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Latest sleepygirl News

Escort of the Week

April 14th, 2022

Satisfy an Exhibitionist Fetish with a Trans Escort

April 8th, 2022

There are lots of fetishes out there, and many ways to satisfy your sexual interests. One of the best ways to have great sex is to spend time with a trans escort. They are professional, beautiful, exotic, and exciting and if you have an exhibitionist fetish, they can help you satisfy it.

Fetish Trans Escorts

One of the most exciting, but often problematic fetishes to satisfy is the exhibitionist fetish. This fetish is well-known, comes in many forms and is appreciated by a vast range of a diverse sexual audience. You can find a trans escort who can help you fulfil your sexual needs on www.sleepygirl.co.uk

Trans Sex & Exhibitionism

So, how do we define exhibitionism? How can we indulge this particular fetish? It can be slightly more tricky than the more straightforward fetishes, but that doesn’t mean that you need to lose out on the pleasure if this is your thing.

Basically, exhibitionism is being naked or semi naked in public and this can also include having sex in public – not one of the easiest or most private fetishes to satisfy but it can be done safely & well if you do a little planning. There’s a sliding scale for this sexual preference, from simply having sex in the great outdoors to publicly exposing yourself and you should make sure that your behaviour stays within these accepted boundaries.

Why does this turn me on?

Like any form of pleasure in life, people respond to certain sexual stimuli which can be prompted by things like act, an idea, or a person. When we come across the thing that we like, the body responds physically with a blood rush, adrenaline spike and quickened heartbeat, amongst others. This makes the brain assess these feelings as pleasure, which is why we seek to recreate that feeling over and over again.

How do I know if it’s a safe place to indulge this interest?

Though for some, getting a shocked reaction to their exhibitionism is the thrill, you always need to assess your situation. Common sense rules apply here; if you’re considering skinny dipping on a deserted beach, then that’s probably ok. Getting down to it in a busy park on Saturday afternoon is obviously not.

How do I go about exploring exhibitionism safely?

It’s easy. Simply follow the same rules as any other sexual encounter:

  • Make sure that there’s solid consent in place, if necessary
  • Stay safe, don’t put yourself in harm’s way
  • If it’s the more risky elements that you’re after, then stay within the law. If you’re planning on having sex outside then don’t outrage public decency laws.
  • Can we have sex in the car? The guidelines are a bit blurry on this one, but if you’re tucked away somewhere with a reasonable expectation of privacy then you should be OK.

Other ways to indulge the exhibitionist fetish

Finding somewhere where it is permissible to be naked is always the problem with this and there are a range of nudist areas which can be found with a quick google search, sex outdoors is always fun, if you don’t have a partner who also feels the trill of being outdoors then try a trans escort and discuss where you can go to have some fun. www.sleepygirl.co.uk has a great list of sexy trans escorts in the UK and if you like to be seen then hire a few trans escorts and be naked in your home with them – there can be no better way to spend a weekend – you could even venture out into your garden if it is secluded enough.

This is a fun and exciting fetish but one that does have to have some common sense in the planning to make it successful!!

Escort of the Week

April 6th, 2022

Why BiCurious Guys Love Trans Escorts

March 30th, 2022

Are you curious about having sex with a guy? If you think you might be Bi and want to try out the fun of having sex with another cock, then a trans escort might be for you! Lots of men are afraid of being labelled as gay for wanting to go with a Trans Escort, but this simply isn’t true. You’re not going to be labelled, you’re going to explore the joy with your Trans Escort.

Bi Sexual Curiosity Satisfied with a Trans Escort

Trans Escorts know how to drive you wild as a sexy siren, but they can also play a more dominant, traditionally male role. It’s a win-win situation. If this is new to you, then you might be unsure about involving another man in your game play. But lots of men are into the idea of having a bit of penis play in the bedroom. It’s probably a novelty and something that you want to try.

The only catch is of course, is the fact that a penis is generally attached to a man and that’s where the sticking point comes (pun intended!). Penis play? Yes. Having another man in the bedroom? Rather not. So, a Trans Escort is ideal for exploring this idea further with you, after all ‘pleasure is pleasure’ and that can come from your bi-curiosity.

Trans Girls Come with Cock

And if your desires are a little more focused than this, then your Trans Escort can offer a multitude of options, as you can imagine. Comfortable with themselves and dedicated you pleasing you, your Escort will have many tricks up their metaphorical sleeve, including kinky games with breasts and cocks and penetration both ways, should you want this.

