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Latest sleepygirl News

Fun transvestite outfits for a sexy night in!

February 21st, 2017

The best sex is always had when you are fully enjoying yourself, one of the many reasons men love a Transvestite Escort so much is that it is completely away from the norm and is very much a time to free yourself, have fun and play. Transvestite Escorts love to get dressed up and fully show their feminine side so ask them to visit you wearing your favourite sexy dress up and then you can spend your time together pretending to be whatever you want and having a sexually fun and satisfying experience at the same time.

Transvestite Escorts are Hot

Whatever you want the Transvestite Escort to wear all you have to do is ask and you can discuss exactly what you are looking for before they arrive so they are fully aware and ready to meet your needs. Have fun, free your imagination and let your body feel the waves of pleasure spending time with a Transvestite Escort can bring:

Here are some fun ideas for dress up options for your night with a transvestite escort:

Glamour Girl

Full glamour in a transvestite is something to behold. A formal gown is probably called for, think red carpet glam all for you.

Naughty Nurses

There is something very sexy about a naughty nurse outfit, whether you want to play doctors and nurses in a role play game or just like to look and imagine your transvestite escort will look amazing in a tight little nurses outfit – your heart rate will defiantly rise!

Leather Dominatrix

Love to be dominated? Then there is nothing sexier than a Transvestite Escort in a soft, tight leather cat suit wielding a whip! Whatever you are into a leather clad dominatrix transvestite escort will deal it out with pleasure. Remember to discuss any of your favourite toys to be used to dominate you and any safe words so you can fully enjoy the whole sexy experience!

Sassy Air Hostess

Hot Towel Sir? Your Air Hostess is happy to serve you however you need her to. Whether you have been part of the mile-high club or just dreamed about your transvestite escort air hostess can make your dreams come true!

Frisky Police Officer

The great things about having your sexy transvestite escort dress up as a hot & dirty police officer is that there are so many fun accessories – handcuffs and truncheons on hand you are going to have the most amazing night.

GI Jane

Stand to attention and admire the beauty and sexiness of your transvestite escort in an army girl outfit, whether you just like to look at them or you choose to dominate or be dominated by this pretty army girl and her hard cock!

Bra Size vs Cock Size – What do you look for in a Trans Escort

February 14th, 2017

Tantalising, sensual, sexual and beautiful are all words used to describe trans escorts. When it comes to choosing a favourite T-Girl to satisfy your needs what are the requirements you most look for. Is it a pretty face, a particular fetish that they are into or the size of their breasts or penis?

Hot Trans Escorts

Many men have their own preferences as to the size of the cock or boobs they would prefer – for some the bigger, the better in both areas is preferable. The revelation of a trans girl undressing, freeing her large round soft breasts and playing gently with them before revealing a huge throbbing penis is what so many men love about Trans Escorts.

Bigger, Better Penis

If you enjoy being pounded by your Trans Escort then perhaps a larger penis is what you dream of and the size of their boobs is of little consequence as you just like to see them jiggle a little! Feeling a pretty girls hard cock rubbing against you is a dream for many men and so bigger is perhaps better, as most people are aware of, knowing what to do and how to make you feel amazing is often more important than size, although when you get the two together it can make for a truly mind blowing experience.

Large Firm Breasts

Breasts are always very touchable and lovely to look at. Trans Escorts often have nice large breasts just waiting for you to play with and for some men the breast size is a big factor in choosing their escort, they like them large with pert nipples ready for play. Perhaps cumming over a trans girl’s tits is what you dream about or rubbing your penis between her breasts while you can feel her cock getting hard for you – then perhaps bra size is more important to you than cock size – it’s all about personal preference!

Other Criteria

Many men pick a trans escort for a combination of reasons including being able to join in with any of your fetishes. Many trans escorts will list on their profile the type of fetish they are into so you can find a hot, sexy, trans escort who can meet your needs. Location is also al consideration when choosing a trans escort as local girls may be able to do incalls or outcalls where a girl in another city may have to travel to meet you, or you to them.

You Favourite Trans Escort

Whether you prefer a trans girls with a huge cock, huge breasts, a combination of both or really don’t mind either way as long as she is hot, sexy, friendly and will give you a night you will never forget – the choice is yours!

Visit to find the hottest girls online and near you.

Why Receiving A Massage From A Trans Escort Is The Best Thing You Will Ever Do!

February 9th, 2017

From time to time, we all get tired  – and feel a little run down; lots of elements can contribute to these feelings, and it’s very easy to get stuck in a rut, week in / week out. This is when our problems start, and they can affect us both mentally and physically.

Relax & Enjoy Trans Escorts

It’s all too easy to forget about oneself, when we lead such hectic lives; this is why we should try and put some time aside, just for ourselves; putting our own needs first for a change. This might simply be an hour away from the chaos of the world we live in, and there is no better way to celebrate some “me” time than in the expert hands of a trans escort – so why not set up a regular weekly meeting for a long and seductive massage?

Gay Massage

If you have never received a massage from a trans escort before, you really are in for a treat. They know exactly how to put you at ease and help you relax, enabling you to make the most of your time with them. Your escort will be truly demure; trans girls are some of the most beautiful girls in the world – they combine the best aspects of femininity with the (first-hand) knowledge of just how guys like to be touched – and how a man’s muscles can soon become tense, and begin to ache. So why not take a look at some of the gorgeous trans escorts in your geographical area, who  offer massage services tailored especially to your needs? Of course, you must be open, and honest with her at the time of booking regarding just what you wish to “get” from your experience. If you’re not quite sure, then simply ask her; she will help and guide you.

Soft Hands, Hard Cocks

As with most holistic therapies, you do need to keep them up; you might feel an instant relief from your first visit, but to really reap the benefits, it’s advisable to book that weekly slot with your chosen companion. This also allow you to establish a rapport together; she will soon learn how you prefer to be touched. Building up this professional relationship will help alleviate the tensions from your body, whilst also freeing your mind from stress and anxieties.

