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Latest sleepygirl News

Looking for a New Experience in 2020? Trans Escorts are the answer

December 17th, 2019

2020 is not only the start of a new year, but the start of a new decade, the twenties are here and if you are planning on having a roaring good time this year (or this decade) then it is time to plan on some exciting sexual encounters to remember!

New Year, New Sex

The new year is always a time for reflection and planning, and if you are thinking about sex then it is probably because you didn’t get enough last year or it was not of the most satisfying kind. If this is you then making a new year’s resolution to have better, more satisfying and more regular sex is a great resolution to have.

Sex with Escorts

If you have never had sex with an escort before then 2020 is the best year to start, escorts really like and understand sex and are willing to meet your needs without you having to fulfil theirs in return. Escorts are amazing for trying out new ideas, positions and sexual fetishes as they don’t judge and are there to make you happy. For people who don’t currently have partners or for those who prefer to be on their own escorts can be the answer to your sexual needs in an easy and effective way.

New Sexual Fetishes for 2020

The type of porn you watch will probably give you an indication of the type of sex you like having, or wish you were having! This is an easy way to describe to an escort what type of sex you are looking for. You can describe it or describe a scenario or roleplay you would like to try out – the amazing thing about this is that you can do the same scenario over and over with different escorts for a completely new and exciting experience each time.

Great Sex with Trans Escorts

If you are looking for new sexual experiences, then you could try a whole range of things but one we would most certainly recommend is spending time with a trans escort. If you have been watching trans porn and wondered what it would be like to have sex with a woman who also has a penis, they stop wondering and do something about it. There are trans escorts all over the UK, just waiting to hear from you and see what you want to do with their extra surprise package. A new year is a perfect time for trying something new, exploring fetishes and sexual experiences you never thought you would and expressing yourself as you want to be.

Find a Trans Escort

If in 2020, you want to expand your sexual horizons and have decided a trans escort is the way to do this then you can find the best trans escorts anywhere in the UK here: simply use the search functions on the website and then find the trans escort in your location that you like the look of, message here and then enjoy what is to come – including you!

Domination All Night Long with a Trans Escort

December 10th, 2019

If you really want a naughty, dirty night to truly explore some of your BDSM wild side, then booking a whole night with a Trans Escort has to be the best option. Sexy, sultry and willing to please, shemale escorts and BDSM are a brilliant combination just waiting to be tested to its limits! Make it a special occasion, plan exactly how you want your trans escort to behave or dominate you, find the sexiest girls on and then all that is left is for you to pick a date!

Wild BDSM Fun

When you’ve arranged for a night of wild fun with a Trans Escort, then nothing marks the occasion better than a little BDSM. Whether you are looking for a Trans escort to take you under her firm hand, or whether you would prefer for your escort to be taught a highly valuable lesson under your command, it doesn’t get much better than the dom/sub Trans Escort relationship.

Extra Happiness with a Trans Escort

There is something about a Trans escort which feels extra naughty; these girls know how to manipulate a situation to their advantage, so it is vital that at times they get taught a lesson and be made to ask for mercy till you are satisfied! On the flip side of this, you may like the idea that your chosen transgender escort puts you firmly in your place; she could have you tied and gagged in no time at all, ready to receive your punishment in some of the most humiliating ways possible!

Relaxation & Feeling Comfortable is Key

Why not ensure that your evening off starts relaxed, at a local bar where you can really start to get to know your chosen SheMale Escort and start the night frivolous and flirty? Trans escorts make great company when frequenting sex clubs; here you can fully unleash both your desires and your deepest sexual fantasies – you can close out the outside world and become immersed in an evening of debauchery and decadence which would make the average escort blush!

