Are There Different Types of Trans Escorts?

Spending time with a Trans Escort is a fantasy for many men, mainly straight men, who want to try something unique, sexy, and very, very naughty. Trans Escorts are a dream experience for many, many men but if you have only watched trans porn you may not know the different types of trans escorts that are out there for you to enjoy.

If you are looking to hire a trans escort, then it’s best to be aware of just what kind of transgender companion you are seeking. Here, we discuss some of the differences between all types of transgender people, and what to expect, so you know exactly what to ask for when searching for that ultimate turn-on.

Transvestite Escorts

Often called tranny for short! A transvestite escort is an escort who loves to wear the clothing of a woman, it is a turn on for them and for the men that hire them. A transvestite escort can be gay, straight, or bisexual and it simply depends on the individual. Also known as cross dressing escorts or cross dressers, these escort are still all male under the clothing but look and act like the sexy women they love to dress as. If you are looking for a pretty boy in women’s clothing who is all male under the clothes, then a transvestite escort is for you.

LadyBoy Escorts

Ladyboys are very feminine men, often Asian with the phrase hailing from the ladyboys of Thailand or Southeast Asia, beautifully groomed, often with feminine features, small stature and extremely sexy. Ladyboy escorts are normally fun, flirty and will show you a great time with their feminine ways but still being all make under the glamorous clothes and makeup.

Trans Escorts

The difference between the two types of trans escorts is if they still have a penis. Most do but if you are unsure, it is fine to ask, although most will post sexy pictures of their remaining manhood in their profiles. Trans Escorts are often men who have taken the steps required to become female, without having their penises removed. They look, talk, walk like women, they have or are taking female hormones to make their skin soft and have natural long hair and often beautiful long legs. Most have either natural or enhanced breasts and the only difference is that they have a penis whereas a full woman does not. This is the most common type of trans escort and the one most men fantasise about.

Shemale Escorts

Shemale Escort is just another name for a trans escort, used to demonstrate the fact that they are both male and female and the ultimate turn on for men looking for a shemale experience.

Sex with Trans Escorts

Sex with trans escorts is a dream for many men and it is a fully pleasurable experience. For those men who love women but also want to experience what it is like to play with a cock or be penetrated anally then a shemale escort is most certainly the way to explore this desire. For the best trans escorts visit and find a beautiful trans escort in your location and enjoy the unique experience of a beautiful girl with boobs and a cock.

How to Have a Great Summer of Sex with a Trans Escort

Summer is coming, and so should you be! With the longer days and warmer evenings now is the time to get out from your home, put down the porn and go out there and satisfy your trans sex fantasies. Summer is a time for getting out there, having fun and there is no more fun to be had that with a sex trans escort, exploring all the things that are in your mind.

Sexy Summer Trans Escort Experiences

Stop getting stuck in a sexual rut, stop just watching porn and indulge and reward yourself with time well spent with a trans escort. Whether it’s familiarity (so, boredom, in other words) or whether your dry spell has lasted longer than you’re comfortable with or whether you’re just curious about new sexual pursuits – summer is a great time to try something new and exciting.

First of all, think about what really matters to you when you’re having sex. Is it pleasure, do you have a sexy kink you want to explore or are you looking for a romantic girlfriend experience? Perhaps you just want to get down and dirty with some BDSM? Once you’ve established this (and don’t be afraid to venture into the very darkest corners of your mind!) then you’ll know how you want to involve your sexy Trans Escort. You can cast off any sexual shackles, and then take a deep breath – before taking a leap of faith.

Why you should hire a Trans Escort

These hot ladies are the professionals. They are there for your sexual pleasure. A Trans Escort will be able to explore your innermost fantasies with you, without compromise. This might be new territory for you, but if your self-evaluation of your sex life finds something wanting, then an escort could be the perfect answer.

What does a Trans Escort bring?

  • A sense of security. You know why they’re there; they know why they’re there so there’s no room for misunderstanding.
  • This is a safe space to explore your sexuality without fear of reprisals. If you’d like to keep it quiet, then you can have confidence that no-one needs ever to know.
  • If this is something new for you, a trans escort is the ideal person to gently guide you into fresh waters. At one end of the scale, you have dungeons, cuffs, whips, chains, and orgasm denial. At the other end is more vanilla type sex – up to you where your preference lies.
  • Or if you already know what you want, using a shemale escort can bring a meeting of minds that you may struggle to find elsewhere.
  • You can leave the experience behind you if you want. For some people, this is just a fleeting sexual encounter and if you need to shrug it off before you go home to your family, then you can.
  • Likewise, this could be the first step of a new sexual journey for you. Finding a trans escort with whom you click is the very best way to guarantee that your sexual future is in safe hands.

This summer, make a fresh start, get your sexual self to a trans escort, and have the best, most amazing sex you could ever have dreamed of with these gorgeous women.

Kissing and More with Your Trans Escort

You can do so much with a mouth, and this is an all too often forgotten fact. Beautiful mouths can kiss, caress, swallow, bite and more which adds a huge addition when thinking about sex.

Trans escort know how powerful a mouth can be and long to please you with their soft and pretty mouths. Many of them have beautiful make-up including soft and bright shades of lipstick ready to do whatever you want when you choose to spend time with them.

More Time Spent Kissing

Kissing is very erotic, the feeling of someone else’s mouth on yours, pulling at your lips, licking, and kissing all over your mouth and face can be the start of a very erotic and exciting evening. Kissing does not of course have to stop at the mouth and face, once you get going you won’t want it to stop and you shemale escort can start covering your body with kisses. You of course if you want can also discover her soft breasts and other parts of her womanly body with your lips and tongue for as long as you want.

