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Latest sleepygirl News

How to find a Trans Escort in the UK

May 20th, 2019

So, right now you are feeling pretty horny? Right?

And if you are thinking about a Trans Escort then we understand! Trans Escorts are just the right mix of naughty and nice and are exotic and exciting to even think about. So, stop thinking about them and find the trans escort girl of your very naughtiest fantasies and make them a horny reality.

UK Trans Escorts

The UK has the best Trans Escorts in the world, they are beautiful sexy and available across the UK, just waiting for your call. Whether you live in the UK permanently or are just visiting there will be a trans escort near you wanting to make you happy. From London to Edinburgh and everywhere in between sexy trans escorts want to hear from you, they want to hear your sexual fantasies so they can make them come true in a very real sense.

Straight Men Love Trans Escorts

Most men that trans escorts meet are straight but love the excitement that comes with a sexy woman with that something just a little (or large) extra. Trans escorts offer complete confidentiality and privacy while also be able to offer the complete sensual and sexual package you are looking for. Trans Escorts are great for couples, and gay men but their most prominent customer by far are straight men looking for something quite special in their sex lives. Many straight men like the idea of anal sex (and as it is amazing, we understand) and want to try it out with a beautiful trans woman (we understand that too!). Sultry, soft, gorgeous with the ability to make you feel amazing is why so many straight men love to spend time with a trans escort.

Finding a Trans Escort

Finding a trans escort in the UK is easy. Simply visit the best trans escort directory and take a look at the beautiful girls who are there waiting for you to make a call and make a date to see them. There are a variety of ways you can search for a trans escort who can meet your needs by using the search functions within the website itself. If you are looking for a trans escort in the UK, then the best way to find one near you is to use the region options under UK trans escorts in the header bar. Find the UK location closest to you and click on it to display the sexy trans escorts who are near you right now.

Many men travel to the UK on holiday and spending time with a trans escort while they are here is the highlight of their UK experience and who can blame them. These trans escorts are sexy and ready to meet you to give you the best UK holiday experience ever.

Whether you want to find a trans escort close to your home or you want to find one in a different town or city you can find trans escorts across the UK on

Make Sex with a Trans Escort Extra Special in One of these Amazing Hotel Rooms

May 14th, 2019

Sometimes you want great sex to be a little extra special. Perhaps you are celebrating a birthday or an achievement, perhaps it is your first time with a trans escort and you want it to be extra special or perhaps you just want to spoil yourself and have some truly kinky fun that you will remember forever.

Whatever the reasons booking some time with a trans escort to make tour trans sex dreams a reality sounds like an amazing way to spend an afternoon, evening or night. There is nothing that says special evening than a swanky hotel room or smart Air B&B Rental with a few extra special touches on the side.

Tips for Extra Special Naughtiness

Here are a few tips on how to make the evening with your trans escort extra special and some great hotels rooms you might want to try:

Junior Suite at Sanctum Soho

Dark colours, and a bit of silver disco sexiness, combined with the mirrors that are just about everywhere, lets you admire yourself and your trans escort from just about every angle. A sexy bathtub right next door to the bed makes for extra playtime options. The hotel itself is sexy with a rooftop bar and if you decide to stay in the Junior Deluxe suite – that one has a round bed we can’t wait to try out!

Blakes in Kensington

Discreet, dark and set up for great nights of sex, Blakes is a luxury haven where you can indulge to your hearts content. The hotel even offers packages including a naughty kit, complete with condoms, silk toes and a karma sutra for inspiration! Centrally based and ready for a night of excitement you and your trans escort will have the best time in the naught Blakes hotel.

The Hoxton, Holburn

One of the only smart hotels in London offering day rates so if you are in the mood for some great afternoon sex with your trans escort then you can check into The Hoxton between 10am and 4pm! Set up for the business traveller but extremely useful for naught afternoon sex, The Hoxton, in Holburn is a smart and sexy choice.

Sexy Spaces around the UK

While London has some great hotels, there are other places in the UK that have sexy places to stay.

Brighton’s Sexiest little House – Just what it says on the Airbnb Listing a sexy house perfect for a few nights of naughty sex with your trans escort in Brighton. With naughty books on the shelves, sexy artwork on the walls and a sumptuous interior style this Brighton Town House is simply perfect for a sexy get away.

The Witchery by the Castle – Described as ‘The Perfect Little Lust Den’ by Danni Minogue, this decadent hotel in the centre of Edinburgh is glamorous and indulgent. Just like your sexy shemale escort making it a perfect match for a naughty night away.