BDSM Role Play All Night Long

Your Trans Escort will have overnight prices in place, and these fees normally work out far more cost-effective than hiring by the hour. Doing this will make things seem far more natural, as nothing is rushed; you can unwind and allow the scenario to unfold in its own time. Reserving a hotel room with the exact purpose of hooking up with a trans escort is one of the most discreet ways of hiring someone’s services, as your escort is well aware of local hotel polices. Having a room at your disposal lets you also diverge into other areas such as water-sports; walk-in shower rooms are the perfect way to get steamy together, as your bodies slip and slide together.

Versatility & Imagination

Trans escorts always look amazing, these girls know what guys like, they have soft feminine features and a nice hard cock. Trans escorts truly are the best of both worlds; they are highly versatile when it comes to the bedroom and make for a superior dominatrix experience or the perfect sub, ready and waiting for your chosen activity, to appreciate you in the only way a transgender escort could. Until you have experienced a night like this, you won’t realise what you have been missing out on. So, take a stand and be firm, it’s time to book a night you won’t forget in a long time!

What is the Difference Between an In Call & an Out Call?

November 28th, 2019

Trans Escorts are some of the most exciting and exotic escorts available in the UK. Where you meet them however is up to you – You can choose from an In call experience and an out call experience and we are going to take a look at what that means if you are looking to spend some real quality time with a trans escort soon.

Meeting Your Trans Escort

Whatever city or town you are in, escorts tend to either work independently, which means they are freelance workers, or otherwise via an escort agency or service provider. You will find that your chosen escort will likely provide both kinds of service, but those who tend to work at an agency will be more likely in general to provide an in-call experience. This simply means that you visit them at their chosen location. Though some agencies will allow people to just walk in off the street, others will still insist you have an appointment, and will take a deposit at the time of booking. There can be some benefits to using in-call services: You may always favour visiting a certain guy or girl, so knowing what hours they are working each week will help to make sure you are never disappointed.

What They Wear

Certain escorts specialise in certain services – or perhaps you may prefer your escort to be dressed in a particular way, to cater for fetishes. With an in-call service, this aspect can be guaranteed, as good escort agencies will ensure that they have workers on hand who specialise in the most popular kinks and fetishes, to provide remarkable services at all times of the day.

Escorts who tend to work independently can also provide an in-call service. This can often be at their home, or at a place which they choose to work from, such as a hotel room or an office. All independent in-call escort services have to be booked on a prior basis, due to the fact that these people work for themselves, and so will have to juggle other clients additionally, depending on the days they work. In-call services are a great way to build a rapport with your chosen escort – it can feel like you have a special date each week, where you can look forward to what the night may entail. Alternately, you may like the freedom, and spontaneity inherent in the service an agency can provide. By walking in off the street, you don’t know who is working, or what service they provide; this can be an exciting experience, and a chance for you discover and explore new ways of sexual freedom, and opportunities which may have never have occurred otherwise.

Personal Taste & Availability

Whether you favour in-call or out-call services really does come down to personal taste and preferences – alongside how much money and time you may have to devote to such endeavours; though it is always best to give both types of services a try, as an in-call service could, after all, be exactly what you are looking for – and time spent with any skilled escort can be a revitalising and exciting experience, which takes you to new and wild sexy heights, the likes of which you won’t be forgetting any time soon!

Why You Should Spend Time with a SheMale Escort

November 19th, 2019

Known by different names, such as Shemale Escorts, Tranny Escorts, Transexual Escorts (TS Escorts) Transvestite Escorts (TV Escorts) or Ladyboys, the pleasure this sensual, sexual escorts bring is like nothing else on earth!

Versatile & Sexy SheMale Escorts

Most Shemale escorts are women who also have a penis, sometimes known as pre-op trans escorts or ladyboys, this is different from some transvestite escorts who are men who love to wear women’s clothing and have beautifully feminine hair and make-up but are physically all male. The different ways these women can be described are all interchangeable and used by different people to mean different things so if you are thinking of spending time with a TV or TS escort don’t be frightened to check and ask any questions you have before arranging to meet. Many of the beautiful trans women on have great descriptions on their profile page detailing their measurements including bra size and cock size.

