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Escort of the Week

December 2nd, 2021

Get Your Condoms Here

December 1st, 2021

Giving Gifts to Your Trans Escort

November 30th, 2021

Although trans escorts never expect their satisfied clients to shower them with gifts, if you have a favourite shemale that you regularly spend time with, it’s thoughtful to let them know how much you appreciate their company and skills.

When choosing a gift for your trans escort, it’s helpful to remember that every sexy and hot shemale has a unique personality and style, and personal tastes. If you’re not sure what she likes or enjoys, it’s a good idea to select a gift that has a universal appeal.

Romantic Gifts for Trans Escorts

If you’re a soppy romantic at heart, you can’t go wrong with a gift of fine wine, champagne and/or premium quality chocolates. These popular gifts are suitable for a first-time liaison with a trans escort, or to say a special “thank you” for all the attention that they have previously lavished on you.

A gorgeous bouquet of fragrant fresh flowers or an elegant single red rose also convey the message of romance and appreciation.

Luxury Body Care Products

If all trans escorts had a gift wish list, you would definitely find a selection of luxurious and pampering body care and spa products listed on it. If you know your escort’s favourite perfume or cosmetics brand, you can gift a basket or box filled with these products.

Alternatively, a single large size bottle of exquisite and expensive perfume or body oil, that is beautifully gift-wrapped, will do the trick of impressing your favourite shemale.

If you’re pushed for shopping time, a gift card from a high-end store is perfectly acceptable, as your trans escort will love to shop for a product that she wants.

Sexy Treats

As a horny guy who loves to have sex with a trans escort that has a hot body, you’ll naturally be tempted to buy her designer lingerie that shows off her assets. While it’s true that ladies love to feel silk underwear close to their soft skin, do remember that this sexy treat is as much for you as it is for your trans escort.

Extravagant Gifts

If you’re a generous guy who gets a kick from showing off, you can always opt to buy your favourite trans escort an extravagant token of your appreciation. When you’re having pre and post sex conversations, do a little digging to find out what her interests are, and what she likes. You’ll then be able to perfectly tailor your gift selection, and wow her with your memory recall and attention to detail.

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Escorts this Christmas

November 23rd, 2021

How To Have Amazing Sex in Birmingham with A Trans Escort

November 21st, 2021

As a major UK city, Birmingham is a great location for enjoying amazing sex with an exotic and erotic trans escort.

Birmingham Trans Escorts

Enjoy an unforgettable night of drinks, fine dining, and sexual exploration with your dream shemale companion.

Start The Date with Cocktails

The Loft Lounge, located within close proximity to the Gay Village and bustling Chinatown, is an ideal meeting spot for a date with a hot trans escort in Birmingham. Kick back and enjoy a round of colourful cocktails in an atmosphere that is uber relaxed. The swanky bar’s interior is luxuriously decorated, and perfect for flirting with an alluring trans escort.

Dine In Style at The Ivy

After a few drinks, set the scene for a romantic night of hedonistic pleasure by dining at the Birmingham branch of one of London’s most famous and iconic restaurants. On the lavish à la carte menu, at The Ivy, you’ll find an eclectic mix of seasonal dishes to whet your appetite. Pre-booked Private Dining is also available if you want to spoil your trans escort date with a bespoke menu.

Have A Swinging Good Time

The Private Club should definitely be your next stop, if you want to explore your wildest BDSM, fetish and swinger fantasies in a well-equipped dungeon. You can role-play master (dominant) and servant (submissive) erotic sex games with your favourite trans escort and discover new kinks.

Enjoy Kinky Sex Games at The Facility Studios

Alternatively, you can try out all the sex toys in the themed adult playrooms, at the Facility Studios. There’s a realistic prison cell, and a medical room that’s kitted out with patient couches and all the implements you need to explore each other’s bodies. You can even hire a detention room or a film studio that boasts a variety of sets.

