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The Ins & Outs of Topping & Bottoming with A Trans Escort

Unlike your straight friends that have variations of the same basic sexual practice, when you’re having sex with a shemale you have the option to engage in multiple positions.

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To ensure that you enjoy the best possible sex experience with a trans escort, it’s helpful to know what her personal preferences are. You’ll need to know if she’s a top or a bottom or is she’s versatile. Continue reading

Are Trans Escorts Better Than Porn – Of Course They Are!

Trans Porn is amazing, and if you love it, you are not alone! Watching porn can be a little like the “Chicken and the Egg” conundrum: Which came first? Do our fantasies shape the porn we watch or does porn shape our fantasies?

Trans Porn Fantasy

The truth of the matter is, it is probably a little bit of both, there probably are not many guys who can say that they haven’t fantasised about a trans woman scenario that they have previously watched in a porn flick beforehand. Continue reading

Great Anal Sex Positions to Try with Your Trans Escort

If you’re hooking up with the hottest trans escort you have ever set eyes on, it’s only natural to want to have great anal sex, in a variety of positions!

However, before you can enjoy an unforgettable night, it’s important that you prep properly.

The truth is that anal sex can be…well, a bit messy. But with care and good hygiene attention you can minimise the risks, and have orgasmic pleasure with your dream trans escort, that will blow your mind. Continue reading

Sensation Sex Play Ideas with Your Trans Escort

Sex with a hot trans escort is an amazing experience that once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to repeat. If you’re hooking up with your favourite shemale on a regular basis, you’ll obviously want to ensure that you switch up your sex positions and erotic play ideas, to keep intimacy exciting and fresh.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are 3 of the best sensation sex play ideas for your next date… Continue reading

Sex Positions to Spice Up Your Trans Fantasy Sex Life

Planning a hot date with a sexy trans escort, and looking to impress her with your best moves?  If you’re keen to spice up your sex life, here are a few tantalising sex positions to try out on your NSA hook up.

Intensely Arousing Nipple Stimulation

Nipples are highly sensitive erogenous sweet spots, and everyone enjoys have them touched, kissed, licked, sucked, rubbed, gently pinched, or squeezed playfully. Some trans escorts even have their nipples pierced, in order to heighten the pleasure that they experience when nipple stimulation and arousal takes place.

Extend your foreplay nipple tweaking arousal by stimulating these delectable rosebuds during sex. Your favourite trans escort will reach ecstasy, and orgasm much quicker and more intensely as a result. Continue reading