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Latest sleepygirl News

What does sex with a Trans Escort feel like?

November 5th, 2018

One of the most common questions people ask about spending time with a Trans Escort, if they have never done it before is what does sex with a trans escort feel like?

Sex with a Trans Escort

Well the answer is a pretty simple one – it feels amazing. Perhaps what people are really asking is what makes sex with a Trans Escort so exciting. This is because sex with an escort, straight, gay or trans is always the best sex ever as they are there to meet your needs without you having to accommodate theirs. This makes for an indulgent, exciting and truly satisfying sexual experience.

In addition to having someone who is devoted to making you feel amazing, Trans Escorts have the added advantage of being unbelievable erotic and exciting by their very nature. Something that may be seen as exotic, a bit taboo and a little out of the ordinary can make sex with a Trans Escort the best sex you have ever had.

What does sex with a Trans Escort feel like?

Sex with a Trans Escort feels amazing and it has so many more benefits that being with either just a man or just a woman. As Trans Escorts often have both beautiful soft breasts and a nice hard cock the opportunities for fulfilling any and all of your sexual desires are massively increased.

You can choose how to have sex with a Trans Escort, you can penetrate or be penetrated – or both, it is entirely up to you and your sexual preferences, desires and fantasies. Trans Escorts are there to make your Trans Sex fantasies become reality so let them know what you want and they can ensure you get exactly what you are looking for.

Straight Men Love Trans Escorts

Many straight men love to spend time with Trans Escorts so they can fulfil sexual fantasies they may have had for a really long time. Many (and even most) men love anal sex, stimulating the prostate is one of the most enjoyable sexual experiences you will ever have and while dildo’s, butt plugs and strap-on’s are all great there really is nothing being filled by the hard cock of a beautiful woman.

The positions available when having sex with a trans woman are exciting and seemingly endless, whether you like to have her penetrate you or you penetrate her, whether you want to suck her cock or have her suck yours, there are a so many different experiences to explore you will want to spend more time with her to try different positions in the future.

Shemale Escorts

Sex with a Trans Escort feels truly wonderful, playing out a sexual fantasy gives great satisfaction and makes you feel relaxed and fulfilled. Sex with a trans escort can feel however you want it to. You can have soft romantic sex, right hardcore sex, bdsm sex and any other combination of sexual fantasy or fetish. Let your favourite Trans Escort know what you want and they will ensure they will deliver the most exciting sex you have ever had, ensuring you will be back for more!

Does your Boyfriend watch Trans Porn?

October 19th, 2018

Does your boyfriend watch porn? – Probably! Does your boyfriend watch trans porn? Probably!

We all love porn, it can fuel our desires, let us explore our fantasies and sometimes give us some really great ideas for sexual experiences in our own bedrooms. Many couples watch porn together and this adds a great deal of spice to their relationship, other couples watch porn independently of each other, perhaps to explore different likes or fetishes that the other person is not really into.

Sexual Fantasies

But, we all like to be part of each other’s lives and many couples who have different or opposing sexual fantasies, preferences or fetishes do try to accommodate the others requests (even if it not really their thing) because we want them to be happy and know sensual and sexual needs are important in every relationship.

Does your Boyfriend watch Trans Porn?

But, what if your boyfriend watches Trans Porn? How can you accommodate his needs? Often straight men love to watch trans porn, just as they would any other porn, it’s a sexual fantasy it does not make them gay, bi or anything else, its just sex. Anal sex for men is very pleasurable and in your normal relationship sex you may have tried butt plugs or other anal toys, if you boyfriend likes watching trans porn then how about a strap on penis?

Using a strap on as a couple is very rewarding for both parties, it gives rise to a host of other positions that you would not have even thought of had you not the extra appendage! You can choose from a huge range of styles, sizes and shapes to find one that really works for both of you. Adding extra toys and positions to your sex as a couple is both liberating and rewarding and makes bedtime into funtime!

Turning Trans Porn into Real Life

What if your boyfriend loves watching trans porn and you enjoy it too? Then perhaps it is time to take your sexual relationship to a whole other level and bring that porn to life. Role play and sex games are playtime for adults and the more you play together the more you will enjoy spending time together both in and out of the bedroom. If you have imagined and acted out some of your favourite trans porn moments and loved it then the next step is to spend time together with a Trans Escort.

Trans Escorts are Amazing

Trans Escorts are great for couples as they are neither male nor female, so there is no comparison for couples and so no jealously on the night. Because the have both beautiful breasts, and a nice hard penis Trans Escorts are able to fulfil even the wildest of your trans porn fantasies.

Ensuring that your boyfriend fulfils his trans fantasies are a way of both sexually satisfying both of you and doing so in a fun way together. Take a look at the hottest trans escort directory and find a trans escort you both find attractive and arrange to meet. Because trans escorts are there to please and not to judge you will absolutely have the best night ever.

Do Trans Escorts give great massages?

October 2nd, 2018

The short answer is yes, Trans Escorts give the most amazing massages! This blog is going to look at the reasons why they are so skilled at this sensual task!

Trans Escorts Massages

Trans Escorts are truly amazing women. They are excited to meet you, discuss how they can make you feel amazing and explore your innermost sensual and sexual desires.

Wherever you are in the UK, you will be able to find a beautiful trans escort by visiting a Trans Escort Directory like and choosing your favourite girl. Many different types of men visit Trans Escorts, straight, Bi and Gay, there are no limits on who can see a Trans escort so indulging in a fantasy has never been easier.

One of the most amazing services a Trans Escort offers is a sensual massage. An experience not to be missed and always one to be repeated on a frequent basis to ensure relaxation and satisfaction endure.

Sensual Massage Techniques

A sensual massage is a truly relaxing and liberating experience, having the skilled hands of a beautiful woman explore and massage every part of your body is an intimate experience like no other. From your head to your toes feel the warmth of a trans escorts hands as she works her way around, across and into every part of your body. Giving yourself to her in this way is very trusting and she will not disappoint you. Low lighting, mood music and sensual massage oils can all be used to enhance your experience and you will slowly fall into a relaxed state feeling the rhythm of her hands working your entire body into a state of bliss.