Whether you are seeing your favourite trans escort in your own home, their place or making it a special occasion by finding a sexy hotel to indulge in the best shemale escorts can be found on

3 Great Reasons Men are Choosing Trans Women as Their Side Sex

May 8th, 2019

Men have a lot of complex sexual needs, or perhaps they are not so complex. Many men find being in a monogamous relationship tricky as although they may love and appreciate their partner the sex just is not fulfilling or exciting enough. This is why many men have a side sex interest, this may be a regular person, or it may be different people each time but it keeps their sexual needs fulfilled and their steady relationship on track. Some partners know of their man’s side sex and some do not, this is not a surprise, what is more interesting is the amount of straight men choosing trans women to be their ‘bit on the side’.

Trans Escorts are so Popular

Whether it is a trans friend or a trans escort the amount of men wanting to have great sex with trans women is just increasing as men are discovering how exotic and exciting these women are. Beautiful women with nice hard cocks are becoming the sexual satisfaction of choice for many straight men who want to spice up their sex life. Using a trans escort means that their encounters are completely discrete and that they are not having a complicated additional relationship. Great sex with no commitments is what trans escorts offer and they are more popular than ever before.

Here are three great reasons why men are choosing Trans Escorts for their side sex option:

  1. Trans Women are Beautiful. Trans women take a huge amount of pride in their looks and often have hyper feminine looks, wear great make up, clothes and shoes to exaggerate their femininity. A straight man who finds a trans woman attractive is not gay, they are simply enjoying everything that is all woman about the trans escort and the way their femininity is on display. In addition, many trans escorts have large breasts and hips to make them curvaceous, they are naturally tall making their legs long and luscious and their skin is as soft and supple as any woman’s making them a delight to touch.
  2. Taboo Sex. There is something very naughty and very freeing about having great sex that is also thought of as taboo or exotic. Trans women are amazing, being all woman but with a nice hard penis to play with. In a very cis and straight world these women are thought of as taboo and so bedding them feels like a conquest, it is exciting and lots of straight men like the thrill of doing something a little out of the ordinary.
  3. Men love anal sex. It is no secret that most men, if fact nearly all men love or would love anal sex if they were brave enough to try it. The male g-spot is situated up the anus and once men have tried and enjoyed anal sex, they will often want it more and more. Dildos are fine but a nice hard cock penetrating you is just the most amazing feeling and if this cock is owned by a sexy woman then all the better!

Why Scottish Trans Escorts are so Sexy

April 24th, 2019

If you are looking for an amazing time in Scotland the sexiest and naughtiest time you can have it probably with a trans escort. Whether you are just visiting some of Scotland’s historic cities, travelling the highlands or Scotland is your home finding a trans escort to enjoy has never been easier when you use the best trans escort directory

Trans Love in Scotland

Two of Scotland biggest cities are great places to spend time with a shemale escort, they love to meet men just like you from all over the world and can’t wait to show you how amazing Scotland and they are! If you are on vacation in Scotland then getting to know a local Scottish trans escort is definitely the best way to get top tips on how to enjoy the city while also having the most amazing trans sex experience you have ever had.

Trans Escorts Edinburgh

Edinburgh is Scotland’s bustling heart and is as historic as it is hilly! Edinburgh has its own Pink Triangle which is between Princes Street and Leith Walk in the heart of the cityr. There are a range of great gay bars and clubs in this area perfect for meeting or partying with your Edinburgh trans escort before heading back to your place or theirs for some serious, sexy trans fun.

Trans Escorts Glasgow

Thought of as a bit grittier than Edinburgh, the Scottish city of Glasgow still has a proud heritage and is bright and bustling. Whether you live in Scotland’s second city or are just visiting for work or pleasure you will be impressed by not only the vibrancy of the city but also the amazing Glaswegian trans escorts who are looking forward to showing you just how special they are. If you want to party with your gay escort then hitting up bars like Katie’s in Glasgow’s Gay District is a great place to start or you can simply arrange to meet your favourite trans escort at your place, shut the doors and have an evening of unadulterated pleasure at their hands forgetting the city is even there!

Trans Escorts Aberdeen

Aberdeen is a compact city and in the North of Scotland making it feel quite remote. If you are in Aberdeen and are feeling lonely and want some incredible sex to make you feel connected and satisfied, then the trans escorts in Aberdeen will be more than happy to make your trans sex dreams come true. There is no reason to simply watch trans porn in Aberdeen when you can try the real thing right on your doorstep.

