Whipped to a Frenzy with a Trans Escort

Trans Escorts are experts at wielding whips, paddles, and all other types of spanking items! If you like to be spanked, whipped or beaten then your trans escort will be extremely willing to oblige! These sexy trans women love to make you groan in delight.

Trans Escorts & BDSM

It is important you discuss your BDSM and spanking needs with your trans escort to ensure mutual consent and safe words agreed so you have the best time ever. Having a safe word in this type of sex play is very important so you have a way of halting sex instantly if things go further than you’re comfortable with. Whips are usually associated with the more extreme types of sex, think BDSM, control, fetishes, restraint, gags, ropes and masks. But they can also be used in any way that you choose; maybe a little, maybe a lot. And once you have the basics of the sex play decided, then your fun can begin!

Why Whips are Amazing

Whips are used to inflict pain in a sexual scenario. Your Trans Escort can be the Mistress and you are the slave, purely there for your own sexual gratification. As a slave you become disobedient and your trans escort mistress has to punish you. She knows how to get you to behave! Crack! One stroke of the whip across your buttocks, back, or thighs. You whimper in pain but when you don’t comply, the second Crack! Lashes over you – if you are turned on by this then you know why whips are an amazing sexual tool.

Kinky Trans Sex

But if role play isn’t your thing, then there are still plenty of ways to incorporate whips into your sexual life. Perhaps you enjoy the red-hot sting of a whip lash. Perhaps you needs that pain in order to orgasm. Maybe your fantasies revolve around being the recipient of pain. For pleasure/pain beginners there are other, less extreme, forms of inflicting pain. A wide, leather paddle is ideal for testing the waters before your graduate to a whip. A cat o’ nine tails is something that goes beyond a standard whip, should you fancy something a little more painful than it can offer you. It’s horses for courses in this game and your use of sexual aids is something that’s totally down to you. Talk to your trans escort about how experienced you are with pain, and she can adjust her spanking to match.

Spanking is Normal

Trans escorts are beautiful, sexy and love to please you and they know how many men love being spanked by a hot trans escort. For some men spanking is enough and they orgasm through the skilful wielding of a whip. For others they like to be whipped or spanked and then have amazing penetrative sex with their trans escort to finish of a perfect sexual experience.

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