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Latest sleepygirl News

Visiting Scotland is better with a Scottish Trans Escort

March 18th, 2018

Ah, Scotland. Home of Haggis, Hogmanay and latterly, homosexuality. Sexy Scottish women and the sound of bagpipes gets you all hot and bothered, then why not take a trip up north to sample the very best of Scotland’s trans and gay scene?

Scottish Trans Escorts

You can make this experience even more perfect by choosing to explore Scotland with a Scottish trans escort. Perfect for those who are unfamiliar with Scottish cities but want to ensure that they have a sexy time. A Scottish trans escort will be able to take you under their wing and accompany you, showing you the best sights and sounds of gay Scotland.

The Gay Scene in Edinburgh

First stop? Edinburgh, of course! This is a city famed for its gay nightlife. Homosexuality between men was illegal here until the 1980s, but you can be certain that Edinburgh has made giant leaps every since to put this outdated concept well and truly behind it. And this is why there’s such a firm focus on the LGBT scene. There are hotels specially for gay and lesbian travellers to guarantee no awkwardness during your stay. Ideal for really kicking back, relaxing and enjoying some one on one time with your Scottish escort. If you’re feeling organised, then it’s definitely worth checking out available hotels online because there are often big discounts to be taken advantage of. If it’s your first time then seriously consider staying in a LGBT hotel. Guaranteed peace and privacy.

So. Back to kilts and what may or may not be under them. A visit to a Scottish gay sauna could sort that little mystery out for you quick sharp, as well as delivering you the ultimate luxurious experience. There are several gay saunas north of the border but, by and large, they all offer the same sort of things. Take Steamworks for example. This Edinburgh-based gay sauna is ideal for relaxing. There’s no membership required, and the facilities include:

  • Massage
  • Sauna
  • Steam room
  • Spa
  • Private cabins
  • On-site café and unlimited internet access.

As well as these, there’s also an absolute plethora of the usual gay bars, clubs and pubs offering everything from chilled out cocktails to cabaret and shots on the dancefloor.

Gay events

Despite the cultural delay in gay society arriving in Scotland, there are quite a few high profile events to attend, flanked of course by your trusty trans escort. This open-minded companion will ensure that you get to experience the full flavour of these LGBT events:

  • Pride Scotia (Gay Pride) in Edinburgh. A celebration of the most colourful years in the history of the city.
  • Glasgow Gay Pride. This progressive city has some of the most flamboyant LGBT-themed entertainment in the UK. It offers everything from the tamer comedy and theatre venues, to exhibitions and dance nights in the local gay clubs.

Whether you live in Scotland or are just visiting for work or pleasure and you love the company of trans escorts then you won’t be disappointed with how sexy they are in Scotland. Lovely Scottish accents, sexy long legs, soft round breasts and a nice hard cock is what is in store for those who spend time with sexy SheMale Escorts in Scotland.

The Best Nights Out In London are with your Trans Escort

March 5th, 2018

And isn’t that true! Being ‘THE’ partying hotspot of the UK, unsurprisingly London has a myriad of trans-friendly events, pubs, clubs and bars for you to frequent. You’ve got your evening planned, your trans escort chosen and everything’s ready for you both to head off into the night for some trans time fun!

London Trans Escorts

So what are you waiting for? Don’t delay! Cast off your daytime persona and morph into the person who has the best nights out in London with their trans escort.

One of the best things about partying with a trans escort is that you’re guaranteed to both be on the same page, looking for the same thing and ultimately absolutely flexible within your chosen environment. Sometimes, these great nights out can be spontaneous and that’s lots of fun, but sometimes, a perfect night needs a little forward planning. If that sounds like you, then read on for some fun, sexy venue suggestions.

Partying with your Trans Escort

First up has to be WayOut. This famous club sits near Tower Bridge and holds the impressive title of being one of the UK’s oldest trans clubs. It has a history steeped in safe trans exploration and partying and right here you are guaranteed to be in safe hands, with those who know exactly what they’re doing. WayOut holds up to 200 transwomen, plus a handful of gay men and drag queens. It has a very inclusive atmosphere, there are no uncomfortable vibes. It’s friendly, welcoming feel means that it’s the perfect place to explore with your trusted trans escort.