She-Male Escort Massage

So if you decide to do just one thing for yourself, then perhaps it should be a regular rendezvous with a (simply divine!) trans escort; they know exactly how to treat a guy, and make you feel truly special. Once a man has experienced such a liaison, many will no longer return to anything else; they’ve witnessed first-hand just how beneficial welcoming these girls into their life can be. So start searching today… and put the spring back into your step, with massage services from trans escorts.

Trans Pride Events in The UK

January 27th, 2017

This coming year is already shaping up nicely, with some amazing events and parties being arranged across the UK to celebrate everything that is… transgender! Check out our list for some of the best events, all of which are sure to be fun on a bun, yet still raising cash and awareness towards transgender issues, and the appropriate supporting charities across the United Kingdom – so start planning today, for what is going to be an awesome year of celebration!


Sparkle, the national transgender charity, play host to some spectacular events, including the transgender ball, which normally takes place towards the end of year. They’ve announced two dates for your diary so far: The Sparkle Fringe Festival will be running every day beginning on the 1st July, continuing over the weekend till the 9th, with some of the very best events and parties around. Sparkle events take place in Manchester, around Sackville Gardens, and will continue to host events up until Manchester Pride, taking place on the last bank holiday weekend of August… which is bound to be a wild one!

University of Westminster:

24th February sees the University of Westminster tackle transgender issues with their student Pride event. You do need to register prior to the event, and drinks and food are provided.

Digital Pride:

Taking place from the 24th – 30th April, Digital Pride is the very first online LGBT event. It is accessible to everyone across the world who has an internet connection. This event is especially for those who find it very hard to be open about their sexuality, giving you the chance to meet other people who may be experiencing the same concerns and issues that you may be facing – while giving you the opportunity to make new friends and have fun, as well, all at the same time!

Birmingham Gay Pride:

During the spring bank holiday, 27th May, Birmingham plays host to one of the UK’s biggest Pride events; one thing Birmingham knows how to do well is celebrate, so if you are looking for a weekend which encompasses a wide variety of LGBT events, then head that way this Spring!

Manchester Pride:

August Bank Holiday Weekend in Manchester is one of the most well-loved and cherished events for Transgender Pride. The home of Sparkle and so much more, Manchester not only opens up its gay village; the entire city pays respect and awareness to all that is TG, including Trans shopping nights, wine-tasting sessions, cream teas, fire walking and of course the obligatory partying! If you intend to attend this one, then it’s always worth booking your accommodation well in advance – people travel from across the world to visit Manchester Pride. Be sure to check out the Fringe events running a month prior to the big weekend finale, which can consist of arthouse films, gender issue talks and workshops, alongside events which bring people together before the opening weekend celebrations – and one of the most extravagant parades you will get to see in the United Kingdom. This is certainly one for your diary; Manchester unquestionably offers you immeasurable variety regarding the many enjoyable ways to embrace your gender and sexuality!

Why Shemales and Latex are a Great Combination

January 19th, 2017

There’s not many people out there who haven’t yet realised that Shemales are some of the hottest women on this planet, so what could be sexier than combining a sensual Shemale with one of the kinkiest materials anyone can wear? That, of course, being latex!

Latex Clad She-Males

This skin-tight material clings to all the right spots, emphasising curves, making you look lean and sleek; it practically screams out that it needs to be touched. Polished to a high sheen, latex conjures all kinds of kinky fetishes – which you may wish to partake in – and the best way to do this is with a stunningly gorgeous Shemale.

Shemales certainly look the part – whether you fancy being dominated, or desire her to act as your submissive, this sexy combo can not get any hotter – it never fails to set your heart racing and your blood pumping! Shemales truly take beauty to a whole new level; their exquisite features  highlighting a purity combined with something so slick and sexy, is the perfect contrast, in addition to the psychological arousal of a Shemale – the sense that you are aware of something that so many others aren’t – just adds to the sheer subtlety of why latex and Shemales are such a great combination.

BDSM & Latex

So, if you are thinking about exploring some of your latex fantasies, or simply wish to delve into the world of BDSM, with which latex and Shemales work so well, then why not check out some of the hot Shemale escorts who provide services within your area? You will be sure to find a girl who is not only so breathtakingly beautiful that she will knock you off your feet, but who will also know exactly what a guy wants and needs in his life. Letting a latex-clad Shemale into your life, to guide you on this particular journey is both exhilarating, and refreshing; of course, while many men (obviously) find Shemales hot, they can also find themselves a little intimidated at times because these girls look so good!

Latex Trans Girls

But rest assured, that reluctance is unfounded; a Shemale will help you relax and put your mind at rest, possessing all the feminine qualities needed to quench even the most intimidating thoughts; once abated, you’ll be able to enjoy your experience, whether it’s on a one-to-one basis, or within a social setting. So don’t demur any longer, start searching for your latex Shemale today; she is out there – and waiting for you. You really won’t find a better combination with which to fulfil your desires and wildest dreams simultaneously, so don’t hesitate any longer – not only would a latex Shemale live up to your expectations in this manner, they are also highly erudite, and able to converse with you on many subjects, making them unique and creating a bond that is truly something to be cherished.

TV Escort in Latex

So start planning today, let your inhibitions down and embrace what should be; EVERYONE needs a latex Shemale in their lives – until you’ve experienced it first-hand, you can’t even begin to imagine the reality.

Why Transvestites, and Cross-dressers are so damn Hot!

January 12th, 2017

Regardless of gender or sexuality, the appeal of transvestites is universal; and it’s common knowledge that one of the most enduring fantasies and fetishes guys have is to get down and have some fun with one – and it really isn’t hard to see whyYet, some guys still find themselves wondering just why they find them so appealing – here are a few reasons why She Male Escorts are so hot!

Great Looking Girls

The physical attributes of a transvestite, or cross-dresser, play a vital part; their appearance is important to them, which is why they work so very hard to maintain their great looks – their make-up and hair are often immaculate, and many of them have legs up to their armpits, as well as asses as peachy as they come.

Girls with Extras

Of course, there is also something more understated and intangible going on too; there is still a certain taboo aspect surrounding cross-dressers, and this lends itself so well to the turn-on factor – which makes us desire them even more. In addition to the air of mystique that cross-dressing has, however, there is equally as much fun to be had; these girls know how to have a good time, and relish the fun and games just as much as the class and sophistication, which is why they constitute such good company.

