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Latest sleepygirl News

Sexy London Things to do with your sexy London Trans Escort

August 14th, 2017

Sex and London have been synonymous for as long as anyone has been horny! This amazing liberal capital city is one of the best places on earth to spend time with a sexy, smooth, beautiful SheMale Escort and here is a quick list of some sexy things to do with her when you spend some time together.

SheMale Escorts in London

London has some of the best hotels, best restaurants and best bars and clubs in the world any of these sexy places would be perfect for a night out with your trans escort before heading back to a slinky hotel for a night of naughty fun. However, for those of you who are more adventurous and really want to discover naughty, sexy London then keep reading for some saucy ideas for great dates with the sexiest of SheMale Escorts keeping you company along the way.

Kinky Clubs to visit with your Trans Escort

Something on everyone’s to do list is to visit one of London’s very sexy, and very naughty sex clubs, these range in style from pretty fetish parties where people dance the night away and visit the elegantly themed rooms to specific nights for those with a particular fetish. Some of the better places to visit with your trans escort are The Torture Garden, Killing Kittens parties and Club Anarchist. One of the best things about going to these clubs is that extremely fantastic costumes are required as a matter of course so both you and your SheMale Escort will look sexy, amazing and very fuckable.

The London Dungeons

The dungeons we are talking about are not on the tourist trail, London has scattered about a range of dungeons that can be hired out for a few hours at a time or even overnight. If you have ever had BDSM dreams then these sexy play spaces can fulfil even the dirtiest of fantasies. Taking a your SheMale escort with you to enjoy everything these dungeons has to offer is one of the best London sex experiences you will ever have. Whether you are a sub or a dom, your Trans Escort will fulfil whatever role you are looking for and leave you with intense memories of fantastic orgasms, that you can cherish until the next time!

Sex Shops in London

London has a shop for everything and that doesn’t stop when it comes to sex. You will find a great range of great shops selling everything you could imagine and more from these little dens of heaven. Forget the high street sex shops, these are tame in comparison to some of the lovely independent sex shops you can find. Just try not to get too horny when finding your next little sex gadget. London is also home to an amazing array of designer makers, and they often have sample sales or come together to have sex shopping markets where you can pick up everything naughty in one place.

Trans Escorts in London

One of the naughtiest and most sensual sexual experiences you will ever have is of course with your Trans Escort, ask them in advance if you are looking for something specific, if you would like them to dress a certain way or you want to play out a particular scene they will be only too happy to oblige or just let these London beauties lead you for a night you will never forget.

What’s so hot about boobs and a cock?

August 7th, 2017

More and more men are enjoying the services of TS Escorts, as a fantasy for many men these trans escorts are exciting and willing to please and deliver on your every SheMale fantasy.

One of the biggest reasons that men love to spend time with a T-Girl is that they have beautiful round real breasts, a soft curvy body and smooth skin but with the added extra of a cock still down below. This is just irresistible to many men, or for those who are simply curious, they men who love Trans Escorts can be straight, gay or bisexual there are no limits or no labels about who spends time with these beautiful girls.

Top, Bottom or Versatile

When you decide to spend time with a SheMale Escort, you should make sure she can give you exactly the type of experience you are looking for. For this reason, you should check whether you trans escort is a ‘top’ a ‘bottom’ or ‘versatile’ or ‘vers’. These distinctions are important for the type of experience that you are looking for. Don’t be shy, you can always just ask or read their profile on which should give lots of details about them and the services they offer.

Trans Escorts are also happy to accommodate a range of sexual fetishes, check their profile to see what they are happy to join in with or ask a quick questions to see if they can accommodate your particular fetish and then have a great time together making your fetish dreams a reality.

Discreet Trans Escorts

One of the biggest hurdles to spending time with a Trans Escort, sometimes is that many men want to keep the meeting completely private. The trans escorts on SheMaleEscort.XXX are completely discreet and respect your privacy. You don’t need to worry about anyone finding out about your time together jut relax and enjoy the experience. You can find a SheMale Escort that provides incalls which means you can meet them at their place, or you can choose somewhere completely neutral and anonymous like a local hotel to make an evening event of your time together.

