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Latest sleepygirl News

Lady Latex Lovers

January 28th, 2019

For those that love latex, you will understand why a beautiful woman clad in nothing but skin-tight latex is the sexiest thing on the planet. And actually, the sexiest woman in latex is a trans woman. Knowing that underneath all that smooth silky latex there is a hidden packed tucked away discretely is enough o send any imagination into overdrive when it comes to having sexy fun with a latex clad trans escort.

Latex Lovers Rejoice

Spending an entire evening, night or weekend with your favourite latex loving trans escort is a joy and something to be relished. Whether you just want her to be in latex or you also want to get your favourite latex on is completely up to you. Perhaps you want her to shine you up, tie you down and then pleasure you through your latex before unzipping in all the right places for a delicious end to your time together.

Perhaps you want your latex trans escort to dominate you wearing a stunning latex outfit. Do you like to be spanked, do you like to be tied up, do you want a sexy trans woman to make filthy demands that you have to follow? The a trans escort is most certainly a great idea, tell your favourite trans escort what your gay sex fantasy is, and they can fulfil your every desire.

Finding a Latex Trans Escort

Trans Escorts are beautiful, sexy women who also have a nice surprise package for you to play with. Finding a trans escort who wants to dress up in sexy latex s easy – simply visit and find your favourite shemale escort then send her a message describing what you are looking for and the latex you would like her to wear to see if she can accommodate your needs. Easy!

If you really want some indulgent time in your latex then perhaps you and your favourite tans escort should head for one of the many sexy dungeons across the UK, where you can find every type of toy and implement to make your latex fetish night, a one to remember forever.

Party Time with your Trans Escort

Maybe heading out to a fetish party with your latex clad trans escort is the ideal date for you, if so we have a few ideas on where the best latex parties are:

Rubber Cult – London – This club is all about the latex, and for you, latex lover, this is the perfect party place. You are not allowed entry unless you are clad head to toe in some form of rubber making it a latex lovers dream night out, especially if you go with a trans escort.

Club Anarchist – London – BDSM fans from all walks of fetish head here for a hedonistic night of fun filled partying. Europe’s largest alternative fetish club expect the music to be loud and the outfits to be louder!

Torture Garden – London – Whatever you can imagine, this club provides for it! The best known fetish party organisers deliver each and every time at their themed events across London, and they have also branched out across the UK!

However you like your latex, indulging in your latex fetish is always better with a shemale escort, someone devoted to making sure you get the most out of your time in that smooth second skin!

Seriously! – Trans Escorts Suck Cock Better Than Anyone Else

January 16th, 2019

Do you love a blow job? Of course you do, so why wouldn’t you want to experience the best blow jobs on offer, and those can always be found with a trans escort. These beautiful women suck cock better than anyone else on the planet because they know how it feels when it is done right!

Along with being beautiful, sultry and sexy Trans Escorts also have the added extra of having a penis and the knowledge of what a great blow job actually is.

Shemale Escorts Give Amazing Blow Jobs

Watching your beautiful trans escort pop your penis into her mouth while looking up at you to see how horny you are getting has to be one of the horniest things ever. Trans Escorts know how to make you feel amazing and you can let them know whether you want to cum quickly or whether you like lots of oral sex foreplay before cumming or moving on to other amazing sex options.

Trans Escort Technique Tips

There are many different ways to get satisfaction from oral sex and trans escorts know all the techniques to make sure you have the best blow job of your life:

Here are a few of their top tips:

Tantalize the Tip

The most sensitive part of a lovely hard penis is always the tip and it is a great place to make a man shudder with pleasure, either by teasing or sucking it hard but it is also good to know that avoiding the tip for a while can build such erotic feelings that the eventual orgasm is explosive. Kissing, sucking, licking and flicking the tip are great ways to get any man aroused but knowing when to pull back from the tip to build arousal is what a trans escort is really skilled at.

