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Latest sleepygirl News

2018 is the year to try a Trans Escort – here are ten reasons why

December 15th, 2017

With the New Year comes the spirit of hope, excitement and brand-new possibilities. It’s the time of year where anything seems open to you and you dare to take the bull by the horns (so to speak). So if you’ve been fantasising about what a Trans girl can offer you, then ‘Carpe Diem!’ –  now is the time to seize that fantasy and make it a reality.

Shemale Escorts

That’s right, 2018 is the year for you to try a Trans Escort – and here are ten reasons why.

  1. There comes a time when we all want a little more excitement between the sheets. It doesn’t mean giving up on old favourites, but maybe you want something different? New? Exciting? A Trans Escort delivers all of this in one, neat package. In fact, you may come to describe it as your ultimate escorting experience.
  2. A Trans Escort will often go further than the rest. Ask, or you won’t receive….. If you want a no-holds-barred, kinky bit of bi-curious fun, then this is your gal.
  3. Using a Trans Escort does not make you gay. You know that, they know that. This type of Escort is unflappable, they don’t judge or pigeonhole, they are broad-minded – just like their clients. There’s nothing to be uncomfortable about with a Trans Escort. Whatever floats your particular boat, the chances are that they’ve already seen it, done it, got the t-shirt.
  4. A Trans Escort knows how to drive you wild with their feminine ways and yet is also familiar with being the dominant male – a special blend to have you soaring to ecstasy.
  5. They know all about a man’s needs and desires. You don’t need to spell out to them how delicious the downward feel of a mouth is because they already know it. Win-win.
  6. Trans Escorts are the epitome of feminine passion. Perhaps because it hasn’t come naturally to them, these escorts are careful to cultivate the ways and wiles of sophisticated females.
  7. Exploration with a Trans Escort can be a daunting thought. But if this the path that you want to tread, it’s worth bearing in mind that this experience can definitely help you to feel sexually secure and confident in yourself. So, whether it’s a bedroom pastime that you plan to return to, or just a one-off, the chances are that you’ll leave your encounter smiling quietly to yourself and feeling just a little bit more emboldened than before.
  8. Put simply – New Year is a time of infinite possibilities. If being with a Trans Escort is your dream, then go for it – see your New Year in with a bang!
  9. Trans people are a firm favourite in the porn industry. If you’ve salivated over them on the screen, then now is your chance to recreate your passion in real life. It can be your exotic fetish, the new thing that you try in January.

And finally – what it all comes down to is that with a Trans Escort you have the best of both worlds. That’s right, have your cake and eat it, in other words. And who doesn’t want that?

Anal sex techniques that are better with a trans escort.

December 6th, 2017

For all men, anal sex is a guaranteed route to finding their pleasure. There plenty of escorts to choose from to indulge your fantasies, so what makes trans escorts better with anal sex?

Experience something new

Many gay men have often wondered what it would be like to sleep with a female, without actually wanting to do it. A trans escort can provide that safe, halfway house. You can have sex with them on the premise that they identify as a man, but you also have the knowledge that they weren’t always a man. This can ease any discomfort that you might feel about experimenting with different sex than usual and erase any guilt for straying from your usual path. When you’re finished exploring all the anal sex fun you like with your sexy trans escort, you can just let the situation go and walk away. It doesn’t need to have an impact on your day-to-day life, so it’s perfectly possible that if you want to keep this as your own, special secret then you can.

Anal Sex Positions

Anal sex is amazing with a Trans Escort because they know how it feels to have great Anal Sex and so are able to ensure you get the best experience possible. Whether you want your trans escort to give or receive (be a top or bottom) they really know great anal sex so you are in safe and sexy hands!

A Trans Escort on Top

Letting you SheMale Escort be the top is a great way for them to take control of the whole situation and you simply relax and let them deliver what the do best. This makes directing your evening easy as you shemale escort will turn and move you as they want you until you have the most incredible orgasm ever. While for many this means being penetrated from behind, don’t forget that you can also be penetrated and be face to face with you sitting on top of you escort for an unusual and more intimate experience that also lets you play with her pretty breasts while having great anal sex.

A Trans Escort as Bottom

If you like to be in control and want your trans escort to be the bottom then this is a great way to set the rhythm you want and have a fulfilling sexual experience with you in the driving seat. Penetrating from behind means you can also reach around and play with your trans escorts breasts or pull on her hair for a fun way to grind. As above remember you can also have you escort seated on top of you to see her bouncing breasts and you move together before you have a delicious and exciting orgasm.

Fun Anal Sex Positions

There are a huge amount of anal sex positions you can try with your gay escort, try standing up or over furniture, the angle of penetration always make a difference to the way things feel so also try the same positions from different angles to see what you like best. The best anal sex positions require lots of lube and a relaxing atmosphere to make it successful and that is what a trans escort can provide for you no matter which position is your favourite!

Why Trans Escorts are the best companions for NYE

December 1st, 2017

When you think of NYE, you probably think about dancing, drinking and staying up till dawn – it’s the biggest night of the year. For a lot of people they go for fun, the party atmosphere and sometimes a no-strings sexual encounter.

So why is a trans escort the best companion for you on New Years Eve? There are plenty of reasons!

New Years Eve & Trans Escorts

If sexy trans women are your thing, then New Years Eve shakes off its shackles to become an out of the ordinary & sexy evening. It’s now a special evening, full of the promise of what’s going to come later (pun intended). Trans Escorts are fun, fluid and frisky. You’ll be entering the evening with a real sense of possibility.

Best Sex on New Years Eve

Now for the best bit – guaranteed sex with your chosen trans escort. Lots of people will be looking to get laid that night, but you actually have the secure knowledge that it can definitely happen for you. And most excitingly of all, you can choose the type of sex you want. Domination with whips and ties, a rushed but passionate quickie at the end of the night, or slow and sensual from a beautiful SheMale Escort who certainly knows the ropes and how to make you feel amazing. Imagine letting these thoughts trickle through your mind as the music starts, the disco lights start shedding their colours onto the dancefloor and the evening revs up for some serious fun.