Party Hard in London

Do you fancy a really hard partying night? Then Bombshell could be the place to head for. Located on the central Kentish Town Road, this club has regular cabaret every week and organised Friday night parties. If you and your escort want to go ‘out out’ then this could be the venue for you. No membership is necessary and there’s a firm focus on good quality music. Why not subscribe to their emails to make sure that you don’t miss out?

Sexy Trans Escort Experiences

If you’re after a club with a bolder feel, then try out Ted’s Place. This venue has a fixed programme of events so you can plan your night out with your trans escort accordingly. Monday is TS TV admirers, for example, Tuesday is underwear and naked night and Friday is the cruise and dark room night. So there’s something for every taste, whatever your appetite is.

And if you’re just not sure where to go or what you fancy then don’t let indecision spoil your night out with your trans escort. Check out This will give you a comprehensive run down of all of the best TG – friendly pubs, clubs and bar venues, all scoped out, tried and tested by those who share your predilections. Scan through the list and see if somewhere comes up that exactly matches what you have in mind for your trans escort night of fun……..

Want to be fucked by a Trans Escort?

February 15th, 2018

You’re not alone – read why!

Being with a trans escort is probably something that didn’t occur to you, growing up, even given the inclusive nature of today’s sexual society. You tend to follow quite established paths in terms of your sexuality or fantasies and striking out a little further into the unknown probably isn’t something that you’d ever anticipated.

Trans Escorts are Amazing

However, expected or not, there are plenty of reasons why you might enjoy time with a trans escort and an equal number of reasons for taking the plunge and booking your much anticipated trans escort session…….

Trans vs Straight Escorts – which is the right one for you?

Well, that depends! If you’re sticking to the vanilla and you know what you want, when you want it and how then straight might be the choice for you. But what about exploring your hidden, sexual depths? Dipping your toes into a more exotic sexual realm? Perhaps you’d like to experiment being with another gender? Whatever your curiosities, a trans escort can offer you more than other types of escorts. So, there’s no need to whittle down your list – just take it with you!

For those in long-term marriages or relationships then straying away from the prescribed paths and venturing into the trans sphere can be a revitalising experience. Your sex life doesn’t necessarily need to be lacking – sometimes we all fancy an experience a little out of the ordinary and if you’re that way inclined, then a trans escort can provide it for you.

And why else are trans escorts growing rapidly in popularity?

Along with the general sexual landscape being vastly different from even ten years ago, the experimentation available acts as a hook to those who are mildly curious and looking to move on with their fantasy.

The cultural acceptance of deviation from sexual norms mean that, in today’s society, you are never going to be far from someone with whom you can explore your deepest fantasies. Sex with a trans escort can be a fulfilling – as well as an exciting – way to spend a few hours. Many, many more people are now being open and honest about what they want in the bedroom, unafraid of consequences.

No matter what your sexual predilections, a trans escort is probably going to be able to accommodate them all! Why not involve sex toys, whips, chains or role play in your trans encounter? After all, if this is a manifestation of deeply held erotic desires then you may as well go all out and properly enjoy yourself.

And then finally?

Possibly one of the biggest draws towards trans escorts is that your steamy session can be carried out with a total lack of judgement. An open mind is guaranteed, encouragement likewise and this leads to a relaxing, laid back encounter with your trans escort. So, cast off your worries! Get rid of your concerns! Let your curiosity get the better of you and follow your desires.

Pony play with your Trans Escort

February 7th, 2018

For those of us with a passion for horses, we can vividly remember those early morning starts for riding lessons, buying your own grooming kit to take up to the yard and being surrounded by that unique, earthy scent of the horse and its stable. Wisps of hay caught in your hair, mud coating your boots and being prepared to trudge around a freezing cold field in the rain to catch the horse so you can ride. For some of the lucky ones, they get to choose their own pony and take this engaging hobby to the next level. But you’re an adult now and the pony obsession reluctantly seems to sit firmly in the past. Or does it?