Trans Escort Skills

One of the best reasons as to why Trans Escort massages are so good are that they have the power and strength to really make an impact on your body, smooth they may be, but they also have strong hands and are able to really massage you into pleasurable submission. The addition of both breasts and a penis make for a range of interesting options and positions when getting a massage depending on your preferences.

Trans Escorts are often the most skilled at massage, and other pleasurable experiences because they know how to pleasure both men and women equally and can ensure you are getting exactly what you ask for out of your time with them.

Finding your perfect Trans Escort

Massage is good for you, it makes you feel relaxed and more engaged with the world around you and a Trans Escort can take that relaxation feeling to a whole new level with a sensual massage to satisfy any needs.

Most Trans Escorts will be able to give you a mind-blowing massage experience and you just have to find one that you like. Searching on the Trans Escort Directory will make your task of finding a beautiful escort easy, you can search for ones near your postcode or just browse their profiles. If you are looking for something specific it is best to ask them before booking to ensure they can accommodate any and all of your wishes.

Do you want to be dominated by a SheMale Escort

September 25th, 2018

Lots of men loved to be dominated in the bedroom and there is no one better to do that than a beautiful shemale escort. Everything from a little light domination to a full BDSM session can be accommodated by these beautiful sexy women.

Dominated by a SheMale Escort

Sex and domination are common and welcome bedfellows, men have loved to be dominated in sex for centuries and the appetite is not falling away in the modern world. Being dominated can mean many different things to many different men and the amazing thing about a shemale escort is that they are there specifically to accommodate your wants and your needs so however gentle or extreme you want the domination to be they will accommodate you.

Common Domination Activities

Being dominated by a beautiful woman while you have sex is one of the most exiting thigs you can experience. It adds an extra layer of playfulness and arousal to the act of having sex and you can make it last an hour or a whole night. From having your favourite shemale escort talk nasty to you while you have sex, to light spanking, to having a collar around your neck and soft handcuffs around your wrists or ankles, this light and fun domination is a great introduction to what you can explore with a skilled and sexy escort. You can then choose to stay being dominated in a light way or you can then move on to more severe forms of domination and punishment with your shemale escort.

Hardcore Domination Techniques

Having a sexy woman have complete control of you adds something really special to the sexual experience for many men, for those that like more hardcore domination there is no one sexier to be submissive to than a string and sexy shemale escort. She will be able to demand your absolute attention and deliver punishment and relief in any measure she chooses, and with the added bonus of having beautiful breasts and a hard cock she can dominate you in the naughtiest ways imaginable.

Dominatrix SheMales are amazing

Whether it is because they are a little stronger or larger than their all woman escort counterparts or whether it is because they don’t need to use a strap on to take your ass, SheMale Escirts are widely accepted making the best dominatrixes ever. Submit to a Trans Escort and you will never want to experience anything else.

From shackles to paddles, fucking machines to collars and mummification techniques SheMale Escorts are skilled, experienced and willing to create your perfect sexual fantasy played out to your specifications. Find the sexiest and the best Trans Escorts willing to dominate you on www.SheMaleEscort.XXX and have the most mind blowing sex of your life today!

Try Sweet Treats with a Trans Escort this Halloween

September 10th, 2018

Halloween is the best of the year to let your hair down, to try something different, to be somebody different – dress up, naughtiness and a little bit of the devil are all on show at this magical, mystical, and spooky time of year.

Halloween Things to try with a Trans Escort

We love a good sexy costume and there are no sexier ladies at Halloween than Trans Escorts, their delicious combination of womanly wiles and nice hard cock is something to be celebrated any time of year, but Halloween offers a great time to really have some fun.

Best Halloween Outfits for a Trans Escort

With their long, long legs Trans Escorts look amazing in sexy Halloween costumes! Halloween is a time to really make you fantasies come true. So, if you have ever wanted to be spanked by a sexy witch or dominated by a naughty devil they Halloween lets your imagination go wild for your sexual fantasies.

Here are a few Halloween Fantasy Costumes Trans Escort look really great in:

  • Sexy Witch – a beautiful woman in black that can cast a spell to make you do whatever she wishes –
  • Naughty Red Devil – what are your naughtiest sexual desires – tell them to a devil and they can make them come true.
  • Uniformed Goddess – from Army girl to naughty air stewardess, a sexy Trans escort in a uniform is bound to get your heart pumping!
  • A purring black cat – sleek, sexy, with cute paws and a purrfect approach to keeping you happy
  • Egyptian Mummy – If you like things tight then a sexy Mummy, with bondage tape or latex instead of the traditional wraps can make any bondage & BDSM games much more fun

Naughty Halloween Things to Try with a Trans Escort

Have you ever visited a dungeon? No? Well Halloween might be the time to try something very naughty! Let the devil in your come out to play and divulge your naughtiest sexual fantasy to a Trans Escort and have it fulfilled. From bondage & BDSM to foot fetishes and threesomes, a Trans Escort can facilitate and deliver on your sexual fantasies in a way no one else could. Just being with a Trans Escort could be your fantasy and with lovely breasts and a nice hard penis we know why you want to play – so many options for fun & pleasure!

Nice Halloween Things to try with a Trans Escort

A Trans Escort, while sexy, seductive and willing to please is also a great companion and if you want simply to spend time with a beautiful woman, then time with a Trans Escort is well spent. Trans Escorts are truly beautiful and will ensure you have a great time whether that is going out for dinner, having drinks in a bar, getting a sensual massage or spending the night together for your pleasure.

Halloween events with a Trans Escort

Halloween also offer the opportunity to ‘come as you aren’t’ and attending a Halloween event or party in amazing or outrageous clothes is completely acceptable. With your Trans Escort you can party the night away at a fabulous Halloween Party, like the Torture Garden’s Halloween Ball or something more intimate with just the two of you playing Halloween games in the bedroom!