Spend The Night at The Hyatt Regency Hotel

End the most memorable date ever with a sexy trans escort, at the swish 4-star Hyatt Regency hotel. The ultra-modern luxury hotel has an on-site health spa (with pool, steam room and sauna), a gym, restaurant, and Pravda cocktail bar.

Order up some room service to enjoy while you’re pleasuring each other in a comfortable and spacious room. Share a pampering bubble bath in the en-suite bathroom, before trying out a variety of sex positions on the king size bed. An overnight stay is the perfect ultimate finish to your trans escort date in Birmingham.

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Our Best Selling Lube

November 16th, 2021

How Your Trans Escort Will Give You the Best Blowjob Ever

November 10th, 2021

A hook up with a trans escort is a sexual experience not to be missed. Especially if you’re hoping to enjoy the best blowjob ever!

Trans Escorts Give Amazing BlowJobs

Your stunning and highly experienced trans escort knows what a man likes, and how to give an unforgettable blowjob.

First, she’ll ensure that you partake in a little foreplay fun to relax and arouse you. Don’t be surprised if she’s tugging on your zipper, and feeling you up as she’s French kissing you.

Once your penis is fully exposed she won’t have to wait to get her hands on it before you start to get a hard on!

When she’s giving your penis lots of licking, kissing and sucking attention, she knows that’s it’s important to keep her teeth away for your sensitive manhood and locked behind her soft lips.

She knows that taking your penis deeply inside her mouth and throat will make you moan in sheer ecstasy. Your favourite trans escort will run her moist tongue along the underside of rock-hard penis, and around the rim of the head.

And as she’s doing so, she’ll figure out your sensitivity levels, and use her lips and tongue to conjure up an erotic sensation that drives you wild.

Trans Escorts are Sexy

Your knowledgeable trans escort knows that it’s important to include the balls if you want to experience the ultimate orgasmic blowjob. She’ll cup and caress your ball sack as she sucks away on your penis and will switch positions so that her tongue can explore too.

The sweet spot between your penis and anus will also get the attention that it deserves. She may even extend her luscious licking all the way to your crinkled star for a little light rimming.

You can fondle her breasts and gently squeeze or pinch her nipples, as she continues her sensual sucking action.

Your sexy trans escort will know exactly when you’re ready to pop your load and will take your penis deep inside her mouth. As your moans get louder, she knows that your ejaculation is about 5 seconds away.

As you orgasm explodes in her mouth, she’ll swallow all of your hot cum and lick her lips.

To ensure that you’re enjoying maximum blowjob pleasure, your trans escort may also continue to ever so gently and softly suck your penis until you’ve completely emptied your ball sack.

To find a Trans Escort to give you the blowjob you have been dreaming of visit

Escort of the Week

November 8th, 2021

The Ins & Outs of Topping & Bottoming with A Trans Escort

November 5th, 2021

Unlike your straight friends that have variations of the same basic sexual practice, when you’re having sex with a shemale you have the option to engage in multiple positions.

Find Trans Escorts Online

To ensure that you enjoy the best possible sex experience with a trans escort, it’s helpful to know what her personal preferences are. You’ll need to know if she’s a top or a bottom or is she’s versatile.

What is Topping?

Topping is the sexual practice of taking charge of penetration as the giver on ‘top’. ‘Tops’ are generally the dominant partner in a sex act.

What Does Bottoming Mean?

As the name suggests, if you’re the ‘bottom’ during sex, you are the receiver of dick. Someone who is submissive is more likely to want to be a ‘bottom’.

What if you can’t decide?

There are no hard and fast rules that state that you have to solely be a ‘top’ or a ‘bottom’ when you’re on a hook up with a trans escort. If you have no particular preference, and you enjoy switching it up by swapping positions, it’s polite to check with your escort to find out what she prefers. While many trans escorts love to experiment, not all of them may want to be as ‘versatile’ as you. Ask her what she likes and respect her choice.

Should you clean before anal sex?

While most ‘tops’ prefer to plunge their rock-hard dick into a butt hole that is scrupulously clean, some horny guys are happy to fuck regardless of whether or not you’ve checked for poop.