Party with a Trans Escort on NYE

The next reason is that no matter how much you enjoy your trans escort for New Years Eve, there’s no commitment to see them again. You can have your fun and your sex and then you can walk away knowing that you have no obligations to meet up again. This often makes for a more relaxed evening with no pressure; you are simply free to enjoy it as you wish. And, ultimately, you have control. You can book your trans escort knowing exactly what’s on the cards and what you want from them. If your thing is having that control, then watching your trans escort enjoying the evening, not knowing what’s ahead of them, can be a massive turn on.

What if you don’t want a straightforward, ticketed party night with a hog roast and a live band? Well then, you don’t need to worry. Having a trans escort as your companion can open doors for you, doors which have behind them a concealed world of pleasure. In addition, certain swingers clubs, fetish clubs and other sexy events operate on New Years Eve and it’s a fun place to try something new and exciting this New Years Eve.

SheMale Escorts are Amazing

Whatever you are doing this New Years Eve, you will do it better with a Trans Escort, beautiful breasts with a nice hard cock ready to play the way you want to this NYE  – what could be better?

Best Christmas Outfits for Trans Escorts

November 22nd, 2017

Trans Escorts are beautiful, sultry and willing to please so if you like to see your favourite T-Girl in a glitzy or sexy Christmas Outfit for an evening of sexy festive fun then just let them know they will be happy to accommodate you!

Have a Merry, Sexy Christmas

Christmas is a time for getting inventive with your wardrobe because just about anything goes and the usual rules of what is acceptable go out the window. From glitz and glamour to light-hearted fancy dress, Christmas outfits are all about imagination and fun. So what is the ideal Christmas outfit for trans escorts? It really depends on the occasion and the individual, but with the right colours and a touch of sparkle just about anything can be considered a Christmas outfit.

Classic Christmas Outfits

Classic Christmas outfits are always festive and fun, and many can be made extremely sexy with a little bit of imagination, if you want to play out a festive fantasy with your trans escort then here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A sexy elf – flirty & fun
  • A naughty elf – you will do as you are told!
  • Mrs Claus – classic Christmas
  • Just the Festive Jumper and nothing else
  • The snow queen – very glam
  • Reindeers for a twist on pony play

A Hint of Festive

A Christmas outfit doesn’t have to mean fancy dress and can be much more subtle. Simply wearing Christmas colours or a touch of glitz and glamour can be enough. A bodycon red dress is the perfect option to combine sexy style with that festive feeling and can be dressed up or down. Any combination of green and red with a little gold will naturally look festive, but Christmas colours aren’t limited to those. White, gold and silver is also very festive and anything with a little sparkle will subtly suggest Christmas and you SheMale Escort will look divine in these festive colours.

It doesn’t need to be a complete outfit and those little touches, such as jewellery or hair pieces, can make all the difference. The usual social rules don’t apply during the holidays, so it’s time to make the most of the freedom and bring out those sequined dresses, patterned socks and sparkly tights.

Festive Fun with a SheMale Escort

Whatever you are doing this Christmas season make sure you book in some time with your favourite T-Girl Escort for a relaxing and sexy evening all about pleasure for you, remember you should make sure you ensure you also get what you want this Christmas Time and a trans escort can make sure you are suitably festively satisfied. Whether you like your trans escort in a Christmas costume ready for a fun sex game or fantasy scenario or you want to see them in a sexy, glitzy sultry dress that you can then peel off, the trans escorts on www.sleepygirl.co.uk are ready and willing to join you.

Why Trans Escorts are Great at WebCam Sex

November 16th, 2017

Trans Escorts are beautiful and love to please, whether in person or online, if you are looking for a sexy camming experience then finding a sexy SheMale Cam Girls is a must!

Trans Cam Girl Tips:

There are a few useful things worth knowing that will put you in good stead when hooking up with a trans cam girl for webcam sex the first time:

Tech Talk: Let’s talk a little about the technical side first – make sure that you have a functioning webcam. Most laptops come with webcams, but you must remember that the positioning of these can be somewhat limiting, so it’s always better to think these things through before jumping straight into the fun stuff. If you want to be a little more playful with your own displays of pleasure, then webcams which you can strategically place won’t break the bank. Have a play around with lighting and location; you want to make a first good impression, so take care regarding what can be seen behind you onscreen.

Money Talk: Let’s talk about finances; make sure you have a secure connection, and that your choice of payment is accepted and stored for easy use. Your webcam trans girl will be highly professional, and just like meeting anyone for the first time, you want to make a good first impression, so making sure that you are set to go, with no technical difficulties, is the perfect start for your webcam sex experience.

Ask for what you want

Cam sex is very much like cybersex – it’s all about negotiation, so make sure you ask for what you want; there is no need to be shy, your webcam trans girl will have heard and seen it all before. Just like meeting anyone, communication is the key to great web cam sex. Be polite, show your appreciation to your webcam trans girl when she does something you like. Compliment her on her actions and on her appearance. Looking so good doesn’t come naturally, and your cam girl will work very hard to make sure she looks so sexy and stunning, that her webcam sessions are the very best for you both.

If you are not sure what you want, then setting up a scenario might work out best for the both of you; why not play the role of director for your webcam girl? Keep talking about what you want to see, if it’s good then let her know! Keeping things authentic helps to keep the flow going. Maybe you’d like to experience role-play with your webcam girl, or why not share your fantasies? Remember fantasies are not real, and never have to be, so be open to them, and embrace them!

Making time for regular sessions with your webcam girl will ensure that you both build up a rapport, and get to know each other. If you like one particular cam girl, then loyalty goes a long way when building up a webcam sex relationship. Don’t be shy; why not go and find your dream trans webcam girl right now?

Sensual Positions to Try With Your Shemale Escort

November 4th, 2017

The trans-escort experience is filled with excitement and sensuality and whether you’re looking for an hour or two of sexual bliss or the full girlfriend experience, sometimes it can be good to go in with a little prior knowledge. You will probably know whether your escort of choice is versatile or not – someone who is happy to give and receive – but if not, make sure you have that conversation before things get hot and steamy.