The fantastic thing about a Shemale escort is that you can enjoy them whether you are gay or straight, gender and sexuality blur with these beautiful women and they are often happy to also accommodate curious couples.

Spending time with a SheMale Escort

Spend time looking through the profiles on all the TS Escorts on, you can also use the search functions to see which of these hot women are near you or in your city. We have the best and biggest directory of Tranny Escorts in the UK and these hot TS girls can’t wait to meet you and show you what they have got! When you have seen the SheMale Escort you like and checked their location then it is time to arrange a time and place to meet.

Sexy Girls with a Surprise

Many of the TS Escorts do both incalls (you visit them) or outcalls (they visit you) just check with your favourite Shemale escort what they are happy to do. Many tranny escorts are also happy to meet in a hotel or even in a bar or restaurant first if you want to extend to a full date night.

The reason that so many men love a SheMale Escort is that they have all the beauty, curves and softness of a traditional woman with one (often very) big difference. Girls that have a penis really add something a bit special and naughty to a fun and sexy evening. Instead of playing with anal toys, butt plugs or strap-ons book some time with a trans escort to really feel anal pleasure.

New Experiences with SheMale Escorts

If you are a sexually curious couple and want to add some spice into your sex life then booking a tranny escort could be the answer. With both beautiful breasts and a large cock, these shemales can be versatile for both straight and gay couples to enjoy.

Beautiful SheMale Escorts are listed on the biggest Tranny Escort Directory, SheMaleEscort.XXX, you will find a girl to meet your needs – contact them, arrange a time to meet and then relax and enjoy your time together.

Exploring Sissification with a Trans Escort

November 12th, 2019

Are you a sissy? Do you love the way a sexy trans escort will make you wear pretty women’s clothes and enjoy using you as their very pretty girlfriend? Then you are probably lover of the sissification fetish, also known as forced feminisation. We love it too!

Be a Sissy with a Trans Escort

Forced feminisation is where a man dresses up or is forced to dress up by a dominant trans escort, in women’s clothing. Sexy corsets, pretty babydoll night dresses, stockings, bras and other sexy underwear is often the preferred clothing. This sexy kink is on the same level as all other forms of male submission, and the submissive and humiliation aspect for the sissifiaction is where many men really get their kink from. Giving yourself over completely to a trans escort to dominate you as a sissy is an amazing experience that everyman should try. Not only do trans escorts make amazing dominatrixes they also have a nice hard cock and so can penetrate you without a strap on – result!

What Else Can I Ask For?

With a Trans Escort, they are there to make you happy and fulfil your every sissy desire, so just ask for what you want, and they can discuss how to accommodate this for you. If you want to be dressed up like a maid and forced to do chores around the house, then let your escort know this is what you want to happen. Do you have a particular name that you want to be called or would you prefer just to be referred to as sissy? Do you want the trans escort to do your make up and make you look as pretty as possible, or is it just the clothes that you want to wear? Whatever your sexy sissy fantasy is let them know so they can make you experience together unforgettable.

Trans Escorts are the whole Package

One of the best reasons why men with a sissy fetish seek out a trans escort is that they have a hidden package that they can bring out whenever the scenario calls for it. If you want your trans escort to make you suck on her big hard cock, then tell her so before you start, if you want to her to fill you ass under your pretty sissy clothes with her big hard cock then make sure she knows that is how you want your time together to go.

Sissy Fantasy

You have probably watched lots of sissy porn and have fantasised about what you want for a long time, so make it a reality with a sexy trans escort. Find your perfect shemale escort on www.shemaleescort.XXX and arrange whether you will be meeting at her place, your place or a hotel, explain exactly what you are looking for and then take all your clothes and supplies to make your night the most memorable of your life.

Don’t be shy little sissy, these trans escorts are waiting to dominate you, all night long!

Should You Make Eye Contact with Your Trans Escort During Sex?