Naughty Words

If you like some dirty talk to get you horny then asking your trans escort to give you a running commentary on what they are going to do to you is a great place to start – remember that mouth can be used for words too!

Love Bites!

If you like a little bit of pain with your sex, then remember that the mouth is a powerful tool for light biting and playful pulling of pretty much every area of your body. Nipples are a perfect size for a bit of biting and pulling but also think of less common areas like the buttocks, arms, or the sensitive areas inside thigh for a little bite to get you hot and steamy.

Sucking & Rimming

When you think of a mouth and sex two of the most pleasurable actions are sucking and then also rimming. Your Trans escort will be skilled at sucking on your cock until you are begging her to stop and she can also spend time on your ass – you just have to tell her what you like!

Blow Jobs & Trans Escorts

As Trans Escorts also have cocks, they know how to give the best blow jobs. Having them caress, kiss, suck, and blow on your cock will be one of the best experiences you will ever have. Imagine your penis covered with the lipstick imprints of your trans escorts soft mouth before she takes it completely into her mouth and down her throat. Pleasure this intense can only be found by spending time with the most beautiful shemale escorts.

Trans Escorts are Exciting

Most men love a trans escort for how they look and the exciting surprise they have but often forget how sensual and sexual a mouth can be – so the next time you are spending time with your favourite shemale escort ask for a little extra kissing, sucking, rimming, or biting and find out how pleasurable it can be.

The Most Popular Breast Size for Trans Escorts

Trans Escorts have always been beautiful and exotic and one of the most amazing things about these extraordinary women is their beautiful breasts. So, for Trans Escorts is there a most popular breast size and if so, what is it?

Breast size & Trans Escorts

Trans Escorts, like all other type of escorts come in all shapes and sizes, including different types of breast size. So, what are the differences when it comes to trans escorts? The main difference is that Trans Escorts tend to fall into two different categories – escorts who are crossdressers and have had no surgical changes to their male bodies but love to dress and act like women and trans escorts who are all woman, from their soft skin to enlarged breasts, but they still have their nice hard penis for your pleasure.

Beautiful She Male Escorts So, these two different types of Trans Escorts will have different boobs. The crossdressers will have a flat male chest and will choose what size faux breasts they wear, and the trans women can have anything from natural breasts that have grown as they have taken the female hormones to amazing huge breasts when they have had beautiful breast enlargement surgery. The answer to the question of what is the most popular breast size for Trans Escorts? is, there is no one popular size, just what their customers prefer.

Find Trans Escorts

One of the best things about the independent Trans Escort Directory is that you can search for your favourite escort by bra size. So, if you know you are looking for a she-males escort for a night if unadulterated passion and you want her to have lovely large tits then you can search based on those criteria. Equally if you want your trans escort to be well hung, then you can also search by cock size making sure you can find exactly the girl you are looking for to fulfil your trans escort fantasies.

Sex Fantasies with Trans Women

Most men who spend time with a trans escort are straight and they find these women completely mesmerising. What you choose to do, and how you choose to do it is strictly between you Trans Escorts and you and they are completely discrete when it comes to contacting and meeting you. If you do have a specific fantasy you would like to try out with your trans escort then make sure they know about it so they can ensure you have the best night of your life, no longer as a fantasy but played out with a beautiful trans woman.

Whether you like tans women with huge breasts, small breasts or don’t really mind, there is the perfect Trans Escort out there for you and you can find them online and waiting for your call on www. Live out your fantasy and contact a beautiful Trans Escort today for complete satisfactions and enjoyment wherever you are.

Questions You Have Always Wanted to Ask a Trans Escort

Trans Escorts are not as unusual or hard to find as they once were, great Trans escort Directories like make it easy to find a trans escort near you. As they are more accessible, more and more men (and women) like to spend time with trans escorts as they are the most exciting sexual partners you will ever be with.

But, if you have never been with a trans escort before, or perhaps you have and you are understandably wanting more, you may have some questions that you want to ask or are curious about so here are the 10 things you have always wanted to ask a Trans Escort and their answers:

  1. Do you have real breasts?

Yes, many Trans Escorts have real breasts, they are large round and soft and feel just like natural large breasts. Some trans women are still all male (without any surgery) underneath so it depends on what you are looking for, you can always ask if you are not sure, but you can normally tell from the pictures of the trans escorts in their profile.

  1. Are you a top or a bottom?

Good question, this is (just like everyone else) personal preference. Some Trans Escorts will prefer being a top (doing the penetrating) and some will prefer to be a bottom (being penetrated) many will offer both, you can check in their profiles what they say about themselves and if they offer both or just one or the other.

  1. I’m straight is that OK?

Yes definitely, many, many, many men who use the services of Trans Escorts are straight. It is a wonderful sensual, sexual adventure to have sex with a Trans escort, just let them know what you are looking for, or even better let them show you how unbelievable they are! An exciting night (or 2, or 8!!) doesn’t make you any less straight!

  1. Can I meet you at your place?

If you can’t or don’t want to meet your sexy Trans escort at your place, that is fine you can either choose to meet your trans escort at their place (if they can accommodate you) or you can choose a hotel to meet up in.

  1. Can we keep it between us?

Trans Escorts know how important privacy and confidentiality is, you can tell them as much or as little about yourself as you like. Transgender Escorts are there to fulfil your desires and fantasies not to pry into anything else.

  1. How Much do Trans Escorts Cost?

Each Escort charges for their time individually and it is a private arrangement between you and them so discuss what you are looking for and they will let you know!

  1. Can we have kinky sex?

Yes, is the short answer, whatever your kinky fantasy is just let your favourite TGirl Escort know and they will do their utmost to accommodate your requests. From BDSM to role play to whatever your imagination can come up with – just ask and see if they are happy to oblige!