Have You Ever Considered a Trans Duo Experience?

A trans duo experience is a threesome involving a horny guy (you) and two hot and sexy trans escorts of your choice. It’s an erotic sexual dynamic that offers you a better understanding of your sexual desires, likes and dislikes, and intensified pleasure and gratification.

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As opposites attract, consider booking a bubbly blonde with a hot athletic body, and a busty brunette with curves in all the right places, for physical contrast that doubles your turn on thrill.

If you do have a regular or favourite trans escort, then ask her as she may have a friend, she does duos with on a regular basis.

What Are Your Sex Expectations?

Threesomes may not be the social norm, but the experience allows you to explore your sensuality in a way that is less restrictive, and more exciting, than traditional two-person intimacy. It’s also a tantalising experience that you’ll remember for a long time to come.

To fully enjoy the company of a trans duo, it’s worth thinking about your sex expectations before you hook up. Do you want to get to know your beautiful trans escorts over a drink? Or do you only have threesome sex on your mind?

If you just can’t wait to get naked and intimate with your favourite transgender escorts, let them know that your pleasure is entirely in their hands.

During Foreplay & Trans Sex Experiences

Now that you’re entertaining two, instead of one sexy trans escort, you’ll need to divide your time, energy, and attention equally between them both.

Engage in flirty conversation that simultaneously includes both of them and take it in turns to focus on one trans escort at a time. Their full attention will of course be on you.

Enjoying a full body massage is a great prelude to sex with a trans duo that’s experienced in delivering a service that’s beyond your expectations.

You can lie back and kiss your buxom brunette trans escort, while fondling her big tits, as the blonde goes down on your dick or penetrates your ass. Switch it up so that you can explore the hot and sexy bodies of both beauties. Threesome sex offers greater variables when it comes to positions, as everyone involved in this lust triangle can be aroused and simulated at the same time.

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