November 4th, 2019

Your Trans Escort is there to give you an amazing sensual, sexual experience, but sometimes there are questions you may feel a bit embarrassed about asking as you think you should know already  – one of these questions is – should I make eye contact with my trans escort during sex?

Trans Escort Experiences

Sometimes, even though you have described in detail your sexual fantasies to your trans escort, and they are doing an excellent job of fulfilling you every desire, you can still be unsure about little things like looking them in the eye while having sex. You may feel a bit awkward especially if this is your first time with this particular escort, or you may be doing things you have never done before and simply don’t know where to look.

Eye Contact & Sex

Many people have a hard time making eye contact during sec, with regular partners along with occasional sex partners or escorts so don’t feel like you are along if you are not sure where to look! Even eye contact when it is in a non-sexual environment can feel too intimate and can be uncomfortable, if you look at the wrong time or hold a gaze for too long, you worry it can be misconstrued, and the same goes for eye contact while having sex.

Love to Look

Of course, the right answer here is, look if you want to! Trans Escorts are beautiful, sensual women who take great pride and care in their appearance so will be happy for you to look them over as much as you want. If you are having sex together and end up in a face to face position, then just go with it. If you feel uncomfortable then just close your eyes and enjoy the experience, if you want to gaze into your trans escort eyes while you suck her cock or you are riding her big fat cock then go right ahead, she will enjoy seeing how much pleasure you are getting from her.

No Judgement

All the trans escorts on will not mind whether you like to gaze in their eyes during sex or not, they operate on a complete no judgement space and just want you to have h=the best sexual experience with them as possible. These beautiful women will make you feel, sexy and wanted, and will ensure you enjoy every second of your time together, wherever you are looking.

Practice Makes Perfect

If you know you want to look at your trans escort more, then the old adage of practice makes perfect is right – the more comfortable you feel with a particular escort the more inclined you will be to relax and look at them the way you want to. Book regular slots with a trans escort to make the time between you feel comfortable and special, whether that is at your place, at their place or in a hotel or mix it up to add variety to your regular meets.

When and How to use Safe Words with your Trans Escort

October 20th, 2019

If you are into BDSM then you will be familiar with safe words, but have you ever used one with your favourite Trans Escort? If you are completely new to BDSM but would have horny fantasies that you want to play out, then you will need to know what a safe word is and when to use one.

What is a Safe Word?

Essentially it is a word you can say that will stop the kinky action if you want to stop, are too uncomfortable and need a break. This is especially important if you are engaging in BDSM play or role plays where part of the story is that you are begging them to stop, when what you really mean is, god keep going! For this reason, a safe word is chosen so the two meanings can be identified and both you and your trans escort feel happy and secure that you will have the best experience ever with some simple safety measures in place.

Does all BDSM sex need Safe Words

No, not always, for those in relationships who know each other well, they may know how to read the other persons body language etc very well and so no safe word may be needed. But for the most part and especially if you are organising BDSM play with a new trans escort then the establishment of a safe word is a sensible idea.

What Word Should I Use?

The safe word itself should be nothing to do with the scenario you are going to play out. It should be something that is perhaps a little silly, or unusual so it cannot in any way be confused with the actions you and your trans escort are playing out. It can be the same safe word every time or you can pick a new one for every encounter, the choice is completely up to you. Basic choices for the safe word include the obvious ‘Safe Word’ or ‘Red’ – these are quite universal and there is less of a danger of you forgetting them in the heat of the moment. Other popular choices include food, Pineapples or Pancakes, Famous People, or even cities or favourite quotes, although single words work best if you are just starting out. The only downside to picking something silly is that if you just need a break and want to get back into it shouting a silly word can break the mood a little. Although with a sexy trans escort by your side there will be no hardship in getting you right back in there when you are ready.

