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Getting Out There – Outdoor Sex Ideas with Your Trans Escort

Now that lockdown restrictions in the UK have lifted, it’s a great time to get out there and enjoy the company of a sexy trans escort. With summer just around the corner, it’s ideal to look for places where you can enjoy an intimate hook up.

Outdoor Sex with a Trans Escort

For many people, outdoor sex is a taboo kink that is worth exploring. There’s nothing quite like thrill of the chase, and of getting caught, when it’s shared with a trans escort who has a passion for public sex.

Be smart, vigilant and safe, and check out these places to have sex in the great outdoors…

The Back Alley

When you’re in a hurry to find a public place to have sex in the city, with your favourite trans escort, the back alley is the perfect location. It’s a suitably dark and intimate spot, and ideal for a quickie.

Suss out the scene beforehand, to check if it’s a high foot traffic short cut, or if you’re likely to be undisturbed by people hanging around.


The beach is a prime destination for outdoor sex. On a balmy day, who can resist the temptation to strip off and go for a skinny dip? Take your trans escort on a date to the local beach, and have fun swimming and sunbathing, and looking for a secluded spot.

As you’re already half naked, enjoying each other’s bodies is the next natural step on a hot date.


Gothic inspired cemeteries are surprisingly popular places of debauchery. Besides having loads of graves and tombstones, the layout of a cemetery typically features plots that are decorated with greenery and romantic sculptures and statues.

Outdoor sex in a moonlit cemetery is a wonderfully erotic way to get your rocks off.

Parking Lots

Want to fuck your trans escort under the stars, in a great outdoor location? Get in your car and drive to the nearest multi-storey car park. Find your perfect secluded parking spot up on the rooftop. If you’re lucky, you may even have a view overlooking decent scenery.

You can have casual sex in the back seat of your vehicle, or out in the open air.


A romantic spot for a walk in the woods with your trans escort that ends in the most amazing pleasure!

During the day, you and your trans escort can play the naughty adult version of hide ‘n’ seek in the bushes and thickets of trees. Engage in anal sex after dark or find somewhere ultra-secluded to fuck in the day by a tree!