Your Trans Escort will have a wealth of experience under their belt so that they can make this time together the ultimate in sexual pleasure. Penetration or not, some men prefer the less in-depth approach of just grinding. But the best thing is, you have a veritable world of possibilities, and you can go in as deep or not as you want. Plus, you can like it a little – or a lot.

Get what you want from a Trans Escort

Just because you’ve thoroughly enjoyed being with your Trans Escort, you can still leave the experience behind you at the bedroom door. It doesn’t fundamentally change you and if you never want to do it more than once, then that’s absolutely fine.

On the other hand, if you definitely want to do this again, then you can – a Trans Escort can offer both. And you might even find that they take the lead in between the sheets, fuelling your fantasies and exploring that bi-curiosity a bit further.

So, if you’re interested, why not try a Trans Escort? Gay? Straight?  It really doesn’t matter – there may be so much more to sex than you could even imagine.

Escort of the Week

March 23rd, 2022

Why Straight Couples Love Trans Escorts

March 22nd, 2022

Sometimes sex, even between long term lovers can get a little dull and a little stale. So, if you are straight and in a committed relationship you might want to spice it up in the bedroom with an escort. Deciding on which type of escort to get may be an issue, but with a Trans Escort you get the best of both worlds. A beautiful, sexy, soft woman who has a nice hard cock that you can both play with!

Trans Escorts Perfect for Couples

As a straight couple you might be as tight as two ticks, but having a threesome is a famously thorny area and needs thinking through carefully. If you’re certain that your Trans Escort fantasies can be accommodated in your relationship, then go for it – and hire a Pro. This will keep any threesome action firmly out of your relationship, and it’s therefore less likely to cause any issues between you guys as a straight couple.

Trans Escort Threesome

Trans Escort or not, having ground rules is always a must when you’re planning a liaison like this. It sounds odd but making it a business transaction means that: a) you get to dictate the terms and (b) there’s no threat to your relationship.

In fact, it makes a threesome as uncomplicated as it gets. There’s also a certain beauty to the fact that with a Trans Escort all three parties can be equally as excited for the experience. With your escort you’re going to get experience, security in your pleasure and mutual sexual safety won’t be an issue.

Sexual Satisfaction with a Trans Escort

That’s one of the best things about a Trans Escort is they will have a vested interest in making sure that both of you are absolutely satisfied. Any no-go areas will have been ironed out beforehand so that you all know what to expect. An escort will come into your bedroom primed and ready for the action that YOU want to happen and having sex with a trans escort is a bonus in so many ways.

There are infinite possibilities to your sexual encounter that simply are not there with a gay or straight escort, and the options can be as appealing to one party as they are to another. You can find the best trans escort on www.sleepygirl.co.uk these lovely women are professional, discrete and can meet you at your place, their place or a hotel for a sexy encounter you will never forget.

Whatever kinks or sexual dreams you want to fulfil, let your trans escort know in advance and they will be able to make your couples threesome not only something you will remember but also something you will want to repeat!

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a straight couple looking for some extra fun, then look no further. A Trans escort is fast becoming a very popular choice with the couples who wish to expand their sexual horizon.

Escort of the Week

March 15th, 2022

Kinky Bondage to Try with a Trans Escort

March 8th, 2022

Bondage is a kink that so many men fantasise about, and if you add into the mix a sexy trans escort, there is no way you will not be satisfied with your kinky sexual encounter. There are so many ways to enjoy bondage, you will need to ensure your kinky trans escort knows exactly what you want so they can deliver the best sex experience you have ever had.

Kinky Trans Escorts

Kinky Trans escorts can be found on www.sleepygirl.co.uk you can find the best escorts online here, waiting to make your sexual desires come true. You will be able to find trans escort near you who loves kinky bondage as much as you do!

For those of you who love bondage, ropes, and other restraints a sexy Trans Escort can make your tied up lustful dreams a sexy reality. Finding a hot Trans Escort with excellent rope technique is essential.

How to Ask for Bondage

Spending time with a beautiful, sexy Trans Escort in order to try something new, like bondage, is a relaxing and rewarding experience. If you are a novice at bondage and want someone else to ‘show you the ropes’ then spending time with a sexy Trans Escort who can tie you up and give you’re the bondage fantasy you are looking for is the best introduction to this sexy play.

Shibari, is the ancient name for rope bondage and is a sexy word in itself. While rope bondage is as old as the hills it is still one of the simplest and the best which is why it is one of the first types of bondage people tend to discover for themselves.