She-male Escorts

So whether you are looking for an evening of fine cuisine and good conversation – or a night on the town, dancing away with all the latest drinks promotions and offers – spending it with a transvestite on your arm, with all their multitudinous charms, makes for a great evening. Of course, it should go without saying that transvestites and cross-dressers also make great companions, should you be looking for something a bit more risqué; hooking up with a transvestite and experiencing your local fetish scene, is a great opportunity for you to dip your toe into something that could contribute towards making one of your fantasies a huge reality.

Sexually Confident Escorts

Transvestites and cross-dressers are often extremely confident with their sexuality and within themselves; thus, they are brilliant guides into the world of fetishes and BDSM, and there is no better way to discover your own true self than by exploring all these avenues with a transvestite. Many guys feel shy when approaching this subject, and so don’t really get to meet many real transvestites within their community. This is why guys should look into booking the services of a trans escort; it’s a brilliant way to break the ice, as you can go at your own pace, and judge how far you would perhaps like to take things with them.

We all need to be true to ourselves when it comes to our sexuality – after all, what may have turned us on once may now feel pretty tame or stagnant; as we develop individually, so too do our desires within the bedroom, and having a hot trans escort with whom to discover these things could be the best move you’ve ever made! So perhaps it’s time to put aside the fantasies… and take the first steps into making them into a reality for yourself; to be honest – if not downright blunt

For hot trans girls, TV Escorts and She-Male escorts visit

Why We Love Boobs – Ten Fun Things to do with Breasts!

January 5th, 2017

One of the most exciting things about Shemales is that many of them have real breasts. Whether you just like looking at a hot boy dressed up as a girl – a transvestite – or you prefer a full shemale with real breasts and nice hard cock, boobs are often a fun attraction.

Trans Girls with Hot Breasts

Boobs – whatever size – are great! Seriously, who doesn’t love them? Soft, round and playful – here is a quick guide of ten fun things to do with boobs! Try them all!

  1. Squeezing and Kneading: It may sound pretty obvious, but just get them in your hands, and give them a squeeze; you will soon see how she responds – her nipples will soon become hard and erect. There is no need to overthink this one, just do what comes naturally and knead them; not only is this highly erotic, but it also helps both you, and her, relax.
  1. Rubbing and Licking: Once you’ve had a quick play with them, now is the time to bring them together and start rubbing your face on them; flick her nipples with your tongue, all the while still kneading them with your hands. This little gesture raises the temperature of the situation, but leaves her wanting you to take it further.
  1. Nipple Sucking and Soft Biting: Master the art of nipple sucking and she will be putty in your hands. Take each nipple in turn between your lips, and use your tongue. Don’t be scared to tease the nipple out a little more by sucking harder. You can use your teeth to give her gentle bites – “gentle” being the operative word here – some trans girls like it, others hate it; if she moans then you could possibly go a little harder with the biting. Just don’t overdo it.
  1. Masturbation: Place your cock between her breasts, whilst she wraps her breasts around you, moving them up and down to stimulate sex; this is a great method of foreplay – it makes you, and her harder in an instant.
  1. Ice Cubes: Introduce some sensory items into your play. Why not incorporate rubbing her nipples with ice cubes, or sucking on ice cubes, before you place them in your mouth to add extra stimulation and make the blood flow quicker, leaving her feeling extra sensitive?
  1. Wax Play: There is something really hot about wax play; dripping wax over her breasts, as she tingles with excitement, is not only highly erotic to receive, but also to witness too… let her demonstrate just how she likes it done first – before you take over.
  1. Bondage: Breasts look amazing when bound and tied with rope. Not only can you have her restrained within minutes, but you can render her breasts so sensitive that you can bring her to orgasm with touch alone.
  1. Nipple Clamps: You will find various types of clamps available, some of which are more brutal than others. Crocodile clips are ideal implements for those with experience to use; those who definitely like to introduce some pain into the proceedings, whereas other varieties will fall off with a simple swipe, or the pull of a chain. It is always best to find what she prefers in advance of course, so you can select the ideal clamp.
  1. Nipple Pumps: Create a vacuum around the nipple, so that the nipple becomes engorged – then intensify the vacuum to keep increasing the size. Pumps are perfect for those who enjoy sensory play – and a milder form of BDSM.
  1. Needle Play: For those of you who tend towards edge play – you can incorporate the use of needles into your bondage this is only for an experienced hand and with discussion of likes and dislikes beforehand but can be very erotic.

Your New Year’s Resolution – To Try New Sexual Experiences?

January 1st, 2017

We should never stop exploring our sexuality – and our sex life should never become stagnant. There is nothing worse than running through the same old things which you have been doing year after year; something dies inside us, even if we aren’t immediately aware of it, when our sex life becomes mundane, and there is no longer any pleasure derived, just our going through the motions, as the quickest way to either please yourself or a lover. This is exactly why that this New Year, you should make one of your celebratory resolutions a decision to make yourself try new sexual experiences; and there is no better way to do attain this benchmark than by hiring the services of a Trans Escort. Regardless of your sexual orientation or gender, everyone can enjoy a trans escort; there is something about a trans girl that can really get you going. 

Book a Trans Escort – For Something Fun and New!

Maybe you wish to discover the joys of what a trans girl can provide you as an individual, or you may be seeking a third party to join you in a threesome? Either way, the services that a professional trans escort can supply will never leave you disappointed. It is only natural to feel a little nervous or apprehensive about trying something new, but be rest assured that your chosen escort will put your mind at ease, allowing you to relax when the time comes. Trans escorts are certainly “about” fun and frivolity – these girls like to party, so why not make the night exceptional, and hire somewhere special for the occasion, or have a trans escort accompany you to a sex club, wherein the evening can unfold in a safe environment.

Beautiful Trans Girls

Trans escorts truly look the part; these leggy girls always boast a great physique, alongside a personality which is not only endearing – but downright sexy; you know you will be in for a good time, and that it will be a night to remember when you hire their services. When you have chosen your trans escort, they will review with you exactly what services they offer. If you are looking for something which isn’t mentioned, then it’s better to speak out at the time of booking – you don’t want to be left disappointed – but you always need to respect the boundaries of each trans escort, as these can vary from person to person. After all the formalities have been arranged, all you need to do is anticipate the night – this won’t be just like any other evening on the town, this is about trying out new sexual experiences, and re-lighting that spark your sex life once had, back when things were new and exciting.