Communication & Imagination

Communication is key to ensuring you have a night of satisfaction for both of you. If this is your first time with a trans-escort, let them know and talk through your expectations and limits. Do you both like kissing? Are there any parts either of you don’t want to be touched or entered? Do you want a romantic and sensitive experience or something more wild and earth-shattering?

The only limit is your imagination, but it can be good to have a few sex positions in mind to give you confidence from the start.

The 69 Position with your Trans Escort – This is a bit of a marmite choice and not one for everyone, but if you’re both comfortable with it mutual oral is a fantastic position that will bring you both pleasure. Of course, you’ll have to be good at multi-tasking, because not everyone can focus on cumming and giving someone else an orgasm at the same time! If you’re feeling adventurous and strong, why not try the Standing Up 69? It is exactly what it sounds like, but can be a little tricky to get into and out of.

The Missionary Position with a SheMale Escort – This classic is well known and popular with all couples for a reason. Not only does it allow intimacy and is incredibly sensual, but it is also a gentle option for anal as it allows you to control the pressure and depth. Have her lie on her back and wrap her legs around you as you slowly slide inside her. There’s nothing like eye contact and a great kiss to improve any position.

Doggy Style with a Stylish TV Escort – Eye contact is a little more difficult with this one, but it does allow you to go hands-free and touch them wherever you like at the same time! She is on her hands and knees and you kneel behind her. Make the most of it and don’t forget to control your thrusts by holding their hips. Flat Doggy is slightly different, but a firm favourite with many trans escorts for one simple reason. You will feel huge inside them. She lies on her front and you lie on top of her. It also controls the depth, so you can both enjoy the position without worrying about going too deep for comfort.

Trans Escorts & Fun Sex Positions

The list of sex positions is endless, but these are great choices to start with. Communication is the most important thing as everyone has different tastes and not everyone is comfortable with everything. Take it slow, don’t forget eye contact and foreplay to make the whole experience sensual and pleasurable for you both. Once you’ve found an escort that you are truly comfortable with, why not take it to the next level and have the girlfriend experience? Transwomen are known for their sensitive natures and sensuality, so once you have found the right connection you’ll have a sexual experience like no other.

Why gay and straight couples hire shemale escorts

October 27th, 2017

Gay, straight or bi, there are a plethora of options for escorts available, according to every taste. While the vast majority of these will be straightforward, there is one particular niche area which is rapidly expanding – shemale escorts. Offering the unique combination of breasts and a penis, this sexual subset is soaring in popularity. When looking for why, well, why does anyone hire escorts? Usually for a bit of no-strings attached fun in indulging their sexual desires and choosing shemale escorts is no longer a taboo thing.

SheMale Escorts for Couples

The expansion and cultural acceptance of all types of internet porn these days means that couples are aware of the wealth of sexual options available and their associated accessibility. Shemale escorts make up a relatively small percent of this market, but their popularity is certainly growing.

Associating shemales with the backstreets of Bangkok is an outdated concept. This area is growing as more and more gay – and straight – couples are looking to include shemale escorts in their sexual playtime. So, what’s the attraction? The key to this preference is bi-curiosity. With straight men, they might like the idea of playing with another penis in the bedroom but are not sure about sex with a man so having someone who looks like a woman is a perfect solution. They can touch, hold and experience what another penis can offer in the bedroom without feeling the threat of another man.

Bi-Curious Couples

Indeed, the mindset of wanting a ‘woman with a penis’ is a powerful one. Shemale escorts allow straight men to indulge their love of the softness and beauty of females, their shapely figure and breasts, whilst enjoying the novelty of another penis in bed – fulfilling both of their desires at the same time. Gay couples who enjoy an element of bi-curiosity may look to hire a shemale escort for a bit of no-strings attached sexual exploration. For some, it allows an opportunity for being dominated along with their partner by someone who wouldn’t normally be in their bedroom.

Woman with a Penis Fascination

The fascination of having a ‘woman with a penis’ is usually a non-affectionate, purely sexual encounter. That’s not to say that the two are mutually exclusive, but shemale escorts are not usually hired for romantic reasons. The ability to indulge bi-curiosity is what attracts most couples to hire a shemale. Another aspect is those men seeking sexual pleasure who come from male dominated professions. In this instance they may be looking to reflect the familiarity of everyday life with satisfying their sexual appetites.

For many, another aspect of being drawn to shemales is the erotic idea of seeing first hand, in an observational capacity, the power that a penis has in pleasuring a woman without allowing another man into the bedroom. This niche area allows for a rich background of choices for the sexually curious adult and the growing availability of shemale escorts for both straight and gay couples is a direct reflection of this.

Long Hair? Long Legs? What do you love about a Trans Escort

October 10th, 2017

Trans Escorts, SheMale Escorts and Transvestite Escorts are some of the best and most exotic escorts available for any horny man. Whatever it is that makes them so exciting, every man has his own valid reasons for loving these steamy, sexy escorts.

Long Legs & Trans Escorts

For some men, it is most definitely the legs, the legs that go on and on and on. Long, leggy, sexy and smooth. Trans Escorts are often taller than average for women bit have the advantage of having smooth, sexy hairless toned legs that feel amazing wrapped around your body. With long legs many sex positions with a SheMale Escort are easier and very comfortable. Legs, of course can also be covered with sexy tights, stockings, boots, and made even longer with sexy high heeled shoes, so for those who love a bit of leg, or enjoy the look of sexy shoes then you will be in heaven with the beautiful SheMale Escorts.

Long Hair & SheMale Escorts

Another reason many men love a SheMale Escorts is that they have beautiful long sexy hair. For many pre-op T-Girls this hair is real, long and luscious. For transvestite escorts, they may have the most amazing long-haired wigs which can be worn in any colour you choose. Long, sexy hair is one of the many reasons men love a beautiful T-Girl. They love the way it falls across her large breasts, or down to her curvy ass, or can be used to hold on to when fucking from behind.