Bondage Techniques to Know

Rope Wrapping: This is achieved by wrapping the rope all around the body, so that there is no overlapping of the lines. This is one of the first types of wrap most people start with, it is quite easy and feels great, tight, restrictive and sexy.

Rope Weaving: This rope technique needs a little more practice. Start with the classic rope wrapping process as above, then create a crossed line effect all over the body, then weave the rope in and out to create a beautiful effect on the outside of the body while feeling pleasantly secure within.

Double Rope: Creating beautiful patterns is what the double rope technique is all about. For the more adventurous and better skilled this technique takes practice but delivers beautiful results.

Single Rope: A simple technique, often used to secure a person in position ready for a beautiful trans escort to play with at their leisure.

No Rope – No Problem

Bondage of course is not limited to different types of tying with a rope there are many different ways in which to restrain or be restrained. Bondage tape is a great product which is often less intimidating than ropes and comes in a range of fun colours.

Restraints for arms, legs and necks can also be used instead of ropes and as many of these have O or D rings attached, they can be used with a range of other fun bondage or BDSM toys and tools. Your imagination really is the limit to the fun you can have with your Trans Escort.

Escort of the Week

March 2nd, 2022

Trans Escorts Can Teach Great Anal Technique

March 1st, 2022

Anal sex is a pleasure, and trans escort know exactly how to make you have the best anal sex of your life. Tips, techniques, and experience all make for a unique and educational experience with your favourite trans escort.

Anal Pleasure with a Trans Escort

Many gay men have often wondered what it would be like to sleep with a female, without actually wanting to do it. A trans escort can provide that safe, halfway house. This can ease any discomfort that you might feel about experimenting with different sex than usual and erase any guilt for straying from your usual path.

When you’re finished exploring all the anal sex fun you like with your sexy trans escort, you can just let the situation go and walk away. It doesn’t need to have an impact on your day-to-day life, so it’s perfectly possible that if you want to keep this as your own, special secret then you can.

Great Anal Sex Positions

Anal sex is amazing with a Trans Escort because they know how it feels to have great Anal Sex and so can ensure you get the best experience possible. Whether you want your trans escort to give or receive (be a top or bottom) they really know great anal sex, so you are in safe and sexy hands!

Trans Escorts Take Control

Your Trans Escorts can take control of the whole situation, so you can simply relax and let them deliver what they do best. This makes directing your evening easy as you sexy trans escort will turn and move you as they want you until you have the most incredible orgasm ever. While for many this means being penetrated from behind, don’t forget that you can also be penetrated and be face to face, with you sitting on top of you escort for an unusual and more intimate experience that also lets you play with her pretty breasts while having great anal sex.

Trans Escort as Bottom

If you like to be in control and want your trans escort to be the bottom, then this is a great way to set the rhythm you want and have a fulfilling sexual experience with you in the driving seat. Penetrating from behind means you can also reach around and play with your trans escorts breasts or pull on her hair for a fun way to grind. As above remember you can also have you escort seated on top of you to see her bouncing breasts and you move together before you have a delicious and exciting orgasm.

Learn New Anal Sex Positions

There are a huge amount of anal sex positions you can try with your trans escort try standing up or over furniture, the angle of penetration always make a difference to the way things feel so also try the same positions from different angles to see what you like best. The best anal sex positions require lots of lube and a relaxing atmosphere to make it successful and that is what a trans escort can provide for you no matter which position is your favourite!

Great Trans Sex is Better than Seen in Porn

February 25th, 2022

Watching trans porn is amazing but having sex with a trans escort and putting yourself in the porn positions is even better. When you spend time with a trans escort you can recreate your favourite trans porn scenes, or even book an escort who has actually been in a porn flick! But remember that real connection is more than trans porn and that is why porn sex needs to be seen in context.

Real Sex is Incredibly Exciting

In the digital age of absolutely everything being easily available to watch and download, it takes incredibly little effort to scout out the porn that turns you on. Amateur, fetish, twink, bear, BDSM – it’s all out there for you to watch at your whim. But where porn has become the work of a moment to source, it’s important to remember that it is only pornography – the medium by which arousal and orgasms are induced (that sounds clinical, but it really isn’t!). Porn is not some pseudo-Joy Of Sex manual either, and that’s important to remember.

Real Sex is Better Than Porn Sex

If we had to make a list of the words that we attach to porn, most of us would include some of these: Naughty, Daring, Dirty, Extreme, Adventurous and Taboo!