Deep Throating

The ultimate in technique and practice, trans escorts love to take your cock deep into their throat and swallow it down. The more your cock goes down her throat, the tighter and better in feels while the tip of your penis rubs against the back of her throat making her want to gag! This is delicious oral sex from a sexy, naughty trans escort.

Hand job, blow job combo

While having your cock in a trans escorts mouth is something for every man to fantasise about, her being able to touch you with her hands is another great technique. Using her hands to play with your shaft while she has the tip of your cock in her mouth will make any man groan with pleasure. Trans Escorts also know how to slowly and softly massage your ass and perhaps slip some fingers up there to make you explode! Hands can also be used to play with your balls, stroke your legs or slap your ass, whatever it is that you like a trans escort will make sure you get it.

Whatever you are looking for in a blow job – and we expect that you are looking for a mind blowing experience – then you will be able to find it with a beautiful trans escort, and to find the perfect shemale escort for your visit

Valentines Ideas with a Shemale Escort

January 8th, 2019

February brings valentines day and if you want to make it extra special this year then the answer is definitely spending it with a Shemale Escort. This is one part of the year that is all about love and sex and companionship and there can be nothing better than having an amazing time with a shemale escort to make you feel wanted, loved and truly satisfied.

Shemale escorts are there for your pleasure and so valentines’ day with such an escort will make the day one to remember. They are there to make you feel amazing without expecting anything in return! What did you do last valentines’ day? Make this valentines’ day the one you remember forever.

Valentines Romance with a Shemale Escort

For some valentine’s day is all about love and romance so why not ask your favourite trans escort to join you on an evening of romance and relaxation, this could be anything from dining out in a lovely restaurant, to heading out in the clubs to party the night away or it could even just be a quieter evening in a lovely hotel or your place for some Netflix and chill time. Whatever your idea of romance is a trans escort can make it come alive.

Date nights with trans escorts are becoming more and more popular as along with their devotion to making you sexually satisfied, they are also great company. Spoil your trans escort with the traditional chocolates and flowers or perhaps buy a sex toy you have always wanted to try and invite them to discover its benefits with you.

Fantasy Night with a Trans Escort

Perhaps your idea of a perfect valentine’s night is to indulge in a little bit of fantasy play. Shemale escorts themselves are an exciting fantasy with their beautiful womanly ways along with the extra special surprise that make them so much more exciting than any other sexual experience. If you have ever wanted to try role play, then valentine’s is a great time to ask for that to be played out. Perhaps you want to try being dominated, or to dominate a pretty shemale for the evening, do you have a naughty schoolgirl or nurse fantasy that you want your trans escort to dress up in or maybe soldier uniforms are more your thing. Whatever your fantasy you just have to ask and the sexy shemale escorts can oblige.

First time with a Trans Escort

If you have never spent any time with a shemale escort then valentine’s day provides the perfect opportunity to try something new. Most of the men who love trans escorts are straight but want to experience something a little more exciting and trans escorts can let you explore many fantasies not available with a straight woman. Don’t be shy, you can tell them it’s your first time and they will ensure you have the mind-blowing experience you have always dreamed of.

Whatever you are doing this valentines night remember that it is always going to be better with a trans escort, and you never know after experiencing the unbelievable satisfaction you get on valentines’ night you may just make it a regular occurrence.

Tips on using a Shemale Escort Directory

December 28th, 2018

A shemale escort directory like is the perfect place to find the best shemale escorts on the planet. You can find the exact T-girl that you are looking for by using a number of different search criteria all available on the website.

Here are some top tips on searching for your perfect shemale escort:

Location, location, location

On of the most practical ways to search for a shemale escort on the directory is to use the location search function. Finding a shemale escort near you is the first step to having the most amazing experience. You can search using general UK locations, south England, east England, London etc to browse all the trans escorts in your general location or you can be much more specific and use the postcode search to find the perfect escort in your specific location. Our top tip here is that some trans escorts are willing to travel and some are only available in their own area so it is always good to read their profiles to see how and were they are happy to be available and then contact them to see if they will travel to you.