The Soft Skin of Trans Escorts

Many men who spend time with SheMale Escorts do so because the love the feel of their soft skin against their own. Soft faces, soft lips, soft hands and soft smooth legs make spending time with a trans escort feel luxurious and this combined with their soft breasts and hard cock make it one of the most amazing sexual experiences you will ever encounter.

Beautiful Breasts of Trans Escorts

Trans Escorts have truly beautiful breasts, soft full and often large, these T-Girls can choose the size of their breasts and often choose to have them on the larger size, to complement their taller stature and to balance nicely against their still there penis. For many it is the beautiful feminine breasts of a trans escort that is the most exciting part of their beautiful bodies.

Lovely Hard Penis of a SheMale Escort

A sexy woman with a cock has always been the slightly naughty appeal of a SheMale Escort. Because these women know how to make a penis feel really, really good, and also have beautiful smooth womanly bodies they make the perfect escort for the most exciting and explosive of sexual experiences.

Why men love SheMale Escorts

There is no one reason why people love Trans Escorts, no one body part or reason why these sensual, sexual women are so sought after for men of all kinds to be curious about. Whatever your reasons you will find the best list of beautiful horny SheMales looking for a date on our trans escort directory.

5 Reasons we love Trans Escorts in Skirts

September 24th, 2017

Trans Escorts are the most exciting type of escort to spend time with. A beautiful combination of woman’s face and breasts with a great hard cock ready to go. They look amazing in just about anything and are willing to dress up in the most amazing outfits for your pleasure. Whether that is in a fun sexy costume to meet your fetish needs, an amazing evening gown to show off her curves or a sexy lingerie set that you can’t wait to remove!

Whatever your trans escort wears you will love spending time with them, a smart pants suit, a cute costume or sexy lingerie, but seeing your trans escort in a skirt is a top way to get your blood pumping.

Trans Escorts in Skirts

  1. We love seeing Trans Escorts in Skirts so you can see their long, lovely soft legs. Being taller than the average women, many trans escorts legs go up and up and up! Soft, smooth and willing to be wrapped around you a skirt really shows off one of the best assets of a trans escort.
  2. Skirts provide great access to all the fun parts of your trans escort. Whether you like your T-Girl to be a top or a bottom pretty much every great sex position can be achieved without removing that little skirt. Fun, playful and sexy, the skirts on a trans escort can be on or off when you spend your time together.
  3. We love a tease! Skirts also let you have a sneak peek and get you all excited for your time together with your Tranny Escort – they may or may not be wearing underwear, and they may or may not have tucked that lovely surprise that makes trans girls so special so can get a glimpse before the fun begins.
  4. If you are spending time out with your trans escort then skirts give you a great opportunity for a little harmless touching underneath before heading back for more indulgent touching. Sneaking your hand up your escorts skirt or smoothly caressing her underneath is exciting and fun (if done in appropriate places)
  5. For those of you who love to see a sexy woman in a skirt then you can ask you SheMale Escort to wear the type of skirt that you like, whether that is short and tight or long and flowing, you can also choose the style of skirt you like whether that is a tight pencil skirt with a military/dominatrix style, a short leather biker bad girl look or a pretty flowing princess type look. Whatever you like to see you SheMale wear just let them know as they love to look beautiful for you.

Sexy SheMale Escorts

SheMale Escorts love to please, they are happy to wear the clothes you love, and play out any fantasy or scenario you want to play. Fantasy and satisfaction are what SheMale Escorts are great at so let them take you to another place of pleasure today.

Why we love Transvestite Escorts

September 15th, 2017

Transvestite Escorts are a class all to themselves, unlike trans escorts who may have had surgery to add some lovely breasts, transvestite escorts are all male under the beautiful clothes they wear.

Lovely long legs, beautifully turned out and easily mistaken for beautiful women transvestite escorts are an exciting opportunity to try something sensual new and satisfying. Underneath the lovely dresses and lingerie is a fully functional man and many transvestite escorts are willing to be both bottom or top, but you should always check with them before you spend time together to ensure there are no disappointments when you meet.

Great Clothing Options

Transvestite Escorts love to dress up, so if you have a specific fetish, a fun scene you want to play out then the TV Escort will be more than happy to accommodate your requests. Perhaps latex clothing, pvc, or lace is your thing, or maybe your fun scenarios include naughty nuns in habits, sexy strict nurses who love to prod and poke you, or strict army girls who can give you sexy orders! Whatever your preference a transvestite escort is happy to make your scenario dreams come true.

Discrete Transvestite Escorts

Enjoying time spent with a Transvestite Escort in private is very important to many men and the beautiful escorts on ShemaleEscort.XXX are happy and willing to be as discrete as you need them to be. Many of the TV Escorts offer incall our outcall services so you can meet them wherever is convenient for you. They won’t expect you to divulge any of your personal information, although they make really good listeners if you want to tell them a little about yourself and your circumstances. Many of the people who spend time with Transvestite Escorts are in relationships, but find that spending time with a TV Escort gives them something that no one else can, and the escorts are happy to see anyone in these circumstances.

Fun & Party Transvestite Escorts

Trying something new, having new sexual experiences, and trying everything at least once, is a great reason to spend time with a Transvestite Escort. These hot girls are fun, sexually adventurous and are up for a lot of fun, if you want to party first before heading back for a steamy evening together. Dressing up or down, wearing costumes, playing out your sexual fantasies or any other fun ideas you have can be imagined with a sexy transvestite escort.

Sexy Transvestite Escorts

The hottest transvestite escorts can be found at ShemaleEscort.XXX, search through the escorts on the site and pick your favourite. You can search through the escorts on there with a range of search options, their location etc. Then you can click onto the TV Escort’s profile to look at picture of the escort and find out more about them including their contact information. Once you have contacted them, give them a brief overview of what you are looking for and they are able to accommodate your request then you just have to get ready to meet them and have one of the most extraordinary nights ever.