Sexy Scottish Trans Escorts

Whether you want to see your favourite Scottish trans escort dressed in a cute tartan dress, or in your favourite latex outfit there is no denying how sexy these Scottish trans escort are. From sexy Scottish accent to their nice big cocks these women are hot, horny and ready to meet your every trans sex fantasy wherever you are in Scotland.

Anal Sex Guide for Straight Guys

April 14th, 2019

Anal sex is amazing. Period. Gay men have known this for eons, and their straight counterparts have not been too far behind. However, the taboo surrounding anal sex has gone on for a long time making it still feel a little naughty or alien and puts straight men off from trying this amazing sexual practice. Here are a few tips for straight guys wanting to try anal sex, and some suggestions about how to go about having an amazing anal sex experience.

Does wanting anal sex make me gay?

One of the biggest taboos around anal sex is that for some men this makes them question their sexuality, or they worry that society will judge their sexuality if they want to try anal sex. Wanting anal sex does not make you gay, or even bi – you can be completely straight and love anal sex, they do not have to be mutually exclusive and as more and more men try it, anal sex in straight relationships is becoming more and more common.

Does Anal Sex Hurt?

One of the biggest questions when it comes to anal sex is asking if there is any pain associated with it. The short answer is yes there can be, but that doesn’t mean you should not try it. Having anal penetration for the first time can be an unnerving experience and if you start off with something too big, or don’t use enough lubricant then there can be some pain. This however will quickly be overcome with the incredible feelings of having anal penetration and the intense orgasms it can produce.

Is Anal Sex Messy

Probably the second biggest question for first time anal is – is it messy? A completely reasonable question given the nature and the area we are talking about. If you relieve your bowels a few hours before sex and have a good wash of the area, then you should be completely fine. It may feel like you will have an accident but very few do, and if you are with a trusted partner then you can tell them how you are feeling especially for the first few times and they can help reassure you until you are a little more experienced.

How to get started

Most men start small and let their anus expand and get used to being penetrated by perhaps their fingers first and then smaller dildos or vibrators. Using a strap on between heterosexual couples is becoming more and more normal (called pegging) as a way to add more excitement and satisfaction into the bedroom. Use lots of lube and take it slow until you know what you like is the best advice for starting on anal penetration if you are a straight guy.

Trans Escorts and Anal Sex

Once you know you like anal sex then you can take your experience to the next level. If you want to have the best anal sex experience of your life but don’t want to experience it with a man then a trans escort is the perfect compromise for straight men who love anal sex. Find the best trans escorts for your anal sex experience at

Sexy Outfits for Spring for Trans Escorts

April 9th, 2019

Spring is a great time for a refresh and perhaps for your next encounter with one of the amazing shemale escorts on

So many men dream of having sex with a trans woman, trans escorts can make this a possibility and now spring has sprung, perhaps it is this month that you want to take the plunge and indulge your sexual fantasies for complete satisfaction. If you have a specific idea of how you want your trans goddess to look, or what she should be wearing then just let her know before your time together and she can make sure she can fulfil your fantasy to perfection.

Here are some of our favourite sprint time outfits for trans escorts to wear:

Sexy Underwear

It doesn’t come much sexier than a corset and suspenders. These sets not only fall in just the right places to highlight curves and muscle tone, they come in a choice of sexy materials too. You may like something sleek and classy, such as lace, or on the other hand you may like to see your trans escort bound by leather or PVC all of which make beautiful corsets and suspenders. For spring lace is also a great choice, super feminine, light and sexy!

Naughty Nurse Outfits

Have a little cold or need to be stripped to see what is wrong with you? If so what could be better than having your very own naughty nurse to revitalise you and make sure you are in fine working order? Nurses outfits make for super role play and can be highly erotic, as they leave just the right amount to the imagination. So why not let your trans escort nurse put the spring back in your step, with a cool thermometer and warm hand?


Military uniforms will guarantee that you are put in your place and through the paces. These somewhat domineering dresses and head wear bring out the sex appeal of the military in more ways than one, so why not ask your trans escort for some military styled action!

Sexy Bondage Wear

Bondage wear is often complimentary to the physique of a trans escort. Ranging from leather straps and peep hole designs to a body stocking. Bondage wear is diverse and never fails to add extra spice to any occasion. This type of outfit can be easily concealed under any type of clothing, if you are lucky you may even get a glimpse of what is to come over the evening as your trans escort flirts and gains your full attention which she so deserves.

Sexy Trans Escorts

There are many outfits and clothing choices your chosen escort will have in her wardrobe. If you would like to see your escort in any particular costume of piece of clothing, then all you need to do is ask upon booking. She is there to help you arrange the perfect evening where you can unleash your inner most desires and put all your inhibition’s out of your mind so you can experience one of the most thrilling and revitalising experiences of your life.

