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Latest sleepygirl News

Getting Out There – Outdoor Sex Ideas with Your Trans Escort

May 18th, 2021

Now that lockdown restrictions in the UK have lifted, it’s a great time to get out there and enjoy the company of a sexy trans escort. With summer just around the corner, it’s ideal to look for places where you can enjoy an intimate hook up.

Outdoor Sex with a Trans Escort

For many people, outdoor sex is a taboo kink that is worth exploring. There’s nothing quite like thrill of the chase, and of getting caught, when it’s shared with a trans escort who has a passion for public sex.

Be smart, vigilant and safe, and check out these places to have sex in the great outdoors…

The Back Alley

When you’re in a hurry to find a public place to have sex in the city, with your favourite trans escort, the back alley is the perfect location. It’s a suitably dark and intimate spot, and ideal for a quickie.

Suss out the scene beforehand, to check if it’s a high foot traffic short cut, or if you’re likely to be undisturbed by people hanging around.


The beach is a prime destination for outdoor sex. On a balmy day, who can resist the temptation to strip off and go for a skinny dip? Take your trans escort on a date to the local beach, and have fun swimming and sunbathing, and looking for a secluded spot.

As you’re already half naked, enjoying each other’s bodies is the next natural step on a hot date.


Gothic inspired cemeteries are surprisingly popular places of debauchery. Besides having loads of graves and tombstones, the layout of a cemetery typically features plots that are decorated with greenery and romantic sculptures and statues.

Outdoor sex in a moonlit cemetery is a wonderfully erotic way to get your rocks off.

Parking Lots

Want to fuck your trans escort under the stars, in a great outdoor location? Get in your car and drive to the nearest multi-storey car park. Find your perfect secluded parking spot up on the rooftop. If you’re lucky, you may even have a view overlooking decent scenery.

You can have casual sex in the back seat of your vehicle, or out in the open air.


A romantic spot for a walk in the woods with your trans escort that ends in the most amazing pleasure!

During the day, you and your trans escort can play the naughty adult version of hide ‘n’ seek in the bushes and thickets of trees. Engage in anal sex after dark or find somewhere ultra-secluded to fuck in the day by a tree!


May 13th, 2021

A Quick History of The Fem Dominatrix

May 9th, 2021

Strong, sexually confident, and typically clad in leather, the Dominatrix is undoubtedly the cultural icon of the sex fetish world. This formidable feminine figure has been whip wielding and punishing for centuries.

Trans Escort Dominatrix Delight

This vision of sexiness is all the better when it is being wielded by a Trans Escort. Leather or latex clad, with long hair, longer legs beautiful round breasts and a nice hard cock to punish you with!

If you want to impress your trans escort with your expert knowledge of history, read on to discover the facts of the history of the Dominatrix…

From Ancient to Modern Times

There is evidence of punishment, for sexual pleasure, dating back as far the time of the earliest civilisations. An image of a woman being flogged, while engaged in a threesome, can be viewed at the ancient Etruscan ‘Tomb of the Whipping (in the Necropolis of Monterozzi near Tarquinia, in Italy). This erotic fresco dates back to 490 BC approximately.

You’ll also find the female Dom in examples of ancient art, like the ‘Villa of the Mysteries’, which features a whip-wielding goddess. This imagery is so common, that many archaeologists believe that acts like flogging and sensory deprivation were performed as part of religious initiations.

As a leading historian of the Dominatrix, Anne O. Nomis explored the connection between punishment, erotic sensations, and an altered state of consciousness, in her book ‘The History and Arts of the Dominatrix’.

Gorgeous Trans Escorts

In the centuries following the invention of the printing press, erotic literature became a thing. By this time, we no longer had to rely on making educated guesses about people’s sexual beliefs and kinks, as they were happy to write about it.

First printed in 18th-century England, ‘Fashionable Lectures’ explores the practice of whipping by beautiful authoritative women, like mothers, stepmothers, housekeepers and governesses.

John Cleland’s famous novel ‘Fanny Hill’ features several scenes that involve flogging. In fact, the protagonist Fanny dominates and flogs many of her paying male clients.

The 19th Century & Beyond

One of the most famous figures associated with flogging in the 19th century is Theresa Berkley. Named as the inventor of the notorious ‘Berkley Horse’ BDSM apparatus, this enterprising businesswoman also ran one of London’s most famous brothels. Besides offering a vast collection flogging implements for use, Mrs Berkley flogged her clients and also allowed them to whip her.

As the erotic literature, of the day, generally featured sex workers it was widely believed that ‘respectable’ women simply didn’t get up to that kind of thing. The reality is that even though literature reflected that punishment/pleasure is pure fantasy, what women really liked to express and experience during sex remained a secret for eras and decades.

