Why Trans Escorts Are Hotter Than Female Escorts

Trans escorts have long been a curiosity. If you are a man who’s intrigued by their beauty and sexiness, don’t let your online porn watching habit be your guide to trans. Hook up with a gorgeous trans escort in person and see how hot she is in real life.

Trans Escorts Have HOT Bodies

A sexy trans escort has a hot body that has obviously been modified to perfection. Her enhanced breasts are shapely and firm, and in perfect proportion to her sensuous hips and pert ass. The only sign of masculinity is the penis that delivers penetration and BJ pleasure.

Having a fairly comprehensive understanding of what it’s like to have a penis and breasts, definitely gives the trans escort the edge over female escorts. She’s also likely to possess greater self-awareness of how she can use her hot, ultra-feminine body for your ecstasy.

Trans Escorts Take Pride in Their Appearance

To look as hot and amazing as they do, trans escorts put in plenty of self-care time. They love to lavish and pamper their hot body with skin softening lotions and oils, so that you can enjoy sublime silkiness when you touch.

Trans escorts also love to dress up in outfits that accentuate their sexuality and femininity. On a hook up with a trans escort, she will always dress appropriately for whatever you have in mind.

Trans Escorts Provide a Unique Service

Most trans escorts are skilled at offering a variety of hedonistic services. Whether you’re looking for a dinner date, a sensuous full body massage, or an intimate tryst in the bedroom, a stunning and hot trans escort can confidently deliver the lot.

If you’re into kink and fetish, a trans escort will indulge your fantasy desires without ever passing judgment. This hot girl is happy to let you play at being the Master or the Slave.

Trans Escorts Are in Touch with Feelings

And of course, if you’re the type of guy who’s in touch with his feelings and emotions, a trans escort is the perfect woman to spend time with, as she has an approach to gender that is radically different.

Trans escorts don’t deal with defined lines between men and women. In their company there’s no need to feel insecure about what’s expected of you as a man. Being able to discreetly, privately and confidentially explore your emotions with a trans escort is HOT.