The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Your Trans Escort to A Social Gathering

Once lockdown is over, we will all want to be getting out a lot more so taking your favourite trans escort to a social gathering may be top of your post lockdown list!

Taking your favourite Trans Escort to a Party and letting her give you her undivided attention before taking you back home for more attention is fun and exciting. Taking your Trans Escort to corporate events, friend’s gatherings, weddings, or special parties is completely acceptable – if you are attending, or hosting such an occasion, then it is probable that you’d like to have a sexy and beautiful plus one to accompany you.

Trans Escorts at Social Gatherings

Of course, your trans escort will be highly experienced when it comes to attending such occasions, and so will be relaxed and comfortable and discreet. Apart from attending the function, your escort would probably be more than happy to join you for some quality time after you leave the function, if you so wish, but make sure that this is arranged at the time of the booking.

Quick Do’s & Don’ts

It should go without saying that there are some vital dos and don’ts when taking your escort to such events, but we’re going to give a few pointers anyhow…

Do treat your trans escort with the utmost respect and dignity; treat them the same as you would any other date, and how yourself would like to be treated.

Do be sure to tell your trans escort in advance exactly what kind of event it is, and inform them of what is expected with regards to dress code, so your escort will turn up immaculately dressed for the occasion.

Do wear a genuine smile upon your face – there is nothing to worry about… Your trans escort is used to such events, and is there to be an asset to you, always professional, that genuine smile makes you both look approachable and easy going – even when you are dressed to impress!

Do make sure you have clarified everything that you want from your trans escort experience, and know their boundaries, so you won’t be left feeling disappointed.

Don’t overdo it on the alcohol. If you are at a formal gathering, it’s highly likely that drinks are on offer so go easy; we suggest that two or three drinks will be sufficient; nobody wants to be remembered as “the guy who got drunk”….

Don’t expect your trans escort to stay longer hours than you have arranged and paid for, if the function goes on later than expected. Perhaps before you depart ensure that you have discussed any extra payments for such occurrences.

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