More Fun with Boobs & a Cock

The ensuring appeal of T-Girl Escorts is the fact they are beautiful women, they look like women, talk like women, feel like women and smell like women but have the added advantage of having their own penis for you to play with. They are great at giving blow jobs as they have their own cock so they know how to make you feel amazing and can be a top or a bottom depending on what you are looking for. Along with their penis you also have all the fun of beautiful breasts to touch, watch and play with, long legs and beautiful buttocks for all types of fun and games.

Trans Escort Directory

The hottest SheMale Escorts can be found on, you can search through the hot ladies available, find ones that are waiting for your call or find ones near your location.

Great Lingerie your Trans Escort will look amazing in

July 22nd, 2017

Trans Escorts are a mix of trans women and men who love to dress as women, either way one of the most amazing things about spending time with a trans escort is the fact they look absolutely incredible in sexy lingerie. Whether you like them to wear lace or latex the range of beautiful lingerie available is breath-taking and these beautiful SheMale Escorts love to wear it to show if off to you.

Different Types of Lingerie

Lingerie can take many different forms and ranges in colour and style the same way as fashion does. It encompasses both traditional undergarments, bra and knickers, but also nightware and lingerie costumes for sexy role play. Whether you like your Trans Escort to be clad in pretty lace, dressed to dominate in black PVC underwear or completely covered head to toe in lovely latex underwear, or laced into a beautiful corset, these beautiful SheMales are more than happy to accommodate your lingerie requests as they know they look stunning in anything you want them to wear.

Lingerie Fetish & SheMale Escorts

SheMale Escorts are often more than happy to accommodate any type of sexual fetish as long as it is discussed before the event so everyone knows what to expect, and one of the most fun fetishes for them to accommodate is a lingerie fetish. These beautiful women or crossdresser escorts just love to dress up in the sexiest lingerie they have, display the beautiful lingerie for you, then strip off as much or as little as you like them to.

Here are a few brands of Sexy Lingerie you Trans Escort will look amazing in:

La Perla: An old and established brand of luxury lingerie that any trans woman or crossdresser loves to wear and parade. An Italian brand that oozes sexiness and confidence in its luxe fabrics and beautifully detailed lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret: A more modern and an American Brand that has a luxe feel with high street availability. Making sexy lingerie a more normal part of everyday purchases this brand is well received and easily available.

Bordelle: Only founded in 2007 but making waves in the luxury lingerie line, slightly vintage, slightly kinky these sensual designs are made for play but are a more expensive than your high street brands.

Agent Provocateur: Synonymous with luxury lingerie, this is the brand every woman wants to own. From lingerie to bodysuits and sexy kimono’s Trans Escorts will feel amazing in these expensive but well worth it items.

Guia La Bruna: This young lingerie designer creates everything in house, which makes for a very personalised finish on all the items. Expensive but worth it if you really want to splash out.

Anne Summers: High street lingerie that is sexy and moves with the fashions. Perfect for a quick update to a sexy wardrobe and they also stock a fun range of costumes and role pay accessories to keep you going all through the night and beyond.

Coco de Mer: A erotic lingerie and sex toys store which is readily available, changes seasonally and is just a little bit naughty in its approach.

Whatever you like your SheMale Escort to wear just let them know in advance and they will try and accommodate any and all of your requests. To find a SheMale Escort near you visit

Sexy Bondage Techniques to try with your SheMale Escort

July 17th, 2017

SheMale Escorts love to excite you and fulfil every sex fantasy you have including bondage. For those of you who love bondage, ropes and other restraints a sexy Trans Escort can make your tied up lustful dreams a sexy reality.

Finding a hot Trans Escort with excellent rope technique is essential. Fortunately, you can find a huge range of different trans escorts at

First Time Bondage?