Types of Trans Escorts available

Trans escorts are generally split into two groups, the cross dressers who are essentially all male, but love to express their feminine side and want you to enjoy it too, and those girls who have made the change to being all female but have kept their penis for your pleasure. Read the profiles of the trans escorts to find out which one of these they are so you get exactly what you want when you actually meet. If you are not sure you can always ask!

Fetish & other requirements

If you are looking to spend time with a trans escort so you can indulge in some of your favourite fetishes then you can use the search functions on the trans escort directory website to find the shemales who enjoy the same fetishes as you. You can use the advanced search function to check the boxes for a range of fetishes including BDSM, clothing options and watersports.

Finding your favourite

There is no one way to discover your favourite shemales on the trans escort directory, some men love to just browse the pictures until one really stands out to them, some love to read through all the profiles and get to know the trans escort a lot better before contacting them, some have specific requirements and so use the search functions to narrow down to the girls who can offer what they want. There is no right or wrong way to explore the sexy shemale escorts on the website so take your time and explore at your leisure.

SheMale Escorts Online

Whether you want to build a relationship with a shemale escort close to your location for regular meetups or are on holiday and want to spice up a night with a steamy night with a trans escort, or you have a unique fetish you want to play out, then finding the shemale escort you need will be quick and easy!

Why Foot Fetishes with a SheMale Escort are More Fun

December 20th, 2018

Did you know that ‘foot fetish’ is one of the most popular sex search terms on the internet? Yes, you are not alone if you find feet, or shoes a huge turn on as a sexual fantasy. Fortunately, as we all have feet it is one of the most easily satiated sexual fetishes out there, especially if you decide to indulge in your foot fetish with a shemale escort.

What is a Foot Fetish?

A foot fetish is a pretty common sexual fantasy, mostly loved by men, but women can also find feet extremely horny. Also known as podophilia, this fetish simply means that someone is aroused by feet and/or different types of footwear. Perhaps it is the look of a beautiful foot in high heels or thigh high boots, this maybe incorporated into sex games including the footwear. It may be that it is the bare beautiful foot that is the turn on and sex will include looking at the feet, worshipping the feet, or touching or sucking the feet and toes. Feet can also be used in the places of hands to give ‘hand jobs’ or oral sex or even intercourse. Many even love the smell of sweaty feet and shoes and love to have a shemale escort visit them with their dirtiest trainers ready to really turn them on.

How to explain what you want?

The best thing about sharing your sexual fantasies with a shemale escort is that they are there to please and arouse you, to make sure your sexual desires are fulfilled and this includes indulging in some foot fetish play with you. You don’t have to be shy or embarrassed about what you like with a shemale escort, they are there for you and you do not have to worry about reciprocating, you simply have to enjoy the experience. Tell your favourite escort what you are looking for and they will oblige.

Why is it better with a shemale escort?

Shemale escorts, as previously said are there to fulfil your desires so the only thing you have to remember to ask is if you want them to bring any specific items that turn you on with them. Do you want them to be wearing 6 inch heels, do you want them to be wearing chunky boots or do you want them in flip flops so you can enjoy the look of their feet from the moment they arrive.

Having sex with a shemale is often in itself a sexual fantasy as they are exotic and exciting with beautiful breasts and a nice hidden package waiting to be used if you so wish. They also tend to have larger feet than their female counterparts so there is even more foot to worship.

Fun ideas to try with your shemale escort

If you have a foot fetish tell your shemale escort what you are expecting so you can get the most out of your time together, here are a few fun ideas to get you started:

  • Ask them to massage your penis with their feet
  • Ask to give them a foot massage
  • Ask to give them a pedicure
  • Ask to suck their toes and lick their soles
  • Ask them to penetrate you with their feet
  • Ask if they will dominate you while you lay at her feet

These are just a few simple ideas, book a shemale escort today and have the best sexual experience of your life.

Sexy Festive Outfits for Trans Escorts

December 11th, 2018

The festive period gives you an excuse to really enjoy something a bit different and if you like a trans escort to look as festive as you feel then you can ask her to dress in your favourite festive attire.

