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Are you Finally Ready to Book a Trans Escort?

If you have always wanted to book a trans escort but have been putting it off for a variety of reasons, well now is the time. With so many people being in lockdown for so long, it is no surprise that many men have decided life is short and they should do the things they have always wanted to do. This is why trans escorts are busier than ever and are looking forward to meeting men who want to take the plunge and book some kinky time with the most exotic of escorts.

Book a Transgender Escort Now

Now is the perfect year to experiment with something delicious and new! You may have experienced escorts before, but have you ever enjoyed the thrill of spending time one on one with a beautiful trans escort?

Straight Men Love Trans Escorts

Many men love the thought of a trans escort, as the explosion in trans internet porn proves, lots and lots of straight men love a trans woman with beautiful breasts and a nice hard penis!

The Popularity of Trans Escorts

There are so many reasons why Trans Escorts are so popular and why you might be wanting to spend time with a beautiful sexy trans escort, here are the top reasons:

  1. They are attractive to many different kinds of men (& women). They are great for straight men who want to be satisfied by a penis but don’t find men attractive, a trans escort is the perfect in between. For Gay Men who are straight curious, they again can try a little in between with a shemale escort.
  2. For couples who want to add extra spice to their bedroom antics but can’t decide or agree on whether to invite a man or a woman to join in Trans Escorts are the perfect solution.
  3. Trans escorts are sexy to those who like a little surprise and adventure with their sexual pleasure, there is nothing more adventurous than exploring sex with a shemale escort, the possibilities are nearly endless.
  4. Fantasy sex is also made possible when you spend time with a Trans Escort, perhaps you want to see them in latex, perhaps you want to dominate them, or have them dominate you, perhaps you like feet, or BDSM or any other type of sex fantasy can all be agreed upon and played out with their help.
  5. Trans Escorts are seen as the naughty, exotic side of sex, so if you want to explore your naughty side and experience something truly unique then a trans escort is for you.
  6. Finding a trans escort is very easy, using trans escort directories like you will be able to find the perfect match for your needs and find one near you.

Now is the time to finally experience an amazing trans escort and all she has to offer you. From her beautiful soft skin to her long legs, round breasts and perfect hard cock to play with as you please, there is no other sexual experience quite like a trans escort and they are there for your pleasure and satisfaction.

Bondage Beginners and Trans Escorts

BDSM and bondage is intriguing and mysterious. It’s naughty, sexy and fun. It’s huge in its repertoire and caters for almost every sexual fantasy and preference. But to the uninitiated, it can seem a daunting place and it can be confusing to know where to begin. However, trying out bondage with a sexy trans escort, is probably the most fun you will ever have. Don’t worry if you are a newbie these beautiful women will take you in hand and show you the ropes!

Trans Escorts & BDSM

If you are ready to explore a little light bondage & bdsm with a trans escort, then follow this guide carefully for some of the best bedroom fun that you’ll ever have.

Preparation is key – Make sure that you have a range of bondage weapons in your sex toy arsenal ready to explore and experiment with. An example of your first bondage kit would be: handcuffs and soft ropes or ties for restraints, a blindfold and a paddle, crop, or spanker (or all three!). There are some bits and pieces if you want to augment your collection further, like gags and chastity devices if you are up for some more extreme fun. Stocking up on lube isn’t the worst idea in the whole world, and hey – even if you don’t use it for bondage play– there will be plenty of sexual scenarios where you will!

Choose your own Adventure – Thrash out the details before the action starts. You should have a discussion with your trans escort beforehand to establish any sexual boundaries that you wouldn’t feel safe crossing, i.e., blindfolding is OK, but cuffing not. Describe any sex play you would like included, or fantasies, or just some ideas you want to explore. For example, decide on any sub/dom roles, or specific acts that intrigue and excite you, and don’t forget to agree a safe word. This doesn’t detract from the fun, it’s just a safety mechanism you can hold onto in case things go a little further than you’d like.

Open Mindedness – Keeping an open mind is also a good thing to be discussed beforehand. This is important because this trans escort sex session is your toy to play with for the duration, so grab the chance to maximise your pleasure. This can be a deeply passionate and sexy world so it’s not the worst idea to be willing to try new ideas out – especially after you’ve established a safe word so you can feel secure in your bondage play.

Just Get Started – If you aren’t quite sure where to start with this whole bondage thing, you could also think about maybe bringing a little more edge into the bedroom with the addition of some bondage porn – as light or heavy as you like. Remember that this erotic material isn’t to be copied – it’s to act as inspiration for your own bondage plans. Watching porn with your trans escort companion is a good way to get the intimate action started.

So, there you have it, a basic guide to get you started on your bondage journey. It may be something that you never do again, or it might be something that you’d like to indulge in every Friday night!

Fun Sex Sensations to Explore with a Trans Escort

When you spend time with a trans escort you are already enjoying new sensations and  experiences, but to take that a little further you should add these sex sensations to the list  of things to try put with your favourite trans escort from

Sensuality & Trans Escorts

The body is very sensual, and it loves to be stimulated by different sensations. Sexual satisfaction means many different things to many different people but most love to be turned on by some sort of touch on the body, whether that be feather light or whip cracking hard!