Spending time with a beautiful, sexy Trans Escort in order to try something new, like bondage, is a relaxing and rewarding experience. If you are a novice at bondage and want someone else to ‘show you the ropes’ then spending time with a sexy Trans Escort who can tie you up and give you’re the bondage fantasy you are looking for is the best introduction to this sexy play.

Shibari, is the ancient name for rope bondage and is a sexy word in itself. While rope bondage is as old as the hills it is still one of the simplest and the best which is why it is one of the first types of bondage people tend to discover for themselves.

The Four Major Bondage Techniques

  1. Rope Wrapping: This is achieved by wrapping the rope all around the body, so that there is no overlapping of the lines. This is one of the first types of wrap most people start with, it is quite easy and feels great, tight, restrictive and sexy.
  2. Rope Weaving: This rope technique needs a little more practice. Start with the classic rope wrapping process as above, then create a crossed line effect all over the body, then weave the rope in and out to create a beautiful effect on the outside of the body while feeling pleasantly secure within.
  3. Double Rope: Creating beautiful patterns is what the double rope technique is all about. For the more adventurous and better skilled this technique takes practice but delivers beautiful results.
  4. Single Rope: A simple technique, often used to secure a person in position ready for a beautiful trans escort to play with at their leisure.

No Rope – No Problem

Bondage of course is not limited to different types of tying with a rope there are many different ways in which to restrain or be restrained. Bondage tape is a great product which is often less intimidating than ropes and comes in a range of fun colours. Restraints for arms, legs and necks can also be used instead of ropes and as many of these have O or D rings attached they can be used with a range of other fun bondage or BDSM toys and tools. If you don’t have any of these dedicated tools to hand and you want to play with a little bondage with your Trans escort then everyday practical items like tights and ties can be used to secure hands, feet or other parts of your body to each other or the bed frame – your imagination, or that of your sexy SheMale Escort really is the limit.

Sexy Mouth – The forgotten art of kissing and more with your Shemale Escort

July 10th, 2017

You can do so much with a mouth and this is an all too often forgotten fact. Beautiful mouths can kiss, caress, swallow, bite and more which adds a huge addition when thinking about sex.

Trans escort know how powerful a mouth can be and long to please you with their soft and pretty mouths. Many of them have beautiful make-up including soft and bright shades of lipstick ready to do whatever you want when you choose to spend time with them.

Spend more time kissing

Kissing is very erotic, the feeling of someone else’s mouth on yours, pulling at your lips, licking and kissing all over your mouth and face can be the start of a very erotic and exciting evening. Kissing does not of course have to stop at the mouth and face, once you get going you won’t want it to stop and you shemale escort can start covering your body with kisses. You of course if you want can also discover her soft breasts and other parts of her womanly body with your lips and tongue for as long as you want.

Naughty Words

If you like some dirty talk to get you horny then asking your trans escort to give you a running commentary on what they are going to do to you is a great place to start – remember that mouth can be used for words too!

Biting can be pleasurable

If you like a little bit of pain with your sex, then remember that the mouth is a powerful tool for light biting and playful pulling of pretty much every area of your body. Nipples are a perfect size for a bit of biting and pulling but also think of less common areas like the buttocks, arms or the sensitive areas inside thigh for a little bite to get you hot and steamy.

Sucking & Rimming

When you think of a mouth and sex two of the most pleasurable actions are sucking and then also rimming. Your Trans escort will be skilled at sucking on your cock until you are begging her to stop and she can also spend time on your ass – you just have to tell her what you like!

Blow Jobs & Trans Escorts

As Trans Escorts also have cocks they know how to give the best blow jobs. Having them caress, kiss, suck and blow on your cock will be one of the best experiences you will ever have. Imagine your penis covered with the lipstick imprints of your trans escorts soft mouth before she takes it completely into her mouth and down her throat. Pleasure this intense can only be found by spending time with the most beautiful shemale escorts.

