe even a couple of trans escort? When it comes to group sex, then it doesn’t get any better than a trans experience.

A Night Not to Forget – They are double the fun, often these Transexual Escorts have great breasts and huge cocks so you can play the way you choose, girl, boy, both – who cares! From having your cock caressed by beautiful breasts before being dominated with their huge cock – a night not to forget!

Beautiful Girls with Big Cocks

There truly can be nothing nicer than laying on your back having a trans escort penetrate you with her hard cock and watch her boobs jiggle as she pounds you to climax. The combination of sexy girl with long legs, beautiful breasts in sexy lingerie and when you want it, a nice hard cock to pound you with, it is no wonder we are missing the company of these incredible trans escorts in these unusual times.

How to Arrange an InCall Experience with a Trans Escort

April 9th, 2020

Perhaps you have never used a trans escort before, or perhaps you have and you hear some terms used and you don’t know what they mean! Don’t worry we are here to help, this article is all about In Call Experiences with a Trans Escort, what that means and how do you get one!

In Call Experiences with a Trans Escort

In call simply means, at their place, whereas an outcall, means at yours (or a hotel/sauna etc). Whatever city or town you are in, escorts tend to either work independently, which means they are freelance workers, or otherwise via an escort agency or service provider. You will find that your chosen escort will likely provide both kinds of service, but those who tend to work at an agency will be more likely in general to provide an in-call experience.

This simply means that you visit them at their chosen location. Though some agencies will allow people to just walk in off the street, others will still insist you have an appointment, and will take a deposit at the time of booking. There can be some benefits to using in-call services: You may always favour visiting a certain guy or girl, so knowing what hours they are working each week will help to make sure you are never disappointed.

Trans Escorts are Incredible

Certain escorts specialise in certain services – or perhaps you may prefer your escort to be dressed in a particular way, to cater for fetishes. With an in-call service, this aspect can be guaranteed, as good escort agencies will ensure that they have workers on hand who specialise in the most popular kinks and fetishes, to provide remarkable services at all times of the day.

Escorts who tend to work independently can also provide an in-call service. This can often be at their home, or at a place which they choose to work from, such as a hotel room or an office. All independent in-call escort services have to be booked on a prior basis, due to the fact that these people work for themselves, and so will have to juggle other clients additionally, depending on the days they work. In-call services are a great way to build a rapport with your chosen escort – it can feel like you have a special date each week, where you can look forward to what the night may entail.

Your Favourite Trans Escort

Whether you favour in-call or out-call services really does come down to personal taste and preferences – alongside how much money and time you may have to devote to such endeavours; though it is always best to give both types of services a try, as an in-call service could, after all, be exactly what you are looking for – and time spent with any skilled escort can be a revitalising and exciting experience, which takes you to new and wild sexy heights, the likes of which you won’t be forgetting any time soon!

What You Need To Know on Your First Trans Escort Experience

March 22nd, 2020

First thing, don’t worry about being nervous, and tell them its your first time, it will be much easier that way! Wondering what to expect, unsure about the etiquette and the do’s and don’ts is totally normal, our best advice is just to relax and enjoy it as there is never going to be another first time for you with a beautiful, sexy and well hung trans escort!

Whether you are straight or gay, in a relationship, single or somewhere in between, all sorts of men and couples love to spend time with trans escorts on a regular basis and they all had to start somewhere! If it is your first time meeting up with a trans escort, then you may be feeling a little nervous, and quite frankly wondering what to expect. But rest assured that with a few simple guidelines, common sense and use of etiquette, your first meeting will go brilliantly, and you will be planning your next trans escort in no time at all.

Trans Escorts are Sexy

Many people feel nervous about approaching an trans escort for the first time, but there really is no need. Most trans escorts will outline what services they provide online, and this will give you an idea of whether your requirements can be catered for. If you don’t see what you are seeking, then there is never harm in asking. Sometimes slang terms are used; “O levels”, meaning oral, “A levels”, signifying anal sex, etc. If you are not sure, then ask!

Discuss the Arrangements

Before you meet up, both you and your escort should know what to expect from the arrangement – therefore you aren’t left disappointed, and your escort will encounter no nasty surprises that could lead to the situation being awkward. So don’t be shy! Be brutally honest with what you want to do with your escort, or what you desire from them. There’s no need to be reticent; they will have heard it all before! Once your booking is placed, the hardest part has been completed. Many men say making that first point of contact is the most difficult, so all you need to do is look forward to it. Treat this event as you would any other kind of date. Plan what you might wear; where are you meeting?