10 Reasons why sex with Shemale escorts will be the best sex ever

September 8th, 2018

Here are our top 10 reasons why sex with a SheMale Escort is the best sex ever:

  1. SheMale Escorts have it all

Shemale Escorts really do have it all, beautiful soft breasts, long smooth legs, a cute bum and the best of all a nice hard cock to play with. This makes them eminently versatile and with all these amazing attributes they can fulfil any trans fantasy.

  1. They can fuck or be fucked

The exciting thing about beautiful SheMales and their nice hard cocks is that they can fuck you, or you can fuck them (or both!) If you are a man who loves being fucked but doesn’t like the feel of dildo’s or strap-ons when having sex with women, then shemale escorts are the perfect combo! It also makes all types of role play and positions easy and fun.

  1. Threesomes are really exciting

If you have ever had a threesome fantasy (gay or straight) then having the third as a trans escorts really opens up the possibilities of what is possible, the most versatile threesome ever!

  1. Great for adventurous Couples

Couples who are adventurous in bed and want to explore more fo their favourite kink may want to invite another person into the bedroom – to make an easy choice and not to have an argument over the sex of the extra body a shemale escort is just perfect and gives couples an easy way to explore adventurous parts of their sex life.

  1. Fun for curious straight men

Straight men are always drawn to shemale escorts, they are alluring exciting and just a little bit naughty and every man should experience sex with a trans escort. These beautiful women are non-intimidating and will love to explore all sides of your sexuality with you.

  1. You can choose who you have sex with

This goes for all escorts really – the great thing about a shemale escort is that you can pick them based on your own likes and dislikes. You can check that they are happy to accommodate any kinks or requests before hand and you don’t have to reciprocate for their needs because they are here for you. This makes sex with a trans escort the best sex ever.

  1. They are really talented

Shemale escorts love to have sex, and they are really good at it, they can show you the time of your life, fulfil any fantasy and make you the centre of their attention for as long as you want it.

  1. Shemale escorts love to accommodate fetishes

Nothing is too weird to ask for, whatever you desire is, ask you escort if they can accommodate it and they will probably say yes, be that BDSM, sissy fetish, latex, or any other idea or role play you can dream up – just ask!

  1. Shemales escorts are beautiful

One of the most important things about having great sex is that you are attracted to the person you are having sex with – there is no worry on this front – the sexy girls listed on are beautiful and everything you have ever dreamed of.

  1. SheMale Escorts Are Romantic

So if you are looking for something a little softer, more intimate and romantic that just hard sex then these beautiful girls also love to be romantic, if you are looking for a dinner date, or a girlfriend experience with a sexy surprise – just let them know and they will do everything they can to make you happy.

Trans Characters on the Small Screen

August 29th, 2018

Trans Women are some of the most sensual and unusual women you could meet, so it is no wonder that more and more of them are being portrayed in the media, here are a few of the more notable trans characters that have been seen on the small screen.

Trans Characters in Ally McBeal

A massive TV show in the US, the UK and internationally, Ally McBeal was the well-loved dysfunctional American attorney trying to make a difference in the world. Stephanie Grant was the name of the character, a transgender teen arrested for prostitution and Ally defends her in court. The show again introduced another trans character Cindy McCauliff in the fourth season, she was played by Lisa Edelstein.

American Horror Story

A very popular TV series with unusual and quirky characters throughout. Modern themes run through this kooky, spooky show and the introduced character Liz Taylor as a trans woman who plays the bartender in the hotel Cortez.

Coronation Street

Possibly one of the best known and most loved trans characters on British telly was Hayley from Corrie! Hayley Cropper was the first transgender character cast in a British Soap (1998) and the first permanent character in the world in this type of show. Eventually staying on the show for 16 years and marrying the love of her life Roy!

Dark Angel

In season 1 Louise is revealed as a Trans woman, and when her date realises this he decides he doesn’t care about her past and wants to date her only to find out she is actually a lesbian. This character is also notable as it was the first time a trans woman (Jessica Crockett) was actually cast to play a trans character on American TV.

Family Guy

In this adult animated cartoon, in the episode Quagmire’s Dad, Lieutenant Commander Dan Quagmire, who is Glenn Quagmire’s father has gender reassignment surgery. She then changes her name to Ida Quagmire.


A mainstay of British Soap Opera’s Hollyoaks was the first soap to introduce a character (Jason Costello) who had gender dysphoria. The show then went on to introduce a character called Blessing Chambers who was a trans woman and more recently the character of Sally St Claire who was also played by a trans actor. This was the first time a trans actor played a regular trans character in soap land.

How to get Away with Murder

The Netflix smash hit features Trans Character Professor Jill Hartford, who just before a party to celebrate their wedding anniversary kills her husband claiming self-defence.

How to find a Trans Escort in Bristol

August 17th, 2018

Bristol is an amazing city and there are some really beautiful Trans Escorts in and around the city that would love to meet you and make your sexy trans dreams a reality.

What Type of Trans Escort?

Diversity is beautiful and there are a few options when it comes to Trans Escorts in Bristol. Beautiful shemale escorts tend to fall into two main categories, those that are still all male but love to wear women’s clothes (traditionally called transvestite’s) and those that have kept their lovely hard cocks but in all other ways look and feel entirely female, having real beautiful boobs and soft long hair, soft skin and beautiful bums!

Bristol Trans Escorts

Finding a Trans Escort in Bristol is easy, simply visit and take a look at the beautiful shemale escorts listed there, you can either search for the girl you like and see if she will travel to Bristol to spend time with you, or search only those Trans Escorts already in the Bristol making it easier and defiantly quicker for you to get together.

There are detailed descriptions and lots of lovely pictures of the Trans Escorts in Bristol on and you can find out all about them, when you have found the trans escort you really like then contact them directly to arrange a date.

Where to meet in Bristol

Once you have decided which of the beautiful girls listed on the trans escort directory you want to meet then you have to decide where an when you are going to meet them. This is usually a mutually agreed time and place, the length and any special requests should also be discussed before the meeting to ensure you get exactly what you want and there are no misunderstandings.