Trans Escorts are Exciting

Most men love a trans escort for how they look and the exciting surprise they have but often forget how sensual and sexual a mouth can be – so the next time you are spending time with your favourite shemale escort ask for a little extra kissing, sucking, rimming or biting and find out how pleasurable it can be.

Nurse Please! – Medical Play with a SheMale Escort

June 19th, 2017

There is nothing more fun than spending time with a Shemale Escort and indulging in a bit of role play. There are many different variations on a theme of sexy role play – perhaps a naughty school teacher, strong female solider, sexy air hostess or hot sexy firefighter. There are probably none more sexy than the idea of a hot shemale nurse taking care of you!

Trans Escort Nurse Role Play

The first thing that you will notice about your sexy Trans Escort when you arrange to spend some time together for sexy medical play is their hot and sexy nurses outfit. This can be anything from a pretty blue and white striped cotton gown, to a sexy PVC dress covered with red medical crosses to a full and sexy latex nurses outfit.

Your SheMale Escorts beautiful breasts will look amazing in the sexy nurses outfit while the short tight skirts will show off their long sexy legs while their cock is hidden underneath ready to play when needed.

Medical Play with a SheMale Escort

There are lots of games, role play experiences and toys you can play with when enjoying a nurse led sexy role play with your favourite trans escort. If you want to enjoy any type of role play with a sexy shemale escort make sure you let them know well in advance so they can fulfil your every desire and ensure they are ready to make your trans sex dreams a reality.

Medical Sex Toys

There are a huge amount of sex toys styled ready for nurse and medical role play and you can ask your trans escort which ones they are happy so use, or which ones they already have. With the wide variety of toys out there you will be spoilt for choice in which ones to start first. From a variety of plugs that can be inserted where you choose, to plugs, douches, speculums and everything in between, medical play has never been so rewarding.

Naughty Nurse Experience

If you want your trans escort to be a very naught nurse then combine lots of elements of classic BDSM into your medical playtime for a truly unique experience. Whether you want your trans nurse simply to examine you and take care of you while bringing you to the best orgasm you have ever had or you are looking for a dominant nurse to use you to test out a whole series of examinations or new medical tools while you are helpless then a shemale escort is the perfect partner for this type of sexy role play

Choosing a Trans Escort

Mecial Play and Nurse role play has always been a popular fetish and even more so with the sexy shemale escorts that are happy to join you in your medical play fetish. As with all role play experiences be specific about what you are looking for in advance of your time together to make sur they know what you are looking for and are able to fulfil your Nurse desires and your role play dreams.

Spending time in Edinburgh with your Trans Escort

June 6th, 2017

Edinburgh is a stunning city in which to spend time with your favourite trans escort – whether you are meeting up with one of the local lasses or are having a naughty weekend away in Edinburgh with your favourite girl!

Trans Escorts in Edinburgh

The Scottish trans escorts are simply stunning so if you are visiting Edinburgh be sure to check out SheMaleEscorts.XXX to see who is available when you are there. There is a great mix of transvestite and T-Girls available in and around the Edinburgh area. Many of the Trans Escorts and the Transvestite Escorts in Edinburgh are available for both incalls and outcalls. Check with your favourite girl where they want to meet and if you are going to them how to get there. Of course, if you are staying in Edinburgh and want them to meet you at your hotel then just let them know where you are staying.

Sexy Edinburgh Hotels

If you have not yet booked accommodation take a look at our sexy Edinburgh Hotels list below:

Located in Edinburgh’s New Town, The Howard is a luxury boutique hotel, sophisticated and smart with canopy beds and beautiful marble bathrooms.

If you go outside of the city then a 20-acre country estate could be the hotel for you as you find the Prestonfield. Historic Boutique hotel with plush rooms filled with opulent fabrics and antiques and a popular restaurant on site.

Since 1902, the Balmoral Hotel has stood as the cities oldest railway hotel. A large and majestic hotel with a range of room options perfect if you are visiting Edinburgh by train and want a little luxury when you step off the platform.