Amongst many others! But what this type of word shows us is that we see what we want to see – not that which is representative of our own sex lives. And nor would we want it to be – would we?

Amazing Sex is Available with a Trans Escort

Now this comes down to personal preference – what is one person’s great is another’s bad. But in general, a personal sex life should be close, caring and trusting – as well as adding in some spice as and when. It takes time to build this up with a partner, and for most of us sex remains in some part a mystery, some parts trial and error and in other parts a learning curve. But it’s not a competition, there are no prizes for who gets the most orgasms in their life (although that would be an interesting study) and it’s something that gets adapted and improved over time. So now we’ve established what great trans sex could be, it’s time to take a look at how a trans escort can teach us.

First and foremost, let’s look at credentials. A trans escort will have multiple experiences and techniques that he can demonstrate during your trans sex session. She is totally there for you and your pleasure and there’s no right or wrong, or ‘successes needed. It’s about finding out what works for you during trial and error and achieving the ultimate satisfaction. Whereas some of us can feel inferior compared to on-screen sex gods, a trans escort can teach you how to be an equal in a sexual situation. Here are some home truths:

Trans sex is not all about looks and bodies. Very few of us have a perfect physique! But it shouldn’t matter a jot to your partner during real sex.

It’s not about the most extreme/demanding sexual positions and acts.

A trans escort can teach you how to take it slowly – foreplay is good play. And learning to enjoy every stage will ultimately find you the most pleasure.

Erogenous zones. These elusive sites on our bodies are not always easy to identify. But your trans escort will have the best ideas about how to find them

And lastly – teasing and experimenting. There’s no rule book and it’s good to run through a few ideas before you take your ideal partner to bed.

Escort of the Week

February 21st, 2022

What You Need to Know About Your Trans Escort Before Your Date

February 15th, 2022

The invention of the internet has certainly made meeting people for casual sexual encounters a lot easier than it once used to be you know that you’ll be able to meet like-minded people, interested in the same things you are, allowing you to find the potentially perfect trans sex escort online.

Trans Escorts are Easy to Find

Once, trans escorts were hard to find, but today they can be found quickly and easily on trans escort websites like www.sleepygirl.co.uk

What Type of Trans Sex Are You Looking For?

These sites normally contain profiles, which include basic details about trans escorts and you can send your preferred trans escort information about you – your appearance, your preferences in a partner, your location, your willingness to travel to rendezvous with people – and of course, what type of sex you are looking for. This will give your trans escort a good idea of what it is you are looking for, be specific about the type of sex you want, and you will find the girls for you.

Be Honest and Open

When it comes to asking what you want from a trans escort, then be truly open and honest about what you wish to do. You do not want to come away from your date with a sexy trans escort disappointed because you did not have the courage to ask for what you really wanted, no matter how weird you think your request might be just ask them. If they are not comfortable doing it, or it is not their thing, that’s ok, they will let you know and you can try another hot trans escort to see if they can fulfil your desires. The worst thing about not asking is that you might not get what you want when they arrive and that is not a good outcome for either of you. They have heard most things so don’t be embarrassed and just ask!

Trans Escorts Are Fantastic

Trans Escorts are skilled at making your sex dreams cum true. For incredible experiences all you have to do is ask, if you want to be dominated, then tell them and tell them what you fantasise about, if you want to be spanked, ridden, have them dress in latex or like a schoolteacher – tell them! The more they know the better they can make you sexy experience a perfect one.

The best experienced with a trans escort come when you have explained clearly what you are looking for and the trans escort is happy and excited about making it a reality for you.

When you tell them in advance it also avoids any awkwardness when you meet them as they will know what you are looking for when they arrive and can get right down to it. It all comes down to preference – you have to find the balance between being chatty, breaking the ice, and getting to the point of your needs in a short space of time, because, after all, if you’re not compatible, then there isn’t any use in continuing; move on to the next one! In no time at all you’ll be hooking up with a guy, enjoying all the fun that’s to be had.

Escort of the Week

February 14th, 2022

Safe BDSM Play with a Trans Escort

February 5th, 2022

BDSM play with a trans escort is amazing, and wonderful and extremely satisfying, whatever particular kink you are into, a skilled and experienced trans escort can make it a reality.

BDSM Trans Sex

To make sure that you have the best time having naughty, nasty BDSM sex with your favourite trans escort they will want to ensure the play is safe and that includes using safe words and danger words – do you know the difference?