If a Trans Escort is coming to meet you in Bristol you may want to have the date at your home, this is comfortable and relaxing for you, and you can have an exciting date night together. If you don’t have the space or place to have the date at your home, then perhaps a hotel would be a good alternative, this is also quote romantic and means that the date also seems like a special event, not an every day occurrence.

Trans Escorts Dates in Bristol

If your favourite shemale escort is local to Bristol and quite near you then you may be able to visit them at their home, each beautiful trans escort will have their own arrangements concerning where to meet, so be flexible they may be able to suggest a great hotel that works well for your requests, so you can spend quality time together.

The length of time you are spending together may also dictate where you go in Bristol, if you are going for dinner and a movie then there are lots of great entertainment spaces in Bristol to make your trans escort date feel very special, there are also a huge range of bars and clubs in the Bristol area if you want to party with your sexy date before heading back home.

Trans Escorts in Bristol are beautiful, sexy and accommodating of any sexy request you may have, so find your favourite on today and enjoy your time together.

Why is Trans Porn so popular with straight men?

August 6th, 2018

Basically, because all porn is popular to men! No, that’s a joke, although the vast majority of men will confess to having a predilection to watching some type of porn. With the straightforward porn, it’s easy to see what the appeal is – naked bodies – touching – kissing – caressing – fucking – whatever. But sometimes there’s a little niche area of porn which takes a bit more thinking about why it’s a turn-on. One of these areas is the popularity of trans porn to straight men.

Straight Men Love Trans Porn

Where to start? With the blooming obvious, I suppose. It’s an easy way to explore hidden fantasies. There’s a lot of peer pressure with porn (not that you tell your friends, but what you’ll admit to if asked). Maybe you’ve had a fantasy involving a trans woman for years and you wonder what it would be like to play it out, or maybe you see your trans person taking part in a hedonistic threesome. Whatever it is, trans porn means that you can explore it.

Straight men might be as straight as a die, but there’s always that little bit of curiosity tucked away in your mind somewhere. If you’re curious to see what other people like or get up to, it’s another reason to watch trans porn, it will provide the eye-opening you’re looking for. It’s also naughty. It breaks taboos and lures the sexually curious in.

In a word – ESCAPISM. For those that watch trans porn, it can be an escape, a distraction, something new to feed off when you want to sidle away from your sexual norm for a while. The same thing day in, day out maybe good for the majority of the time, but sometimes you need a little break and lots of men find themselves transported well away from the real world by indulging themselves with trans porn.

OK, this is where it gets a bit more cerebral. What about if a man wasn’t quite sure what pushed his buttons? If he doesn’t have his carnal list from 1-10 worked out? Watching trans porn is often a way for straight men to test their arousal, work out what makes them horny and what does not. Unless you specifically go looking for it in real life, then experimenting with trans porn might give you your answers.

Whether you’re a trans porn aficionado or a total trans virgin, watching this type of porn is undoubtedly different to most other genres. And sometimes that’s all it takes to spike an interest, just a sense of submerging your conscious mind into an entirely different realm.

And last, but not least, straight men are often attracted to trans porn simply because they have a fascination about trans women as a sexual entity. What are they attracted to? What arouses their mind and body? Are they the same as men? Or women? Being curious about something that appears to offer several possibilities and doesn’t always follow the same lines is perfectly natural.

Why Glasgow is a Trans Party Hotspot

July 28th, 2018

When we think about LGBT Scotland, it’s usually Edinburgh that springs to mind with its Pink Triangle. But Glasgow is certainly not a city that should be left behind in the search for a trans party hotspot on a thriving LGBT sex scene. In fact, Glasgow can count itself among the most vibrant and biggest gay party areas in Scotland and there are more LGBT hangouts for partying than possibly be listed.

Trans Fun in Glasgow

It has a world-famous nightlife and an urban landscape that welcomes artistic, student gay and straight communities. Trans party venues are two a penny in Glasgow, as it is definitely one of the most welcoming gay cities to be found North of the border.

How to party with your Trans Escort in Glasgow

It may by one of the best party hotspots in Scotland, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other reasons to visit this cool city filled with LGBT culture. Glasgow is perfect for:

  • Inspiring creativity and ideal for those seeking a muse.
  • Fans of the sexy, stripping and teasing avant-garde burlesque.
  • Chilling in trendy coffee shops.

The inclusivity of Glasgow makes it all the more exciting if you’re looking for a party atmosphere. You’ll find a plethora of sexy guys (and gals! Just to be fair….) and some of the best clubbing scenes in Europe. Sounds good, right?

Particular party destinations recommendations.

The Polo Lounge, famous for its queer Fridays. This place opened in 1996 and has consistently proved itself as one of the most popular gay venues in Scotland, welcoming hordes of horny men through its doors each and every week. This is definitely one for your list.

The Pipeworks. This large gay sauna and spa is the perfect place to relax after a night on the town. Owing to its size, The Pipeworks has plenty of cosy nooks and crannies for snuggling up with your trans date.

Do you fancy a bit of cheese and pop to kick start your night? Then the AXM Glasgow is your place to be, featuring plenty of chart music.

Cabaret, you say? Head to the Speakeasy! This unique bar promises a night of unbridled, erotic entertainment.

The Waterloo Bar is another great venue for entertainment. This place features retro nights and is especially popular for fetish and TV pleasure.

There’s one thing that could put a spanner in your sexual works, and realising that you’ve left your favourite sex toys at home to party without you. Never fear! Luke and Jack’s is here. This is Scotland’s most friendly and popular sex toy shop. In fact, it’s really more of an institution than a simple shop. So if you’ve forgotten a key bit of your sexual paraphernalia, or you have a sudden hankering to try something new, then this is the place to go.

And after a night of hard partying in this Trans hotspot city, you can head to the Virginia Gallery, the gallery in Scotland which features erotic art.

Trans Characters on the Big Screen

July 19th, 2018

Trans women have always been fascinating, they are seductive because they are unusual and unexplored, but the movies are catching up with our fascination with Trans women and are now depicting them and their stories on the big screen.