The modern BDSM culture was birthed out of the post-war sexual revolution. If you’re interested in exploring kink, hook up with a trans escort Dominatrix and discover what gets you off.


May 7th, 2021

Escort of the Week

May 1st, 2021

First Time Anal Sex Tips with A Trans Escort

April 28th, 2021

Are you keen to try anal for the first time with a trans escort? To ensure that you progress from a beginner to an expert, there are some important things that you need to know…

Having penetrative anal sex for the first time is likely to be painful. To minimise the pain and discomfort, you need to ensure that you’re doing it right.

Love Anal Sex with a Trans Escort

We love anal because it’s tight and intensifies the pleasure of penile rubbing. If you want to give it a go, be upfront with your trans escort. And don’t be afraid to let them take the lead, if they have more experience than you. The most pleasurable sensations imaginable await you, on the other side of penetration.

Get Clean

Before you dive into anal sex for the first time (and every time!), it’s essential that you get clean. Your anus should be so scrupulously clean that you can eat out of it.

Prior to hooking up with your favourite trans escort, it’s a good idea to avoid eating spicy foods. Take a shower and use an anal douche to flush a stream of water into your hole.

Be Safe

If it’s your first time as the receiving partner, you will undoubtedly have small skin tears in the anus and rectum. Reduce your risk of catching a STD by making sure that your trans escort wears a condom and uses lube.

Use Good Quality Lube

Forcing a penis into the tight and super sensitive rectum will cause tearing and intense pain. To minimise the damage, lube up with plenty of good quality lubricant. Spit just won’t do. Use a silicone-based lube and continuously reapply it.

And Relax!

Mind blowing orgasmic pleasure lies behind the entrance of the anus. To navigate your way into the tight passageway, you first need to relax the anal sphincter.

This muscle isn’t able to relax quickly, so it requires considerable attention. Use a lubed up finger to prep, and to gently stimulate and coax the muscle to relax. You can also use your tongue or prostate toys. Once your trans escort’s sphincter has relaxed, it can be stretched to accommodate your penis.

Don’t Do the Nasty

Even though it seems to be a porn star favourite move, do NOT do the nasty. Going anal to oral and back to anal is unhygienic, and a great way to pick up a sexual infection.

Trans Escorts are Amazing

For the best anal experience ever book a trans escort today and let her make sure you have the most intense anal sex experience of your life. Find the best trans escort on www.sleepygirl.co.uk


April 26th, 2021


Fun Tongue Play with your Trans Escort

April 21st, 2021

When you’re in the company of a gorgeous trans escort, your tongue is a tool that can be easily put to better use than just talking. Moist and pink, the super muscular organ of the mouth can enjoy a great workout with fun tongue play. You can find the best Trans Escorts on www.sleepygirl.co.uk

Pay Attention to Your Oral Hygiene       

Maintaining good dental and oral health is important, if you want to ensure that you don’t turn your trans escort off. Before you meet, make sure that you brush your teeth, and scrub your tongue. Floss to clean out any debris and finish off with minty fresh mouthwash.

Dirty Talk

As your tongue is most frequently used to talk, don’t hold back with dirty small talk, to get your trans escort in the mood for hot sex. Orally communicate what turns you on. Whisper sexy sweet nothings, and tease with tantalising words that flow off the tongue.

Practice with Frenchie’s

Great foreplay starts with a kiss. When you’re up close and personal, practice using your tongue in a sensual way. For French kissing to be considered good, it should be like a romantic and intimate duel between your two tongues, and not a facial tongue bath. Take your time, as you sensually glide your tongue between your trans escort’s parted lips, and let your tongue explore.

Give A Full Body Tongue Bath   

Once you’ve progressed beyond the French kissing foreplay and touching, you can exercise your mouth muscle by giving your sexy trans escort a full tongue bath.

Act like you’re a cat in heat and use your tongue to lick your partner from head to toe. Start with the mouth and move to the neck and earlobes. Keep it sensually slow, as you lick and kiss the neck and move towards the torso. Give sensitive nipples lots of attention. Lick all the way down to the genitals and continue south to the legs and feet.

Your trans escort will be begging you to up the pace for an orgasmic finish.

Explore Erogenous Zones            

There are plenty more erogenous zones on the human body than you may think. Besides the obvious genitals, many people sensitively react to having areas like the neck, ears, nipples, inner thigh and feet stimulated by a moist tongue. Use your tongue to hunt out your trans escort’s secret sweet spots.

Lick That Lollipop

Work your partner into a sexual frenzy by licking the lollipop. Lick up and down the penis shaft and flick the head with your tongue. Take your time before moving on to the cum-filled balls.

Let Them Have It

If your partner is open to butt munching, let them have your tongue in their hole. Use it to relax the muscles of the anus. Lube up with flavoured gel and start with exploratory tongue play. Check your trans escort’s pleasurable response before moving up to the next level.