Trans Escorts and Discretion

September 8th, 2017

Escort discretion, being discreet is one of the most important jobs a Trans Escort has. Many men for whatever reason (and whatever the reason, that is ok) need to keep their arrangements with trans escorts completely private and the great news is Trans escorts completely understand that.

Private Dates with Trans Escorts

These beautiful women (with very beautiful hard, large cocks) know that discretion is a huge part of their job and complete privacy will always be had between you and the sexy SheMale Escort you choose. These beautiful women with their soft round breasts, and large hard cocks are professionals and as such won’t ask you about your real life, your family, your work (unless your happy chatting) you can tell them as much or as little as you like about yourself and leave it at that.

Secret rendezvous with SheMale Escorts

Because these beautiful women understand how important it is that you enjoy your time together with no prying eyes they don’t mind where or when you want to meet them. If you want to meet at lunch time because that is a time you won’t be missed they will be there for you. If you want to meet late in the evening so you can relax after a hard day and let someone come and pleasure you for as long as you need it, they can do that.

Where to meet your T-Girl Escort

Deciding where to meet your favourite trans escort can be a little tricky, but thankfully these beautiful women will understand if going to your place is not an option, nor will they ask you why not. Many of these sexy women will be able to accommodate you at their place or will have a hotel suggestion in mind so you can meet alone and in private with no one knowing who you are or why you are there. Any trans escort will understand if you don’t want to be seen together entering, or leaving a hotel together and can arrange your time together so this does not happen.

Many Men Need Discretion

It is no secret that men love a Trans Escort, but many men need to know their meeting is completely private and this can be for many reasons. For some their culture would not allow them to have sex with trans women, for others they may have partners that they want to keep this separate from, for others work or friends may not understand their need to be with a beautiful woman who has a huge throbbing cock to play with.

Beautiful Trans Escorts with Round breasts and Huge Cocks

Whatever the reason for spending time with Trans Escorts you can be sure that these beautiful women have experience in being discreet and know that privacy is important to most of the men they see. Your time together should and will be sexy, arousing and fulfilling and their discretion means you won’t have to worry about a thing!

High Tech Sex Toys to enjoy with your SheMale Escort

August 27th, 2017

SheMale Escorts love to experiment so if you have a fun idea or new high-tech toy you want to try then spending the evening with one of these beautiful Trans Escort women will be the most exciting sexual adventure you have had yet!

Trans Escort Sex Toy Fun

As lots of SheMale Escort come with their own fun sex toys, extra dildos and butt plugs are often not required but there are a range of other more high-tech toys that are making a real impact to the sexual experience and the depth of orgasm to be obtained.

Vibrators have always vibrated but on the market today there are a great range of smart vibrators that can be linked to smart phones and even smart watches. The apps that control the vibrations, make them vibrate in different sequences for different sensations and also can be controlled from further away meaning your favourite Shemale does not even have to be in the room to pleasure you!

Personalised 3D Toys

With 3D printing being such a big thing at the moment it did not take long for some ingenious designers to start offering their 3D printer to make complete customisable sex toys. You can choose any design you like with limitless options, and just your imagination holding you back – what design would you choose?

Electricity is arousing

For those of you who have not tried it there are a range of sex toys on the market that give tiny electric shocks to get your really horny. Mainly developed for those into BDSM but now more widely appreciated these little electric shocks can really a come jump to your sexual experience.

Evolving SexTech

Sextech is evolving and the products available are growing all the time, be on the look out for more and more personalisation in the toys available, having toys made just the way you want them and fitted to your exact shape and size seems like a logical next step to us. Along with more and more sex toy gadgets being able to do things on their own with just a gesture or noise to tell them what to do.

SheMale Escorts and Sex Toys

High tech sex toys, many of which were originally made for masturbation are more and more designed for playtime with a sexy T-Girl Escort.  You can now find devices with the capacity and ability to please any one, with plugs, vibrations and stimulation designed a range of fun positions.

These high-tech sex toys are not about replacing sex, however; these toys are all about enhancement so you get deeper, better, more fulfilling orgasms and more importantly enjoy the sexual playtime with your SheMale escort. While Trans Escorts are beautiful, sultry, sexy and come with their own extra exciting penis, adding other sexy toys to your experiences is a great way to really explore your sexuality and get the most satisfaction out of your time with your escort.

Sexy London Things to do with your sexy London Trans Escort

August 14th, 2017

Sex and London have been synonymous for as long as anyone has been horny! This amazing liberal capital city is one of the best places on earth to spend time with a sexy, smooth, beautiful SheMale Escort and here is a quick list of some sexy things to do with her when you spend some time together.

SheMale Escorts in London

London has some of the best hotels, best restaurants and best bars and clubs in the world any of these sexy places would be perfect for a night out with your trans escort before heading back to a slinky hotel for a night of naughty fun. However, for those of you who are more adventurous and really want to discover naughty, sexy London then keep reading for some saucy ideas for great dates with the sexiest of SheMale Escorts keeping you company along the way.

Kinky Clubs to visit with your Trans Escort

Something on everyone’s to do list is to visit one of London’s very sexy, and very naughty sex clubs, these range in style from pretty fetish parties where people dance the night away and visit the elegantly themed rooms to specific nights for those with a particular fetish. Some of the better places to visit with your trans escort are The Torture Garden, Killing Kittens parties and Club Anarchist. One of the best things about going to these clubs is that extremely fantastic costumes are required as a matter of course so both you and your SheMale Escort will look sexy, amazing and very fuckable.

The London Dungeons

The dungeons we are talking about are not on the tourist trail, London has scattered about a range of dungeons that can be hired out for a few hours at a time or even overnight. If you have ever had BDSM dreams then these sexy play spaces can fulfil even the dirtiest of fantasies. Taking a your SheMale escort with you to enjoy everything these dungeons has to offer is one of the best London sex experiences you will ever have. Whether you are a sub or a dom, your Trans Escort will fulfil whatever role you are looking for and leave you with intense memories of fantastic orgasms, that you can cherish until the next time!