Movies about Trans Women

Whilst the first mainstream films featuring trans characters started emerging during the mid-1950s, it took a fair few years for the film industry to actually openly and completely accept that stories featuring trans women are interesting and are part of day to day life, and so relatable by the viewing public. In part this can be explained by the fact that society took an immeasurably long period of time to accept those of different persuasions from the accepted norm – and even longer to commit this acceptance to film.

More than Trans Porn

Trans porn has been around as long as any other type of pornography, and we love it, but it is also interesting to see more mainstream storytelling movies. Trans characters now feature in all types of genres from comedy to romance, and real-life portrayals, virtually every basic storyline has been covered.

However, there are some films which stand out from the crowd, and a few of them feature here:

  • 1970 – The Christine Jorgenson Story. Notable for it’s early exploration of trans characters, this real-life drama portrays the journey of a former Army Private from the Bronx in her struggle through gender change. It’s set in Denmark in 1952 and it was one of the earliest films to openly accept and detail trans characters.
  • 1975 – Dog Day Afternoon. This film stars Al Pacino, whose lover is a transgender woman. In a gesture which reflects the desperation of his lover to complete the transgender process, Al Pacino’s character robs a bank to pay for his lover’s gender reassignment surgery. This truly was one of the leading films featuring trans activists for the first time.
  • 2001 – By Hook Or By Crook. This was one of the first films to be directed by, written by and starring transgender men. It’s remarkable for its, unashamed straightforward tackling of potentially sensitive material.
  • 2007 – Little Bitty Titty Committee comedy film. Here, we see the trans issue taken through a journey of comedy, rather than being shot to raise awareness of trans people. This film is about feminists who determinedly spread their word through their controversial art and vandalism. By 2007, the trans taboo was beginning to be well and truly erased.
  • 2011 – Albert Nobbs. This film is a drama, in which a trans man who is living in 19th century Dublin bonds with another trans man. It’s a fairly simple storyline and highlights the many, many years of transgender issues, however it did also receive some criticism. It was felt by some that the film apparently portrays trans men as ‘women in disguise’, thereby undermining Albert Nobbs’s central premise.

Anal virgins have a better, sexier time with a Trans Escort.

July 9th, 2018

So you’d like to try Anal Sex? And why not! Anal play has long been a stalwart of the sexual world, providing another hole, another method of pleasuring and being pleasured, and of course it’s just a little bit naughty.

Anal Sex with a Trans Escort

Whatever your sexual orientation being curious about anal sex is completely normal and is an extremely pleasurable experience, even the first time if done right! So if you want to try anal sex, you will have a better, sexier time if you try it with a Trans Escort.

Trans escorts are great to have your first anal experience as they are soft sexy women with breasts and curves and lips to turn you on. All that and with a cock down below as well; double trouble! You get a slinky, attractive woman who you just know is going to pound you, just like you had imagined it!

If you’re not too sure of yourself, or what anal play will be like, then you’re in safe hands with a trans escort. They are there to gently lead you into sexual forays that you haven’t experienced before – but they have. And there’s no need to ask openly for what you want, or spell it out, these escorts know what they’re doing, which makes it easy for even the shyest of anal virgins to feel comfortable.

More than Anal

It’s not just about anal sex, per se. There are lots of sexy experiences that come under the umbrella of ‘anal sex’, such as using toys, mouths and fingers as extra stimulation. Or maybe you’d like it as part of a role play. It isn’t limited to one way either; if you’d like to dominate your trans escort by depriving them, or fucking them, you know that they’re going to be comfortable with that. It’s a very safe space to explore your anal fantasies. Plus, you know that you can control the situation at any time.

In this escort scenario of your anal initiation, by going with an experienced trans person you have a perfect opportunity to test out other aspects of anal sex. Like mentioned above, there are a plethora of sex toys all connected with anal pleasuring, from dildos of any size to anal beads for a little bit of a warm-up. It doesn’t have to be simply about two people coming together (pun intended!). Whether you want to experiment, or be experimented upon, there’s a huge choice of sex aids on the market to maximise your time with a trans escort.

And finally – never underestimate the discretion that a professional escort will give you. In the age of social media it’s difficult to trust 100% that details of your romp will never be exposed, however much you trust your partner. But you can set aside that worry with an escort, because they will  offer you guaranteed silence on the details of your anal sex session. And that of course means you can relax completely and totally enjoy having your anal virginity taken.

Have you ever tried a threesome with two trans escorts?

June 28th, 2018

If not, here is why you should

Well, it makes sense, doesn’t it? The more people who are in the bedroom, the more fun you’re going to have. There’s no ‘too many cooks (or cocks!) spoil the broth’ in this situation. In fact, the more the cooks, the better the broth. But why is having sex with two trans escorts so good? Read on.

Trans Escort Threesomes are Amazing

Firstly, there’s nothing better than a new thrill. You can have tried all the tricks of the sexual trade before, and yet these experiences will turn on their heads and morph into something far more exciting with two trans escorts in the room. Double the mouths, double the legs, double the – everything really. Unlocking new sexual doors and taking your experimentation further than ever before is always going to be a really big turn-on.

Threesomes are something that you may have thought about in the past (let’s face it, most of us have), but yet not actually tried yourself. If this is the case, then having a threesome with two trans escorts puts you in very safe, capable hands. These sexy trans escorts will know all the tricks of the trade and they can initiate you into your darkest fantasies both expertly and diligently. It means that you don’t have to worry about what to say, or do, or ask for – your sexual partners are going to know it all so that you don’t have to.

More Cocks, More Boobs More Fun!

Double the trans escorts – double the pleasure! You don’t have to be good at maths to work that one out. You can be pleasured top to toe and back again all at the same time. That will drive your senses wild and really ramp up the orgasm strength. If you think of the most erotic things that a sexual partner can ever do to you, and then imagine twice the arousal, you’re going to be pretty close to what a threesome with two trans escorts can provide for you. This rings especially true if having sex with a trans escort has always appealed to you.

Sexual Playtime with Trans Escorts

Although the reasons why you should try this type of threesome are universally applicable, it can be especially appealing if you like to be dominated. Two trans escorts can have you tied up, in a chastity cage and blindfolded with ball-gag in mouth before you can blink. Twice the number of escorts means twice the amount of dominance they can inflict if you choose to behave very badly and need punishing!