If you fancy modern hotel finishes housed in a traditional Georgian townhouse then The Tigerlilly is for you. Conveniently located in the New Town it has a great bar and modern plush bedding just waiting for a fun workout.

If you are looking for something quirky but luxurious then the Witchery by the Castle is the hotel to try. There are only eight suites in this quirky place but many have sexy bedroom décor and lavish bathrooms.

BDSM Dungeons with a Trans Escort

If you like a bit of BDSM and want to have some fun in Edinburgh with your Trans Escort then you are in luck as there are some great sex dungeons in Edinburgh you can make use of. Maison de Debauch is one of the more popular ones and you and your Trans escort can take advantage of all the fun toys and equipment that are available.

Edinburgh SheMale Escorts

Whether you live in Edinburgh or are visiting for work or pleasure, spending time with a beautiful Scottish Shemale is one thing in Edinburgh that you should not miss out on!

Great Sex Positions with a Shemale Escort

May 21st, 2017

Shemale escorts are the most beautiful, exciting people you will ever spend time with. The combination of beautiful soft skin, round breasts and hard cock is a combo you won’t forget and will want to repeat again and again.

SheMale Sex Positions

Once you have decided which of the beauties on ShemaleEscort.XXX is right for you then it is time to take a moment to think about the best sex positions to try with the beautiful girl. If it is your first time with the Trans Escort then perhaps letting her take the lead is the best option, she will make you feel, relaxed and by letting her take control you can just enjoy the whole experience without having to think much about it. Even if you decide that you want her to lead your time together there is nothing stopping you asking for your favourite position before you get going or even half way through. It is your time together so make sure you get everything you need out of it.

Your Favourite Sex Positions

If you have a very clear idea of the type of sex, or sex positions you want to try with your trans escort then all you have to do is let them know. Your T-Girl Escort is there to make you happy and satisfied and if there is something you desperately want to try then letting them know in advance is the best way of getting your Trans Sex Fantasy Fulfilled.

Best Trans Sex Positions

If you are pretty easy going about sex with your trans escort then here are a few ideas of fun positions to get you going. Remember that shemale escorts are happy to spend time with straight or gay men or even couples so let your imagination run wild and have fun exploring your naughty side with a hot, steamy T-Girl.

  1. The Boob Tube

One of the many great things about Trans Girls is the fact they have boobs, and given that fact then incorporating them into playtime with your escort has to be a top tip. With her on her back, sit astride her and push her cleavage together around your cock and rub backwards and forwards for great penis sensation while looking at her breasts and face – win!

  1. The Ride on Top

A similar position to the boob tube above, but with so many more sensations – climb astride her and settle on top with her cock nicely lubricated and inside you. Then either you or her can rise up and down or get a rocking motion going to take you sky high sensation wise. One of the best things about this position is that while you are riding on top you can watch both her face and also her boobs jiggling, while her hands are free to play with your cock as you ride!

  1. The Dominating Doggy

So doggy style is a sex position everyone must be familiar with, easy to do with reliable results – if you like to dominate your trans escort then this is a great position to do so as you are in control of the rhythm and speed of the motion and are also able to be rough or smooth depending on your preferences. As you are behind your trans escort you can also reach around to massage her cock or breasts before you climax.

Shemale Escort Variety – Do you go regular or different each time?

May 8th, 2017

Some people prefer to select a different trans escorts each time they book and some who would like to have the same one over and over again. There is no right and wrong in this matter and there are are many reasons for the difference in choice, so we are going to look at the difference in booking a new girl each time or having the same one on a regular basis.

Book New Trans Escorts Each Time

If you are the type of person who chooses a different trans escort then you will recognise some of the reasons below. Some simply prefer the excitement of meeting someone new, that flutter feeling before you meet the new t-girl for the first time. Perhaps it’s because some shemale escorts offer services that are specialist if you have a particular fetish that only a few escorts offer, you may not be able to get the same one for the same fetish each time. For those people who travel extensively meting new escorts in new cities each time is the most practical way to enjoy their sexy time together.