Lengthy Reasons to Love a Shemale Escort

March 28th, 2019

There are many, many reasons to enjoy spending time with a shemale escort, many of them lengthy! You can find the best and sexiest shemale escorts on Choose from the most wonderful trans women from across the UK and further afield.

From long sexy legs to the length of time that you want to spend with a shemale escort there is a long list of great reasons to book a trans escort and here are just a few of them:

Lovely Long Legs

Long legs have always been appealing to men as they like to watch them walk or imagine them wrapping them around their bodies in a steamy horny embrace. Long legs in trans escorts are pretty much a given, as these women are normally taller than their female counterparts, their legs are long and lovely. In heels or barefoot, in stockings or tights trans women’s legs are known to go on an on and look amazing in a short skirt, or dress or even simply in sex lingerie.

If you want to see your favourite trans escort in an outfit that celebrates her long, tones legs then all you need to do is ask when you contact her to arrange a meeting. Trans women’s legs are also incredibly soft and smooth so are a delight to touch and stroke as part of your time together.

Luscious Long Hair

Trans women often have beautiful long natural hair, many like to have it beautifully styles and can swish it any way you want, when you want it. One of the best things about spending time with a shemale escort is her beautiful long hair that you can run your hands through when you spend time together. Many men like to see their favourite trans escort in a specific type of clothing of styling so if you want to see their sexy hair styled in a specific way then just ask them!

Long Hard Cocks

The most obvious reason we love spending time with a trans escort is that they have a nice hard and long cock, whether you want fuck or be fucked by (or both) a trans escort it is the inclusion of their working cock that makes them so exciting. Often tucked so you would not know it was there and looking, smelling and feeling like a glamorous woman in every other way the surprise package that a trans escort comes with is one of the most exciting sexual experiences you will ever have.

Long Time Lovers

Trans Escorts are professionals in making you feel amazing. They want to give you pleasure, they enjoy spending time with you and want you to be completely fulfilled when you leave and wanting to see them again, for this reason we always recommend you spend as much time as you can with your trans escort so you can get the best out of your time together. Especially if you have a fetish that you want to indulge in with a trans escort, a longer time together will really make you enjoy your trans escort experience much more.

Frequently Asked Questions for a Trans Escort

March 15th, 2019

You can find FAQ’s for just about everything now so we came up with a few questions that are frequently asked of trans escorts.

Can I find a Trans Porn Star

Often many of the trans women in trans porn are also trans escorts and they love to have intimate experiences with their loyal fans, if you are desperate to have great sex with a trans porn star then you should ask the trans escorts that turn you on if they have been in any porn movies in the past or have plans for the future. Of course, not all trans escorts have been in trans porn but most of them are more than willing to act out any specific trans porn fantasies you have and make you feel exactly like you are in your favourite trans porn movie.

Will my Trans Escort keep us a Secret?

Many men who fantasise about having sex with a trans woman and then seek the services of a trans escort don’t want to make their meetings public  – totally understandable! Your trans escort also understands you needs and wants for keeping your meeting strictly between the two of you. The great thing about a trans escort is that you can be whoever you want to be with them, you can even change your name, job etc or tell them nothing at all it is completely up to you. Meeting in a hotel away from your normal routine is also a great idea for keeping your meets very private, meeting in a hotel room, while being anonymous also has a sense of excitement and occasion about it that you will truly enjoy.

Does fantasising about a Trans Woman make me gay?

Most of the men who love trans escorts are straight. They just think that these trans women with an extra special something makes for a tantalising experience they want to try. Spending time with a trans escort does not make you gay, these beautiful women, are all woman, soft sensual and eager to please they simply have a nice hard cock to go along with it all.

Will a Trans Escort Penetrate Me?

If you want her to, some me want to be penetrated, some want to do the penetrating it is completely up to you and your trans escort. She will have a nice hard cock ready for you so it would be terrible if it went to waste! Your time with a trans escort is just that – your time, and you can include whatever it is that you fantasise about. Do you want to suck her cock? Do you want thins pretty girl to pound you with her large hard dick? Whatever your fantasy it can be achieved with sexy trans escorts.

Whatever your shemale fantasy is the sexy trans women listed on the best trans escort directory are waiting to hear from you and will be delighted to support your every trans dream to make it a reality.

First time tips for spending time with a Trans Escort

March 7th, 2019

So, you have watched trans porn, a lot! You love women and fantasise about a beautiful woman who then whips out a big hard cock and penetrates you until you come – sound familiar! You are not alone, the amount of men who love trans porn is growing and by using trans escort directories like it makes it really easy to take that desire and fantasy into blissful reality.