And finally, with three people in the bedroom you can bring sex toys into the equation far more easily. There are more hands available to wield more pleasure-inducing toys than you could ever hope to manage on your own – or even with just one partner. So whether it’s being whipped that you enjoy, or being tied up in chains, handcuffed to the bed or maybe you just like the idea of an escort using a dildo on you. Whichever is your preference, a threesome with two trans escorts will deliver it.

Trans-friendly locations for you to party with your trans escort in Newcastle

June 20th, 2018

Spending time with a trans escort and partying through the night has never been more acceptable and more fun. Whether you live in Newcastle, are just visiting, one of the best and sexiest things to do is to pick your favourite trans escort and head out to pain the ‘Toon’ red!

With the advent of LGBT events like Pride weekend popping up all over the UK, there’s never been a better time to get out there and bust your Barbra Streisand moves like you mean it. Newcastle has firmly taken its place as being one of the hottest gay and trans scenes around with a choice of LGBT things to do morning, noon and night!

Trans Fun in Newcastle

The LGBT nightlife and culture are hotting up year on year, making Newcastle a firm favourite to head for if you’re after some trans-friendly fun. It’s a great city for a night of extreme partying with your gay escort and there are definitely some places that are just too cool to miss in NE1.

  1. This electric venue guarantees you an unforgettable night on the toon. It’s a long established (well, 1980s) place for the hardcore party people. This bar is open until 4am, four nights a week and the on Saturdays the clock runs even later until 5am for those who want to party all night.
  2. Rusty’s. This is a show-tastic cabaret bar which often features Rusty herself entertaining her adoring crowd as one of Newcastle’s best loved drag queens. There’s a really buzzing vibe to this place and its inclusive atmosphere is there to be enjoyed. You can go and chill out in one of the booths with your trans escort, grab some drinks and settle in to appreciate the show before hitting the dancefloor to enjoy some tunes.
  3. If it’s a really chilled out vibe that you’re after, then you should head to trans-friendly bar Eazy Street. No, this is not part of Stelios’ infamous ‘Easy’ brand, this place stands alone in providing really high quality entertainment, seven nights a week. So, if you and your escort are in the mood to get out there on a Monday night without going weekend-crazy, Eazy Street is an ideal choice. It even has a Poundsaver menu on Mondays which means a cheap night can be had. After all, it would be rude not to take advantage of the £1 shots and shorts.
  4. If you’re cabaret, cabaret, cabaret minded then Boulevard is definitely a venue for you and your trans escort. With a resident compere and host, side-splitting comedy acts and outstanding choreography to enjoy, Boulevard is one heck of a cool place. As well as standard nights, this bar also features celebrations on all the main dates. Christmas, Hallowe’en, Easter, etc…… A great excuse to dress up!
  5. Switch is more of a casual gay bar. It’s definitely a place to head to get the drinks flowing for the night ahead due it’s convenient, central location. It’s also a good choice to get your stomach lined ahead of partying the night away in the Pink Triangle with food served every day until 7pm. As an added extra, this venue in the toon has a rooftop terrace bar to enjoy those hot summer nights on.

Why a fashionable Ladyboy would make a great date at your next party

June 12th, 2018

It’s time to PAAAARRRRTTTAAAYYYYY!! Who doesn’t love a good old shindig? For the party people among you, this type of event provides the perfect excuse for glamming up and getting out there, ready to strut your stuff. So, what could enhance your experience further? How about a sexy trans escort to share the night with? And a beautiful, sexy partner at that? Some things sound too good to be true, but they actually are not.

Does the type of event matter?

Nope! A LadyBoy escort makes a great date for virtually any occasion:

  • The opening of a swanky new bar or restaurant
  • The coolest party around on a Saturday night
  • An art gallery open evening for those after something more sedate

So what things should you consider planning for your evening? There’s all the normal stuff of course like choosing a gift for your host, deciding on your outfit (maybe it’s time to rock that new look you’ve been hankering after?) and then working on your hair and/or make-up. And after that – why, finding your party partner of course! It’s so important to be in the right company all night. Bad company can ruin the whole thing so don’t take the risk. Choose a LadyBoy.

LadyBoys Look Amazing

You don’t need to be shallow to enjoy beautiful things. And they don’t come much more beautiful than LadyBoys. If there’s a way to make a statement at this party of yours, it’s by having one of these fashionable types holding onto your arm all night. A LadyBoy escort is always exotic, gorgeous and guaranteed to catch the eye. They are prime territory for that polished, oh-so-beautiful look which is just perfect for a night out. Imagine gliding around the room with your sexy LadyBoy escort and seeing the envious eyes of others gazing at you – it’s guaranteed to give anyone a thrill! Plus, it adds an extra frisson of excitement that you don’t get from anyone else; great for releasing those endorphins into your brain. Who needs drugs, anyway?

Lady Boy Escorts will please you

If you’re the type that likes a lot of attention, or you’d just like to be noticed, for once, then this is a sure-fire way to do it. A gorgeous, glamorous LadyBoy partner is going to stand head and shoulders above the usual crowd, and probably literally as well as figuratively. The sexy sway of hips, shiny, plumped up lips, immaculate nails and glossy hair will always turn heads and make you the object of an adoring gaze. Plus, you – and you alone – get to be with this person all night long.

It’s also something of a relief to have a partner who you know will have taken care of themselves in the way that you appreciate. You can choose the exact look you want for the night. And having this gorgeous, LadyBoy escort with you is the perfect way to make you automatically feel great – giving you a fantastic evening.

Summer tips for great sex with your SheMale Escort

June 1st, 2018

Now the weather is hotting up – make sure your sex life is too!

Steamy Summer Sex Tips

Ah, summer – quite possibly the sexiest season of the year. The warm sun, lighter evenings and air of relaxation all act as inspiration for some sexy fun.