No Strings Sex

If you use a trans escort to fulfil a sexual need you can’t get elsewhere for a variety of reasons, or are in a relationship and don’t want to feel like you are cheating on your partner then using a new trans escort each time is the way to go. By using a new trans escort each time it will let you explore and satiate your sexual needs without feeling an attachment or any guilt. If you are booking a trans escort as a couple to explore new sexual experiences, then having a different shemale escort each time this prevents any jealousy building up. Booking a new trans escort each time is truly no strings attached sex, as you will see these beautiful trans escort girls once and then never again.

Build an Understanding with your Trans Escort

On the flip side of this, you find that some people prefer to spend time with the same shemale  escort over and over again. There are many benefits to this; one of them being, of course, that you build a rapport with your trans escort, so you get to know each other – they will soon ascertain how you like things, and can lead the way to new ventures which you may thoroughly enjoy also. You must also remember that although she will maintain a professional relationship with you, a regular shemale escort can often lend psychological support and become more than just your trans escort for sex. As they get to know you, you may come to cherish the emotional time, and investment, that they could provide, alongside their other favours.

More than Sex

Using the same trans escort on a regular basis can sometimes bridge the gap for many people, who find they are far too busy to be able to commit to a relationship, yet feel that they can confide in, and unload, the weight of their stresses and other tensions to their shemale escort. These kind of client / escort meetings are often booked on a regular basis and many trans escorts can offer a girlfriend experience or act as travel companion if required.

Booking a Trans Escort

There is no right or wrong to booking a trans escort, whether you prefer to see a regular girl or many different girls on a sporadic basis, it is just down to your personal choice and circumstances.

Do you like your Shemales with some muscle?

April 8th, 2017

Trans Girls really have the best of both worlds when it comes to how they look. They can choose to be slim and slinky, round and curvy or strong and muscly. Being a sexy girl with strong muscles and a athletic build is popular in shemales as they have the strength to build the muscle fast and look incredible while showing it off.

Muscle Love in Shemale Escorts

Muscle Fetishes are common and with so many more sexy trans women also loving the muscly athletic look, combining a love of muscles with a love of shemales for your sexy fantasy has never been easier. The fact that you can spend time with trans escorts that are so string and ripped means that there are other fantasies that can be played out.

Sex Fantasies with Trans Escorts

Having a gorgeous and ripped strong T-Girl Escort dominate you has got to be one of the best sexual experience there can be. Whether they are leather clad, latex clad, have pretty girly clothes on, or are simply stunningly naked with their breasts and cock out for you to look at and beg for, they are happy to dominate you in any way you like. Choose your favourite sex toy for them to use on you, have whips and restraints available to put you in submissive and sexy positions, or simply to make you their sex slave for a period of time before having the best orgasms you have ever experienced.

Dominate your Muscle Girl

If you are more into domination, then playing the master with a muscle hot trans escort must be the ultimate in sub/dom play. Ensure you explain to your trans escort before you start exactly how much you want them to resist you, once the parameters are set you can have your powerful way with your helpless sub for as long as you please.

Muscle Girls in Sexy Clothes

We have already mentioned that a dominatrix muscle trans escort could wear a sexy leather outfit or other classic dominatrix wear, but they also look amazing in other clothes too. Sexy bodybuilding bikini’s that let their muscles bulge out along with their hard cocks show through as they get harder and harder. Uniformed muscle babes are always popular along with pretty dresses or glam evening wear.

Booking a Trans Escort

If you are looking for a Trans Escort who is muscly, sexy and willing to please then visit the SheMalesEscort.XXX website to browse through the sexy girls available near you and then you can choose the one that most fits your idea of a horny night in. You can check out how sexy they look on their profiles and look at their bodies to see if they have the muscles you are looking for. You can also read in their profiles about which fetishes they can help you with, if in doubt send them a message to ask so you are not disappointed later.

Transgender Escorts in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham & The whole of the UK

Transgender Escorts

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