When to us the Safe Word with My Trans Escort

The quick answer is when you feel like it, there are no rules, this is your experience so do what makes you feel horny and confident to continue, if it is your first time with a trans escort and you want to try something really kinky then let them know that you will be trying out the safe word early into your play just so you feel confident in using it should you need to later on. After that, use the word if it is not going how you want it to and want to provide more instruction, if you are in an uncomfortable position, if you need the loo, if you just want to take a 10 min break and then get back to it, or for any other reason.

The amazing, sensual and sexy trans escorts at www.shemaleescort.XXX are ready to make your every desire come true.

Discover Sensual Sexual Experiences with a Trans Escort

October 11th, 2019

Sensuality has always played a huge part in sex and if you are looking for something more than a quick orgasm then sensuality will play a huge part in your experience. Fortunately, the best way to have amazing sensual sex is with a trans escort. These beautiful women take the time to understand how to touch you to make you feel incredible and with their soft skin, nice round breasts and surprise hard cock there is nothing sexier and more sensual than spending time with a trans escort.

Trans Escorts are a Sensual Combination

It may be an overused cliché but it’s true, there’s just something special about a trans escort. The sensuality of soft skin, amazing breasts and hard, hot cock is a sensual and sexual combination that you can’t beat. Spending an evening with a trans escort is not just about the hot sex. Your escort can accompany you for evening at a great restaurant, for some shopping and to bar or club. Shemale escorts make the best companies for a great night out, building the anticipation of the amazing sex to come.

Erotic & Arousing

There is something hugely erotic about a hard cock in silky sensuous lingerie. Your shemale escort can mix the best of feminine attire with sexually experience you just can’t get anywhere else. The enticement of knowing what’s waiting for you under a flowing dress and fragrant perfume can be a huge turn on. Trans escorts just know how to turn men on!

Who can better understand you and your fantasies than your escort? Shemale escorts know exactly how to turn you on and how to give you the best sexual experience. They understand how to pleasure you, regardless of whether you want to be active or passive. Your escort will take the time to understand your fantasies so don’t be shy, tell them what you want.

Beautiful Sensual Trans Escorts

Trans escorts make the best companies for a hot date. They are articulate and witty and knowledgeable on numerous subjects, so you’ll have lots to talk about our drinks and dinner. You can wine and dine your escort in classy bars and restaurants before your night of hot passion. Remember to just relax and be yourself and your escort will be the perfect partner for the night.

Trans escorts know it’s not just about the sex, its whole experience, the evening and the foreplay. If you have specific fetishes, trans escorts are the best choice. You can explore your fantasises and have an amazing fetish experience with your escort, who wouldn’t want to be dominated by a beautiful, leather or latex clad trans mistress?

Shemale escorts are just naturally sensual, the mixture of elegance and femininity with hot sex appeal cannot be found anywhere else.  The hottest and hardest SheMale Escorts can be found on, you can search through the hot trans girls available, find ones that are waiting for your call or find ones near your location all over the UK.

Shibari Bondage with a Trans Escort

October 3rd, 2019

Shibari is a technical style of ancient bondage, beloved by many men and when it is delivered by a beautiful trans escort it is better than ever. Also known as Kinbaku or Japanese bondage it is beautifully sensual experience that takes the sensual side of bondage to the next level with interestingly and intricately tied artistic knots. As bondage is increasing in popularity those who love bondage but want it to be more sensual are finding Shibari and loving it.

Trans Escorts Love Shibari Bondage

Shibari differs from other types of bondage in that the focus is on the sensations given by the ties themselves. The dominant person ties the bonds in a way that heightens the arousal of the submissive. This doesn’t just mean on erogenous zones, but all over the body. The lack of control heightens the experience as they are completely vulnerable to the other person. This results in them being immersed in the experience and forced to focus on the physical sensations and trust the dominant partner. It is overwhelming and intense and guaranteed to deliver an unforgettable experience and test your sense of control and vulnerability especially when delivered by a trans escort.