If it is possible SheMale Escorts are even sexier in the summer, short skirts show their long smooth legs and strappy tops show off their curves. Once you have chosen your favourite SheMale Escort from www.SheMaleEscort.XXX to share the summer vibe with, what tips should you be following for great summer sex?

  1. Get your body prepared. This isn’t just for aesthetics, but by spending some time concentrating on your look, you’ll feel more confident. So, whether it’s personal grooming down there, up to date haircut, skin buffed and exfoliated to within an inch of its life – do whatever it takes to feel your best. Pay attention to your look because there’s probably going to be plenty of skin on show during this sunny season. At least, you’ve got the option to show off your gorgeous skin should the situation arise, especially with your trans escort.


  1. The obvious summer one: having sex outside. Outraging public decency is still a crime, but it certainly isn’t a crime for you find somewhere private and secluded for your sexy fun, away from curious stares. This could be a deserted beach, buried deep into the woods or stopping your car by the side of a lane to venture into empty fields. Outdoor sex can be filthy, fun and vibrant – and something which can only be done in comparative relaxation in the summer. There’s nothing sexy about ploughing through mud in freezing temperatures so go for it in the summer months.


  1. How about a siesta? This Spanish-inspired daytime nap could give you the possibility of some mid-afternoon bedroom fun, away from the heat and prying eyes. Take your trans escort, slip into a nearby bedroom, lock the door and prepare to not sleep. Not immediately, anyway. There’s always the possibility that sex will tire you out and a cheeky snooze is on the cards before dinner.


  1. Taking a trip somewhere can inspire new ideas. Charter a boat for the day, take the ferry to the Isle of Wight, go to Sandbanks in Dorset or grab a picnic and find a quiet beach somewhere. You might find that without familiar surroundings, your fantasies escalate to a whole new level and your trans escort is the perfect person for you to explore these with. Experienced, professional and utterly discreet, an escort is a safe bet for pushing your boundaries further than they’ve ever gone before.


  1. Suntan lotion. It’s essential outdoor wear for your skin these days, so why not heat it up a bit by applying slippery, sexy, sun cream to each other? It’s important that your skin is protected so it must be rubbed in everywhere. Having your body’s needs attended to with soft, slow strokes of cream is enough to drive anyone mad.


  1. Invest in some new summer clothes. Go and choose the perfect outfits to flatter your figure and flaunt your summertime body in.

Great summer European Holiday Destinations to visit with your trans escort.

May 21st, 2018

Holidays (like spending time with a Trans Escort) is something we long for, plan for and ensure we enjoy. More and more of us are making time to look after ourselves, our wants and needs and so taking a favourite trans escort on holiday is combining the relaxation of a holiday with the fulfilment of having someone to look after our needs, all day and all night.

Relaxation & Sexual Exploration with a Trans Escort

Many people now travel with a shemale escort, either to explore their holiday location or to simply relax and explore their needs and desires. As we now live in an age of sophisticated travel options, it is possible to get virtually anywhere in Europe these days, no matter what your transport preferences. You can fly, drive, take the ferry – or make up your own combination of these choices to get you where you need to be. Almost every country in Europe can be reached in a couple of hours so you don’t need to panic about long-haul travel.

Sexy Summer European Destinations

So, which are the best summer European holiday destinations for you to visit with a trans escort this summer?

  1. This beautiful island is to be approached by sea for best effect. Just imagine your boat skimming over midnight blue waters as you come closer to the island to see varicoloured rock in front of you making up the lip of the caldera, lava cliffs. And on top of these cliffs are the traditional white houses of the continent, built for cool, shade and respite from the summer sun pounding down.
  2. This is the place to go if you want a more sedate break. This is a sleepy island, well away from the main touristy hotspots, with a peaceful feel. There’s plenty of relaxing places to explore on this island with your trans escort.
  3. This is an island for beach bunnies. If your ideal holiday involves sand, sea and sun, then Crete is definitely for you. On the north coast you’ll find long, sandy beaches which are a bit cooler as the breeze comes off the sea, but there are also shorter, more secluded beaches for quieter time with your trans escort.
  4. The good old Costa del Sol. This place has long had a reputation as a tourist trap which means it’s ideal for those seeking a more down to earth holiday experience. Down on the coastline from Malaga to Marbella, you’ll find some real party vibes and crowded beaches with bars open for easy, daytime drinks. But if you’re after something different in this part of the world, then a short drive takes you into the mountains to the village of Mijas. This quaint, quiet Spanish village has shops, restaurants and plenty of donkeys and carts! Being inland, it’s cooler than the coast so you could visit Mijas for a bit of a break from the summer sun. For a more cultured experience, you can continue through the mountains on tiny, twisty roads to go to Ronda, home of the oldest bullring in Spain. It has a bullfighting museum and the famous Puente Nuevo bridge giving unique, stunning views out over the mountains. And when it gets too hot, you can duck into the nearest café for a cold pint of beer.
  5. But maybe you’re after some fun, partying times on holiday with your trans escort? If so – you need to head to Ibiza! This party island has long been renowned for its world class nightclubs and hedonistic vibe.

Why spring is a great time to re-evaluate your sexual needs and how Trans Escorts can help

May 15th, 2018

Ah, spring! The season of warmer days and refreshed ideas! It’s no surprise therefore, that the season of spring pulls our minds quite convincingly round to an assessment of our own sex lives. It’s nature, right?

Why you might want to re-evaluate your sexual needs.

It’s all too easy to become stuck in a horny bedroom rut. Whether it’s familiarity (so, boredom, in other words) or whether your dry spell has lasted longer than you’re comfortable with or whether you’re just curious about new sexual pursuits – now is the time to spring into action!

First of all, think about what really matters to you when you’re having sex. Is it pleasure, do you have a sexy kink you want to explore or are you looking for a romantic girlfriend experience? Perhaps you just want to get down and dirty with some BDSM? Once you’ve established this (and don’t be afraid to venture into the very darkest corners of your mind!) then you’ll know how you want to involve your sexy Trans Escort. You can cast off any sexual shackles, and then take a deep breath – before taking a leap of faith.