Absolutely not! Pony role play arrived on the BDSM scene as a firm favourite, encouraged by things like the stage play Equus, which outlines one man’s bond to their horse and famous stories such as Lady Godiva, an 11th century noblewoman well known for riding naked through the streets of Coventry. Pony play with your trans escort allows you to indulge your equine childhood passions and fantasies to the maximum. Instead of having a horse, you can now be one! Whatever your preferences, your trans escort is the one to pony play along with you.

How do we define ‘pony play’?

Typically, this is a sub/dom fantasy role play involving a fair amount of psychodrama. There are three main types of pony to play:

  • ‘Riding’ ponies where one partner symbolically rides the other.
  • ‘Cart’ ponies where an actual cart is pulled.
  • ‘Show’ ponies where the ‘pony’ takes part in a pseudo-competition and dresses up specifically for the part.

More generally, your escort can train you like an animal, or be trained themselves. Various erotic scenarios can be played out, like vocal imitations – neighing like a horse – being fed like an animal and crawling around on all fours. Pony play of this type is guaranteed to get your blood pumping and your mind definitely set in the mood.

Why use a trans escort for my pony play?

Though this type of role play is firmly established, the chances of you coming across someone with exactly the same predilections as you is fairly low. And even if you do, they may want the role that you see yourself in. Hiring a trans escort is a guaranteed and fool proof method of getting exactly what you want.

This is particularly useful because society still sees this type of sex as taboo. You avoid any awkwardness and the risk of revealing too much information about your personal desires by using your trans escort. You or your escort can dress up in a bridle with a mane attached, special pony boots and be adorned with rosettes awarded for good behaviour.

So if you fancy indulging your exhibitionist side this New Year, then invest in an evening where you and your trans escort can relax, kick back and let the equine side of you make its mane-tossing, clip-clopping, neighing appearance. What’s to lose?!

The Best Valentines Night Ever – Experience a Trans Escort.

January 24th, 2018

February the 14th is one of the most romantic nights of the year. It’s a date when you can be certain of special Valentines meals, drinks and themed events. There will be hearts strung up in shop windows and a plethora of Valentines Day cards for you to browse through in the shops. Heart-shaped soaps, notepaper, diaries, heart-covered jumpers and tops, heart hairbands and your local supermarket is probably doing some deal on Valentines Day champagne or Prosecco. So far, so nice, but how can you make your own Valentines celebration extra-special? Easy! Indulge yourself by spending the night with a trans escort.

This could be your first time or your fiftieth, it really doesn’t matter. Whether you’re looking for the girlfriend experience, or you want to indulge a fantasy or fetish or perhaps you’re keen to try out some role play, all you need to concentrate on is making your night as perfect as possible.

Given that trans escorts may be a familiar area to you, you might already have an idea of which trans escort you’d prefer, or at least an idea of how you’d like them to look. Once you’ve identified the right escort for you, then it’s full steam ahead for organising the Best Valentines Night Ever.

Why share my Valentines night with a trans escort?

It’s hard to know where to start with this one because there are so many reasons! Starting with totally open-minded sex. No matter what you’re into (extreme/bizarre fetishes aside, unless you’ve pre-agreed that they’re ok) your trans escort will be happy to oblige. It will be completely non-judgemental, no holds barred sex and you relax in the knowledge that you’re in experienced hands. And, should you wish, you can even allow your trans escort to guide you in new and scintillating ways to achieve perfect satisfaction.

Some top tips………..

Number one – make it memorable. Think outside of the box and do something that you’ll never forget. Throw your established sexual proclivities to one side, steer clear of your usual dating practices and try out something new. Yes, yes, we all know that tried and tested is an appealing formula, but how do you discover new joys if you don’t experiment? Sexual creativity is a powerful aphrodisiac!

If funds allow, splash a little cash for your Valentines night. Champagne rather than Prosecco, truffles rather than Dairy Milk, your cat o’ nine tails rather than a paddle – you get the idea. Maybe there’s room in the budget for a new sex toy or two? Whichever way you can think of to affordably spice up your night with a trans escort will help make it one to remember.