So when you hear the clock chime, why not ring in the New Year by contacting one of the many trans escorts in your area, as she will be more than willing to herald your opportunity to lead a new and exciting sex life!

Ladyboys Experiences: UK!

December 21st, 2016

One of the first times you may encounter LadyBoys are in cabaret shows, at the theatre or on the TV, alluring, interesting are some of the first things men think when they see them as whether you are straight, Gay or Bi-sexual these LadyBoys are attractive.

Pretty Ladyboys

When you hear the term ”ladyboy”, I’m sure your mind jumps to the images of those stunning girls that you see on the posters advertising shows such as “The Ladyboys of Bangkok” – and why not? After all, this superb revue showcases some of the most stunning ladyboys on the planet; not only do these kinds of shows highlight the physical beauty of these girls, well, there are not many guys on this planet who would be able to resist their more abstract, intangible charms.

Ladyboys do more than titillate us though; they allow us to get to grips with our own sexuality – which is both perfectly normal and healthy. The United Kingdom has seen an upsurge in the popularity of burlesque over the last few years, and the majority of these shows will boast at least one ladyboy entertainer within their troupe. Many gay burlesque – or even male burlesque – shows highlight transgender artists, and once you have witnessed a spectacle like this, it isn’t hard to see why – these girls lift beauty and grace to new levels. They are immaculate in appearance; the epitome of feminine allure, which envelops them in an almost mystical awe – as we all know that they possess male genitalia, but how can this be? There is simply nothing physically discernible to suggest that they are transgender.

Trans Escorts are beautiful and surprising

This exotic charm is hard to resist – and there really isn’t any reason why you should resist it; we all enjoy something which is pleasing on the eye… but! What if I told you that you can now arrange to spend some exquisite quality time with a ladyboy? You deserve something new; something which would be quite special, so why not book some delightful time with a trans escort – who is a ladyboy? Ladyboys deliver a whole new touch of excitement to life, let alone gauging the prestige gained by having such a beautiful girl on your arm – one who turns heads with virtually every move she makes. These girls are great conversationalists too, making them great company as well. Why not plan out an evening when you, and your ladyboy companion, take in the sights and sounds of a new city? Hire a luxury hotel, and book a table at a local eatery – where you are waited on in style, before checking out which show is currently at the theatre – or maybe you would prefer to dance into the early hours, before heading back to your room, to unwind in a hot tub with a magnum of champagne awaiting you both… before she triggers her seductive charms, and leads you into a night that you won’t forget.

Hot Girls with Big Cocks

Hiring the services of a trans escort ladyboy is something which is really special; something most men deserve to experience at least once in their lives. Of course, if you are looking for something in particular, then by all means, mention this to her at the time of booking; a ladyboy escort will always strive to go above and beyond the call of duty, ensuring that you are never left disappointed. These girls are professionals through and through – so take some time out, and discover the pleasure a ladyboy experience can grant you, right here in the UK.

Why Men Love a Ladyboy

December 19th, 2016

If you have ever been lucky enough to set your eyes upon a Ladyboy, it isn’t hard to see why men adore them so much; simply put, they are some of the most stunning, spectacular ladies you could ever observe with an extra special surprise.

Exotic Ladyboys

Ladyboy is a term which is frequently used to describe transgender guys who are Asian, but this isn’t always the case. Ladyboys possess an exotic allure – and they are oh! so convincing, even the trained eye would not surmise that these girls have the genitals of a man. This, of course, is also part of the appeal; there’s something extra beguiling about this aspect – it’s a secret between you and them only, which can create a highly arousing experience. In addition, these girls are truly immaculate; they work hard to maintain their dazzlingly appearance, which never fails to turn heads in every room they walk into.

Trans Sex Appeal

In some ways, Ladyboys are the masters or mistresses of burlesque; they possess elegance, poise, and sex appeal which would make any man melt. These girls also tend to be highly articulate and erudite, making them the perfect choice when considering a consort for an evening, whether the circumstance is a high-end corporate event, or just personal companionship.

Of course, those rumours that circulate, which state that trans guys, and Ladyboys, know how to supply the best oral sex any guy could dream of … don’t spring up from nowhere. These girls have the sensuality and soft touch of a woman’s skin and lips, but know exactly how guys like to be blown – they enjoy receiving it themselves, after all; and this fusion forms the ideal contrast, endowing an unforgettable session, which has to be tried to be believed.

Trans Escorts are Hot

Accordingly, it really isn’t hard to see why men love Ladyboys so much; there’s so much that can said about being in the company of one – or maybe more – of these girls. Were you to hire the services of a Trans Escort or Ladyboy, then they certainly wouldn’t disappoint – you’d be placed in the very capable hands of an opalescent beauty who will leave you in awe – not only with their looks, but with their personalities, too; they simply light up any room with their presence. Ladyboys are of the very highest calibre of class. So whether you are considering a night on the town, by which they can demonstrate their talents and beauty – or are looking for something a little more personal, on a one-to-one basis, you will never be left dissatisfied. If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing a Ladyboy in any capacity, then you really should check out what your town has to offer.

Spending time with a Trans Escort can be a life-changing experience for many men, as Ladyboys, of course, bridge the gender gap; ergo, whether a man is straight, gay or bisexual, he can truly enjoy, and love, Ladyboys in so many varying ways – all of which can only benefit his life and sense of well-being.

The Sexiest Hotels In & Around Manchester

December 8th, 2016

When you’re arranging a great date night with a Trans Escort in Manchester then booking into a nice hotel can be the perfect place to start. The good news is that there is plenty of choice in and around Manchester and something to suit almost any taste and budget. Shop around and you can get some great deals that will ensure your date night is a success.

Here’s our list of some of the sexiest hotels in Manchester and why you should book in for the evening.