It’s polite to shower and douche before you have sex that involves anal. Some trans escorts will insist that you do a pre-sex check, so that they can avoid any mess.

What lube should you use?

When you’re having sex with a trans escort, don’t try to impress her with your porn star moves by using spit as lubrication. Only use slick, high-quality silicone or water-based lube to ensure that the sensitive anal tissues are not torn or damaged during penetrative sex.

What’s the best way to avoid anal injury?

The anus is a super sensitive muscle that should be handled with care. Before penetrating with a penis, it’s a good idea to prep it with a lubed up finger or an anal training sex toy.

During anal sex, keep an eye out for signs of bleeding. All of the thrusting and friction can result in micro-fissures, which sometimes bleed. If you experience a lot of bleeding, or are in extreme pain, don’t delay in going to the nearest hospital to get the injury checked out.

To find your perfect trans escort visit the best trans escort directory online

How to Explain Your Needs to Your Favourite Trans Escort

October 27th, 2021

There is something truly sultry, sexy, and exciting about fantasising about sex with a trans escort. When you take the step from fantasy to reality you will open yourself up to sexual satisfaction you never thought possible!

Sexy Trans Escort

But if you have never spent time with a trans escort before, you may be wondering how to do it and how to tell them what you want. Hiring a sexy trans escort is very different from going on a date, so a little preparation first can help the evening go a lot more smoothly. There are many reasons why men trans escorts, but the one constant aspect that remains is this, you are hiring the services of a professional – just as you would hire a builder to fix your roof, or an electrician if your circuits have blown, so remember not to be nervous and enjoy yourself.

Professional Trans Escort

When engaging such sexy professionals, you tell them what you require them to do; you come to an arrangement and agree on the set fees for their services. Hiring a trans escort is no different. You should treat them in the same way you treat any other person providing a professional service – and you will find that is exactly how they treat you back, and eventually, you become a valued customer. Communication is always the key to valued custom and being open and honest with your escort will ensure that you receive the services that you require and want.

No Embarrassment Required

It is very natural to feel embarrassed and nervous when meeting a trans escort for the first time; the best thing you can do is speak up! It’s easy to say, “Don’t be shy”, which is true, as this is a professional relationship, and you are paying for their services, but talking openly about the fact that you are feeling shy will do far more when it comes to breaking down that boundary, as it will help you relax without even knowing it and before you know it, you will start to feel comfortable talking with your trans escort.

The moment when they ask you, ”What do you want?” will be the point where you may hesitate and feel awkward but rest assured that your trans escort will have heard it all before – and probably a whole lot worse! Talking about sex, and sexual interests, is your escort’s profession; they will not be shy or awkward with you, as they need to know what you are expecting to pay for.

Great Communication is Great Sex

Communication is key with your escort; they want to do their job well and give you the pleasure you desire, so the more they know, the easier it is for them to leave you feeling fully satisfied with your trans escort experience.

Remember if you are still nervous, that there are many ways in which your trans escort can help you unwind. It’s essential to remember however, that escorts are not mind readers; you have to speak up! Just remember that everyone has a first time when it comes to booking a trans escort, and most feel shy and embarrassed – but rest assured that you really don’t have to be, trans escorts are some of the most open-minded people on the planet!

Escort of the Week

October 22nd, 2021

Are Trans Escorts Better Than Porn – Of Course They Are!

October 20th, 2021

Trans Porn is amazing, and if you love it, you are not alone! Watching porn can be a little like the “Chicken and the Egg” conundrum: Which came first? Do our fantasies shape the porn we watch or does porn shape our fantasies?

Trans Porn Fantasy

The truth of the matter is, it is probably a little bit of both, there probably are not many guys who can say that they haven’t fantasised about a trans woman scenario that they have previously watched in a porn flick beforehand.

The best thing about using a trans escort directory site like is that you don’t need to keep these thoughts as merely fantasies. If you do so choose to turn these fantasies into reality, then there is no better way to do so and live them out than in the expert company of a trans escort.

