Questions to Ask Your Trans Escort

When it comes to booking the services of a Transgender Escort, it goes without saying that you’ll want to make the most of your time with her. To that end, we will give you a few pointers to help you maximise your pleasure during your trans escort experience.

First Time Questions

If this is your first time, availing yourself of the company of a trans escort, then you no doubt have a few questions – in addition, there are a few pointers and tips which will guarantee that you will not leave disappointed that evening. One simple tip is that it is always best to be concise, and honest, about your desires and requirements regarding the rendezvous.

When they do, be sure that you have your questions prepared.

Some most frequently asked questions are:

  • “Do you swallow?”
  • “Do you fuck guys?”
  • “Can I fuck you?”

If you require that your trans-escort does fuck you, then they are classified as an “Active” trans-escort. Conversely, if you want to fuck her, then you require the services of a “Passive” trans-escort. Upon meeting your sexy tranny escort, you will find that most prefer to settle the business arrangements upfront, prior to anything else. As a result, it is considered respectful and courteous if you offer to finalise the monetary matters, dispensing with the fiscal side of things early as possible, enabling you to fully enjoy the rest of your time with her.

Fulfilling your Trans Sex Fantasies

Remember that you, the client, are financing this appointment, this encounter is about fulfilling your desires and fantasies, making your deepest desires a reality.

It goes without saying that you should treat your appointment like any other date – Your trans-escort will have ensured she looks her utmost best for your rendezvous in terms of cleanliness and appearance and a little acknowledgment and appreciation regarding this goes a long way. Conversely it is your responsibility to ensure that you have observed certain hygienic formalities if you anticipate engaging in particular erotic activities e.g. rimming with your trans escort, it is not uncommon at all for escorts to request that you wash prior to any assignation.

Some trans escorts will spend time with you afterwards for drinks, chats or just cuddles – but please ensure that any post – coital activity has been pre – arranged and pre -agreed upon as appointments are generally meticulously planned.

Making a date with a transgender escort can be a somewhat daunting prospect at first, and many potential clients change their mind but there is no need. The key to successful and enjoyable experience is, above all honesty, rest assured, that we’ve heard it all before, so share your fantasies – whatever they are, you’ll be left in the very capable hands of a stunning Transgender escort who’ll doubtlessly fulfil your desires.