The Most Popular Breast Size for Trans Escorts

Trans Escorts have always been beautiful and exotic and one of the most amazing things about these extraordinary women is their beautiful breasts. So, for Trans Escorts is there a most popular breast size and if so, what is it?

Breast size & Trans Escorts

Trans Escorts, like all other type of escorts come in all shapes and sizes, including different types of breast size. So, what are the differences when it comes to trans escorts? The main difference is that Trans Escorts tend to fall into two different categories – escorts who are crossdressers and have had no surgical changes to their male bodies but love to dress and act like women and trans escorts who are all woman, from their soft skin to enlarged breasts, but they still have their nice hard penis for your pleasure.

Beautiful She Male Escorts So, these two different types of Trans Escorts will have different boobs. The crossdressers will have a flat male chest and will choose what size faux breasts they wear, and the trans women can have anything from natural breasts that have grown as they have taken the female hormones to amazing huge breasts when they have had beautiful breast enlargement surgery. The answer to the question of what is the most popular breast size for Trans Escorts? is, there is no one popular size, just what their customers prefer.

Find Trans Escorts

One of the best things about the independent Trans Escort Directory is that you can search for your favourite escort by bra size. So, if you know you are looking for a she-males escort for a night if unadulterated passion and you want her to have lovely large tits then you can search based on those criteria. Equally if you want your trans escort to be well hung, then you can also search by cock size making sure you can find exactly the girl you are looking for to fulfil your trans escort fantasies.

Sex Fantasies with Trans Women

Most men who spend time with a trans escort are straight and they find these women completely mesmerising. What you choose to do, and how you choose to do it is strictly between you Trans Escorts and you and they are completely discrete when it comes to contacting and meeting you. If you do have a specific fantasy you would like to try out with your trans escort then make sure they know about it so they can ensure you have the best night of your life, no longer as a fantasy but played out with a beautiful trans woman.

Whether you like tans women with huge breasts, small breasts or don’t really mind, there is the perfect Trans Escort out there for you and you can find them online and waiting for your call on www. Live out your fantasy and contact a beautiful Trans Escort today for complete satisfactions and enjoyment wherever you are.