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Latest sleepygirl News

Trans Cams

January 13th, 2021

How to Have Fun Sploshing With A Trans Escort

January 13th, 2021

Do you want to take your trans escort experience to a whole new level, but you’re not sure what adult activity to try first? Well, if you want to be a rebel and enjoy unforgettable fun that’s wild and messy, sploshing is definitely the fetish that you should indulge in with your favourite trans escort.

Sploshing with a Trans Escort

Sploshing can be done with or without your clothes on, and can involve a variety of foodstuff, like whipped cream, cold custard, cake and baked beans, as well as non-edible shaving foam and mud. Copious amounts of your preferred slimy substance are applied directly on naked skin, or to clothed areas of the body.

Your Sploshing Checklist

Before you go ahead and have a wickedly wet, messy, and wild time, you’ll need to book an appointment with your favourite trans escort. Let your companion know what you’re planning for your time together and ask about any allergies.

You don’t need any specialist gear for spolshing. But you do need somewhere private where you can explore each other via this erotic sexual fetishism. If your bathroom isn’t big enough for sploshing with a trans escort, lay down fluid protective plastic sheeting on the bedroom or living room floor, and over furniture and surfaces to avoid damage.

Break All The Rules

The best part about sensation play, like sploshing, is that rules are meant to be broken. You’re encouraged with play with your food in ways that awaken your senses. Take turns pouring gooey treacle or chocolate sauce over each other. Be spontaneous about where you rub that custard. And wiggle your bare bottom on a big creamy cake.

Kinky Trans Escorts

And if you’re feelin

g peckish while sploshing around with your trans escort, you can always indulge in a feast.

Anything goes when you’re having a fun food fight with your favourite trans escort. You can even throw is some master and servant commands to add to the squishy and sploshy thrills. Clothes that are saturated in wet mess will obviously have to be removed!

Sploshing Safety

As sploshing is meant to be fun, it’s recommended that you use common sense and avoid playing with spicy foods that can cause irritation on sensitive areas of the body. Sugary foods should be kept away from the genitals too, to avoid infections.

Finish Up in The Shower

After you’ve enjoyed your super messy playtime with a trans escort, head for the shower to get thoroughly clean. Work up a sudsy lather, with lovely, scented products, and wash off the lingering smell of food and other slimy substances.

Escort of the Week

January 7th, 2021

Would You Visit One of These Sex Dungeons with A Trans Escort?

January 6th, 2021

The location of your illicit liaison with a sexy trans escort can greatly enhance or spoil the ambience and enjoyment of your hook up. When you’re planning a session of unadulterated BDSM kink, nothing beats a raunchy rendezvous that is purpose built for the darker side of sex.

Dungeons and Trans Escorts

A visit to one of these sex dungeons, with your favourite trans escort, is definitely an erotic experience that you should not miss out on…

Berkshire – The Fetish Studio

Situated in a quaint Norwegian style log cabin that’s surrounded by shrubbery, The Fetish Studio is a popular place to hang out if you’re into the kink fetish scene. The unassuming location, of this well-established BDSM venue, certainly adds to the thrill of the anticipation of what you’ll get up to with your trans escort once you’re inside the air-conditioned studio. There’s a throne, medical instruments and a leather bodybag, to name just a few of the ‘toys’ available, and also photography equipment that you can hire.

Bristol – Ashton Studios

The fetish facilities at Ashton Studios are designed to provide you and your trans escort with everything you could possibly want or need during your fetish fantasy and role-play session. You’ll definitely want to make good use of the 8ft static suspension frame, CBT chair, and spanking bench, if you’re indulging in Master and Servant kinky games.

Glasgow – The Auld School

If you break the rules while at the former primary education establishment of the Auld School, you’ll have to face the consequences and enjoy pleasurable pain. The BDSM dungeon has a reputation for specialising in fetish training and correctional methods. You’ll find a room full of whips, floggers and other types of spankers at your disposal.

Hertfordshire – Barnet Bastille

Considered, by those on the kink scene, to be one of the best sex dungeons for BDSM exploration in Europe, Barnet Bastille has a ready supply of Mistresses available. If you prefer to indulge in your favourite subservient and obedient fetish with your trans escort alone, that’s perfectly fine too.

Manchester – The Fetish Emporium

Boasting six special rooms that promise unrivalled kinky possibilities, Manchester’s Fetish Emporium is the UK’s largest BDSM sex dungeon. Besides the usual vibrators, chains, and harnesses, there’s a Venus 2000 Milking Machine, a sissy room, a spanking horse, and a medieval dungeon complete with a bespoke Catherine wheel. Plus, an excessive collection of kinky costumes to dress up in!

Alternatively, you and your trans escort can visit The Secret Dungeon in Buckinghamshire, Ess & Emms in Warwickshire, Gatwick Dungeon in West Sussex, House de Croix in Bristol, or West Yorkshire’s A Leeds Chamber to enjoy your punishment.


