Fun Tongue Play with your Trans Escort

When you’re in the company of a gorgeous trans escort, your tongue is a tool that can be easily put to better use than just talking. Moist and pink, the super muscular organ of the mouth can enjoy a great workout with fun tongue play. You can find the best Trans Escorts on

Pay Attention to Your Oral Hygiene       

Maintaining good dental and oral health is important, if you want to ensure that you don’t turn your trans escort off. Before you meet, make sure that you brush your teeth, and scrub your tongue. Floss to clean out any debris and finish off with minty fresh mouthwash.

Dirty Talk

As your tongue is most frequently used to talk, don’t hold back with dirty small talk, to get your trans escort in the mood for hot sex. Orally communicate what turns you on. Whisper sexy sweet nothings, and tease with tantalising words that flow off the tongue.

Practice with Frenchie’s

Great foreplay starts with a kiss. When you’re up close and personal, practice using your tongue in a sensual way. For French kissing to be considered good, it should be like a romantic and intimate duel between your two tongues, and not a facial tongue bath. Take your time, as you sensually glide your tongue between your trans escort’s parted lips, and let your tongue explore.

Give A Full Body Tongue Bath   

Once you’ve progressed beyond the French kissing foreplay and touching, you can exercise your mouth muscle by giving your sexy trans escort a full tongue bath.

Act like you’re a cat in heat and use your tongue to lick your partner from head to toe. Start with the mouth and move to the neck and earlobes. Keep it sensually slow, as you lick and kiss the neck and move towards the torso. Give sensitive nipples lots of attention. Lick all the way down to the genitals and continue south to the legs and feet.

Your trans escort will be begging you to up the pace for an orgasmic finish.

Explore Erogenous Zones            

There are plenty more erogenous zones on the human body than you may think. Besides the obvious genitals, many people sensitively react to having areas like the neck, ears, nipples, inner thigh and feet stimulated by a moist tongue. Use your tongue to hunt out your trans escort’s secret sweet spots.

Lick That Lollipop

Work your partner into a sexual frenzy by licking the lollipop. Lick up and down the penis shaft and flick the head with your tongue. Take your time before moving on to the cum-filled balls.

Let Them Have It

If your partner is open to butt munching, let them have your tongue in their hole. Use it to relax the muscles of the anus. Lube up with flavoured gel and start with exploratory tongue play. Check your trans escort’s pleasurable response before moving up to the next level.