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Trans Escorts are a Common Straight Guy Fantasy

Are you straight? Have you ever fantasised about great sex with a trans escort? You are not alone. One of the most common fantasies for straight guys is having sex with a transgender woman, and fortunately the ladies on are ready to make your fantasy a reality.

Straight Guy and Trans Sex Fantasies

This can be a hidden sexual fantasy, as some straight men worry that finding trans women hot makes them gay (of course it doesn’t), it is however becoming more and more well-known and popular meaning it is now an open and recognised fantasy for straight men.

Here are a few great reasons why so many straight men are discovering how much they love trans women and why they love spending time with trans escorts.

Anal Sex is Amazing

Something that straight men are just coming to terms with, that gay men have known for all eternity – anal sex is amazing. A big part of a straight man’s fantasy when it comes to trans escorts is that they can finally experience anal sex the way it was meant to be enjoyed. There are lots of anal toys out there for gay men, straight men and even women to enjoy including anal beads, but plugs, dildos, fucking machines and strap-ons, but being penetrated by a penis is the best feeling that there is.

Trans Escorts know just how amazing anal sex is so not only do they have the tools to do the job they also know how it feels and so can deliver an amazing anal experience like no toy ever could. Trans Escorts are also experts at ensuring anal virgins have the best introduction and experience so that they will come back for it time and again.

Trans Women are Beautiful

Straight men are by definition attracted to women, and trans women do not disappoint in that department. They are often stunning women spending a lot of time ensuring they look, smell, and feel amazing. In addition, they often have long legs and large breasts, long hair, and soft skin – looking like a model but with that extra special surprise is why straight men are so attracted to trans women and why they love trans escorts.

Trans Escorts are Exotic

Another reason why straight men love trans escorts is that they seem very exotic, very naughty, and very unexpected. The taboo nature of what they can provide gives a great deal of added excitement to the encounter. Doing something that others may think is wrong can add a great element of sexual tension and so the release is so much more than just having sex with a woman.

BDSM & Trans Escorts

Lots of men have a BDSM fetish and it can be so much more exciting when you combine that with a trans escort. Being dominated by a trans dominatrix escort or you are being the one to dominate adds an extra sense of excitement when you indulge your BDSM fetish with a trans escort.

Tantric Sex with Trans Escort is Fantastic

Have you ever tried tantric sex and if you have tried it and loved it then you should try it with a Transgender Escort as they will blow your mind with how good they are at delivering this sensual, sexual experience.

What is Tantric Sex

Tantric sex is a sensual massage based on an ancient art, which dates back over 5000 years. It is an incredibly sensual act, one which combines the use of touch, and breath, to control the energy within your body and soul to bring you to the point of, but not over, orgasm for an extended period of time.

Tantric Core Principles

  • As an ancient sexual technique here are some core principles:
  • We open the energy channels throughout our bodies
  • These channels are known as the “chakras”
  • Chakras start from the top of your head and finish at the base of the spine.
  • In Eastern culture, it is believed that these energy channels can become blocked, due to both psychological and physiological conditions inherent in modern day life.

Mastering the art known as Tantra is highly rewarding; but this isn’t just something to do for quick relief, in the heat of lust – this is something wherein you truly take time, becoming familiar with getting the most amount of pleasure from your body and combining body and mind for an explosion in sexual feelings.

Erotic Tantric Massage

Erotic massage is a huge part of tantric sex and is incredibly erotic when performed correctly by a skilled Tantra Escort and even more so with a Trans Escort. Massaging the entire body including the prostate to climax is sensual and deeply satisfying with often longer more intense orgasms. This type of sexual touch can keep you going for hours – it is intense, and causes a great deal of unity and bonding, sensuality, and intense gratification.

Trans Escorts & Tantric Sex

One of the main reasons Trans Escorts are so good at delivering Tantric Sex is that they know exactly how you are feeling. They have all the parts you have and know how to manipulate them for maximum satisfaction and effect.

In addition to this they also look and feel like women having sex with them, tantric or otherwise, the most exciting sex you will ever have. They have beautiful breasts, long legs, soft skin and often long flowing hair and a nice hard cock that can be used as you wish to bring the ultimate in sexual satisfaction.

To find the best, and most beautiful Trans Escorts visit to find the trans escort that turns you on, you can also search for local girls to you so you can meet them easily.

Where to Meet Your Trans Escort

There are so many options when it comes to meeting you trans escort. Depending on your situation, whether you are in your hometown, visiting a new place on holiday, working away from home for a while or are just on holiday you and you trans escort can decide where to meet.

Here is a quick look at some great places for you and your Trans Escort to spend time together

The First Meeting

Where you meet your Trans Escort for the first time is completely up to you, but men tend to fall into two categories. 1. The let’s have a drink first guy, and 2. The come right over and get on with it guy. This will probably depend on whether you have seen this or other trans escorts before and just want an hour or two of hot steamy sex. Or whether you have never been with this, or any other Trans Escort before and want to meet them first. Some men like to have the full date experience with a beautiful Trans Escort including dinner, drinks, or a movie before heading for mind blowing orgasmic trans sex. All of these options for your first-time meeting with a new escort are completely fine just let your chosen escort know what you are expecting so they can give you what you are looking for.