Sex Shops in London

London has a shop for everything and that doesn’t stop when it comes to sex. You will find a great range of great shops selling everything you could imagine and more from these little dens of heaven. Forget the high street sex shops, these are tame in comparison to some of the lovely independent sex shops you can find. Just try not to get too horny when finding your next little sex gadget. London is also home to an amazing array of designer makers, and they often have sample sales or come together to have sex shopping markets where you can pick up everything naughty in one place.

Trans Escorts in London

One of the naughtiest and most sensual sexual experiences you will ever have is of course with your Trans Escort, ask them in advance if you are looking for something specific, if you would like them to dress a certain way or you want to play out a particular scene they will be only too happy to oblige or just let these London beauties lead you for a night you will never forget.

What’s so hot about boobs and a cock?

August 7th, 2017

More and more men are enjoying the services of TS Escorts, as a fantasy for many men these trans escorts are exciting and willing to please and deliver on your every SheMale fantasy.

One of the biggest reasons that men love to spend time with a T-Girl is that they have beautiful round real breasts, a soft curvy body and smooth skin but with the added extra of a cock still down below. This is just irresistible to many men, or for those who are simply curious, they men who love Trans Escorts can be straight, gay or bisexual there are no limits or no labels about who spends time with these beautiful girls.

Top, Bottom or Versatile

When you decide to spend time with a SheMale Escort, you should make sure she can give you exactly the type of experience you are looking for. For this reason, you should check whether you trans escort is a ‘top’ a ‘bottom’ or ‘versatile’ or ‘vers’. These distinctions are important for the type of experience that you are looking for. Don’t be shy, you can always just ask or read their profile on www.sleepygirl.co.uk which should give lots of details about them and the services they offer.

Trans Escorts are also happy to accommodate a range of sexual fetishes, check their profile to see what they are happy to join in with or ask a quick questions to see if they can accommodate your particular fetish and then have a great time together making your fetish dreams a reality.

Discreet Trans Escorts

One of the biggest hurdles to spending time with a Trans Escort, sometimes is that many men want to keep the meeting completely private. The trans escorts on SheMaleEscort.XXX are completely discreet and respect your privacy. You don’t need to worry about anyone finding out about your time together jut relax and enjoy the experience. You can find a SheMale Escort that provides incalls which means you can meet them at their place, or you can choose somewhere completely neutral and anonymous like a local hotel to make an evening event of your time together.

More Fun with Boobs & a Cock

The ensuring appeal of T-Girl Escorts is the fact they are beautiful women, they look like women, talk like women, feel like women and smell like women but have the added advantage of having their own penis for you to play with. They are great at giving blow jobs as they have their own cock so they know how to make you feel amazing and can be a top or a bottom depending on what you are looking for. Along with their penis you also have all the fun of beautiful breasts to touch, watch and play with, long legs and beautiful buttocks for all types of fun and games.

Trans Escort Directory

The hottest SheMale Escorts can be found on www.sleepygirl.co.uk, you can search through the hot ladies available, find ones that are waiting for your call or find ones near your location.

Great Lingerie your Trans Escort will look amazing in

July 22nd, 2017

Trans Escorts are a mix of trans women and men who love to dress as women, either way one of the most amazing things about spending time with a trans escort is the fact they look absolutely incredible in sexy lingerie. Whether you like them to wear lace or latex the range of beautiful lingerie available is breath-taking and these beautiful SheMale Escorts love to wear it to show if off to you.

Different Types of Lingerie

Lingerie can take many different forms and ranges in colour and style the same way as fashion does. It encompasses both traditional undergarments, bra and knickers, but also nightware and lingerie costumes for sexy role play. Whether you like your Trans Escort to be clad in pretty lace, dressed to dominate in black PVC underwear or completely covered head to toe in lovely latex underwear, or laced into a beautiful corset, these beautiful SheMales are more than happy to accommodate your lingerie requests as they know they look stunning in anything you want them to wear.

Lingerie Fetish & SheMale Escorts

SheMale Escorts are often more than happy to accommodate any type of sexual fetish as long as it is discussed before the event so everyone knows what to expect, and one of the most fun fetishes for them to accommodate is a lingerie fetish. These beautiful women or crossdresser escorts just love to dress up in the sexiest lingerie they have, display the beautiful lingerie for you, then strip off as much or as little as you like them to.

Here are a few brands of Sexy Lingerie you Trans Escort will look amazing in:

La Perla: An old and established brand of luxury lingerie that any trans woman or crossdresser loves to wear and parade. An Italian brand that oozes sexiness and confidence in its luxe fabrics and beautifully detailed lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret: A more modern and an American Brand that has a luxe feel with high street availability. Making sexy lingerie a more normal part of everyday purchases this brand is well received and easily available.

Bordelle: Only founded in 2007 but making waves in the luxury lingerie line, slightly vintage, slightly kinky these sensual designs are made for play but are a more expensive than your high street brands.

Agent Provocateur: Synonymous with luxury lingerie, this is the brand every woman wants to own. From lingerie to bodysuits and sexy kimono’s Trans Escorts will feel amazing in these expensive but well worth it items.

Guia La Bruna: This young lingerie designer creates everything in house, which makes for a very personalised finish on all the items. Expensive but worth it if you really want to splash out.

Anne Summers: High street lingerie that is sexy and moves with the fashions. Perfect for a quick update to a sexy wardrobe and they also stock a fun range of costumes and role pay accessories to keep you going all through the night and beyond.

Coco de Mer: A erotic lingerie and sex toys store which is readily available, changes seasonally and is just a little bit naughty in its approach.

Whatever you like your SheMale Escort to wear just let them know in advance and they will try and accommodate any and all of your requests. To find a SheMale Escort near you visit www.sleepygirl.co.uk

Sexy Bondage Techniques to try with your SheMale Escort

July 17th, 2017

SheMale Escorts love to excite you and fulfil every sex fantasy you have including bondage. For those of you who love bondage, ropes and other restraints a sexy Trans Escort can make your tied up lustful dreams a sexy reality.