If romance is a large part of what you’re after this Valentines Day, then prepare, prepare, prepare! Stock up on lube, scatter those rose petals and organise your ideal playlist to accompany a deliciously seductive night.

Spending the Best Valentines Night Ever with a trans escort will ensure that your experience as a whole is exciting, enjoyable – and confidential. What goes on in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. So open yourself up to a perfectly wicked night of fun…………

Trans events to attend in 2018

January 19th, 2018

The transgender community is growing and flourishing more now than ever before. There are hundreds of regular worldwide and regional trans events every year, plus those events which are held only once every few years. Attending these events is important for everyone, but especially those members of the trans community who can benefit so very much from raised awareness. In some spheres there is still needless negativity towards trans people and these trans events can go a long way to educating the wider community and stamping this negativity out.

Which trans events shall I go to?

The answer to this depends partly on where you live and partly why you are planning to go. The ever-popular Prides are always a firm favourite. There are a whole host of separate Prides around the country, held on different dates. Notable ones include London (obviously!), Brighton, Bristol, Exeter and of course Pride Cymru. All aspects of the LGBT community are paraded and celebrated and there’s pretty much nowhere where trans people will find quite such a warm welcome as at Pride.

Are there any other trans events that stand out?

Absolutely! Take your pick………

  • International Transgender Day of Visibility is held every March 31st. This event celebrates transgender people and promotes awareness of the discrimination which is sadly still often faced by trans people. This day pays particular attention to the current lack of trans-centred celebration days.
  • Transgender awareness week. This is held annually in the second week of November and leads up to the important Transgender Day of Remembrance. The awareness promoted specifically within this week looks to identify and stamp out discriminations and create an unthinking public acceptance of trans people and the issues they face every day.
  • Transgender Day of Remembrance, held annually on November 20th. This is the only well known, transgender-focused day. It mourns the murders of transgender people and celebrates their lives. This is an important event to focus upon because it can give more recognition to the fact that so much more needs to be done to support living transgender people. Not just those taken too soon.
  • International Day Against Homophobia (including Transphobia & Biphobia). This is held annually on May 17th. This celebration co-ordinates international events which are designed to raise the profile of LGBT rights violations and to stimulate interest in LGBT rights on a worldwide scale.

And for those looking for something a bit more light-hearted, perhaps you’re new to the trans scene, or this is one of your first ever trans events. Whoever you are, and no matter why you’re going, the BFI Flare: LGBT Film Festival, is an excellent trans event to attend. You’re guaranteed to experience a whole lot of culture specifically around the LGBT community and trans people in particular – if that’s what you’re looking for.

So why not hook up with other trans folk and make a plan for which events to attend this year? Who knows, by 2019 you could have made a heap of new trans friends and broadened horizons that you never knew were out there!

Why more straight couples are having fun sex with a SheMale Escort

January 15th, 2018

We can no longer exactly claim to be in the middle of a sexual revolution, but there are definitely changes afoot in this field and consensual non-monogamy is one of those that fits neatly between the new goal posts. It’s becoming more and more commonplace in society and seeking ways of getting fresh kicks no longer needs to involve secretive liaisons.

SheMale Escort are great for couples

However, if you aren’t quite ready to go for it hook, line and sinker but you know that you definitely want some SheMale action, then when not test out the new waters and kick things off with a bang by hiring a SheMale escort? This way you’re guaranteed to have as much pleasure, in as many different ways, as you like. No holds barred! If your male partner wants a little penis play without actually being in bed with a man, a SheMale escort is perfect for satisfying all desires.

I’m curious…………

As a straight couple you might be as tight as two ticks, but having a threesome is a famously thorny area and needs thinking through carefully. If you’re certain that your SheMale fantasies can be accommodated in your relationship, then go for it – and hire a Pro. This will keep any threesome action firmly out of your relationship, and it’s therefore less likely to cause any issues between you guys as a straight couple.

How do I know if we’ll enjoy it?

