Tips for Better Orgasms with a Trans Escort

Indulging in sensual and sexual fantasies often leads to a better orgasm and so spending time with a trans escort, like the beautiful women on always makes for a more satisfying orgasm. There are however some other tips that trans escorts can employ to make you have the most mind-blowing orgasm ever.

Trans Escorts & Better Orgasms

It is a pretty common belief that the male orgasm is quite a straightforward process, but it doesn’t have to be that way, more intense orgasms are completely possible and here are the tips to help you get there:

Orgasms & Edging

A great trans escort will be able to make you have better orgasms by having a simple trick called edging. It is pretty much how it sounds, taking you right to the edge of orgasm, before pulling back taking a small break or reducing the speed or changing the rhythm to bring you right to the edge and then stop. This repeats again and again, and the orgasm is just there under the surface building up, so when you do cum it’s a huge explosion rather than the easy regular experience. Because Trans Escorts know how it feels to be fucked then they can judge the timing just right to bring you close again, and again, and again.

Strengthening Exercises

Working on the kegel muscles can really make a difference to the way and intensity of your orgasm, so before you spend some time with a trans escort put some work into controlling these muscles so you can dampen down your own orgasm, so you don’t blow too soon. It is also these muscles that help you shoot your load so if you want to see your cum shoot further, possibly all over your trans escorts face or breasts then working on this will make for a more exciting display.

Playing with the Prostate

The prostate is what really makes the male orgasm magical, even for tops! Your trans escort is an expert in stimulating this joy centre either with her own nice hard cock or with a fun sex toy which can be inserted while you play.

Perineum Play

This is the little area between your anus and your balls, rubbing, massaging, and playing with a vibrator in this area will cause a rush of pleasure through your pleasure zones making you orgasm a much fuller experience.

Cock Rings are Wonderful.

Stifling the blood flow is what these little magic rings are great at! They increase the stimulation and make your erection harder while simultaneously holding back the orgasm making the final explosion that much better. If you only use one sex toy with your trans escort it should be this one!