Etiquette for Transgender Escorts

It sounds very simple doesn’t it – search through the beautiful women available on Sleepy Girl and then arrange a date. However, if you have never spent time with a transgender escort before or have not used one for a while it is good to have a quick refresh on best practice and etiquette.

Research your Favourite Transgender Escort

The first tip is to spend some time searching through the options for your perfect trans escort. There is a lot of information about the escorts on the Sleepy Girl website so look at where they are, where they are willing to travel to and what they are happy doing – this saves time and energy on both your parts as you won’t be disappointed when you call and find out they are too far away from you.

Specific is Better

Be specific when you call the trans escort, have a couple of dates/times to suggest to see when she can come to see you. Tell her what you are looking for as much as you can and don’t be embarrassed about asking for what you want in advance, this means you will get it! Having specifics also lets the trans escort know that you are serious about wanting to meet.

 Confirm Your Date

This is especially important if you are booking in advance around business trips or travel itineraries, a quick email, phone call or text is appreciated so the trans escort knows that you are ready and waiting for them.

Relaxed & Friendly

When you meet the trans escort stay relaxed, they are there to please you, if you are feeling a little nervous it is OK to tell them, they can make you feel at ease, be honest and friendly to ensure you get the best experience. It is also best practice to have a shower before you trans escort arrives, this ensures you are both comfortable throughout the session. Being friendly, respectful and treating your trans escort as you would a friend will make the escort warm to you and you will both have a great time.

Ask for what you want

Creating a friendly rapport in the beginning helps you feel more comfortable to ask for what you want throughout the date. It is best to discuss what you are looking for before you start as this means the time you have together will be focused on fulfilling your needs rather than the trans escort wondering what it is you want or being too embarrassed to ask so you spend most of the evening chatting trying to get round to it! Just ask!

Have a Good – Goodbye

If you have had a great time with your transgender escort, then feel free to arrange another time to meet. You can discuss what will happen at your next encounter or simply offer a suggestion for a time and date. If your booking was just a one off and you don’t want to see the escort again then that is also absolutely fine, say it was good to meet you and then goodbye.