Great Reasons Why Men Are Choosing Trans Escorts as Their Fuck of Choice

A growing number of men are choosing to be adventurous with their choice of fuck and are opting to date a trans escort. And no, you don’t have to be gay to date a sultry, sexy and mysterious escort who is trans.

Trans Escorts are Amazing

If you’re someone who is intrigued by transgender chicks with dicks, but you need a little persuading to arrange a one-on-one hook up, here are the top 3 reasons why a trans escort is the ideal partner for intimate adult fun…

Trans Escorts Sex Appeal

Looks are obviously a key factor in attraction that’s sexual. Many trans escorts typically flaunt feminine attributes that are overly exaggerated – larger breasts, hips, and buttocks – because they are well aware that these enhanced assets are sexually appealing to red-bloodied men.

Sexy and alluring trans escorts put in the effort that’s required to look like a real woman. Having male genitalia is just an added bonus.

Taboo Sex Is on Offer

Some men who date trans escorts pay little attention to what the stunning ultra-feminine woman has between her legs. They have no interest in penile play but love the idea that they’re indulging in something that is considered to be taboo.

There are also men who love trans escort hook ups because illicit taboo sex is on offer. They can also discreetly explore role-play and sexual domination games that they can’t enjoy with their female partner at home.

If you’re exploring your sexual identity, a transgender escort experience can help you discover your sexual liberation and confidence.

Pure Pleasure Is Guaranteed

Anal penetration is an intensely pleasurable experience that a lot of men are keen to try. Stimulation of the super sensitive, but hard to reach on your own, walnut sized prostate gland (that’s commonly known as the male G-spot) intensifies orgasms and enhances sexual enjoyment.

While this mind-blowing ecstasy can be achieved via ‘pegging’ – anal penetration by a female partner wearing a strap-on dildo or using a sex toy – many men prefer to enjoy this erotic type of pure pleasure in the company of a gorgeous trans escort.

As there’s no emotional attachment involved, in an up close and personal liaison with a trans escort, you don’t have to worry about fear of rejection, when asking to be anally pegged.

Now that you know the top 3 reasons, there’s no excuse not to make a trans escort your fuck of choice.