Trans Escorts are Hot

Trans escorts are hot, sexy, friendly and above all professionals who take the utmost pride and enjoyment in what they do, so you are assured of incredibly high level of service that will never disappoint. Not only are you guaranteed a good time – one which you won’t forget in a hurry – you can use the search function on the site to find an escort to accommodate your fantasy. If your fantasy is a little outside of the ‘norm’ then you can message the trans escort to check that they are able to fulfil your needs.

Gorgeous Trans Escorts take great care of themselves, and you can view their profiles on the site along with lots of images of them so you will always be delighted by your trans escort’s visual appearance and highly honed skills. Once you have discussed what fantasy you want to act out, you’ll be well on the way to creating a scene that wouldn’t look out of place in one of your favourite trans porn clips.

Trans Escort Fantasy

One of the best aspects of hiring a trans escort is that you can be totally honest with them about what you want, and rest assured your escort will have heard it all before. Always be clear at the time of booking with regards to what you want from your escort, or what you may want to do, to avoid any disappointment or confusion.

There is never any need to play it coy with a trans escort – they’re fully cognizant as to what guys want and need, and know how to deliver, so you’ll be in very good hands – and guaranteed the time of your life. So, when you’re feeling a little hot under the collar, don’t reach for the same old trans porn channel, there’s so much more to life than satisfying our fantasies with the make-believe world of adult entertainment. Invest in your fantasies with a high-class trans escort and you’ll be investing in a greater sense of personal satisfaction and boosting both your physical and mental well-being.

Trans Porn is Great – Reality is Better

Trans Porn is great, Trans Escorts are better, being able to indulge in your fantasies is a very freeing, sensual, and exciting experience that you will enjoy. The benefit of doing it with a trans escort rather than a ‘random’ is that they are there to make you happy with no reciprocation required!

You could experience a real-life trans porn scene straight from the movies; let your senses run wild, not only will your encounter be visually stimulating, but you’ll also get to ignite all your senses at once, creating an unforgettable sexual experience.

Escort of the Week

October 16th, 2021

Whipped to a Frenzy with a Trans Escort

October 12th, 2021

Trans Escorts are experts at wielding whips, paddles, and all other types of spanking items! If you like to be spanked, whipped or beaten then your trans escort will be extremely willing to oblige! These sexy trans women love to make you groan in delight.

Trans Escorts & BDSM

It is important you discuss your BDSM and spanking needs with your trans escort to ensure mutual consent and safe words agreed so you have the best time ever. Having a safe word in this type of sex play is very important so you have a way of halting sex instantly if things go further than you’re comfortable with. Whips are usually associated with the more extreme types of sex, think BDSM, control, fetishes, restraint, gags, ropes and masks. But they can also be used in any way that you choose; maybe a little, maybe a lot. And once you have the basics of the sex play decided, then your fun can begin!

Why Whips are Amazing

Whips are used to inflict pain in a sexual scenario. Your Trans Escort can be the Mistress and you are the slave, purely there for your own sexual gratification. As a slave you become disobedient and your trans escort mistress has to punish you. She knows how to get you to behave! Crack! One stroke of the whip across your buttocks, back, or thighs. You whimper in pain but when you don’t comply, the second Crack! Lashes over you – if you are turned on by this then you know why whips are an amazing sexual tool.

Kinky Trans Sex

But if role play isn’t your thing, then there are still plenty of ways to incorporate whips into your sexual life. Perhaps you enjoy the red-hot sting of a whip lash. Perhaps you needs that pain in order to orgasm. Maybe your fantasies revolve around being the recipient of pain. For pleasure/pain beginners there are other, less extreme, forms of inflicting pain. A wide, leather paddle is ideal for testing the waters before your graduate to a whip. A cat o’ nine tails is something that goes beyond a standard whip, should you fancy something a little more painful than it can offer you. It’s horses for courses in this game and your use of sexual aids is something that’s totally down to you. Talk to your trans escort about how experienced you are with pain, and she can adjust her spanking to match.