In Calls – their place

The phrase ‘In Call’ is used within the Trans Escort world and it means that you can book to arrange to meet them at their place. This is normally their home, this is a great option if you want discretion, or if your home is not appropriate, or if you are looking for something a little more homely than a hotel room. The other benefit of meeting your Trans Escort at their place is that they will be extremely comfortable there and will be happy to accommodate you and show you a great time.

Out Calls – your place

Having your favourite trans escort come to your home makes things very easy and convenient for you as you can just wait for them to arrive. It is also a little more natural, especially if you’re after a little more intimacy on an emotional level. You can have any or all of your favourite toys and other fun items at hand ready for your gorgeous trans girl to arrive.

Out Calls – Hotels

If you are working away in an unknown city hiring a Trans Escort for the evening to visit you at your hotel not only gives you a great sexual experience but good company too! Hotels are great places to meet your Trans Escort, as not only does it give you a break from your ‘normal day to day’ you can also treat the night as something special, really go town and enjoy the downtime that you’ll experience from your booking.

Club Night Meetings

If you require an escort who specialises in certain fetishes, it may be worth considering meeting up and heading over to one of the many fetish clubs that are around. The benefits to this are manifold, as you can gain access to fully functioning dungeons, with sex machines and sex furniture, alongside various BDSM activities that both you and your escort can partake in if you so choose. These clubs are an excellent way to meet other like-minded folk, as well as play with others, or alternatively, you may merely wish to sit back and watch, to get you in the mood, for what may unfold a little later in the evening.

Find out the best way to prepare for your London Trans Escort experience

London Trans Escorts are incredible. Sexy, sultry, and willing to please, these beautiful London trans escorts will give you an experience like never before, but what is the best way to prepare yourself to have the time of your life?

London Trans Escorts

It’s quite simple really, once you have found your favourite trans escort on the amazing trans escort directory then you can make some plans. You can meet your trans escort at your place, at their place or at a hotel or sex dungeon. The first step to an amazing trans escort experience is to pack or have to hand everything you need to have the amazing experience you have discussed with your escort.

Planning Makes Perfect

If you have decided to have a traditional girlfriend experience with your trans escort, then prepare you space accordingly. Light some candles, pour a glass of wine, and ensure you have nice clean sheets and a relaxing space so you can really enjoy yourself. If you want a kinkier trans escort experience, then ensure you have your favourite toys to hand and you have told your trans escort in advance what you like and how you like to use them so she can get it right first time! If you are choosing to go to a dungeon with all the kinky items provided, then making a list of what you want to use will help you trans escort ensure you get the most from your trans escort sex dungeon experience.

Clean is Sexy

Your trans escort will arrive gorgeously clean and fresh so it is a great idea for you to do the same, have a shower 30 minutes before she arrives and ensure you are well groomed and ready to go. If you like anal sex or anal play, then douching before your sexy trans escort arrives is the best idea to you are clean and to avoid any avoidable distractions once you get going.

Ask for What You Like

If your idea of heaven is a sexy massage from a trans escort and then some great trans sex, then let them know so they can plan it in for you, equally if you want to be spanked or role play your favourite trans porn scene then let your trans escort know in advance and they can make your trans sex fantasy a fantastic reality.

London Trans Escorts

London is an amazing place to find gorgeous, sexy, trans escorts, the best can be found on Whether you live in London or are just visiting, you will have the best London date of your life when you spend time with a London Trans Escort.

Can I Hire a Trans Escort if I am Married?

It is no secret that many marriages have unsatisfactory sex lives, if you are happily married but the sex is just not satisfying, or you have a kink or fetish that you would like to try that your married partner is just not interested in then trans escort are the answer.

Married Men & Trans Escort

Many married men choose to spend time with a trans escort so they can maintain a happy marriage while having a fantastic sex life. Trans women truly are the most amazing women to have sex adventures with, so it is no wonder so many men choose to get their sexual satisfaction from them.

Watching trans porn often is not enough to have a truly fulfilling sex life, so hiring a trans escort to have a few hours playtime with is the best answer we can think of. Whether you want a sexy girlfriend for the evening or a mistress to put you in your place a trans escort can make all your trans dreams come true.

Many men visit trans escorts with the full support of their partners, and some even visit with their partners for a night of kinky fun, however if you need to keep this arrangement to yourself then you can be sure that the trans escorts on are very discrete and will keep your meeting very private.

Where Married Men Meet Trans Escorts

If you are unable to meet your trans escort in your home, then choose an escort who allows incalls so you can meet in their space, or you can arrange somewhere like a hotel for maximum privacy and you don’t even have to worry about the clean up afterwards! You can choose to see a trans escort near to where you live or work, or if you work away or can get away for a night or even a weekend then these sexy trans escorts are happy to be your companion for the time you are away.

First Time Married Men

If it is your first time meeting a trans escort, then do let your trans escort know and they will be able to put you at your ease before you even meet them. They will arrange all the details with you over the phone or a messaging service and then you simply follow their instructions to have the best sex of your life before heading home to your family life.

Keeping your sex life and your family life separate is easy, when you are well planned and have the services of a professional, discrete, and beautiful trans escort.

You are important and many men spend time with trans escort to have the type of fun and fulfilment they just can’t get in their otherwise happy lives. These gorgeous women are soft, sultry with lovely long legs and a nice big cock for you to play with however you choose.