BDSM Safe & Danger Words

Safe and danger words are exactly what they seem, the opposite of each other.  The beauty of this concept is that it’s a simple, instant way to say no or to express what you want to start doing. Safe words have been around forever and they’re a must if you want to push boundaries with your partner and explore previously unknown fantasies or take things further than ever before. Safe words represent one of the core elements of sex – consent. This is why it’s vital to have your exit strategy planned if you need it; no one should carry on doing something that they’ve changed their minds about.

What does a safe word do?

In a nutshell – it’s designed to take you, quite literally, to safety. If you’re planning to change things up in the bedroom and perhaps try role play, bondage, experimenting with whips and chains, then you should have a conversation with your partner beforehand to decide on a word or phrase which means “Hey, I’m not comfortable with this now, you need to stop.” It’s very important to discuss the concept fully with your trans escort so that you’re both guaranteed to be on the same page when it comes to your bedroom antics and you can relax in the knowledge that you have all bases covered. You may even want to incorporate the words ‘No’ and ‘Stop’ into your bedroom play without meaning them.

The word you pick doesn’t need to be overly complex, but it does need to be a word which stands out enough to be instantly recognisable, but equally not part of everyday conversation. The place name of where you met or first had sex, or the name of your favourite restaurant are both along the lines that you should go down when deciding on your safe word.

What does a danger word do?

Imagine this: you’re sitting at work and thinking about the sexual fun you’d like to indulge in later. A particularly naughty scenario that you’re both familiar with pops into your mind and you want to suggest this to your partner. Send them a text message! Perfect. But typing out instructions is hardly in the spirit of the game and it’s quite likely to knock your libido down a peg or two. But this doesn’t need to happen. Like with a safe word, discuss the concept of danger words with your partner so you both have a way of signalling what you would like to do without having to spell it out. If you’d like to have a sure-fire way to kick start your naughty antics without a few minutes of discussion first, then choose a danger word which lets your partner know exactly what’s on your mind and what you want to do about it.

Again, it’s important to choose a word which is immediately recognisable, but also not something that can be misconstrued or slip by unnoticed.

Safe words and danger words – bring your imagination into the bedroom and give in to your basest desires with the sexiest of trans escorts.

Escort of the Week

February 2nd, 2022

How to Have Sex with a Trans Porn Star?

January 31st, 2022

Trans Escorts are a delicious treat to play with an enjoy anywhere and anytime you choose, but what if you are looking for something a little more specific, what if you want to have a real-life Trans porn star experience?

What is a Trans Porn Star Experience?

Trans women are the sexiest women on the planet, so it is no wonder that they feature so heavily in many of the best porn movies. Watching trans porn is a pleasurable pastime for so many straight men across the world so it is no wonder that you may want to explore some of the themes or dreams in those trans porn movies with your trans escort.

A Trans porn experience is just that, an experience just like that from a porn movie or even perhaps with a trans porn star. Perhaps you want to live out a fantasy just like one you have seen in a trans porn movie well now is your chance. The beautiful trans girls on www.sleepygirl.co.uk are hot and ready to fulfil any type of fantasy that you have.

Ways to fulfil your trans porn fantasy

There are a few different ways that you trans porn fantasy can come true:

  • Spend time with a trans escort while watching your favourite porn and take inspiration and direction from it as you go along.
  • Describe your favourite scene to your trans escort and she can ensure you get exactly what you want, how you want it and you can play out the scene word for word
  • Get inspired by the ideas or themes in the trans movie and ask your trans escort to deliver a fun experience in the theme of but not necessarily restricted by a porn movie.
  • Spend time with a trans porn star – many trans porn stars also offer escorting services, you can get them to create your favourite scene, or think of something completely new for them to try!

Trans Escorts are there for your desires

Many men love watching trans porn and want to take the leap and actually spend time with a trans escort to have the full trans porn experience. You don’t need to worry, these beautiful, sexy, trans women are completely discrete and are there for your pleasure. You can meet them at your place, at their place or at a neutral location like a hotel. However, you choose to meet them they are they to fulfil all your sexual desires so don’t be shy, ask for what you want and your expectations will be surpassed and you will cum so hard!!!

Trans Escorts are beautiful women with a nice hard surprise hiding under their sexy lingerie. If you want to explore how good it feels to have one of these amazing women suck your cock, or you suck hers then find some time, and try out your favourite porn scenes with a trans escort today.