April 21st, 2021


April 14th, 2021


April 8th, 2021

Etiquette for Transgender Escorts

April 7th, 2021

It sounds very simple doesn’t it – search through the beautiful women available on Sleepy Girl and then arrange a date. However, if you have never spent time with a transgender escort before or have not used one for a while it is good to have a quick refresh on best practice and etiquette.

Research your Favourite Transgender Escort

The first tip is to spend some time searching through the options for your perfect trans escort. There is a lot of information about the escorts on the Sleepy Girl website so look at where they are, where they are willing to travel to and what they are happy doing – this saves time and energy on both your parts as you won’t be disappointed when you call and find out they are too far away from you.

Specific is Better

Be specific when you call the trans escort, have a couple of dates/times to suggest to see when she can come to see you. Tell her what you are looking for as much as you can and don’t be embarrassed about asking for what you want in advance, this means you will get it! Having specifics also lets the trans escort know that you are serious about wanting to meet.

 Confirm Your Date

This is especially important if you are booking in advance around business trips or travel itineraries, a quick email, phone call or text is appreciated so the trans escort knows that you are ready and waiting for them.

Relaxed & Friendly

When you meet the trans escort stay relaxed, they are there to please you, if you are feeling a little nervous it is OK to tell them, they can make you feel at ease, be honest and friendly to ensure you get the best experience. It is also best practice to have a shower before you trans escort arrives, this ensures you are both comfortable throughout the session. Being friendly, respectful and treating your trans escort as you would a friend will make the escort warm to you and you will both have a great time.

Ask for what you want

Creating a friendly rapport in the beginning helps you feel more comfortable to ask for what you want throughout the date. It is best to discuss what you are looking for before you start as this means the time you have together will be focused on fulfilling your needs rather than the trans escort wondering what it is you want or being too embarrassed to ask so you spend most of the evening chatting trying to get round to it! Just ask!

Have a Good – Goodbye

If you have had a great time with your transgender escort, then feel free to arrange another time to meet. You can discuss what will happen at your next encounter or simply offer a suggestion for a time and date. If your booking was just a one off and you don’t want to see the escort again then that is also absolutely fine, say it was good to meet you and then goodbye.


April 1st, 2021
Escort of the Week

Escort of the Week

March 30th, 2021
TS SHiRLey RiCCelly

For that unforgettable experience





March 25th, 2021

Questions to Ask Your Trans Escort

March 24th, 2021

When it comes to booking the services of a Transgender Escort, it goes without saying that you’ll want to make the most of your time with her. To that end, we will give you a few pointers to help you maximise your pleasure during your trans escort experience.

First Time Questions

If this is your first time, availing yourself of the company of a trans escort, then you no doubt have a few questions – in addition, there are a few pointers and tips which will guarantee that you will not leave disappointed that evening. One simple tip is that it is always best to be concise, and honest, about your desires and requirements regarding the rendezvous.

When they do, be sure that you have your questions prepared.

Some most frequently asked questions are:

  • “Do you swallow?”
  • “Do you fuck guys?”
  • “Can I fuck you?”

If you require that your trans-escort does fuck you, then they are classified as an “Active” trans-escort. Conversely, if you want to fuck her, then you require the services of a “Passive” trans-escort. Upon meeting your sexy tranny escort, you will find that most prefer to settle the business arrangements upfront, prior to anything else. As a result, it is considered respectful and courteous if you offer to finalise the monetary matters, dispensing with the fiscal side of things early as possible, enabling you to fully enjoy the rest of your time with her.

Fulfilling your Trans Sex Fantasies

Remember that you, the client, are financing this appointment, this encounter is about fulfilling your desires and fantasies, making your deepest desires a reality.

It goes without saying that you should treat your appointment like any other date – Your trans-escort will have ensured she looks her utmost best for your rendezvous in terms of cleanliness and appearance and a little acknowledgment and appreciation regarding this goes a long way. Conversely it is your responsibility to ensure that you have observed certain hygienic formalities if you anticipate engaging in particular erotic activities e.g. rimming with your trans escort, it is not uncommon at all for escorts to request that you wash prior to any assignation.

Some trans escorts will spend time with you afterwards for drinks, chats or just cuddles – but please ensure that any post – coital activity has been pre – arranged and pre -agreed upon as appointments are generally meticulously planned.

Making a date with a transgender escort can be a somewhat daunting prospect at first, and many potential clients change their mind but there is no need. The key to successful and enjoyable experience is, above all honesty, rest assured, that we’ve heard it all before, so share your fantasies – whatever they are, you’ll be left in the very capable hands of a stunning Transgender escort who’ll doubtlessly fulfil your desires.

