Caning Experiences with Your Favourite Trans Escort

Sex with a trans escort should be an exciting and mind-blowing experience. If you’re into experimenting with fetish or role-play, light bondage or BDSM, an experienced trans escort is your perfect sexual partner.

If you’re keen to use a cane during kinky games, let your favourite trans escort know what you have in mind. Your erotic caning experience can start off in the traditional way, with light caning on the fleshy area of the bare buttocks, and progress to other sensitive sweet spots all over the body. If you’re a caning novice, let your escort take charge and teach you a thing or two.

Prime Areas for Caning

With care and precision, you can cane other areas of your sexy trans escort’s body besides the backside, and she can cane you. Fleshy areas like the thighs and breasts are best. Even the hands and feet can receive a whack with a cane, provided that you exercise due care and caution. For safety, never cane directly over a bone.

Gay Sex Caning Tips

If you enjoy a good caning, you’ve probably experimented with a standard no-frills rattan cane over and over again. To enhance your caning experience, try changing the material that delivers the spanking corporal punishment.

Try out a flexible and lightweight natural bamboo cane that leaves red marks on your ass. Give a plastic cane a go and enjoy a sharper stingy impact and a louder whack. Some kinksters love to use a kendo cane as it offers a greater scope for intense burn and erotic stimulation.

Don’t forget to apply soothing spanking cream after an intense caning session with your favourite trans escort. The nourishing cream soothes and calms the skin and helps to heal swelling.

Gay Sex BDSM Safety Tips

If you’re not sure if caning is for you, ask your trans escort to take it slowly, and agree on the use of a ‘safe’ word so that you can stop the action if it’s too much. As an experienced spanker, your escort will be able to deliver gentle smacks with all the noise but less of the sting. A wider cane is ideal if you’re worried about pain.

If you’re a complete BDSM novice, it’s best to start off by using a paddle or a flogger until you get used to the sensations and pleasure of spanking.

New Caning Experiences to Try

During Sub and Dom role-play try alternating who counts out the strikes to enjoy a new element of anticipation and surprise.

Instead of caning in the traditional bent over position, with ass sticking out, the Dom can command the Sub to lie of their back with legs raised. Make the Sub wait and wait and wait and don’t deliver the spank until you think they have given up on experiencing the intense stingy pleasure.