If you have never experimented with different sensations, then here are a few great ideas boost your sex life and fulfilment and your favourite trans escort will be able to help you with all of these!

Sensual, Sexual Sensations

  1. Feather Light Touching – There is something very tantalizing and sensuous about a light touch, a wisp of breath or a feather being lightly drawn over your body. The lightness of touch for some can be the biggest and best turn on there is to be followed by amazing gay sex. The softness, the fact it is barely there can make you desperately want more, try this blindfolded for an even more tantalizing sexual experience.
  2. Soft but fun Tickling – Now this is a fetish all on its own, but don’t think extreme tickling but a soft and pleasurable excitement built up by the running of hands all over the body.
  3. A Cold Touch – New sensations are always interesting and many are more pleasurable than they sound. Experimenting with different sensations on your skin during sex is always exciting so try something new and explore the cold senses. Whether this is having your partner run a cold ice cube over your body while you are tied down or having cold hands tease the erogenous zones on your body, this is a chill you will certainly enjoy.
  4. A Warm Touch – Now the complete opposite to cold, including warm or even hot sensations into your sex life is more common and very soothing and pleasurable. Imagine a strong beautiful trans escort massaging warm oils into every part of your body, absolute relaxed pleasure sensations.
  5. Discover Water – By this we mean the H2O stuff, not watersports, which is a fetish of its own. We mean take a bath together, have steamy sex in the shower or enjoy the bubbles in a jacuzzi, water can be a real turn on so give it a go.
  6. Spanking – Even for those who think spanking is not their thing, a little rap or slap in the excitement of great sex can always add an extra dimension so take it slow and see just how much your body likes it. If it is very pleasurable then you can move on to whips, and paddles but a nice firm trans escort hand is all that is needed to get going.
  7. Kissing – Such an underrated turn on – take the time to kiss your partner starting with the mouth and then moving on to the rest of the body. Kissing, sucking and licking can be an extreme turn on and a sensation that is often overlooked and shouldn’t be.
  8. Electro-Stim – Now this one is not for the feint hearted and needs planning and safe words in place before you begin but using some devices getting a little electric shock can be one of the most pleasurable things you have ever tried – if you get the chance – have ago.
  9. Wax – Again, this one needs a little planning – dripping hot wax on the skin is a unique experience and one not for everyone but for those who like it, it gives extreme pleasure again and again!

Threesome Tips for Amazing Trans Escort Sex

We love a threesome, and we know lots of you do too. And a threesome with a trans escort is something really special! Having the right two people in the bedroom (or bathroom, swimming pool…. you get the gist) is an exciting thing in itself, so why not up the sexual pleasure by introducing a third party to your rampant romps?

Trans Escort Threesomes are Horny

Couples can enjoy a thrilling threesome no matter if you are gay, lesbian or straight. There are no rules when you are looking for something new to try. Maybe you have been considering it for a long time. Or maybe it’s a brand-new idea. Or you have heard a friend talking about their threesome with a trans escort. Whatever the situation, there is no category that you need to fall into.

So, what else makes that perfect threesome with a trans escort?

Firstly (and rather obviously) you get to choose the third party according to how you want them to be. Tall, broad, slim, blonde, brunette – however you have imagined this threesome, you can hire a trans escort that fits your bill perfectly. The eye candy of your dreams is just waiting to be found – you can choose a trans escort which exactly fits your bill, no matter what your preferences.

Hiring a Trans Escort removes any awkwardness from the threesome situation. You know why they are there; your partner knows why they’re there and they know why they’re there. And so this means it will be relaxed.

Trans Escorts are Horny for Threesomes

It is also guaranteed. Inviting a willing/curious friend to your X-rated session may seem like a good idea, but with a trans escort not only do you get to pick your ideal partner, but you also have 100% certainty that this threesome will go ahead. There’s no backing out at the last minute because of shyness a Trans Escort is there to fulfil your fantasies so you can fully relax.

Similarly, your steamy session fellow will be reliable. You can name the day, date, time and – voila! Your trans escort shall appear! They aren’t going to let you down at the last minute and this is especially useful if you have any nerves about your threesome. Relaxation is the order of the day.

Sexual Fantasies Fulfilled

There’s no beating about the bush – these hot trans ladies are professionals. This doesn’t matter in and of itself of course, but there’s no doubt that bedroom professionalism leads to a smoother experience. And especially if this is one of your first forays into having a threesome. Don’t be afraid to let someone else lead the way. They might introduce things that you hadn’t considered which really float your boat, they might persuade you into darker depths that you thought you’d never get to explore. Having a trans escort takes the heat off you if that’s what you’d prefer. There is another side of the coin though. If you’ve had a hundred threesomes and know exactly what you want then this is the ideal opportunity to put those memories, or fantasises, into action.

If you are not currently in a couple and still want to enjoy a threesome, then try spending time with two trans escorts and you – it’s amazing how many positions are possible, and you can try them all!

So, why not book your trans escort to join you and your partner for a threesome today? You could be experiencing new delights very, very soon.