Explore Eroticism with a Trans Escort

January 27th, 2022

Trans Escorts are beautiful and erotic, one of the best places to explore your trans fetish is with an incredible trans escort who can make your erotic sexual fantasies come true. Trans Escorts are an amazing combination of great tits and hard cock, trans escorts also provide a distinct eroticism you just won’t get anywhere else, and that’s why trans escorts are the best.

More than a Woman

If you want the best of both worlds in your sexual experiences, then an erotic trans escort is your first choice. The sensuality of soft skin, amazing breasts and hard, hot cock is a combination that you can’t beat. Spending an evening with a trans escort is not just about the hot sex. Your escort can accompany you for evening at a great restaurant, for some shopping and to bar or club. Shemale escorts make the best companies for a great night out, building the anticipation of the amazing sex to come.

Trans Escorts are Erotic

There is something hugely erotic about a hard cock in silky sensuous lingerie. Your shemale escort can mix the best of feminine attire with sexually experience you just can’t get anywhere else. The enticement of knowing what’s waiting for you under a flowing dress and fragrant perfume can be a huge turn on. Trans escorts just know how to turn men on!

Trans Escorts Know Best

Who can better understand you and your fantasies than your escort? Shemale escorts know exactly how to turn you on and how to give you the best sexual experience. They understand how to pleasure you, regardless of whether you want to be active or passive. Your escort will take the time to understand your fantasies so don’t be shy, tell them what you want.

Dates with a Trans Escort

Trans escorts make the best companions for a hot date. They are articulate and witty and knowledgeable on numerous subjects, so you’ll have lots to talk about our drinks and dinner. You can wine and dine your escort in classy bars and restaurants before your night of hot passion. Remember to just relax and be yourself and your escort will be the perfect partner for the night.

Trans escorts know it’s not just about the sex, its whole experience, the evening, and the foreplay. If you have specific fetishes, trans escorts are the best choice. You can explore your fantasises and have an amazing fetish experience with your trans escort, who wouldn’t want to be dominated by a beautiful, leather or latex clad trans mistress?

Trans escorts are just naturally erotic, the mixture of elegance and femininity with hot sex appeal cannot be found anywhere else.  The hottest and hardest Trans Escorts can be found on www.sleepygirl.co.uk you can search through the hot trans girls available, find ones that are waiting for your call or find ones near your location all over the UK.

Escort of the Week

January 24th, 2022

How to Have Fun with Gags and a Trans Escort

January 17th, 2022

Trans Escorts are there to make your sex fantasy come true, and with so many men their sex fantasies include being gagged by a trans escort and dominated to her will.

Whether it is hardcore BDSM play you want to try or are just wanting to try out a gag for the first time talk to your favourite trans escort about planning a fun, experimental night in! There are a huge range of mouth gags to choose from, and they depend on what you are looking for, you can even switch between them for a unique and exciting sexual experience.

Here are some common gags to try with your Trans Escort:

  • The classic ball gag. Good for beginners, or those who want something simple, this long-established classic device is designed to stop the wearer opening and closing their mouth by placing a ball between the teeth. It allows you to breathe but restricts speaking. This gag is guaranteed to inspire submission and humiliation roleplay.
  • Open mouth gags. This one steps it up a level. These gags force the mouth wide open, allowing complete domination of your sub. Extra benefits? You can be assured that there will be no accidental, mid-scene biting to halt proceedings.
  • Unique and inflatable gags. Exactly as they sound, these gags provide something a little bit different, something more unusual that you probably don’t find as part of everyday sex. There are all sorts of choices on the adult industry market for you to consider. Inflatable gags with attached dildos, spider mouth gags and bone fetish gags. There really is something to suit every taste (no pun intended!)
  • Penis gags. These do the usual thing by stopping the wearer from speaking, but they also add an extra element. Your sub will be kept quiet, whilst also giving them something to suck on. This truly is a way to enjoy your submissive escort.
  • Straying further into the fetish BDSM territory, we find medical gags. As they sound, these are designed to indulge your personal fetish. Whether you see yourself as a dentist, a doctor or a nurse, this gag is essential for the best roleplay. They allow for complete submersion in your fantasy, displaying their tongue, throat and teeth – all at your disposal!
  • One of the more niche areas of BDSM is pony, or dog play. Perhaps it stems from a childhood fascination, or you’ve just picked it up as an erotic preference along the way. However you’re inclined, there are fortunately a range of pony bit gags guaranteed to make your pony play scene come to life. From the straightforward silicone bit gag to those with nipple clamps and lockable features, you really can bring pony play to life in the bedroom.

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