December 31st, 2020

Fun Role Play Ideas With A Trans Escort

December 24th, 2020

Are you craving the company of an exotic trans escort to fulfill one (or many) of your sexual fantasies? Trans Escorts love to play and they love to indulge your kinky sexy fantasies. They love nothing more than to role play your naughtiest trans sex fantasy giving you the night you have only ever dreamed of before.

Kinky Role Play Games

An intimate encounter with a sexy shemale escort is the ideal time to indulge yourself by playing fun role play games.

Trans Escort Role Play Inspiration

You may have many ideas that you want to try with your trans escort or perhaps you just have one specific role play fantasy that you want to play out. Whatever it is, your favourite trans escort can make this kinky dreams real, exciting and amazing.

3 Role Play Ideas For Trans Escort Hook Ups      

Exploring your sexual fantasies and deepest desires with an open-minded trans escort takes your intimate experiences to a whole new level. If the thought of dressing up and acting out specific steamy scenarios get’s you all hot under the collar, here are three role play ideas that you can try out on your next illicit liaison…

  1. The Naughty Student

If you dream of taking advantage of a trans escort that has been naughty, this role play idea is definitely worth exploring. She’ll be dressed up in a sexy short skirt, shirt and high knee socks student uniform, innocently waiting for you to take charge and issue her detention punishment.

You can make your trans escort bend over your knee, revealing her virginal white panties, and beg you for a good spanking.

  1. Body Worshipping

If your particular kink is lusting over body parts, you can easily fulfill your most erotic desires with a trans escort for good company. Reveal your secret fetish and your role play model will make your wishes come true.

Worship the well defined muscles of her ultra smooth powerful thighs, strong arms, and rock hard abs, and admire her shapely rear and magnificent cock. If you have a foot fetish, ask your Alpha Queen if you can worship on your hands and knees and kiss and lick her feet.

  1. Mistress & Slave

Handing over full control of your pleasure is undoubtedly one of the most popular sexual fantasies. On a hook up with a dominatrix trans escort you can let go of all of your inhibitions as she skillfully teases and taunts you.

When your mistress is in charge of the role play game, you must obey her every command. As her slave and property, you deserve to be tied up, blindfolded, choked, and spanked. Handcuffs, dildos and other adult toys may be used for your reprimand and punishment. Your trans escort mistress may even make you dress up as a sissy girly – in a frilly outfit and tiny panties – if you’ve been especially naughty.


December 23rd, 2020

How To Enjoy Forced Sissification With A Trans Escort

December 16th, 2020

Trans Escorts are some of the most imaginative women in the UK and they know how to have an amazing time whatever it is you are looking for. One of the favourite fantasies for many men is to be a little sissy and be dominated by a sexy Trans Women. Well you are in luck as you can find the best trans escorts anywhere our trans escort directory.

Sissification Fetish

Also known as voluntary feminisation, forced sissfication is the sex practice that involves cross-dressing, domination and submission. If it’s your personal kink and taboo secret fantasy, hooking up with a sexy trans escort offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy a naughty reversal of roles experience.

Swap Gender Roles

If the thought of being stripped of your masculinity, by an exotic trans escort really turns you on, there’s no need to fight the temptation to give into your desire to swap gender roles.

Enjoy time out from the pressures of being a man, and take it like a woman. On a hot date, with an ultra fem trans escort, you can put your pleasure in the hands of a mistress who is skilled in the art of turning a man into a sissy little slave.

When you swap gender roles through forced sissfication, and become a prissy sissy, you’ll feel erotically charged and ready for sexual gratification, especially as this is with a trans escort.

Become A Sissy Slave

Your trans escort dominatrix has something special in store for you! Your alluring mistress will use forced sissfication to completely emasculate you. She’ll strip you of all of your clothes and berate you for having a pathetic masculine body.

You’ll be expected to squeeze your manly body into a bra and panties, hosiery, and tight fitting girly clothes, in preparation to serve your mistress’s every whim and need. Pout and preen like you’re a sissy princess, and flaunt your feminine qualities. You’ll be made to parade around in high heels, and to wear a wig and make up.

As you’ve temporarily given up being a man, you have no need for your cock. So it’ll be locked up in a chastity belt for safe keeping and your trans escort has the only key!

Sexy Trans Escorts

As a voluntary sex slave you’ll have to do all the chores, and act like a little whinny sissy slut slave, if you want to avoid the punishment. Mistress may demand that you crawl around on all fours, lick her feet, and treat her to a massage. Whatever your trans escort demands of you, as her sissy slave, you must be willing to obey.

Show off your feminine side in a frilly dress and scanty panties, fishnet stocking and skyscraper heels. Don’t forget to thank your trans escort mistress for being so kind to you. If you’re a good ‘girl’, mistress will make feel like her most special prized possession.

Whatever your fetish and however you like to play the best trans escorts are ready and willing to make your trans sex sissy fetish a reality, just the way you like it!

Lucy Brasil

December 15th, 2020

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