Bondage Sexual Fantasies

When it comes to indulging in your secret fantasies, a trans escort is often the perfect choice. They can ensure you get the best experience possible, in a safe and comfortable environment. If you have always wanted to try it, but don’t know where to start, you have the choice of finding a trans escort who is experienced in the art of Shibari so that they can guide you. If you already have a favourite trans escort, you can embark on this special adventure together, which will only enhance the experience and bring you even closer.

Trans Escort Fantasy

It is important to discuss your expectations and limits before you get started. Shibari will push you to your limits and you need to be open and honest with yourself and each other to get the most out it. If there is anything you are worried about or you know you do not enjoy, tell your trans escort so that you don’t need to worry about the experience going in that direction. If there is anything you are intrigued by and think you want to try, but aren’t 100% sure about, don’t be shy and be honest about it so they know to approach it in a delicate way.

Shibari may take you out of your comfort zone, but it could well be one of the most eye-opening sexual experiences you ever have. The best advice for experiencing Shibari for the first time is to go in with your mind open and a willingness to experience the unusual. Find a sexy trans escort to explore this with and be open and honest about what you want and what you are worried about. The art of shibari is to be in the moment and fully involved in all the sensations.

Spanking Joy with a Trans Escort

September 26th, 2019

Most people when they are aroused love some sort of spanking. It is that jolt that sends shivers through your already aroused body, especially if it is delivered by a beautiful trans escort. The pressure and hardness of the impact will vary from person to person, but a little spanking is always a joy! Spanking is also known as impact play as it does not have to be just spanking and there are a range if implements you can be impacted with!

Fun spanking toys can be incorporated into a highly visual, and erotic experience with a sexy trans escort. Of course, things like whipping get specific reactions and like everything good, it takes a little time and practice to learn how to crack the whip just at the just the right strength and place.

Whipping Love

There are many types of whips on the market, the bull-whip, the snake-whip, and the dragon whip, to name a few – but one of our current favourite is the flicker whip. A flicker whip is easy to use, and gives you more control, due to its flexibility. Of course, whips need to be used in the correct manner to be effective, and whether you are after that stinging, burning feeling, or a deep, gratifying “thwack!” of impact, either way, it depends on your technique, as well as your whip. An experienced trans escort can make your spanking or whipping experience the best you have ever imagined.

Paddle Love

When it comes to the use of paddles with your favourite shemale escort, there are far more options to choose from, as you are not restrained by size and room. On the whole, smaller paddles yield a greater sting, yet a larger paddle will deliver a satiating “thud” sound! A paddle is far easier to control than, say, a whip, so it is far easier to gauge their perfect punishment. Imagine your sexy trans escort making you count aloud while she spanks you with ever harder effort and increasingly large paddles.

Spanking and BDSM Play

Hiring a Shemale escort to indulge in a spanking fetish could of course give way to a full BDSM experience. Depending on how horny you are to be dominated and how far you want your shemale escort to go you could enjoy hours of simply punishment at the hands of an experienced, and beautiful trans escort. Your sexy trans escort will be able to give excellent direction on how and where you should and will be spanked or paddled. Here however are a couple of tips on better spanking positions generally. For example, bending is better than lying down – it accords a better view of the buttocks and back; but you can also give the inner thighs, genitals and chest some attention whilst using a paddle in the sitting position, whereas standing may be better when employing the likes of whips and riding crops.

Spanking and Domination

Trans Escorts are the perfect sexy girls to deliver some spanking punishment to their horny clients. Whatever you are looking for whether it is some light spanking, or some serious domination tell your trans escort exactly what you are looking for and how you want her to act and then relax enjoy, and perhaps plan not to be able to sit down for a little while afterwards!

Impact play is a highly popular and fun fetish that can be fulfilled easily with your favourite trans escort. There is a lot to be said about whips, paddles, and the other items which can be used by your shemale escort on you! Book some time with your favourite trans escort today and explore what you like best!

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