What to Look for When Considering a Trans Escort

Trans Escorts are beautiful, exotic, and unusual and that it what makes them so special and makes men so horny for them. Fortunately, you can find trans escorts quickly and easily on www.sleepygirl.co.uk. There are many things to consider when looking for a trans escort and here are some of the most popular:

Does She Have Real Breasts?

If you want to have some fun with a trans escort because she has both beautiful breasts and a nice hard cock, then ensure you choose a trans escort with nice big boobs. There is something quite special about feeling a nice hard cock pound away at you while watching her boobs move rhythmically while she is doing it. Perhaps you want her to rub your cock between her breasts, or you want to suck on her gorgeous nipples, then a trans escort who has her own breasts is the one for you.

Do Have a Kinky Fantasy

If you have a fantasy that you want to role play with a trans escort, then you need to choose one who loves role play or BDSM as much as you do. Many trans escort love to get dressed up and order you around, make you suck on her cock and if you don’t do it right get spanked, so choose a trans escort who lists on their profile they love kinky fantasy sex.

Do you want a Threesome or Gang Bang

One trans escort is amazing, two or more trans escorts is a real party! If you want to experience a real trans escort threesome or a trans escort gang bang then find a trans escort who can link up with others to give you the trans sex experience you have been gagging for!

Location, Location, Location,

This is a practical consideration, finding your favourite trans escort on the bet trans escort directly is easy but do be sure to find one that is in your location to make it easy and practical to meet up with each other. If you do want to meet a trans escort in another city then perhaps make a weekend of it and really get to know her!

Kinky Clothing

Do you have a preference on what your trans escort wears, do you want her in pretty lingerie that you can then take off, or would you prefer her top to toe in latex? If you have a specific preference, then be sure to tell her in advance so she can accommodate your needs.

Where to Meet

The final question you will want to consider when looking for a trans escort is where you will meet her. Can you accommodate her at your home, can you go to her place or is a neutral hotel the best place for you to have your trans fun in? Discuss the options with your trans escort and you can also discuss how much time you are also going to spend together whether it is just a few hours or perhaps even overnight.