Trans Escort or not, having ground rules is always a must when you’re planning a liaison like this. It sounds odd, but making it a business transaction means that: a) you get to dictate the terms and (b) there’s no threat to your relationship. In fact, it makes a threesome as uncomplicated as it gets. There’s also a certain beauty to the fact that with a SheMale escort, all three parties can be equally as excited for the experience. With your escort you’re going to get experience, security in your pleasure and mutual sexual safety won’t be an issue.

How do we know that we’ll both be satisfied?

That’s one of the best things about a SheMale escort Pro, they will have a vested interest in making sure that both of you are absolutely satisfied. Any no-go areas will have been ironed out beforehand so that you all know what to expect. An escort will come into your bedroom primed and ready for the action that YOU want to happen and having sex with a SheMale is a bonus in so many ways. There are infinite possibilities to your sexual encounter that simply are not there with a gay or straight escort, and the options can be as appealing to one party as they are to another.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re a straight couple looking for some extra fun, then look no further. A SheMale escort is fast becoming a very popular choice with the couples who wish to expand their sexual horizon.

Bi-curious? – satisfy all your desires with a Trans Escort

January 4th, 2018

‘Bi-curious’. In other words, being prepared to venture into a sexual world where everything is a possibility. And why not? Pleasure doesn’t need to be tied to one thing or other, in fact, changing it up every so often is an exciting, scintillating idea.

Straight Men Love Trans Escorts

Lots of men are afraid of being labelled as gay for wanting to go with a Trans Escort, but this simply isn’t true. You’re not going to be labelled, you’re going to explore the joy with your Trans Escort.

If you’re into the soft, sexy feminine side of sex, the you can check out the female passion which is so beloved to Trans people. She knows how to drive you wild as a sexy siren, but she can also play a more dominant, traditionally male role. It’s a win-win situation. If this is fairly new to you, then you might be unsure about involving another man in your game play. But lots of men are into the idea of having a bit of penis play in the bedroom. It’s probably a novelty and definitely something that you want to try. The only catch is of course, is the fact that a penis is generally attached to a man and that’s where the sticking point comes (pun intended!). Penis play? Yes. Having another man in the bedroom? Rather not.

So, a Trans Escort is ideal for exploring this idea further with you, after all ‘pleasure is pleasure’ and that can come from your bi-curiosity.

Bi-Curoius? Trans Girls are a great place to start

And if your desires are a little more focused than this, then your Trans Escort can offer a multitude of options, as you can imagine. Comfortable with themselves and dedicated you pleasing you, your Escort will have many tricks up their metaphorical sleeve, including kinky games with breasts and cocks and penetration both ways, should you want this. Your Trans Escort will have a wealth of experience under their belt so that they can make this time together the ultimate in sexual pleasure. Penetration or not, some men prefer the less in-depth approach of just grinding. But the best thing is, you have a veritable world of possibilities and you can go in as deep or not as you want. Plus, you can like it a little – or a lot.

Get what you want from a Trans Escort

Just because you’ve thoroughly enjoyed being with your Trans Escort, you can still leave the experience behind you at the bedroom door. It doesn’t fundamentally change you and if you never want to do it more than once, then that’s absolutely fine. On the other hand, if you definitely want to do this again, then you can – a Trans Escort can offer both. And you might even find that they take the lead in between the sheets, fuelling your fantasies and exploring that bi-curiosity a bit further.

So, if you’re interested, why not try a Trans Escort? Gay? Straight?  It really doesn’t matter – there may be so much more to sex than you could even imagine.

2018 is the year to try a Trans Escort – here are ten reasons why

December 15th, 2017

With the New Year comes the spirit of hope, excitement and brand-new possibilities. It’s the time of year where anything seems open to you and you dare to take the bull by the horns (so to speak). So if you’ve been fantasising about what a Trans girl can offer you, then ‘Carpe Diem!’ –  now is the time to seize that fantasy and make it a reality.

Shemale Escorts

That’s right, 2018 is the year for you to try a Trans Escort – and here are ten reasons why.