Very Merry Christmas with a Trans Escort

Christmas is a time for getting inventive with your wardrobe because just about anything goes and the usual rules of what is acceptable go out the window. From glitz and glamour to light-hearted fancy dress, Christmas outfits are all about imagination and fun. So what is the ideal Christmas outfit for trans escorts? It really depends on the occasion and the individual, but with the right colours and a touch of sparkle just about anything can be considered a Christmas outfit.

Classic Christmas Outfits

Classic Christmas outfits are always festive and fun, and many can be made extremely sexy with a little bit of imagination, if you want to play out a festive fantasy with your trans escort then here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A sexy elf – flirty & fun
  • A naughty elf – you will do as you are told!
  • Mrs Claus – classic Christmas
  • Just the Festive Jumper and nothing else
  • The snow queen – very glam
  • Reindeers for a twist on pony play

A Hint of Festive

A Christmas outfit doesn’t have to mean fancy dress and can be much more subtle. Simply wearing Christmas colours or a touch of glitz and glamour can be enough. A bodycon red dress is the perfect option to combine sexy style with that festive feeling and can be dressed up or down. Any combination of green and red with a little gold will naturally look festive, but Christmas colours aren’t limited to those. White, gold and silver is also very festive and anything with a little sparkle will subtly suggest Christmas and you SheMale Escort will look divine in these festive colours.

It doesn’t need to be a complete outfit and those little touches, such as jewellery or hair pieces, can make all the difference. The usual social rules don’t apply during the holidays, so it’s time to make the most of the freedom and bring out those sequined dresses, patterned socks and sparkly tights.

Festive Fun with a SheMale Escort

Whatever you are doing this Christmas season make sure you book in some time with your favourite T-Girl Escort for a relaxing and sexy evening all about pleasure for you, remember you should make sure you ensure you also get what you want this Christmas Time and a trans escort can make sure you are suitably festively satisfied. Whether you like your trans escort in a Christmas costume ready for a fun sex game or fantasy scenario or you want to see them in a sexy, glitzy sultry dress that you can then peel off, the trans escorts on are ready and willing to join you.

So many gorgeous Shemales – so little time – Why men love Shemales!

November 30th, 2018

The popularity of trans porn on the internet is enough to le you know that there is a huge market out there for men who love to watch Shemales getting down and dirty with men just like them!

Before internet porn really took off, many men who loved the idea of a ladyboy would take their holidays in places like South East Asia in order to spend sexy time with ladyboys or even to have relationships with them because they found them so alluring and attractive.

Today you can watch trans porn to your hearts content, but you can also spend time with a shemale escort near you to bring your shemale fantasies into reality with a warm sexy, real trans woman who is interested in pleasuring you.

ShemaleEscorts.XXX is the best shemale escort directory available and lists trans women across the spectrum for you to discover. You can search for them by cocksize or bra-size, by location or by the type of services the offer. If you just want to have a good time and explore how sensual a trans escort can be then that’s fine. If you want to be more specific about your experience, for example you love BDSM or you want your trans escort to wear leather or latex then tell them in advance so they know what they need to bring to make sure you experience is the best it can be.

Many straight men are curious about anal sex, they may have used anal toys and know how pleasurable it is but dint want to go the whole way and have sex with a man as they are straight and curious as they are they are just not attracted to men. Trans escorts are a great bridge for this curiosity, they look, feel, smell and act like women, they are beautiful, sensual and can have you horny as hell in a few seconds. They know how to give great oral sex because they have a penis and know how and where to touch you to make you want to explode but hold you back just a little to make sure the please lasts a long time.

Trans Escorts can also give and receive anal sex, for straight men who want to discover what it is like to be fucked or fuck someone’s ass then all they have to do is ask their favourite escort whether they are a top, a bottom or versatile just so there are no misunderstandings when it comes to providing pleasure for you.

