Exploring Edging with A Trans Escort

When you’re indulging in some quality time with your favourite transgender escort, you have the perfect opportunity to explore beyond the boundaries of pleasure. Mastering the technique of edging (or orgasm denial) will teach you about your sexuality and sexual desires and make you a better lover.

Edging While Masturbating

The easiest way to practice pulling back, from the arousing sensations caused by self-stimulus, is by focusing on how your body feels as you approach your pleasure peak. During mutual masturbation, with your trans escort, work yourself into a sexual frenzy and then stop the stimulation completely. Allow yourself to cool down before you edge too close to orgasm.

Edging requires patience and plenty of practice. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t manage to control your ejaculating on your first or second shot. Denying yourself permission to climax will eventually reward you with an intense orgasmic experience, when you finally shoot your load. Some men have even experienced multiple orgasms after mastering edging.

Exploring Edging During Sex

During sex with a trans escort you’ll obviously want to reach the place of no return. But before you get there, you can prolong your pleasure by slipping on a cock ring.

The cock ring is designed to sit at the base of the shaft, and gently constrict the flow of blood that makes your penis swell and engorge. As a result of wearing a cock ring, your erection will be harder for longer. You can use the extra time to practice your edging techniques.

BDSM Edging

In the BDSM community, there are many dominant kinksters who regularly practice edging, as it’s a highly effective technique for controlling a submissive. As the Dom, you must give your Sub consent to cum.

During role-play with your favourite transgender escort, you can take it in turns to be the Master or the Servant and deny each other’s orgasm. If you need to regularly punish your sub, a specially designed piece of hardware can help you control the self-pleasuring urges. A chastity device covers the genitals, completely blocking all access. It also comes with a key to ensure that the device stays in place until the Master allows its removal.

Trans Escorts are Amazing

As the wearer of a chastity device, you won’t be able to get a full hard on. Although chastity devices are often worn for extended periods of time, they do require you to get used to having it on before the Dom locks it with the key. If you experience any pain or discomfort, don’t hesitate to use your ‘safe’ word for instant release.

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