Finding a hot Trans Escort with excellent rope technique is essential. Fortunately, you can find a huge range of different trans escorts at www.sleepygirl.co.uk

First Time Bondage?

Spending time with a beautiful, sexy Trans Escort in order to try something new, like bondage, is a relaxing and rewarding experience. If you are a novice at bondage and want someone else to ‘show you the ropes’ then spending time with a sexy Trans Escort who can tie you up and give you’re the bondage fantasy you are looking for is the best introduction to this sexy play.

Shibari, is the ancient name for rope bondage and is a sexy word in itself. While rope bondage is as old as the hills it is still one of the simplest and the best which is why it is one of the first types of bondage people tend to discover for themselves.

The Four Major Bondage Techniques

  1. Rope Wrapping: This is achieved by wrapping the rope all around the body, so that there is no overlapping of the lines. This is one of the first types of wrap most people start with, it is quite easy and feels great, tight, restrictive and sexy.
  2. Rope Weaving: This rope technique needs a little more practice. Start with the classic rope wrapping process as above, then create a crossed line effect all over the body, then weave the rope in and out to create a beautiful effect on the outside of the body while feeling pleasantly secure within.
  3. Double Rope: Creating beautiful patterns is what the double rope technique is all about. For the more adventurous and better skilled this technique takes practice but delivers beautiful results.
  4. Single Rope: A simple technique, often used to secure a person in position ready for a beautiful trans escort to play with at their leisure.

No Rope – No Problem

Bondage of course is not limited to different types of tying with a rope there are many different ways in which to restrain or be restrained. Bondage tape is a great product which is often less intimidating than ropes and comes in a range of fun colours. Restraints for arms, legs and necks can also be used instead of ropes and as many of these have O or D rings attached they can be used with a range of other fun bondage or BDSM toys and tools. If you don’t have any of these dedicated tools to hand and you want to play with a little bondage with your Trans escort then everyday practical items like tights and ties can be used to secure hands, feet or other parts of your body to each other or the bed frame – your imagination, or that of your sexy SheMale Escort really is the limit.

Sexy Mouth – The forgotten art of kissing and more with your Shemale Escort

July 10th, 2017

You can do so much with a mouth and this is an all too often forgotten fact. Beautiful mouths can kiss, caress, swallow, bite and more which adds a huge addition when thinking about sex.

Trans escort know how powerful a mouth can be and long to please you with their soft and pretty mouths. Many of them have beautiful make-up including soft and bright shades of lipstick ready to do whatever you want when you choose to spend time with them.

Spend more time kissing

Kissing is very erotic, the feeling of someone else’s mouth on yours, pulling at your lips, licking and kissing all over your mouth and face can be the start of a very erotic and exciting evening. Kissing does not of course have to stop at the mouth and face, once you get going you won’t want it to stop and you shemale escort can start covering your body with kisses. You of course if you want can also discover her soft breasts and other parts of her womanly body with your lips and tongue for as long as you want.

Naughty Words

If you like some dirty talk to get you horny then asking your trans escort to give you a running commentary on what they are going to do to you is a great place to start – remember that mouth can be used for words too!

Biting can be pleasurable

If you like a little bit of pain with your sex, then remember that the mouth is a powerful tool for light biting and playful pulling of pretty much every area of your body. Nipples are a perfect size for a bit of biting and pulling but also think of less common areas like the buttocks, arms or the sensitive areas inside thigh for a little bite to get you hot and steamy.

Sucking & Rimming

When you think of a mouth and sex two of the most pleasurable actions are sucking and then also rimming. Your Trans escort will be skilled at sucking on your cock until you are begging her to stop and she can also spend time on your ass – you just have to tell her what you like!

Blow Jobs & Trans Escorts

As Trans Escorts also have cocks they know how to give the best blow jobs. Having them caress, kiss, suck and blow on your cock will be one of the best experiences you will ever have. Imagine your penis covered with the lipstick imprints of your trans escorts soft mouth before she takes it completely into her mouth and down her throat. Pleasure this intense can only be found by spending time with the most beautiful shemale escorts.

Trans Escorts are Exciting

Most men love a trans escort for how they look and the exciting surprise they have but often forget how sensual and sexual a mouth can be – so the next time you are spending time with your favourite shemale escort ask for a little extra kissing, sucking, rimming or biting and find out how pleasurable it can be.

Nurse Please! – Medical Play with a SheMale Escort

June 19th, 2017

There is nothing more fun than spending time with a Shemale Escort and indulging in a bit of role play. There are many different variations on a theme of sexy role play – perhaps a naughty school teacher, strong female solider, sexy air hostess or hot sexy firefighter. There are probably none more sexy than the idea of a hot shemale nurse taking care of you!

Trans Escort Nurse Role Play

The first thing that you will notice about your sexy Trans Escort when you arrange to spend some time together for sexy medical play is their hot and sexy nurses outfit. This can be anything from a pretty blue and white striped cotton gown, to a sexy PVC dress covered with red medical crosses to a full and sexy latex nurses outfit.

Your SheMale Escorts beautiful breasts will look amazing in the sexy nurses outfit while the short tight skirts will show off their long sexy legs while their cock is hidden underneath ready to play when needed.

Medical Play with a SheMale Escort

There are lots of games, role play experiences and toys you can play with when enjoying a nurse led sexy role play with your favourite trans escort. If you want to enjoy any type of role play with a sexy shemale escort make sure you let them know well in advance so they can fulfil your every desire and ensure they are ready to make your trans sex dreams a reality.

Medical Sex Toys

There are a huge amount of sex toys styled ready for nurse and medical role play and you can ask your trans escort which ones they are happy so use, or which ones they already have. With the wide variety of toys out there you will be spoilt for choice in which ones to start first. From a variety of plugs that can be inserted where you choose, to plugs, douches, speculums and everything in between, medical play has never been so rewarding.