Know what you want

The way to have the best first-time experience with a trans escort is to have an idea of what you actually want, do you simply want to be penetrated by a trans escort or do you want her to dominate you. Do you have some favourite sex toys that you want her to use or is their some type of clothing that you want her to wear that really turns you on. Do you have a sexy scenario or role play that you want to play out or do you simply want to spend time with a sexy escort and explore every part of her unique body and her do the same to you? It is will make it easier for you to have a mind-blowing experience if you have an idea how you want you trans escort date to go. By letting your chosen trans escort know an idea of what you are looking for in advance then they can prepare accordingly and deliver the trans sex experience you have been dreaming about.

Make contact

After you have an idea of what you are looking for then you have the very fun job of finding a trans escort who can meet your needs. If you are looking for something very simple, just mind-blowing sex then most of the trans escort will be able to accommodate that. If you are looking for a specific fetish to be included, then you will have to read their profiles to see if they offer what you are dreaming of. Common fetishes are accommodated by most trans escorts, but it is always good to check so you won’t be disappointed when your trans escort arrives.

Incall or Out Call

When you have found your favourite trans escort then you need to arrange a time and a place for your date, some trans escorts are able to host you in their place, or they can come to you. If you want to make it a special occasion, especially for your first time then perhaps book a hotel. Arrange with your chosen trans escort on what time you will meet and how long you want them to be with you for, you can also ask the cost in advance so you don’t waste time discussing these details when they arrive and you can get right down to making your trans sex fantasy a reality.

Calm your nerves

It is completely normal to be nervous before your first meeting with a trans escort, but say calm, have a shower before they arrive and place any items you will need within easy reach. Don’t spend too much time chatting when they arrive (this is easy to do if you are nervous) let them take the reins and spend your time together making your trans sex fantasy come to life.

Dungeon Play with a Shemale Mistress

February 11th, 2019

BDSM is all about exploring your inner desires and fetishes and the best way to do this is with a trans escort as your mistress. Having a sexy woman take control and make you do exactly as she asks is a fantasy for many, many men. A dominant woman with beautiful breasts and a nice hard cock to punish you with is tantalizing and popular with most straight men!

Trans Mistress Fun

Spending time with a Trans Escort as your dominatrix mistress is one of the most pleasurable nights you will ever have. As her disobedient slave you will have to do as she asks, and as she asks it – be prepared to be dominated, humiliated, spanked, tweaked and brought to the edge of pleasurable endurance as she torments you into the night for her own pleasure.

One of the best places to explore BDSM with your Trans Mistress is in a fully equipped dungeon, these sexy places have everything you need to explore all your fetishes and have the most amazing trans BDSM experience.

Sex Dungeons in London

  • Hoxton Dungeon Suite in Hoxton – Saucy first class BDSM apartment in Hoxton that mainly caters for overnight stays but can accommodate afternoons too! Full equipped with different rooms and all the bells and whistles to makes your stay nothing but pleasure or pain if that’s how you like it with your trans mistress.
  • London Dungeon Hire – A theatre of desire in East London, this is a great place to try out different fetishes and delights with your trans mistress. Let her guide you through the different rooms and try out as many of the toys as you can.
  • The Luxury Central London Dungeon in Camden – Fully equipped with a discreet entrance means that you and your trans mistress will have the place to yourself and no one to disturb your naught explorations of all the equipment in the Camden based BDSM dungeon.

Sex Dungeons around the UK

  • The Secret Dungeon in High Wycombe -located close to the town centre this private dungeon has all the facilities you could ever want. This sexy place even has its own hot tub, so you can relax and indulge in there after your BDSM action. Photographers and filmmakers love this sexy seductive place so spending time in there with your trans escort mistress with be a night never to forget.
  • House du Croix in Bristol – This steamy place has two different rooms so you and your trans mistress can explore them to your hearts content. One of the rooms has a full suspension frame so you can enjoy hanging out!! Fully equipped with all the exciting BDSM gear you will never want to leave.
  • The Manchester Chambers in Manchester – Spread over two floors you will have all the space you need to explore this dungeon with your trans escort. If medical play is your thing then they have a medical room all set up and ready to go – just what the doctor ordered!!

To find a trans escort who can accommodate your sexual desires visit www.shemaleescort.XXX for the best directory of Trans escorts anywhere and find your favourite to indulge in your fantasy.

Transgender Escorts in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham & The whole of the UK

Transgender Escorts

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