  1. There comes a time when we all want a little more excitement between the sheets. It doesn’t mean giving up on old favourites, but maybe you want something different? New? Exciting? A Trans Escort delivers all of this in one, neat package. In fact, you may come to describe it as your ultimate escorting experience.
  2. A Trans Escort will often go further than the rest. Ask, or you won’t receive….. If you want a no-holds-barred, kinky bit of bi-curious fun, then this is your gal.
  3. Using a Trans Escort does not make you gay. You know that, they know that. This type of Escort is unflappable, they don’t judge or pigeonhole, they are broad-minded – just like their clients. There’s nothing to be uncomfortable about with a Trans Escort. Whatever floats your particular boat, the chances are that they’ve already seen it, done it, got the t-shirt.
  4. A Trans Escort knows how to drive you wild with their feminine ways and yet is also familiar with being the dominant male – a special blend to have you soaring to ecstasy.
  5. They know all about a man’s needs and desires. You don’t need to spell out to them how delicious the downward feel of a mouth is because they already know it. Win-win.
  6. Trans Escorts are the epitome of feminine passion. Perhaps because it hasn’t come naturally to them, these escorts are careful to cultivate the ways and wiles of sophisticated females.
  7. Exploration with a Trans Escort can be a daunting thought. But if this the path that you want to tread, it’s worth bearing in mind that this experience can definitely help you to feel sexually secure and confident in yourself. So, whether it’s a bedroom pastime that you plan to return to, or just a one-off, the chances are that you’ll leave your encounter smiling quietly to yourself and feeling just a little bit more emboldened than before.
  8. Put simply – New Year is a time of infinite possibilities. If being with a Trans Escort is your dream, then go for it – see your New Year in with a bang!
  9. Trans people are a firm favourite in the porn industry. If you’ve salivated over them on the screen, then now is your chance to recreate your passion in real life. It can be your exotic fetish, the new thing that you try in January.

And finally – what it all comes down to is that with a Trans Escort you have the best of both worlds. That’s right, have your cake and eat it, in other words. And who doesn’t want that?

Anal sex techniques that are better with a trans escort.

December 6th, 2017

For all men, anal sex is a guaranteed route to finding their pleasure. There plenty of escorts to choose from to indulge your fantasies, so what makes trans escorts better with anal sex?

Experience something new

Many gay men have often wondered what it would be like to sleep with a female, without actually wanting to do it. A trans escort can provide that safe, halfway house. You can have sex with them on the premise that they identify as a man, but you also have the knowledge that they weren’t always a man. This can ease any discomfort that you might feel about experimenting with different sex than usual and erase any guilt for straying from your usual path. When you’re finished exploring all the anal sex fun you like with your sexy trans escort, you can just let the situation go and walk away. It doesn’t need to have an impact on your day-to-day life, so it’s perfectly possible that if you want to keep this as your own, special secret then you can.

Anal Sex Positions

Anal sex is amazing with a Trans Escort because they know how it feels to have great Anal Sex and so are able to ensure you get the best experience possible. Whether you want your trans escort to give or receive (be a top or bottom) they really know great anal sex so you are in safe and sexy hands!

A Trans Escort on Top

Letting you SheMale Escort be the top is a great way for them to take control of the whole situation and you simply relax and let them deliver what the do best. This makes directing your evening easy as you shemale escort will turn and move you as they want you until you have the most incredible orgasm ever. While for many this means being penetrated from behind, don’t forget that you can also be penetrated and be face to face with you sitting on top of you escort for an unusual and more intimate experience that also lets you play with her pretty breasts while having great anal sex.

A Trans Escort as Bottom

If you like to be in control and want your trans escort to be the bottom then this is a great way to set the rhythm you want and have a fulfilling sexual experience with you in the driving seat. Penetrating from behind means you can also reach around and play with your trans escorts breasts or pull on her hair for a fun way to grind. As above remember you can also have you escort seated on top of you to see her bouncing breasts and you move together before you have a delicious and exciting orgasm.

Fun Anal Sex Positions

There are a huge amount of anal sex positions you can try with your gay escort, try standing up or over furniture, the angle of penetration always make a difference to the way things feel so also try the same positions from different angles to see what you like best. The best anal sex positions require lots of lube and a relaxing atmosphere to make it successful and that is what a trans escort can provide for you no matter which position is your favourite!

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Transgender Escorts

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