Trans Escorts Can Teach Great Anal Technique

Anal sex is a pleasure, and trans escort know exactly how to make you have the best anal sex of your life. Tips, techniques, and experience all make for a unique and educational experience with your favourite trans escort.

Anal Pleasure with a Trans Escort

Many gay men have often wondered what it would be like to sleep with a female, without actually wanting to do it. A trans escort can provide that safe, halfway house. This can ease any discomfort that you might feel about experimenting with different sex than usual and erase any guilt for straying from your usual path.

When you’re finished exploring all the anal sex fun you like with your sexy trans escort, you can just let the situation go and walk away. It doesn’t need to have an impact on your day-to-day life, so it’s perfectly possible that if you want to keep this as your own, special secret then you can.

Great Anal Sex Positions

Anal sex is amazing with a Trans Escort because they know how it feels to have great Anal Sex and so can ensure you get the best experience possible. Whether you want your trans escort to give or receive (be a top or bottom) they really know great anal sex, so you are in safe and sexy hands!

Trans Escorts Take Control

Your Trans Escorts can take control of the whole situation, so you can simply relax and let them deliver what they do best. This makes directing your evening easy as you sexy trans escort will turn and move you as they want you until you have the most incredible orgasm ever. While for many this means being penetrated from behind, don’t forget that you can also be penetrated and be face to face, with you sitting on top of you escort for an unusual and more intimate experience that also lets you play with her pretty breasts while having great anal sex.

Trans Escort as Bottom

If you like to be in control and want your trans escort to be the bottom, then this is a great way to set the rhythm you want and have a fulfilling sexual experience with you in the driving seat. Penetrating from behind means you can also reach around and play with your trans escorts breasts or pull on her hair for a fun way to grind. As above remember you can also have you escort seated on top of you to see her bouncing breasts and you move together before you have a delicious and exciting orgasm.

Learn New Anal Sex Positions

There are a huge amount of anal sex positions you can try with your trans escort try standing up or over furniture, the angle of penetration always make a difference to the way things feel so also try the same positions from different angles to see what you like best. The best anal sex positions require lots of lube and a relaxing atmosphere to make it successful and that is what a trans escort can provide for you no matter which position is your favourite!