  1. Hotel Gotham

Don’t expect Batman (or CatWoman!) to come swinging through the window, but there are some great views of the city centre from this 5-star hotel. Gotham is on King Street and close to a host of popular restaurants, bars and theatres. It has its own quality restaurant and a private members club on the 7th floor with some brilliant and classy cocktails on offer.

  1. Velvet

If you want a hotel in the heart of Manchester’s clubland, then Velvet on Canal Street is in a prime location. Small, but perfectly formed, it has only 19 rooms so you need to book well in advance. There is a comfortable bar and excellent restaurant both of which have plenty of atmosphere whatever time of year.

  1. Malmaison

One of the sexiest boutique hotels in the city, Malmaison is close to Piccadilly Station and looks like a place from a bygone era. There’s an excellent brassiere if you want to wine and dine your date and a good size spa if you need to relax and prepare yourself before you head out on the town with your date.

  1. The Midland

One of the most well-known hotels in Manchester, it’s also one of the sexiest. If you are looking for premier service and a central location, you can’t beat The Midland. A traditional hotel, it has everything you need for a good date night, including an excellent spa and high class restaurant.

  1. Marriot Hotel and Country Club

The Worsley Marriot is ideal if you want something away from the city centre. Surrounded by beautiful parkland and with its own spa and restaurant, you can also get 24-hour room service as and when you desire. The perfect place to relax and get to know your date in one of the sexiest hotels in the region.

  1. The Light ApartHotel

Found in the trendy Northern Quarter, the Light ApartHotel combines apartment living with a great hotel experience. It’s close to all local amenities and has some superb views across the city when you book a room on the upper floors. There’s no spa but you can take advantage of a well-stocked gym if you need to build up some sweat before or after your date.

  1. Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa

If you’re looking for a date night out of the way and in more intimate surroundings, then try the Last Drop Village Hotel. With its own spa and sumptuous dining, the hotel is built on the site of a 17th century farmhouse and looks absolutely brilliant. There are some pretty great views over the Pennines to add to the romance of the location as well.

  1. Hilton Deansgate

The daddy of them all, the Hilton on Deansgate is one of the most easily recognisable buildings in the city. You’ll see a good few celebs milling around and there are some spectacular views across the sprawling Manchester landscape. If you want to impress your date then book a table at Cloud 23 for the evening.

Does liking a Trans Escort mean that you are Gay? – No!

November 21st, 2016

The answer to this question is very simple: No it doesn’t. Many men and even women find transgender escorts really hot, and this doesn’t come down to your sexuality. You can be gay, straight, or bi-sexual – this is what makes trans escorts extra-special.

Straight, Gay & Bi all Love Trans Girls

Going with a trans girl is a very common, and extremely hot, fantasy for both men and women, and there’s no better way to fulfil that fantasy than hiring a trans escort.

There are many benefits to hiring the services of a high-class Trans Escort, of course, your chosen girl is a professional, and she will have heard it all before, so there is never any need to feel embarrassed when expressing what you want. You may just wish to satisfy your curiosity, and therefore would prefer to take things slow, at a pace that you feel comfortable with. This may even mean just hanging out together, getting to know and building a rapport with your chosen escort – before spicing things up a little! Alternatively, you may already be comfortable and be aware how much of a turn-on a trans girl can be, and wish to take things further by combining your fantasies with reality.

Tell them your wants & desires

This is also very common; just ensure at the time of booking that you clarify your needs and expectations with them. These girls do have boundaries, and can specialise in certain areas more than others, so you need to be fully conversant with regards to what your elite trans escort offers specifically.

Alternatively, you may be in a gay, or straight, relationship, and are looking to add a third party to your bedroom antics. Trans escorts are perfect for this; both partners in the relationship are involved in building the ultimate threesome experience, yet emotions are not going to be interfered with and you don’t run the risk of getting hurt; your third party will keep everything on a professional level, so there is never any real risk of jealousy rearing its ugly head.

Versatile & Exciting Trans Escort

Trans escorts are just as versatile as any other type of elite companion; you may require someone to accompany you to a corporate function before enjoying some down-time between two consenting adults, or you may be seeking a playmate to accompany you to an adult event instead. Whatever the occasion, you can be assured that a trans escort will live up to your (no doubt very high!) expectations. Many men use these services, and in no way does it encroach upon their masculinity or sexuality – in point of fact, there is something very sexually liberating about all of this – and once this freedom has been experienced, for many there is no turning back; trans escorts have such an adept grasp on gender and sexuality that they manage to naturally bridge the gender gap, therefore granting them a deeper understanding – enabling them to satisfy some of the most wildest fantasies imaginable, ensuring a very special time, one which you would not forget in a hurry.

So why not embrace your wild side, and see just how good a trans escort can be – in regards to both your well-being… and your sexual freedom.

Try Something New This Festive Season – Spend Time With A Trans Escort

November 14th, 2016

The festive season will soon be upon us, the time of year when we start to think about letting our hair down, and having a good time. Amongst all the hustle-bustle of office parties and gift buying, it’s important not to forget about yourself.

So why not give yourself a treat and try something a little different – have you ever considered the benefits of booking some special time with a trans escort?

Try a Trans Escort

These girls sure know how to party, in addition to giving you some very special, and sensual, “you” time, which you richly deserve. A trans escort will take the chill out the winter months, always immaculately dressed, they are some of the hottest chicks you could ever lay your eyes – and hands -on! There is a certain je ne sais quoi about these girls – and they are all too aware of this, as this only ever adds to your trans expectations! Both of you know something everyone else doesn’t…

Hot SheMale Escorts

Which not only makes these girls stunning (and highly erudite), but also wild in-between the sheets; they know exactly how guys like you and I like it. Everyone is aware of the rumours about trans girls giving the best head, and handjobs, these sexy urban legends don’t start by themselves! They need to be tried to be believed, and trans girls sure know how to live up to their reputation within the bedroom.

As it’s a special time of year, why not make it a night to remember? Of course, you can book an hour with one of these very special girls, but you’ll be left longing for more, so why not consider booking a trans escort for the evening – or as an extra-special treat to yourself – for an overnight stay?