Have a Great Date to Start

When the day arrives, take your time – relax, shower and groom yourself, so you look and feel the best that you possibly can. If you look and smell great, you’ll feel great too, from the inside out! When your escort arrives, most will want to settle the business side of the arrangement first of all, so it’s best to set aside the amount which has been agreed upon, and have it waiting for her. This not only halts any embarrassment, but also gets this aspect settled quicker, so you get more time to have fun! Treat your escort as you would anyone else, even though they are there for your needs, and you’re assured of probably one of the most sexually fulfilling evenings of your life; common courtesy and use of etiquette go a very long way in showing just how appreciative you are of your trans escort; after all, she will have made sure that she’s looking a million dollars for you!

Horny Trans Escorts

Other ways of showing your appreciation are small gifts, flowers, sexy underwear, champagne and so forth, though be aware that some escorts won’t drink alcohol whilst they are working.  This is nothing personal, just a way to guarantee their personal safety and maintain the way they work. Others, on the other hand, may like a wild and untamed night of debauchery; these aspects are all things to find out at the time of booking, so you can allow your night to unfold with ease. Always remember that hiring the services of a trans escort can help you in so many ways; you may need a companion to accompany you on a business venture, or alternatively, you may be exploring your own sexuality, or fulfilling some deep-seated sexual fantasies. Whatever your reason is, by following these simple guidelines, you are well on your way to enjoying what will doubtlessly be one of the best nights of your life!

Why Straight Men Love Trans Escorts (and they are defo not gay)

March 12th, 2020

Straight men love Trans Escort for this one main reason – trans escorts are incredibly hot! The thought of being pummelled by the nice hard cock of a beautiful large breasted woman is why straight men are the most common type of man to visit spend sexy time with a trans escort.

I Like Trans Women Am I Gay?

One of the main reasons straight men worry about indulge in their passion for trans women is they worry what this means for their sexuality and if by liking these women that means they are gay? The answer of course, is – of course they are not gay! Many men and even women find transgender escorts really hot, and this doesn’t come down to your sexuality. You can be gay, straight, or bi-sexual – this is what makes trans escorts extra-special.

Sexy Trans Women want to Meet You

Going with a trans girl is a very common, and extremely hot, fantasy for both men and women, and there’s no better way to fulfil that fantasy than hiring a trans escort. There are many benefits to hiring the services of a high-class Trans Escort, of course, your chosen girl is a professional, and she will have heard it all before, so there is never any need to feel embarrassed when expressing what you want. You may just wish to satisfy your curiosity, and therefore would prefer to take things slow, at a pace that you feel comfortable with.

Passion, Desire & Trans Escorts

This may even mean just hanging out together, getting to know and building a rapport with your chosen escort – before spicing things up a little! Alternatively, you may already be comfortable and be aware how much of a turn-on a trans girl can be, and wish to take things further by combining your fantasies with reality.

This is also very common; just ensure at the time of booking that you clarify your needs and expectations with them. These girls do have boundaries, and can specialise in certain areas more than others, so you need to be fully conversant with regards to what your elite trans escort offers specifically. Alternatively, you may be in a gay, or straight, relationship, and are looking to add a third party to your bedroom antics. Trans escorts are perfect for this; both partners in the relationship are involved in building the ultimate threesome experience, yet emotions are not going to be interfered with and you don’t run the risk of getting hurt; your third party will keep everything on a professional level, so there is never any real risk of jealousy rearing its ugly head.

Gorgeous & Hung Trans Escorts

Trans escorts are just as versatile as any other type of elite companion; you may require someone to accompany you to a corporate function before enjoying some down-time between two consenting adults, or you may be seeking a playmate to accompany you to an adult event instead. Whatever the occasion, you can be assured that a trans escort will live up to your (no doubt very high!) expectations. Many men use these services, and in no way does it encroach upon their masculinity or sexuality – in point of fact, there is something very sexually liberating about all of this – and once this freedom has been experienced, for many there is no turning back; trans escorts have such an adept grasp on gender and sexuality that they manage to naturally bridge the gender gap, therefore granting them a deeper understanding – enabling them to satisfy some of the most wildest fantasies imaginable, ensuring a very special time, one which you would not forget in a hurry.

Amazing Positions to try with your Trans Escort

March 6th, 2020

Trans Escorts are without doubt the single most exciting sensual and sexual experience you will ever have. The beautiful women can be styled as a goddess or a horny dominatrix and will deliver the sexual experience you have been dreaming of.

Sex Positions and Trans Escorts

To make the most of beautiful trans escorts, the positions you choose to try should be taken in mind that along with being a beautiful woman she also has a nice hard cock she is waiting for you to play with. With that in mind here are a few of the best positions for you to take advantage of your trans escorts unique attributes.

Missionary Position

Missionary position is a classic position for a reason, perfect for both tops and bottoms, and trans escorts, it lets the sex be intimate with lots of kissing opportunities. Not necessarily kinky, but it is a great starter position and lets the one on the bottom feel truly fucked!