Naughty Nurse Experience

If you want your trans escort to be a very naught nurse then combine lots of elements of classic BDSM into your medical playtime for a truly unique experience. Whether you want your trans nurse simply to examine you and take care of you while bringing you to the best orgasm you have ever had or you are looking for a dominant nurse to use you to test out a whole series of examinations or new medical tools while you are helpless then a shemale escort is the perfect partner for this type of sexy role play

Choosing a Trans Escort

Mecial Play and Nurse role play has always been a popular fetish and even more so with the sexy shemale escorts that are happy to join you in your medical play fetish. As with all role play experiences be specific about what you are looking for in advance of your time together to make sur they know what you are looking for and are able to fulfil your Nurse desires and your role play dreams.

Spending time in Edinburgh with your Trans Escort

June 6th, 2017

Edinburgh is a stunning city in which to spend time with your favourite trans escort – whether you are meeting up with one of the local lasses or are having a naughty weekend away in Edinburgh with your favourite girl!

Trans Escorts in Edinburgh

The Scottish trans escorts are simply stunning so if you are visiting Edinburgh be sure to check out SheMaleEscorts.XXX to see who is available when you are there. There is a great mix of transvestite and T-Girls available in and around the Edinburgh area. Many of the Trans Escorts and the Transvestite Escorts in Edinburgh are available for both incalls and outcalls. Check with your favourite girl where they want to meet and if you are going to them how to get there. Of course, if you are staying in Edinburgh and want them to meet you at your hotel then just let them know where you are staying.

Sexy Edinburgh Hotels

If you have not yet booked accommodation take a look at our sexy Edinburgh Hotels list below:

Located in Edinburgh’s New Town, The Howard is a luxury boutique hotel, sophisticated and smart with canopy beds and beautiful marble bathrooms.

If you go outside of the city then a 20-acre country estate could be the hotel for you as you find the Prestonfield. Historic Boutique hotel with plush rooms filled with opulent fabrics and antiques and a popular restaurant on site.

Since 1902, the Balmoral Hotel has stood as the cities oldest railway hotel. A large and majestic hotel with a range of room options perfect if you are visiting Edinburgh by train and want a little luxury when you step off the platform.

If you fancy modern hotel finishes housed in a traditional Georgian townhouse then The Tigerlilly is for you. Conveniently located in the New Town it has a great bar and modern plush bedding just waiting for a fun workout.

If you are looking for something quirky but luxurious then the Witchery by the Castle is the hotel to try. There are only eight suites in this quirky place but many have sexy bedroom décor and lavish bathrooms.

BDSM Dungeons with a Trans Escort

If you like a bit of BDSM and want to have some fun in Edinburgh with your Trans Escort then you are in luck as there are some great sex dungeons in Edinburgh you can make use of. Maison de Debauch is one of the more popular ones and you and your Trans escort can take advantage of all the fun toys and equipment that are available.

Edinburgh SheMale Escorts

Whether you live in Edinburgh or are visiting for work or pleasure, spending time with a beautiful Scottish Shemale is one thing in Edinburgh that you should not miss out on!

Great Sex Positions with a Shemale Escort

May 21st, 2017

Shemale escorts are the most beautiful, exciting people you will ever spend time with. The combination of beautiful soft skin, round breasts and hard cock is a combo you won’t forget and will want to repeat again and again.

SheMale Sex Positions

Once you have decided which of the beauties on ShemaleEscort.XXX is right for you then it is time to take a moment to think about the best sex positions to try with the beautiful girl. If it is your first time with the Trans Escort then perhaps letting her take the lead is the best option, she will make you feel, relaxed and by letting her take control you can just enjoy the whole experience without having to think much about it. Even if you decide that you want her to lead your time together there is nothing stopping you asking for your favourite position before you get going or even half way through. It is your time together so make sure you get everything you need out of it.

Your Favourite Sex Positions

If you have a very clear idea of the type of sex, or sex positions you want to try with your trans escort then all you have to do is let them know. Your T-Girl Escort is there to make you happy and satisfied and if there is something you desperately want to try then letting them know in advance is the best way of getting your Trans Sex Fantasy Fulfilled.

Best Trans Sex Positions

If you are pretty easy going about sex with your trans escort then here are a few ideas of fun positions to get you going. Remember that shemale escorts are happy to spend time with straight or gay men or even couples so let your imagination run wild and have fun exploring your naughty side with a hot, steamy T-Girl.

  1. The Boob Tube

One of the many great things about Trans Girls is the fact they have boobs, and given that fact then incorporating them into playtime with your escort has to be a top tip. With her on her back, sit astride her and push her cleavage together around your cock and rub backwards and forwards for great penis sensation while looking at her breasts and face – win!

  1. The Ride on Top

A similar position to the boob tube above, but with so many more sensations – climb astride her and settle on top with her cock nicely lubricated and inside you. Then either you or her can rise up and down or get a rocking motion going to take you sky high sensation wise. One of the best things about this position is that while you are riding on top you can watch both her face and also her boobs jiggling, while her hands are free to play with your cock as you ride!

  1. The Dominating Doggy

So doggy style is a sex position everyone must be familiar with, easy to do with reliable results – if you like to dominate your trans escort then this is a great position to do so as you are in control of the rhythm and speed of the motion and are also able to be rough or smooth depending on your preferences. As you are behind your trans escort you can also reach around to massage her cock or breasts before you climax.

Transgender Escorts in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham & The whole of the UK

Transgender Escorts

Transgender Escorts are beautiful, sexy and ready to meet you. For those looking for a wild night of fun and trans escort fantasy, a beautiful TS Escort who can touch you just the way you like it, you can make it happen on sleepygirl.co.uk. The sexy trans escorts on Sleepygirl.co.uk are the horniest, curviest and most beautiful transsexual escorts you can find in the UK. Soft lips, round breasts and throbbing hard cocks – these girls can’t wait to meet you and fulfil your wildest fantasies!

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