BDSM and other kinks are also more fun with a trans escort as they are more versatile, that extra appendage makes all the difference for some sex scenarios and games that you might want to play and explore with your trans escort.  Whether you want to dominate her or have her dominate you, or even play put a scene from your imagination or your favourite porn film a shemale escort can make your dreams a reality.

Want to experience your Shemale Porn for real?

November 21st, 2018

Shemale Porn is increasing in popularity, once it was a very small and niche porn topic, now it is filling up Porn Tubes across the globe. Trans women are hot, sexy, exotic, exciting, naughty and a fantasy many, many men have on a more than regular basis.

Trans Porn Lover Rejoice!

Type, tranny porn or trans porn or shemale porn into google and you will get an amazing amount of results both paid and free. Watching sexy women with beautiful faces and large breasts play with their hot hard cocks is something that the internet goes wild for and so do we!

Whether it is tranny porn featuring a rage of fetishes that you love for example, tranny bdsm porn, tranny romantic porn, or tranny foot fetish porn. Or simply trans porn showing nice or nasty trans women playing with men, just like you, with their breasts and cock – tranny porn is up there with the best types of porn available!

Experience Tranny Porn

One of the best things about trans tranny porn is the ability to see yourself in these situations, do you like watching a trans woman spank, then dominate a submissive man? Do you like watching a man truly dominate a trans woman and fuck her into submission? Do you like watching trans women strip and show their beautiful breasts and then surprise package along with their long legs? Whatever you are into and whatever type of sexy tranny porn you like to watch the real excitement of it all is that you could experience sex with a beautiful trans woman and play out your sexual fantasies for real!

Trans Escorts will fulfil your fantasies

For those who love tranny porn and really want to experience it then visit and take a look at the beautiful women on there to see who you would like to fulfil your specific trans porn fantasy. The beautiful trans women on the trans escort directory love to hear how attractive you find them and are always happy to fulfil your desires.

For many men having sex with a Trans Escort is the fantasy, the combination of breasts and a penis is just so tantalizing and so naughty they just want to experience it for themselves. Anal sex comes into it a lot, many straight men love anal sex and want to know what it would be like to be fucked but don’t feel comfortable with another man, that is why Trans Escorts are so popular, they are all women, from their long hair to their log legs and soft skin, the look and feel and sound like women. They are women with the added advantage of having a penis to fulfil every sexual desire you ever had.

Trans Escorts & Fetishes

Trans Escorts are also ready and willing to fulfil and deliver on any sexual fetishes you might have, do you want them to wear specific footwear, or latex, do you want to be spanked, do you want to dominate, or have them dominate you. Whatever your fantasy, tell them in advance and they will be able to accommodate your preferences, so you feel like you are in your own tranny porn movie with you as the very sexy (and satisfied) star.

What does sex with a Trans Escort feel like?

November 5th, 2018

One of the most common questions people ask about spending time with a Trans Escort, if they have never done it before is what does sex with a trans escort feel like?

Sex with a Trans Escort

Well the answer is a pretty simple one – it feels amazing. Perhaps what people are really asking is what makes sex with a Trans Escort so exciting. This is because sex with an escort, straight, gay or trans is always the best sex ever as they are there to meet your needs without you having to accommodate theirs. This makes for an indulgent, exciting and truly satisfying sexual experience.

In addition to having someone who is devoted to making you feel amazing, Trans Escorts have the added advantage of being unbelievable erotic and exciting by their very nature. Something that may be seen as exotic, a bit taboo and a little out of the ordinary can make sex with a Trans Escort the best sex you have ever had.

What does sex with a Trans Escort feel like?

Sex with a Trans Escort feels amazing and it has so many more benefits that being with either just a man or just a woman. As Trans Escorts often have both beautiful soft breasts and a nice hard cock the opportunities for fulfilling any and all of your sexual desires are massively increased.