Doggy Style with a Trans Escort

This is also a classic for anyone having sex, bending over and being taken on taking from behind is a favourite of many, many men. Giving the taker a great view and being able to deeply penetrate this is a dominant stance, for the one bending over this position allows for deep penetration and a great rhythmic banging! If you don’t have anal sex regularly you may want to work into this position gently as once you get going it allows for deep thrusts and deep penetration. If you are not used to anal sex on a regular basis, be sure to tell your trans escort this so she can break you in gently!

Ride it Cowboy!

A straddling top can take it a little easier while the bottom moves to take control in this fun position, perfect for role play and has great dynamics between dominant and submissive roles. Rocking your favourite trans escort as a rider is easy in this fun and frisky position. You can also reverse this position so the top straddles across but facing the feet, this is great for the prostate and when you get it right can give excellent orgasms!

The BodyGuard Position

Trans Escorts have such great legs it is a shame to not have them standing up for as long as possible. If you like to shake things up a bit, then try thins standing position with your trans escort. Holding on to a nearby wall or table is a good idea as one enters from behind in a standing position and establishes a rhythm – this is also a handy position if you want to take sex outdoors!

Bumper Cars

A fun name for a fun position – bumper cars does take some practice and a little manoeuvrability to get right, but it is well worth a try. Both start on all fours, as if you were about to start doggy style, then turn away on all fours so you are facing away from each other – cheek to cheek! One person lays flat while the other backs up, so they are on top, the top penetrates and away you go!

Sex with a Trans Escort

Trans Escorts are not only sexy because they are sexy women with an extra package for your pleasure, they are also extremely skilled in a wide range of positions to make sure you have the best sex of your life with them.

Book a trans escort today and get your mind blow with the amazing experience they will give you.

Trans Escorts and indulging your Impact Kink!

February 28th, 2020

If you like to be spanked, flogged, or generally slapped with a variety of toys whips and other implements, don’t worry you are not alone. Impact play or impact kink, spanking or whatever you like to call it is a totally normally and often not extreme kink that you can have fun with your favourite trans escort.

Thwack & Moan!

It is that lovely noise which can make you moan just by hearing it coming towards you – thwack! When it comes to the use of paddles with your favourite shemale escort, there are far more options to choose from, as you are not restrained by size and room. On the whole, smaller paddles yield a greater sting, yet a larger paddle will deliver a satiating “thud” sound! A paddle is far easier to control than, say, a whip, so it is far easier to gauge their perfect punishment. Imagine your sexy trans escort making you count aloud while she spanks you with ever harder effort and increasingly large paddles.

Love Spanking Toys

Spanking toys have been around for as long as people have been making tools! Fun spanking toys can be incorporated into a highly visual, and erotic experience with a sexy trans escort. Of course, things like whipping get specific reactions and like everything good, it takes a little time and practice to learn how to crack the whip just at the just the right strength and place.

Impactful Positioning

Your sexy trans escort will be able to give excellent direction on how and where you should and will be spanked or paddled. Here however are a couple of tips on better spanking positions generally. For example, bending is better than lying down – it accords a better view of the buttocks and back; but you can also give the inner thighs, genitals and chest some attention whilst using a paddle in the sitting position, whereas standing may be better when employing the likes of whips and riding crops.

Whip Me Baby!

Whipping can be a particular love of many people who love impact play. There are many types of whips on the market, the bullwhip, the snake-whip, and the dragon whip, to name a few – but one of our current favourites is the flicker whip. A flicker whip is easy to use, and gives you more control, due to its flexibility. Of course, whips need to be used in the correct manner to be effective, and whether you are after that stinging, burning feeling, or a deep, gratifying “thwack!” of impact, either way, it depends on your technique, as well as your whip. An experienced trans escort can make your spanking or whipping experience the best you have ever imagined.

BDSM & Spanking

Hiring a Shemale escort to indulge in a spanking fetish could of course give way to a full BDSM experience. Depending on how horny you are to be dominated and how far you want your shemale escort to go you could enjoy hours of simply punishment at the hands of an experienced, and beautiful trans escort.

Trans Escorts Love to Dominate

Trans Escorts are the perfect sexy girls to deliver some spanking punishment to their horny clients. Whatever you are looking for whether it is some light spanking, or some serious domination tell your trans escort exactly what you are looking for and how you want her to act and then relax enjoy, and perhaps plan not to be able to sit down for a little while afterwards. Find the best trans escorts at

Transgender Escorts in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham & The whole of the UK

Transgender Escorts

Transgender Escorts are beautiful, sexy and ready to meet you. For those looking for a wild night of fun and trans escort fantasy, a beautiful TS Escort who can touch you just the way you like it, you can make it happen on The sexy trans escorts on are the horniest, curviest and most beautiful transsexual escorts you can find in the UK. Soft lips, round breasts and throbbing hard cocks – these girls can’t wait to meet you and fulfil your wildest fantasies!

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