Are There Different Types of Trans Escorts?

Spending time with a Trans Escort is a fantasy for many men, mainly straight men, who want to try something unique, sexy, and very, very naughty. Trans Escorts are a dream experience for many, many men but if you have only watched trans porn you may not know the different types of trans escorts that are out there for you to enjoy.

If you are looking to hire a trans escort, then it’s best to be aware of just what kind of transgender companion you are seeking. Here, we discuss some of the differences between all types of transgender people, and what to expect, so you know exactly what to ask for when searching for that ultimate turn-on.

Transvestite Escorts

Often called tranny for short! A transvestite escort is an escort who loves to wear the clothing of a woman, it is a turn on for them and for the men that hire them. A transvestite escort can be gay, straight, or bisexual and it simply depends on the individual. Also known as cross dressing escorts or cross dressers, these escort are still all male under the clothing but look and act like the sexy women they love to dress as. If you are looking for a pretty boy in women’s clothing who is all male under the clothes, then a transvestite escort is for you.

LadyBoy Escorts

Ladyboys are very feminine men, often Asian with the phrase hailing from the ladyboys of Thailand or Southeast Asia, beautifully groomed, often with feminine features, small stature and extremely sexy. Ladyboy escorts are normally fun, flirty and will show you a great time with their feminine ways but still being all make under the glamorous clothes and makeup.

Trans Escorts

The difference between the two types of trans escorts is if they still have a penis. Most do but if you are unsure, it is fine to ask, although most will post sexy pictures of their remaining manhood in their profiles. Trans Escorts are often men who have taken the steps required to become female, without having their penises removed. They look, talk, walk like women, they have or are taking female hormones to make their skin soft and have natural long hair and often beautiful long legs. Most have either natural or enhanced breasts and the only difference is that they have a penis whereas a full woman does not. This is the most common type of trans escort and the one most men fantasise about.

Shemale Escorts

Shemale Escort is just another name for a trans escort, used to demonstrate the fact that they are both male and female and the ultimate turn on for men looking for a shemale experience.

Sex with Trans Escorts

Sex with trans escorts is a dream for many men and it is a fully pleasurable experience. For those men who love women but also want to experience what it is like to play with a cock or be penetrated anally then a shemale escort is most certainly the way to explore this desire. For the best trans escorts visit and find a beautiful trans escort in your location and enjoy the unique experience of a beautiful girl with boobs and a cock.