You can choose how to have sex with a Trans Escort, you can penetrate or be penetrated – or both, it is entirely up to you and your sexual preferences, desires and fantasies. Trans Escorts are there to make your Trans Sex fantasies become reality so let them know what you want and they can ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Straight Men Love Trans Escorts

Many straight men love to spend time with Trans Escorts so they can fulfil sexual fantasies they may have had for a really long time. Many (and even most) men love anal sex, stimulating the prostate is one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences you will ever have and while dildo’s, butt plugs and strap-on’s are all great there really is nothing being filled by the hard cock of a beautiful woman.

The positions available when having sex with a trans woman are exciting and seemingly endless, whether you like to have her penetrate you or you penetrate her, whether you want to suck her cock or have her suck yours, there are a so many different experiences to explore you will want to spend more time with her to try different positions in the future.

Shemale Escorts

Sex with a Trans Escort feels truly wonderful, playing out a sexual fantasy gives great satisfaction and makes you feel relaxed and fulfilled. Sex with a trans escort can feel however you want it to. You can have soft romantic sex, right hardcore sex, bdsm sex and any other combination of sexual fantasy or fetish. Let your favourite Trans Escort know what you want and they will ensure they will deliver the most exciting sex you have ever had, ensuring you will be back for more!

Does your Boyfriend watch Trans Porn?

October 19th, 2018

Does your boyfriend watch porn? – Probably! Does your boyfriend watch trans porn? Probably!

We all love porn, it can fuel our desires, let us explore our fantasies and sometimes give us some really great ideas for sexual experiences in our own bedrooms. Many couples watch porn together and this adds a great deal of spice to their relationship, other couples watch porn independently of each other, perhaps to explore different likes or fetishes that the other person is not really into.

Sexual Fantasies

But, we all like to be part of each other’s lives and many couples who have different or opposing sexual fantasies, preferences or fetishes do try to accommodate the others requests (even if it not really their thing) because we want them to be happy and know sensual and sexual needs are important in every relationship.

Does your Boyfriend watch Trans Porn?

But, what if your boyfriend watches Trans Porn? How can you accommodate his needs? Often straight men love to watch trans porn, just as they would any other porn, it’s a sexual fantasy it does not make them gay, bi or anything else, its just sex. Anal sex for men is very pleasurable and in your normal relationship sex you may have tried butt plugs or other anal toys, if you boyfriend likes watching trans porn then how about a strap on penis?

Using a strap on as a couple is very rewarding for both parties, it gives rise to a host of other positions that you would not have even thought of had you not the extra appendage! You can choose from a huge range of styles, sizes and shapes to find one that really works for both of you. Adding extra toys and positions to your sex as a couple is both liberating and rewarding and makes bedtime into funtime!

Turning Trans Porn into Real Life

What if your boyfriend loves watching trans porn and you enjoy it too? Then perhaps it is time to take your sexual relationship to a whole other level and bring that porn to life. Role play and sex games are playtime for adults and the more you play together the more you will enjoy spending time together both in and out of the bedroom. If you have imagined and acted out some of your favourite trans porn moments and loved it then the next step is to spend time together with a Trans Escort.

Trans Escorts are Amazing

Trans Escorts are great for couples as they are neither male nor female, so there is no comparison for couples and so no jealously on the night. Because the have both beautiful breasts, and a nice hard penis Trans Escorts are able to fulfil even the wildest of your trans porn fantasies.

Ensuring that your boyfriend fulfils his trans fantasies are a way of both sexually satisfying both of you and doing so in a fun way together. Take a look at the hottest trans escort directory and find a trans escort you both find attractive and arrange to meet. Because trans escorts are there to please and not to judge you will absolutely have the best night ever.

Transgender Escorts in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham & The whole of the UK

Transgender Escorts

Transgender Escorts are beautiful, sexy and ready to meet you. For those looking for a wild night of fun and trans escort fantasy, a beautiful TS Escort who can touch you just the way you like it, you can make it happen on The sexy trans escorts on are the horniest, curviest and most beautiful transsexual escorts you can find in the UK. Soft lips, round breasts and throbbing hard cocks – these girls can’t wait to meet you and fulfil your wildest fantasies! Sex Cams

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