Spanking is Normal

Trans escorts are beautiful, sexy and love to please you and they know how many men love being spanked by a hot trans escort. For some men spanking is enough and they orgasm through the skilful wielding of a whip. For others they like to be whipped or spanked and then have amazing penetrative sex with their trans escort to finish of a perfect sexual experience.

Find your favourite whip wielding trans escort on the best trans escort directory and bring your spanking and whip fantasies into fantastic reality.

Escort of the Week

October 8th, 2021

Lovely Lady Boys & Why Straight Men Find Them Hot!

October 6th, 2021

Ladyboys are so exciting. Smooth, sexy, beautiful, and very naughty, it is obvious why so many straight men have kinky fantasies about having sex with them. The great news is that you can find your favourite lady boy and trans escort and make your kinky fantasies complete reality.

If you have ever been lucky enough to set your eyes upon a Ladyboy, it isn’t hard to see why men adore them so much; simply put, they are some of the most stunning, spectacular ladies you could ever observe with an extra special surprise.

Sensual and Sexual Lady Boy Escorts

Ladyboy is a term which is frequently used to describe transgender guys who are Asian, but this isn’t always the case. Ladyboys possess an exotic allure – and they are oh! so convincing, even the trained eye would not surmise that these girls have the genitals of a man. This, of course, is also part of the appeal; there’s something extra beguiling about this aspect – it’s a secret between you and them only, which can create a highly arousing experience. In addition, these girls are truly immaculate; they work hard to maintain their dazzlingly appearance, which never fails to turn heads in every room they walk into.

Hot, Sexy, Steamy Lady Boys

In some ways, Ladyboys are the masters or mistresses of burlesque; they possess elegance, poise, and sex appeal which would make any man melt. These girls also tend to be highly articulate and erudite, making them the perfect choice when considering a consort for an evening, whether the circumstance is a high-end corporate event, or just personal companionship.

Those rumours that circulate, which state that trans guys, and Ladyboys, know how to supply the best oral sex any guy could dream of … don’t spring up from nowhere. These girls have the sensuality and soft touch of a woman’s skin and lips but know exactly how guys like to be blown – they enjoy receiving it themselves, after all; and this fusion forms the ideal contrast, endowing an unforgettable session, which must be tried to be believed.

Trans Escorts are Hot

Accordingly, it really isn’t hard to see why straight men love Ladyboys so much; there’s so much that can said about being in the company of one – or maybe more – of these girls. Were you to hire the services of a Trans Escort or Ladyboy, then they certainly wouldn’t disappoint. Ladyboys are of the very highest calibre of class. So, whether you are considering a night on the town, by which they can demonstrate their talents and beauty – or are looking for something a little more personal, on a one-to-one basis, you will never be left dissatisfied. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a Ladyboy in any capacity, then you really should check out what your town has to offer.

Whether a man is straight, gay or bisexual, he can truly enjoy, and love, Ladyboys in so many varying ways – all of which can only benefit his life and sense of well-being. You can find the best lady boys and trans escorts on

Escort of the Week

October 2nd, 2021

Great Anal Sex Positions to Try with Your Trans Escort

September 30th, 2021

If you’re hooking up with the hottest trans escort you have ever set eyes on, it’s only natural to want to have great anal sex, in a variety of positions!

However, before you can enjoy an unforgettable night, it’s important that you prep properly.

The truth is that anal sex can be…well, a bit messy. But with care and good hygiene attention you can minimise the risks, and have orgasmic pleasure with your dream trans escort, that will blow your mind.

Anal Sex Prep

Avoid eating spicy foods (that loosen your stools) for a day or two. While you’re showering, give your ass a good scrub. Wash yourself out with a douche or enema, to ensure that your backdoor is as clean as possible.

Always practice safe sex – so make sure that you have condoms available and plenty of high-quality lube.