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March 23rd, 2021

The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Your Trans Escort to A Social Gathering

March 19th, 2021

Once lockdown is over, we will all want to be getting out a lot more so taking your favourite trans escort to a social gathering may be top of your post lockdown list!

Taking your favourite Trans Escort to a Party and letting her give you her undivided attention before taking you back home for more attention is fun and exciting. Taking your Trans Escort to corporate events, friend’s gatherings, weddings, or special parties is completely acceptable – if you are attending, or hosting such an occasion, then it is probable that you’d like to have a sexy and beautiful plus one to accompany you.

Trans Escorts at Social Gatherings

Of course, your trans escort will be highly experienced when it comes to attending such occasions, and so will be relaxed and comfortable and discreet. Apart from attending the function, your escort would probably be more than happy to join you for some quality time after you leave the function, if you so wish, but make sure that this is arranged at the time of the booking.

Quick Do’s & Don’ts

It should go without saying that there are some vital dos and don’ts when taking your escort to such events, but we’re going to give a few pointers anyhow…

Do treat your trans escort with the utmost respect and dignity; treat them the same as you would any other date, and how yourself would like to be treated.

Do be sure to tell your trans escort in advance exactly what kind of event it is, and inform them of what is expected with regards to dress code, so your escort will turn up immaculately dressed for the occasion.

Do wear a genuine smile upon your face – there is nothing to worry about… Your trans escort is used to such events, and is there to be an asset to you, always professional, that genuine smile makes you both look approachable and easy going – even when you are dressed to impress!

Do make sure you have clarified everything that you want from your trans escort experience, and know their boundaries, so you won’t be left feeling disappointed.

Don’t overdo it on the alcohol. If you are at a formal gathering, it’s highly likely that drinks are on offer so go easy; we suggest that two or three drinks will be sufficient; nobody wants to be remembered as “the guy who got drunk”….

Don’t expect your trans escort to stay longer hours than you have arranged and paid for, if the function goes on later than expected. Perhaps before you depart ensure that you have discussed any extra payments for such occurrences.

Gorgeous Trans Escorts

Whatever you are looking for in a Trans Escort, take a look at the beautiful women on www.sleepygirl.com who area available in London, Manchester, across the UK and abroad.

Escort of the Week

March 18th, 2021

The Perfect Trans Escort is Out There!

March 12th, 2021

Here are some tips on how to find her!

There is a trans escort out there who matches your requirements perfectly, from fetish, to location, to price – and to be honest there are probably many more than one. SleepyGirl.co.uk has a huge selection of trans escorts for you to choose form.

Here are some tips on finding the right trans escort for you:

Local Makes it Easy!

At sleepy girl you can search for your trans escort either by regions or by City. We have the best list of escorts in all major UK cities. Search for Escorts in UK Capitals like Edinburgh and London and other major cities like Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds. We also list international escorts and those that are willing to travel to, or with you. When you search for a trans escort in your city and you find a profile you like you can also check the About Me and Maps section as it will often give you a good idea of where they are located!

Filter Your Search

If you have specific preferences in your ideal escort you can use the quick filter to search by their age and whether they provide incalls, outcalls or both. This will narrow help narrow your search down significantly. If you don’t mind then leave the search filters clear and you can browse through the beautiful profiles.

Ask Questions

We pride ourselves on providing the very best service and at sleepy girl you can see who has logged into their escort in the last 30 mins so you can send them a quick message to find out what they can offer or when they are available.

Profiles are Worth a Read

The first thing that you will look at when browsing for your escort will of course be the profile photos – when you see someone that catches your eye click into their profile and see more photos and read about them lots of your questions about what they like and don’t like is included in the profile. There is information about Age ranges that they will meet, how far they are willing to travel, their preferred role (if any) whether they agree to duo’s/trio’s, fetish sex they like, and all their contact information is included. Have a look and if they match what you are looking for – what are you waiting for?

Relaxation Options

Most of our trans escorts are happy to give and receive massage and enjoy a day or evening with you, check their profile for info or just contact them and ask –

Whatever you are looking for in a trans escort, sleepygirl.co.uk has them listed. We have the best list of trans escorts in the UK and have escorts across all major cities and regions, use our postcode search to find the nearest transgender escort to you!

Transgender Escorts in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham & The whole of the UK

Transgender Escorts

Transgender Escorts are beautiful, sexy and ready to meet you. For those looking for a wild night of fun and trans escort fantasy, a beautiful TS Escort who can touch you just the way you like it, you can make it happen on sleepygirl.co.uk. The sexy trans escorts on Sleepygirl.co.uk are the horniest, curviest and most beautiful transsexual escorts you can find in the UK. Soft lips, round breasts and throbbing hard cocks – these girls can’t wait to meet you and fulfil your wildest fantasies!

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