Why you should hire a Trans Escort

These hot ladies are the professionals. They are there for your sexual pleasure. A Trans Escort will be able to explore your innermost fantasies with you, without compromise. This might be new territory for you, but if your self-evaluation of your sex life finds something wanting, then an escort could be the perfect answer.

What does a Trans Escort bring?

  • The body. ‘Nuff said.
  • A sense of security. You know why they’re there, they know why they’re there so there’s no room for misunderstanding.
  • This is a safe space to explore your sexuality without fear of reprisals. If you’d like to keep it quiet, then you can have confidence that no-one need ever know.
  • If this is something new for you, a trans escort is the ideal person to gently guide you into fresh waters. At one end of the scale you have dungeons, cuffs, whips, chains and orgasm denial. At the other end is more vanilla type sex – up to you where your preference lies.
  • Or if you already know what you want, using a shemale escort can bring a meeting of minds that you may struggle to find elsewhere.
  • You can leave the experience behind you if you want. For some people, this is just a fleeting sexual encounter and if you need to shrug it off before you go home to your family, then you can.
  • Likewise, this could be the first step of a new sexual journey for you. Finding a trans escort with whom you click is the very best way to guarantee that your sexual future is in safe hands.

Springtime is a time for renewal for us all, so if you sex life is getting dull and you want a truly unique experience take a look at the sexy shemale escorts and ad some excitement to your sex life again!

Why Trans Women look so great in Leather

May 3rd, 2018

Leather Fetish? and this can take your leather fetish to a new level.

Traditionally the preserve of Hells Angels and fetish wear, leather is enjoying a new popularity in this modern era. There are plenty of ways to wear it, colours to wear it in, outfits to combine it with. In other words, you can make it work for almost any look. So, it comes as no surprise that trans women are rocking the leather look for a sleek, sexy feel.

Leather Fetish & Trans Escorts

Just because leather is becoming a day time look as well as a night time one, it doesn’t mean that it is any the less sexy. The leather fetish aficionados among you are no doubt hankering after leather-laced sex as we speak. The fetish side of leather is huge and has so many possibilities; from full leather outfits, to bondage wear, underwear and a plethora of other ways to wear it in between. But why is it that trans women look so great in leather?

Here’s the obvious one – it clings to every curve of hip, breast and leg. You can run your hands over any part of their anatomy to feel the tight material contouring their body. And for trans women, these curves have not necessarily come naturally so they are truly coveted, loved and inspire confidence.

Curvaceous Trans Women

Leather is looking more fashion forward and luxe than ever before. The clothes being manufactured are nicer and more sophisticated that previous market leaders. This means that there are so many decent leather choices for your trans woman escort to wear – sleek trousers, sophisticated skirts, dresses, tops and loads more. Whatever your favourite item of women’s clothing, there is bound to be a leather version available to suit your aesthetic tastes.

A trans woman dressed head to toe in leather is bound to catch a few eyes. Imagine strolling through a bar and seeing heads turn to appreciate the woman on your arm who’s looking sexy. It’s quite a turn-on, no? A trans women can also dress herself specifically to your taste. You can make as much, or as little, of it as you like. A leather skirt paired with a cute jumper and Converse gives a laid-back feel. A skin-tight pair of leather trousers showing off her feminine outline and complemented with black patent vertiginous heels is the other end of the spectrum. So whatever suits your escort is bound to be a showstopper.

And, of course we mustn’t forget that black leather has dominated the market for a long time, but now there are some dramatic colours to showcase as well. This means that your trans woman escort can opt for the colour which best suits her skin tone and hair, thus ramping up the sex appeal a notch or two.

The combination of these, plus the simple fact that leather is out loud and proud on the clothing rails, means that you can relax and expand on your leather fetish fantasies in the knowledge that the leather fetish industry is expanding to meet your needs.

Can I Find a Trans Escort in London?

April 24th, 2018

Escorts are available to book across the length and breadth of the UK. And, actually, the whole world once you think about it. But London remains one of the global top spots for booking time with a trans escort. Why is that?

Trans Escorts in London

London is a big city which sprawls across the South East of England, and these cities are always going to offer the best, most plentiful opportunities of other, smaller places. It’s also a hub for transport – you can fly, drive or take the train into London. So, you can easily travel to London from all over the UK and abroad which makes logistics simpler – for you and your trans escort.

It’s hot in the city! And you’ll have one of the widest range of trans escorts anywhere in the world. You can dream up your ideal age, colour, height, hair style, dress style, etc. and you’re guaranteed to find an escort which fits your bill perfectly. If you’re unfamiliar with the area, your escort can give you top tips on where to go and hang out.

Find a Trans Escort in London

Once you’ve chosen your trans escort, London offers a plethora of nice hotels for your date. Perhaps you’ve already imagined how your evening will go, a few drinks in a smart bar, quick dinner and then back to a stunning hotel suite for some steamy bedroom action. Or maybe you’ll just have a quiet dinner somewhere before heading back to somewhere smaller to cosy up for the night. Or maybe room service is your friend and you’re not planning to leave the room at all. The point is that you’ll be able to entertain your shemale escort in style – whatever that style happens to be.

If you are planning an evening out, London is the perfect city! There are hundreds of LGBT venues hosting special, themed events every night of the week. You won’t have to go far to find your people and when you get there, you are guaranteed to have a good time. The leading venues will have a hip n’ happening vibe going on without batting an eyelid at any sexual preference. If you come from a smaller town, this is definitely something that you’ll notice. You don’t have to go all out, even if you just wander through SoHo for a bit, you’ll pick up on the relaxed, inclusive atmosphere that London exudes. And if you do want something a bit more thrilling to raise your heartbeats then simply head to one of London’s top, gay bars or clubs. For example, London’s leading trans nightclub is WayOut and this place offers a chilled time with anyone and everyone mingling for a few cocktails and a turn on the dancefloor. So, gay, straight, lesbian, trans, bi, – whatever your poison, London will indulge it.

So the next time you find yourself passing through London and you fancy some trans action – then hiring an escort is the most satisfying way to fill your evening.

Transgender Escorts in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham & The whole of the UK

Transgender Escorts

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