Sex Positions to Try

The missionary position isn’t reserved just for straight couples. It’s great for sex with a transgender escort, whether you have a ‘top’ or ‘bottom’ preference. The ‘bottom’ lies on their back with legs spread and, in the air, while the ‘top’ penetrates, face-to-face. You can kiss and maintain intimate eye contact, as ‘bottom’ wrap legs around ‘top’ for deeper thrusting.

Doggy style gives the dominant ‘top’ all of the control. Submissive ‘bottom’ gets on all fours, with ‘top’ kneeling behind. You can hold on to your trans escort’s hips while penetrating from behind. You can also feel around and explore her dick and tits.

In the cowboy position, ‘top’ sits or lies back while straddled, facing forward, by ‘bottom’. ‘Bottom’ has control over penetration and can kneel or squat.

Reverse cowboy flips ‘bottom’ so that they are looking away from ‘top’. If your trans escort is super flexible, she can lean and lie back on your chest and intensify the erotic contact.

Adventurous Trans Escort Sex

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try a more that is more challenging and daring. Suspended congress involves ‘top’ standing and picking up ‘bottom’. Once you’re holding your trans escort, she can wrap her arms around your neck for support, as you penetrate. If you need extra support, you can lean against a wall.

Spooning is one of the most gentle and intimate sex positions that you can try with your favourite trans escort. You’ll both be lying on your sides, with big spoon ‘top’ on the outside. Elevate small spoon ‘bottom’s’ leg, to allow for penetration.

Escort of the Week

September 23rd, 2021

Sensation Sex Play Ideas with Your Trans Escort

September 21st, 2021

Sex with a hot trans escort is an amazing experience that once you’ve tried it, you’ll want to repeat. If you’re hooking up with your favourite shemale on a regular basis, you’ll obviously want to ensure that you switch up your sex positions and erotic play ideas, to keep intimacy exciting and fresh.

If you’re in need of some inspiration, here are 3 of the best sensation sex play ideas for your next date…

  1. Mild BDSM

If you’re into that exquisite feeling that you experience when you mix pleasure with a little pain, it’s worth trying out some mild BDSM with your favourite trans escort.

If your sex toy collection is impressive, you probably have easy access to whips, chains, paddles, floggers, and other types of restraints that you can use during BDSM play. Sensory deprivation play can be highly erotic when you incorporate a variety of different sex toys and props to tease, arouse and stimulate erogenous sweet spots, while one of you is wearing a blindfold and is handcuffed to the bed.

You can also extend the pleasure by incorporating food play and rubbing different substances – like whipped cream or honey – over your trans escort’s hot body.

  1. Light Spanking

A good old-fashioned spank is one erotic sensation that’s felt deep in your core. Slapping and smacking the large muscle of the backside, until its rosy-red, can be a turn on to give and to receive. Use a paddle or a leather flogger to gently spank your submissive trans escort, as she lies bent over your lap. A heavy hairbrush or thick book can also produce pleasing pleasurable results.

Alternatively, you can improvise and use an open hand to smack her ass, as punishment.

If you’re aroused by impact play, you can also experiment by targeting the big muscles of the thighs and calves, with the flat part of your fist. Never smack or spank on areas close to bone.

  1. Squeeze Play

Squeezing is another form of sensation play that you may want to explore with your transgender escort. As squeeze play is not for everyone, do be respectful if it’s not something that she’s keen on trying.

If you are giving it a go, wrap one of your arms around your trans escort’s chest, above her breasts, and pull her in tight towards you while squeezing her body. If you’re role playing a dark fantasy, she can pretend struggle to add to the eroticism.

Transgender Escorts in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham & The whole of the UK

Transgender Escorts

Transgender Escorts are beautiful, sexy and ready to meet you. For those looking for a wild night of fun and trans escort fantasy, a beautiful TS Escort who can touch you just the way you like it, you can make it happen on The sexy trans escorts on are the horniest, curviest and most beautiful transsexual escorts you can find in the UK. Soft lips, round breasts and throbbing hard cocks – these girls can’t wait to meet you and fulfil your wildest fantasies!

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