Your Needs Your Way

How you like to party will determine how you perceive your special night. You may prefer to experience some cultivated dining, with cocktails and fine wines, or favour the glitz and splendour of the casino; let your trans girl sprinkle a little Christmas magic across the table! You may choose to start as you mean to go on; check out some of the finest club nights your city has to offer – you will find night spots events to suit all tastes and budgets.

Consider how you would like your night to come to a close; some trans escorts would be happy to return to yours alongside you, or why not consider booking out a hotel room for the night? Many have special offers running during this time of year, allowing you to go full-on luxury and hire out a penthouse suite – or alternatively, lean towards the modest instead, with a large and comfortable bed, a magnum of champagne awaiting you and your trans girl.

All your extra efforts will not go unnoticed; every girl likes to know they are special, especially when they work as hard to look good as a trans escort does. So splash out and enjoy this season!

Getting A Great Blowjob – From A Shemale

November 5th, 2016

When we’re talking about blowjobs, then it doesn’t get much better than receiving one from a Shemale Trans Escort. These girls truly know how to suck cock, and it isn’t hard to see why – they possess the grace and beauty of a woman, but you know something which many don’t – and that is that they have a cock themselves, so they know exactly what to do with it, and how guys like to be blown, which really does shine through when it comes to their technique.

Why Shemales suck cock better

They strike the perfect balance of keeping things wet, whilst maintaining the correct technique for deep throat, which can help relieve gag reflex. These girls are hot and they know it! Which is why Trans Escorts deliver the best blow jobs any guy could ever dream of – and until you have experienced this wonderful Shemale skill, then you may be missing out on some of the most mind-blowing, explosive oral sex you could ever have the chance to experience.

The she / he balance confers a strong and powerful orgasm, as a trans escort knows exactly how to tease and manipulate your body – till you’re ready to burst! So don’t delay or miss out any longer; why not start planning for a night which you will remember for a very long time? You could be the envy of other guys, as the gorgeous girl on your arm turns heads wherever she goes. Why not meet for drinks, and relax over dinner at a fancy restaurant, before heading back to a swanky hotel for one of the best nights you may possibly ever experience, at the hands of this very experienced Shemale Escort. Oral sex can be incorporated into pretty much any form of play, so regardless of whether you are specifically after just this, or would prefer it be incorporated into foreplay, you will be in for a good time; let your Shemale lover take her time as her hands wander over your body, till she places your cock in her mouth – and you melt into a transcendence of pleasure, as she gives head like you’ve never experienced it before.

Skilful Trans Escorts

This is something which has to be tried by every guy at least once, but remember: when you have, you will be left wanting more, as a blow job may never be quite the same ever again. Remember to be perfectly clear about what you want from your Shemale oral experience upon the time of your booking; clarify exactly how you wish to start, and finish, then let your trans escort take you into her very capable hands – and mouth – for a night to remember. Oral sex from a Shemale eclipses the majority of most guy’s fantasies, as it succumbs to, and breaches, a taboo, yet unleashes a passion which ignites some of the most depraved and raunchiest of fantasies.

So don’t just sit back and dream; take control, and make your fantasies come true – with a professional, high-class Shemale Trans Escort.

A Cross-Dressing Fantasy!

October 21st, 2016

Cross-dressing fantasies are incredibly popular; it’s estimated that just under half of men possess some kind of cross-dressing fantasy. These can be anything – from a love of wearing women’s lingerie, to transforming themselves totally with a female identity; or you may just be a guy who simply has a thing for cross-dressers!

These fantasies are perfectly natural, and they should be embraced, and not ignored; as after all, we all have sexual quirks and hang-ups, and cross-dressing is just like any other. Some guys get turned on by feet, others by spanking, and if you’re reading this, then there’s the chance that you may be turned on by cross-dressers yourself.

Cross Dressing Escorts

There is something extra-exciting about unleashing some of your wildest fantasies with a trans escort – you may have a cuckold fantasy which needs to be fulfilled; or you may wish to be dominated by a leggy lovely adorned in skin-tight leather, with an array of paddles and whips hanging from her hips. Whatever your dreams, your curiosity can be explored, both safely and sanely, with the services of a trans escort. You may want to cross-dress yourself, or you may wish your trans escort to do so, and accommodate your manly needs; regardless of how you wish to play, a cross-dressing fantasy can be easily achieved.

It’s always best to demonstrate your appreciation to your cross-dressing escort, and remark on how pretty she looks; you should always treat her with the respect that she deserves – after all, she’s there to help you have one of the best nights of your life. If cross-dressing and trans escorts are something you are still a little uncertain about, then have you considered taking an trans escort as your companion to a local fetish or sex club, where you can watch others take part in such fantasies and activities? This is a great way to get to grips with what practices will truly turn you on, and provide ideas concerning what you may desire from your cross-dressing fantasy.

Let your imagination run wild

There really is no limit to this – you can let your imagination run wild, and pretty much immerse yourself in a fun, fantasy-filled world wherein you can play out various scenarios; you might wish to dominate your cross-dressing playmate, or you may prefer to be dominated yourself. Humiliation is a popular process when tied into cross-dressing, as it can still be seen as taboo within some cultures and climates.

This fetish truly does lend itself to a good time, so take time out and plan how you would like your ideal cross-dressing scenario to pan out; all the preliminary information you need is at your fingertips, so you’ve the chance to freely experience some of the wildest fantasies a guy could ever have. Just remember to play with consent, and always stick with what has been agreed previously; otherwise, it can take you right out the moment, which nobody wants – as cross-dressing is wild, naughty…

…And there to be enjoyed!

Tips On Being Dominated by Your Trans Escort!

October 14th, 2016

If you tend to towards being submissive when it comes to your sexual encounters, have you ever considered hiring the services of a Shemale Escort – allowing you the opportunity to experience expert domination in the hands of a true dominatrix?

Shemale Escorts Dominate Well

Hiring these services may be simpler than you think, as many trans escorts offer dominatrix services along with a full range of escort services. With the wonder of the internet, you can find these experiences at your fingertips at within minutes.

So let’s take a look at some simple tips on how you can get the best from your trans escort domination experience…

Meeting your Shemale Escort

The first thing to consider is whether you are looking for an inbound, or outbound, experience. This really does come down to where your meeting will be taking place – if you want your escort to come to you, then you’ll be requiring an outbound service; alternatively, if you were to visit her, then you would be looking at an inbound service. You can ask your favourite girl what she is willing to do when you contact them, many accommodate both preferences, but it’s best to clarify your wishes at the time of contacting them. From here, it is pretty much like buying any other type of service, you will want to know what’s offered, how long the meeting will last, and so forth.

Don’t be shy – ask for what you want

Some escorts specialise within certain areas of BDSM, you find that some favour edge play while others prefer humiliation, perhaps; all of this ties into being dominated. Being straightforward with your escort is vital; don’t suppress your feelings or wishes – there isn’t any need to feel apprehensive or shy. This is, after all, their area of expertise, and they are a professional; they will have heard it all before, and know how to make the best of your time together. Clarifying your needs, and what you expect from the escort, before you get together will allow you more preparation time – and also prevent any embarrassing encounters come the day if you are expecting something which your chosen escort may not perform. Never think that you may be able to persuade them either – you are there to be dominated, and so you shall be! You will be in very capable hands.

Enjoy being dominated by a Shemale

The day of your meet-up, prepare yourself as you would for any kind of date; relax beforehand, take a shower, and dress to impress! If there are any previously agreed upon toys or items you want to incorporate into your scene, then set these out before your escort arrives; her being able to see the items, and have them conveniently to hand lets the situation flow naturally. Whether you are travelling to your escort – or she to you – the first thing that will be arranged is the agreed transaction fee. Have this ready and waiting for her, otherwise it just cuts into your time – and you could be getting up to something much more fun!

Then all you have to do is go with the flow and enjoy yourself, as your chosen escort will already have all the information she needs to make your domination experience a night you will truly remember, as your fantasies become reality.

What Is a Sissy Fetish – and How to Fulfill It?

October 10th, 2016

A sissy fetish is the term applied when a guy wants to be dominated, and used, by others. Sometimes it can be a way of challenging your own psyche, as you may wish to be dominated in this way by another man; this is a very common fetish and is associated with

Femdom and humiliation.

Trans Escorts & Sissies

Hiring the services of a trans escort can be a great way to explore the sissy fetish. It can start off with simple humiliation regarding your appearance, or perhaps how well you sexually perform. Alternatively, you may wish to be dragged about and beaten if you don’t perform well enough, or may like to be sat on. Face-sitting is a popular activity, often included into this fetish, as it bestows full control over the sissy to the dominant partner, till they appreciate their body, leaving the guy who is being sat on in a highly vulnerable state.

Tranny Escorts Love to Play

One of the reasons why a sissy fetish works so well with a Trans Escort is the clothing aspect. Much of this type of domination fetish comes from one or both men being dressed in female clothing as this makes the domination much more exciting. This type of fetish relays heavily on mind games and psychology, which is why it is great when played out with someone who has full experience and understanding regarding these kinds of fetishes like a trans escort. A tranny escort is therefore perfect for this type of play, as they have a full understanding of humiliation – how it feels to receive it, and how to dish it out, in ways which will not only turn you on, but also make you feel dirty and degraded by being so.

BDSM & Sissy Fetish

You may desire that your escort blends certain other fetishes with a sissy fetish; these can be anything from BDSM, to golden showers. Incorporating the use of sex toys, or possible chastity devices, can also help to ensure that the correct kind of humiliation is being administered. A sissy fetish can even be purely verbal – a guy can get off entirely from what he is being told, and touch is kept to a minimum.

Group sex is a common activity to incorporate into a sissy fetish; you may wish to be used for the sexual gratification of others. Why not hire the services of more than one trans escort, so you can explore the thrill of being humiliated by multiple partners? These women will know exactly how you should be treated – and how you should be thanking them for their services.

Ask for what you want

Never hold back from expressing exactly what you want from your experience; if you aren’t sure, then say so; your escort can then take things slower for you, allowing you to be truly humiliated in ways that even you may not have considered, that prove to be a huge turn-on. You may aspire to be involved in some cross-dressing yourself; this is perfectly fine, and should be expressed at the time of your booking. Communication is a key factor to getting the most out of a sissy fetish experience with a trans escort, so speak out – and get ready to be humiliated with a vengeance, as you soon learn your place…under her watchful eye, and no doubt firm grip.

First Time With A Trans Escort

October 6th, 2016

If it is your first time meeting up with a trans escort, then you may be feeling a little nervous, and quite frankly wondering what to expect. But rest assured that with a few simple guidelines, common sense and use of etiquette, your first meeting will go brilliantly, and you will be planning your next trans escort in no time at all.

Many people feel nervous about approaching an trans escort for the first time, but there really is no need. Most trans escorts will outline what services they provide online, and this will give you an idea of whether your requirements can be catered for. If you don’t see what you are seeking, then there is never harm in asking. Sometimes slang terms are used; “O levels”, meaning oral, “A levels”, signifying anal sex, etc. If you are not sure, then ask!

Trans Escorts London

Before you meet up, both you and your escort should know what to expect from the arrangement – therefore you aren’t left disappointed, and your escort will encounter no nasty surprises that could lead to the situation being awkward. So don’t be shy! Be brutally honest with what you want to do with your escort, or what you desire from them. There’s no need to be reticent; they will have heard it all before! Once your booking is placed, the hardest part has been completed. Many men say making that first point of contact is the most difficult, so all you need to do is look forward to it. Treat this event as you would any other kind of date. Plan what you might wear; where are you meeting?

Maybe you’d like to go for drinks or a meal beforehand?

When the day arrives, take your time – relax, shower and groom yourself, so you look and feel the best that you possibly can. If you look and smell great, you’ll feel great too, from the inside out! When your escort arrives, most will want to settle the business side of the arrangement first of all, so it’s best to set aside the amount which has been agreed upon, and have it waiting for her. This not only halts any embarrassment, but also gets this aspect settled quicker, so you get more time to have fun! Treat your escort as you would anyone else, even though they are there for your needs, and you’re assured of probably one of the most sexually fulfilling evenings of your life; common courtesy and use of etiquette go a very long way in showing just how appreciative you are of your trans escort; after all, she will have made sure that she’s looking a million dollars for you!

Other ways of showing your appreciation are small gifts, flowers, sexy underwear, champagne and so forth, though be aware that some escorts won’t drink alcohol whilst they are working.  This is nothing personal, just a way to guarantee their personal safety and maintain the way they work. Others, on the other hand, may like a wild and untamed night of debauchery; these aspects are all things to find out at the time of booking, so you can allow your night to unfold with ease. Always remember that hiring the services of a trans escort can help you in so many ways; you may need a companion to accompany you on a business venture, or alternatively, you may be exploring your own sexuality, or fulfilling some deep-seated sexual fantasies. Whatever your reason is, by following these simple guidelines, you are well on your way to enjoying what will doubtlessly be one of the best nights of your life!


So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give that trans escort a call!

Different Types of Trans Escorts

October 6th, 2016

Trans Escorts

If you are looking to hire a trans escort, then it’s best to be aware of just what kind of transgender companion you are seeking. Here, we discuss some of the differences between all types of transgender people, and what to expect, so you know exactly what to ask for when searching for that ultimate turn-on, alongside being aware regarding some of the distinctions which you will find escorts use when it comes to advertising their services.

Transvestite or cross-dresser: A transvestite ( TV ) or Cross-Dresser (CD) – or a tranny for short – is someone who wears the opposite sex’s clothes. This can serve as a turn-on for them, alongside enabling them to resemble the opposite sex. Most trannies tend to be male; and a tranny can be gay, straight or bisexual – it really depends on the individual. They don’t necessarily want to look and be convincing as the opposite sex either, as there is also a fetish related to gender identity with transvestites.

A cross-dresser is someone who dons the opposite sex’s clothes primarily to disguise the gender with which they were born and is very much fixated on the clothing rather then the gender identity. This is to aid them with the process of self-actualisation, as they can feel like women, despite having been born a man. Cross-dressers can favour any sexuality.

Ladyboy: A ladyboy is a traditionally a trans escort from Thailand or the South East Asia region. Ladyboys are highly convincing when posing as females, as they possess extremely feminine features – although they possess all the male genitalia, and aren’t necessarily gay.

Transsexual: both Pre and Post Op. Being classified as trans-sexual indicates that psychologically and emotionally, someone feels that they were born the wrong sex, yet possess the genitalia of the opposite sex physically, and are able to relate to any sexuality. Henceforth, you will find straight, gay and bi transsexuals. Pre-op transsexuals are more common as escorts and will have functioning genitalia opposite to that of the gender they identify with ( i.e female with male genitals ) post op will have undergone surgery to change their genitalia to that of the gender they identify with.

Shemale: A shemale is another name used to describe an escort who happens to fall into any one of the categories outlined above, but who mainly associate themselves with pre-op transsexuals, and have full male genitalia.

Genderqueer: People who consider themselves genderqueer don’t relate to any gender. These people can be either male or female, yet possess the opposite genitalia. It’s common to find guys with a penis, yet who possess breasts too, or conversely, girls who have a vagina, but have had their breasts removed, as they feel that certain parts of the body define either one gender.

Bigender: People who can associate with being both male and female.

Pangender: Otherwise known as omnigender, these are people who feel they are multi-gendered, but who take it further than our natural understanding of masculine and feminine.

Intersex: These people possess both attributes of male and female genitalia, in any combination.

When we start to look at gender, and gender identity, it‘s only then do we truly realise what a wonderful and varied world we live in. We all have one defining feature – we are simply human beings who all care, share and love. Gender Bending, and gender identity, has been celebrated through the decades by different people, and in this modern world, we can now explore our own gender identity by hiring the services of a high-class, elite trans escort. These services provide us with insight, understanding, and a lot of fun – and  kink! – waiting to be discovered.

Shemale Escorts, What You Need To Know!

September 30th, 2016

When you hire a Shemale Escort for an occasion, you’re opening yourself up to a world which brings you a wild, raunchy, and genuinely unforgettable experience. Having said that, it always makes sense to clarify prior to your rendezvous just what it is you feel that you wish from your night.

Shemale Escorts, regardless of which fetish they cater to, and which particular needs they are skilled at satisfying, are incredibly progressive and open-minded, and you can rest assured that they almost certainly will have heard it all before.

Spending time with a Shemale Escort

Part of their service includes a healthy amount of discretion, with this in mind, it might be a good idea to book a hotel for the evening – treat your meeting like the special occasion it will no doubt turn out to be. Your Shemale Escort will probably know which hotels are the best, most atmospheric places to visit in town, and it’s probably advisable to start the night off with a touch of class – why not book a table for a meal and enjoy some getting-to-know your escort time? It goes without saying that this is a business arrangement, so it will reflect well upon you if you sort out all the financial transactions first, and on the positive side, once this is sorted, then you can relax and safely devote the rest of the special evening to pursuing your schedule of fun, recreation and conversation!

Great Companions

Speaking of conversation, your escort will no doubt prove not only to be a charming companion, but an erudite, articulate one too, clued up on any number of subjects, as well as being witty and generally diverting. It’s worth bearing in mind that you don’t particularly need to impress, rather than this, you can be yourself – being true to who you are is much more important, partly because it allows you to take it easy and enjoy the proceedings.

Choose a Shemale Escort

Yes, it’s been said before, but there are certainly many positive aspects to be gained from hiring a professional escort. Discovering sexual experiences that are conducive to maintaining your personal well-being – so why not begin planning your ideal date night now? Take a look at the hot Trans Escorts at www.SheMaleEscort.XXX some perform “in-call” and “out-call” services (“in-call” indicates that you visit the escort, whereas “out-call” denotes that they will visit you.).

There is definitely a lot of choice available when it comes down to alternatives in the booking department, and you are sure to find your perfect partner to partake in no-strings-attached fun for the evening. Whether or you’re an old hand or an inexperienced client who is venturing out with an escort for the first time with the aim of exploring his sexuality or his deepest, raunchiest fantasies.

Trans Escort Directory

The hottest SheMale Escorts can be found on, you can search through the hot ladies available, find ones that are waiting for your call or find ones near your location.

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Transgender Escorts

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